Which is the Easiest Country to get Laid in Europe? (Top 10)

I was born and raised in Europe. So trust me when I say this: it’s one of the best places in the world for uninhibited, no strings attached sex. And I’ve been around. But Europe isn’t small.

So some destinations are certainly better than others when finding the best lovers. But which is the easiest country to get laid in Europe? It’s a question I’m asked often, particularly by my dear readers from America and the Middle East.

“‘Paint me like one of your French girls!‘ is what a Parisian slut once said to me a few seconds before a cumshot.”

If you plan on visiting Europe soon, or just for curiosities sake, I plan to spill my array of sordid secrets about the continent. This article will delve into stuff like:

  • The sexually liberated European country where fucking six women in one day is a common activity for those on a layover.
  • Off the beaten track European countries that love American men and aren’t afraid to show it.
  • Which Scandinavian country has the type of horny women you’ve only seen in old school pornos.

But enough teasers! Let’s get you horny travellers pumped hard full of knowledge on the best country for uncomplicated sex in Europe. Grab your hiking boots, your backpack, and make sure you’ve packed enough condoms. Let’s begin!

Russia is the country with the most single females

Russia is one of the easiest countries in Europe to get laid. However, the visa can be a pain in the ass. The reason being is that it’s among the continents countries with the most significant number of single females.

Due to the devastating effect of WW2 on the former USSR, the gender ratio in Russia is currently 86.8 men per 100 women. If you didn’t know already, Russian women are often insanely hot.

Russia doesn’t see many foreigners. So many women are keen to slide down the pole of an international visitor. I’ve visited Russia numerous times and have been blown away by the sexual experiences of the place.

Due to the influence of the Soviet Union, there’s a vast range of ethnicities in the country. From shy olive-skinned Tajikistani girls to audacious blonde sluts from the Baltics, there’s something for every taste in Russia.

The only issue is the language barrier. There’s not a lot of English here. But learn a few basic phrases, get to grips with the Cyrillic alphabet, and you’ll be deep in Russian pussy in no time.

Kosovo is one of the newest European countries that love American men

An unconventional addition to the list is the Balkan country of Kosovo. Partially recognized in 2008, it’s one of the youngest countries globally. But that depends on who you ask because the history here ain’t pretty.

In the late 1990s, Kosovo underwent a gruelling war as it broke away from Serbia during the Yugoslav Wars. The ethnic-Albanian population gained shaky independence after heavy military support from America and other NATO forces.

Today, Kosovo is a safe country. Politics aside, the people are friendly, the food is fantastic, affordable, and there’s enough to see and do. But that’s not all. Kosovans love American men!

“It’s kind of bizarre, but they have this intense infatuation with American dudes.”

I visited here two years back with my American buddy. The Albanian women were drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, you’ve all seen Dua Lipa. Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, its attitudes are very liberal.

Using reliable hookup apps (like the one listed at the end of this article), I secured dates with six Kosovan girls during my week-long stay in the country. I ended up bringing four of them back to my apartment and fucking them.

But my American friend? He managed 11 dates and fucked all of them. It’s bizarre, but they have this intense infatuation with American men. They even have a statue of Bill Clinton on the main boulevard and US flags flying. American guys? Check out Kosovo!

The Czech Republic is one of the places to get laid near me

Living in Berlin, I have sex on tap. That’s not to say I’m an Adonis. I mean, I’m surrounded by swinger clubs, sex parties, and legal brothels. But Germany is expensive, man!

Sometimes I like to go to cheaper countries to experience a new culture and fuck different pussy. When it comes to the best places to get laid near me, the Czech Republic is a short train ride away!

Germans might hate me for this, but the Czechs brew the best beer in the world. And it’s cheaper than water! And if that impressed you, wait until you hear about the pussy on offer here.

As one of the European porn industry centres, the Czech Republic is a massively underrated sex tourism destination. Whether it’s horny university students, kinky mature MILFs, or even older, this is a place that has it all!

Like Germany, the Czechs have always been pretty liberal and open-minded. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, they’ve been keen to catch up on the decadence of the West. So help them out by speeding it along!

Does the UK have the most sexually active culture?

Brexit aside, I still class the UK as a part of Europe. Not politically; it’s just easier. I also order the UK as one of the most accessible places to get laid in Europe. It seriously has one of the most sexually active cultures I’ve come across.

From pubs and clubs to online hookups and legal red-light districts, the UK is underrated when it comes to easy sex. There’s also a wide variety of women ranging from sleazy MILFs to sophisticated students who love to fuck when away from home.

I highly recommend the UK. Casual sex apps are active, and the mainstream hookup scene is trendy. I’ve rarely gone home alone from pubs in the UK. Plus, British sluts can get filthy in the bedroom!

France is one of the most sexually liberal countries around

“Paint me like one of your French girls!” is what a Parisian slut once said to me a few seconds before a cumshot. We all know about the sexual prowess of the French. But to see it for real is another experience indeed.

Aside from casual dating with French girls, my favourite way to get laid easily in France is on one of its nudist beaches. Naturism resorts are enormous here. But it’s not just nudists who frequent them.

Over the years, nude beach sex has become a defining factor of places like Cap D’agde. It’s visited by countless swingers and open-minded kinksters each summer. All of them are usually seeking sun, sea, and hardcore sex.

It’s not uncommon to see blatant sex acts take place here. In the dunes behind the beach, you can often find greedy girls luring in other beachgoers for gangbangs, bukkake, and all manner of fun!

Spain is full of easy girls with passion

One thing I envy about the United States is the general abundance of hot-blooded Latina girls. If you spent enough time in Europe, you might start to miss the passionate sex that often comes with Latin pussy.

Luckily, there is Spain! It’s a country full of passionate and easy girls. I’ve found that many Spanish girls have a kink for pale guys from Northern Europe and the US on my visits there.

There is little taboo about casual sex and one night stands here. Plus, the prostitution scene is very active. It’s not uncommon to see big titted sluts offering their services next to people dining in a fine restaurant.

Overall, Spain is an ideal European sex destination to experience sun, sea, and Latina pussy on tap. Just stay alert in cities like Barcelona and Madrid; there’s a lot of street crime there.

Sweden is the best place to fuck Scandinavian women

I’ve always had a kink for Scandinavian women since I saw a vintage porno with an array of Swedish girls with big natural tits. When it comes to the best country to fuck them, I have to say it’s Sweden.

Incredibly, Swedish women are reported to have the highest sex drive on earth alongside their slutty sisters from neighbouring Nordic countries. Many are considered nymphomaniacs, if not borderline. So why not head there and help them out?

In my experience of visiting Sweden, this isn’t a dinner date kind of country. The hookups I had generally consisted of drinks before a drunken fuck back at the apartment. Overall, the sexual energy of Swedish women was beyond memorable.

However, in general, Swedish people can be a little cold at first until they get to know you. Don’t be put off. Once you break the ice, they can be a lot of fun. Just be aware that they can probably drink you under the table.

Ukraine is one of the best places to travel alone, men!

In other words, don’t bring your mom! Similar to Russia, the Eastern European country of Ukraine has a ridiculous ratio when it comes to single women outnumbering men. Like Russian women, they’re equally gorgeous.

Whilst Ukraine doesn’t have the diversity of women that Russia does, there’s still a nice variety. It can range from curvy raven-haired MILFs to slim blonde university students and everything in between.

It’s another country that doesn’t see many tourists, so you’ll likely be an attractive novelty here, especially in smaller Ukrainian towns and cities. But learning some basic Russian will be a lifesaver.

Ukraine is also home to some of my favourite legal massage parlours. No sex takes place, but you’re guaranteed to blow your load onto the chest of a Ukrainian girl of your choice. Check out my in-depth report on this at the bottom of this article.

Home to De Wallen, it’s easy to find sex in Holland

When you think of Holland, it’s usually four things: Tulips, cool people, weed, and pussy. I’m glad to inform you that these stereotypes are all true. Holland is not only a fantastic place to visit, but it’s a sexual mecca too!

First off, Dutch women are pretty liberal and open-minded. One night stands and the hookup culture are extensive here. But if that’s not your vibe, then take advantage of Amsterdam’s sprawling red-light district known as De Wallen.

This world-famous market for sex has to be seen to be believed. Many worldwide hookers are offering sexual services that will make you throb. If you find the right one, you could have the experience of a lifetime.

But don’t just confine yourself to Amsterdam. Lots of Dutch cities have their Red Light Districts like De Wallen. And in student cities like Groeningen, it’s not hard to find kinky hookups with international visitors studying there.

So, which is the easiest country to get laid in Europe?

Ok, I’m a little biased. But it’s not without good reason. In my honest opinion, Germany is the easiest country to get laid in Europe. Based on the level of sexual tolerance, open-mindedness, and legalized sex industry in the country.

Just take Berlin, for example. It’s home to legal mega brothels and flat-rate whorehouses. The former often have up to 200 naked women walking around and enticing you to fuck them or engage in an abundance of kinky behaviour.

In the case of Airport Girls, the latter lets you pay a small flat rate entrance fee of between 60 and 100 Euros. You then get to fuck six different women of your choice. Plus, you get a free beer!

Even if you don’t like paying for it, Germany has tremendously liberal attitudes towards sex. It’s not hard to find women keen to pump you and dump you in a one night stand. Don’t be surprised if they get pretty freaky too.

Germany is also home to tonnes of sex clubs and swinger parties. In all honesty, if you can’t get your dick wet in Germany, then I don’t know what to do for you, my friend.

Bonus – The one night dating app for sex in Europe

Let’s be honest; if you’re backpacking or visiting Europe from overseas, your time is likely limited. To meet girls and get laid, the likes of Tinder and Bumble just don’t cut it. Why? Because most girls there aren’t seeking a one night fling.

Plus, if you’re reading INTL Sex Guide, I presume you’re not a missionary sex type of guy. If you’re looking for open-minded women to fuck on the road as well as push your sexual boundaries, you’re better off with the likes of AFF.

By AFF, I mean Adult Friend Finder. It’s a staple of any whoremonger in Europe and has millions of members. Thanks to its handy app, it’s not hard to tap into a vast resource of pussy when you’re in the easiest countries to get laid in Europe.

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Disclaimer: This article is written based on my personal experience of European travel. I can’t guarantee you’ll get laid in these countries, but I hope this helps. In addition, this piece may contain affiliate links. We get a small percentage of sales made through links in the article. All proceeds go towards hosting fees and maintenance of the site.

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