How To Host a Sex Party & Make Money: A Simple 6-Step Guide

I made the decision to leave the hellish 9-5 a few years ago. Instead, I pursued my passion: Sex! Now in 2022, I’ve made it my mission to make an income from all forms of kink.

And if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I love to share my tactics and years of experience with you.

In 2022, one of the most profitable forms of adult income for me has been arranging public sex parties. From which I’ve been able to see some amazing results.

The concept is simple. I decide on a sex party theme, find a venue and search for party girls, and then market the event to draw in paying attendees.

In the end? A debauched sex party to remember and a profit made. Not bad, right? Today, I will teach you everything you need to make this a kinky side hustle of your own.

So, keep reading and let’s begin!

Decide on a Theme or a Niche

The first step is to decide on a theme for your sex party. The options are endless here. It can be anything from Bukkake and anal only to Asian girls and latex.

Deciding on a specific theme or niche makes it far easier to market. For example, if you’re hosting an ”Asian sluts” party, then there are plenty of online spaces catering for this fetish.

The theme of the party can also dictate the type of venue or location you choose for the event. This brings us on to our next step: Choosing the right location!

Find a Venue

If you’re aiming for a small event and you’re able to do so, hosting the event at your place is the most cost-effective way. But it brings a whole lot of downsides too. Namely discretion.

I’d suggest scoping out some Airbnb apartments in the area you wish to host. I’ve found countless swanky apartments that look like something out of a high-class porn movie.

I don’t suggest using a hotel for any event with more than five people. They’re just not discreet enough. So go with a discreet, private apartment instead.

Make sure they’re roomy, clean, and with good facilities for the attendees and the party girls. Ideally, you’ll want a place for the guys and girls to be able to chill out during breaks.

Find Your Party Girls (or Guys)

This may seem like the most difficult step, but the reality is that it isn’t that hard to find promiscuous women willing to be hired out to be the star of a gangbang.

Many escorts, swingers, pornstars and adult models often advertise themselves as party girls. I suggest opting for these types of girls as they’re more likely to be experienced with group sex.

When you find a potential girl, it’s important to do an interview with them beforehand to ensure they know what they’re signing up for. You don’t want any unwanted surprises on the day.

“The reality is that it isn’t that hard to find promiscuous women willing to be hired out to be the star of a gangbang.”

And you don’t have to limit yourself to girls! There’s a huge market for women seeking guys who can fuck like bulls. I’ve organized a few BBC parties for Queen of Spades type swingers.

I’d suggest hiring at least one party girl or guy for every 7 to 10 attendees. It’s better to have more party girls and pornstars than too few.

I’d also advise hiring at least one relatively well-known pornstar. The chance to meet and fuck icons from porn videos will draw in more people, and it will ensure guys return to your events in future.

Depending on the size of your event, you may need additional help. Consider hiring someone to handle admission fees, basic catering, and the hostessing of the party to keep the fun going.

Set Rules And Protect Your Team

Now you’ve hired your party starters and other essential staff, it’s vital to make sure they work in a safe, positive environment. So set rules and establish their boundaries.

With events like this, you never know who can turn up. Most people will be decent and follow the correct gangbang etiquette, but some may misbehave.

You’ve likely the phrase customer is always right, but it isn’t always true. If you see something that makes you or your staff uncomfortable, call it out and warn or remove the offender.

By ensuring a positive sexual atmosphere and a safe working environment defined by consent, you’ll be working to ensure both clients and staff are keen to return. And above all, it’s just the right thing to do.

And of course, set your admission price to the kinky community members attending. This is at your discretion, but I suggest keeping it affordable to make it attractive.

Swinging couples and transsexuals may want to attend too, I suggest free admission for this type of person as it will help draw more guys back if it becomes a regular thing.

Now onto one of the most important steps: Getting kinky folk to attend! Even if you have no background in marketing (I don’t), you can still pull this off relatively easily.

From Twitter and Reddit to sites like the one you’re reading now, the adult online space is full of free and paid resources to search for horny people looking to play and advertise to them.

In my experience, I’ve had the best luck on paid adult hookup sites. These sites are frequented by serious players. They’ve paid a membership fee and they’re looking to play, not waste time.

Many adult dating sites let you advertise a sex event with a paid membership. Many couples use this for gangbangs. You can use it to promote your event. Here are some popular favourites:

  • Ashley Madison – Hookup site for promiscuous men and women.
  • Victoria Milan – Similar to Ashley Madison but with a more high-end clientele.
  • Adult Friend Finder – A broad adult hookup site with millions of genuine members worldwide.

Overall, premium membership to these sites is a small overhead when you take into account the number of potential paying attendees you can gain from them.

Run The Event

And last but certainly not least, is the big date itself. You’ve reserved a venue, sourced party girls through the right channels, and have a profitable number of horny attendees coming through the door.

Now for some tips to follow through the duration of the event!

Set a start time for the event with enough pre-gangbang time for attendees to pay and get changed. Once all admission fees have been collected, safely store the money away.

Provide towels, condoms, and a place for clients to store valuables. If in an Airbnb or similar, use lockboxes and hand over the key on a rubber band.

“Maybe you could explain to me why I found you in the middle of an orgy.”
“Well, if you’re going to be in an orgy, the middle is the best spot, isn’t it.”

– ― Jim Butcher, Hex Appeal.

Before the event, lay down the rules about behaviour and consent and make sure everybody understands the process. Then, let the fun begin!

During the duration of the event, look out for bad behaviour, ensure everybody is enjoying themselves, and if you feel the energy is starting to sap, have something up your sleeve such as:

  • A solo show from one of the girls like pole dancing or an exhibitionist masturbation show. Give attendees some free party porn!
  • Issue challenges to keep it exciting. How fast can the girls make a guy cum, ask if anyone is brave enough to lick cum off one of the girl’s bodies, etc.
  • Round off the event with someone to remember. Perhaps a bukkake session, a lesbian show, etc.

Also, keep an eye out for attendees who look shy and nervous. It might be their first event. So do your best to put them at ease and include them in the fun.

Now, Get The Party Porn Started This Year!

Making money in the adult industry is fun, but few methods match the craziness of organizing a paid sex party.

It can take time and a lot of daily hard work to perfect your events, but it’s a lot of fun along the way!

Overall, plan your event well, make sure you enforce a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment, and make sure everyone is having the time of their lives.

If you have any further questions about arranging a sex party, get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to answer them.


Disclaimer: This article may contain approved affiliate links to products I’ve personally used and tested and I may receive a small commission from any purchases made through them.