Finding Hot Russian Sex in The Motherland (Ultimate Guide)

So, you’re travelling to Russia? Well done, that visa process is a pain in the ass! But aside from pelmeni and borscht, there’s another thing you want to taste: Hot Russian sex!

I’ve visited Russia on business four times. Every time, I’ve ensured an equal blend of pleasure too. Mainly between the thighs of Russian sluts.

Now, Russia isn’t like Thailand. The sex industry isn’t as in your face. But the women are equally stunning, and there’s a wide range of debauchery on offer if you know where to look.

But for many, it’s as though the Iron Curtain is still up. There’s a massive lack of on-the-ground information from Russia. That’s something I intend to change.

“Expect everything from super-model material girls offering a pornstar experience to hard-bitten babushkas offering the best gumjob this side of the Volga River!”

So in this extensive guide, I’m going to share my top ten ways to enjoy some of the hottest Russian sex you’ll ever encounter in the former centre of the Soviet Union.

Russia and its people may have a reputation for being cold, but it’s not the case. A huge fur hat isn’t the only way for a red-blooded male to warm up in the Russian winter!

Top 5 ways to find Russian sex opportunities

From Murmansk to Rostov-on-Don and Moscow to Vladivostok, there are many surefire ways you can find Russian pussy in the largest country on earth.

But from on-demand sluts in hotels to the best Russian hookup sites, these are five of my favourite tried and tested methods.

Old school hotel sex in Russia

The ubiquitous escorts in Russian hotels are often much easier on the eye than the decor.

Unless you book an apartment, then you’ll probably be in a hotel when visiting the Motherland. Depending on where you choose, you might be in for a surprise when the sun goes down.

Hammers and sickles aren’t the only relics you’ll still see across Russia from the USSR. In many hotels, so too are escorts hanging out in the lobby.

Under Communism, prostitution was banned but openly took place in various hotels across the Soviet Republics.

Many working girls would even moonlight as spies for the KGB, extracting info from Western visitors during pillow talk.

Thankfully, the only thing you need to worry about these days is cumming inside these mistresses of the night too fast.

The way it works is simple. These girls discreetly sit in the lobby of hotels and flash you the eye. If you’re interested, you speak to them, agree on a price for her company, and head up to your room.

Generally, the price is between $40-$50 for an hour, depending on your negotiation skills. But an hour means an hour!

That means you can cum as many times as you like, and there’s a lot included in the service. But as always, it’s best to discuss what you want beforehand, rather than in the room.

As this happens in hotels all over Russia, the girls vary dramatically. Expect everything from supermodel material girls offering a pornstar experience (PSE) to hard-bitten babushkas offering the best gumjob this side of the Volga River!

Three tips for meeting hotel whores in Russia:

  • If there’s no freelancers hanging out in the lobby, discreetly ask the (ideally male) receptionist. He’ll either tell you when they’ll be there or, for a small fee, arrange for some to visit.
  • Be discreet when negotiating and don’t bother other hotel guests.
  • Make sure you hide all valuables in your room just in case.

Local hookup sites where Russian girls seek out sex

Russian girl showing cleavage on a date with a foreigner
Russian girls aren’t afraid to send you signals when you go dating.

Like in any country, the Russian people use various free dating sites to hook up for casual fun. When a foreigner is in town, it never fails to get matches and interest from local girls.

There are three main dating sites I use in Russia. They are all free and straightforward to use. They are:

  1. Badoo

There’s a nice mixture of girls on these apps. Most are looking for casual dates and hookups, especially with a foreigner who’s only in town for a short while.

Of course, there are some freelancers on these apps. But there’s such a wide range of everyday Russian girls looking to get fucked, I’ve never booked escorts this way.

Tips and tricks for using dating apps in Russia:

  • Use a translate app if the dating site doesn’t automatically have one.
  • Beware of catfish using fake pictures.
  • Make it clear what you’re looking for with a girl before you meet, rather than wasting both of your time.

The Motherland is home to many saunas (banyas) offering hot Russian sex

Wet, sticky sauna sex was one of my fondest memories from Mother Russia.

The bathhouse, locally known as a Banya, is a Russian institution and staple Slavic culture. It’s essentially a large sauna with both communal and private relaxation areas.

These days, it’s fair to say that any Russian city, town, or even village will have at least a couple of traditional bathhouses. Most will be listed on Google Maps or Yandex search.

Traditionally, the Banya was gender-separated and still generally is. However, there are a few circumstances where men and women mix in the sticky air.

Banya temperatures will often surge past 93 degrees Celsius (199°F). All of that heat can do things to the human body. One of them being the triggering of inner lust.

Across the countless Banyas of Russia is a subculture similar to that of old Soviet hotels. Women will hang out in the sauna lobby offering their company to male visitors.

The way it works is simple. You pay your way into the bathhouse, get changed, and settle in. When you see a girl you like, and you’re sure her company is for hire, politely approach her.

You come to an agreement with the girl, book a private sauna room in the Banya, and enjoy an hour of hot, sticky fun!

Advice for visiting a Russian Banya for the first time:

  • Don’t be afraid to eget naked. It’s the norm here. Wearing clothing is much more weird in the eyes of Russians.
  • Book a private room from the beginning. It’s a good way to settle in at your own pace and you can go into the communal area as you please.
  • Don’t underestimate the temperatures. Beware of hot surfaces and stay hydrated. Especially if you’re putting in a little workout with a hot Russian chick in there!


An example erotic massage ad in Moscow.

If you’re looking for freelance escorts in Russia, it’s not advised to go through an agency. Instead, you can find many freelance escorts on local classified sites.

When I was in Russia, I would use a site called It’s a Russian copy of sites like VivaStreet and BackPage. Here’s how to use it to find Russian sex experiences.

  1. Visit the site and translate to English on Google chrome.
  2. Narrow down your search according to city and region. For example: Moscow Region – Centre.
  3. Then, search for massage services. This is where freelancers advertise their services discreetly.

In the massage section, you’ll find an enormous range of women from 18 to mid-60s offering their erotic massage services. 99% of the time, full sex can be arranged with ease.

Prices range anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles ($25 to $65) an hour. The former being older or less attractive girls, the latter being borderline supermodel class.

Top tips for meeting freelance Russian escorts:

  • Beware of catfish. A lot of girls use fake pictures but are usually easy to spot.
  • If doing outcalls in a strange part of town, be vigilant and use common sense.
  • Discuss what you want from the meeting and agree on a price beforehand.

Taxi drivers know where to find Russian women having sex!

The difference between incall and outcall

Ah, the foreign taxi driver. Both the bane and the saviour of the sex tourist. They can easily rip you off with one hand and show you the erotic underworld of any destination with the other.

Russian taxi drivers are no exception. They can be as equally dodgy as they are knowledgable. But when you’re all out of options to find a local sex scene, call upon a cabbie!

Ideally, your cabbie will have been born in the USSR, a chain smoker, and drive a Lada. At least, that’s what every reliable sex fixer driver I’ve used in Russia looked like.

Nail down some basic Russian phrases, or use google translate, and tell the cabbie what you’re looking for. Of course, he may want a commission, but it will likely be low.

In the past, I’ve relied on Russian cab drivers to find everything from erotic massages to local sluts offering their company with whom they work hand in hand with.

Advice for dealing with Russian taxi drivers:

  • Have a translate app at the ready as few will speak any English.
  • Make sure you have agreed on a firm price beforehand and pay after he’s delivered. Or you may get taken for a ride in more ways than one.
  • Find taxi drivers through Yandex app (local version of Uber) rather than on the street. That way, you have their details if they decide to try any nonsense.

Conclusion on sex tourism in Russia: Is it a good destination?

In summary, when it comes to sex vacation locations, Russia certainly isn’t top of the list. For most nationalities, the visa process is nightmarish and expensive.

There’s also a significant language barrier here. Few people speak English, especially outside big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

But as always, I try to find a silver lining. Aside from the downsides mentioned above, the Russian sex scene is well worth checking out. Let me tell you why.

Russia doesn’t get as many Western visitors as SE Asia or South America. So as a foreigner, you instantly attract attention from local girls, and the competition is very low.

Russia is the centre of the post-Soviet world. People from all over the former Republics of the USSR come here for work and play.

Interestingly enough, Russians only made up 33.3% of the entire Soviet population back in the day.

This means that you have the chance to hook up and fuck women are various exotic nationalities. During my time in the country, I’ve managed to score stuff like:

  • A MFF threesome with two girls from Turkmenistan working in a nail salon in Moscow.
  • A drunken double penetration of a Ukrainian slut who could easily have been a supermodel.
  • An intense throat fuck with a MILF from Kazakhstan. *Borat voice* Very nice!

As the biggest country on earth, it’s also a pretty epic place to explore. So whether you’re planning to come here on business or vacation, you should have no problem having the time of your life!



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