Which is the Best Berlin Brothel? We Visited 5 to Find Out!

With a long history of freedom of sexual expression, it should come as no surprise that prostitution is legal in Germany. Nowhere is this more clear than in the capital city of Berlin.

The German capital is home to everything from porn cinemas and swinger clubs to private gangbangs and legalized whorehouses. But with an abundance of cathouses, many are left asking: Which is the best Berlin brothel?

As a bastion of sexual freedom, Berlin has something for almost any kink. Whether you like slutty students in pornstar heels, a mature whore with enough sexual experience to write a book or just something in between, Berlin will have something for you.

“The entry price is 60 Euro and this allows you to fuck any of the kinky girls, five times.”

I was born in Berlin. In my adult years, I spent a lot of time in the city’s sexual establishments, from its brothels to its sex shops. Naturally, I became quite the expert in the best paid sex the city had to offer.

While hookup apps like the notorious Ashley Madison and the well-established Adult Friend Finder are often my go-to spots for no-strings-attached pussy, they can’t compare to the convenience of a Berlin brothel.

But, of course, not all whorehouses are created equal. I’d hate for any of my cherished readers to visit my home city, sample its brothels and leave with a bad impression. So I decided to create an adult guide to the best brothels Berlin has to offer.

So, if you wish to discover the best pussy in the city for the best prices, and secure yourself a number of mind-blowing sexual experiences in Berlin, keep on reading to gain the wisdom of this horny Berliner!

The brothel prices at Airport Girls can’t be beaten

The brothel prices at Airport Girls can't be beaten

To kick off the list is a little-known whorehouse on the outskirts of the capital. The aptly named Airport Girls is located a few hundred meters from Berlin Schonefeld Airport. If you like cheap whores, then prepare yourself for this.

Situated in an erotic red house with ”Bunga Bunga House” advertised on the side, there is no mistaking the location of this Berlin Brothel. Inside is a world of cheap sex for a jaw-dropping price.

This is a flat-rate brothel which means a set entry price gets you inside and includes a set number of fucks you have with the girls inside. By sex, I’m talking a covered blowjob and a fuck in two positions until you pop.

From 11-17, the price is 60 euros, and this gives you the chance to fuck any of the girls five times. From 19:00 onwards, the price is higher at 80 Euro, and Saturday nights carry an extra 20 Euro charge.

And this is how it works. You pay for your entry, get a wristband, and walk inside. There’s an affordable bar, a smoking area with game machines, and a large TV playing sports. Girls will approach you for a fuck and place a tick on your wristband until you hit 5 fucks.

You’ll either be taken into a private room upstairs or a group sex room downstairs. The girls range from 18 to 50+ and are largely from Turkey or Eastern Europe.

At the cheapest rates, it works out at around 12 euros / $15 a girl, and the sex is mostly great!

Top tips for visiting Airport Girls in Berlin:

  • If you’re not a fan of sharing a room with another couple as you fuck, insist on a private room upstairs. As long as they’re not too busy, they’ll usually abide.
  • Daytime rates are cheaper, but there is no atmosphere. Friday and Saturday nights have a much better party atmosphere, hence the higher price.
  • Each day and night shift features a strip show by the girls halfway through; it’s well worth checking out.
  • Don’t be afraid to make friendly conversation with the girls in between sessions. They’re mostly very friendly and interesting to talk to. Striking up a rapport can result in much better sex, too.

You can find Airport Girls at Mittelstrasse 8, 12529, Berlin-Schönefeld. Leave the airport and head to the metro terminal.

From there, take a left, and you’ll see the red building on the other side of the road. It’s very easy to find.

Sex with a twist in the red light district of Berlin

Sex with a twist in the red light district of Berlin

It should come as no surprise that Germany has a Red Light District. But it’s not the same as Amsterdam, which is mostly focused on less-than-discreet window brothels.

In Berlin, brothels are scattered all over the city. But the Red Light District is focused on streetwalkers who take their clients into short-time love hotels, sex shops, or nearby porn cinemas.

Do porn cinemas still exist? I hear you ask. Damn straight, they do! In Europe, and Germany in particular, they’re often fitted with Gloryholes, sex swings, and private sex cabins and used for casual sex.

Frequented by men, women, couples, and transsexuals alike. Sex inside a porn cinema while hardcore smut blasts in the background can be unforgettable. So if you’re curb-crawling the legal red light district of Berlin, why not give it a try?

You can also opt for a sex shop option too. A working girl will take you into a porn cabin and fuck you inside. Great for the exhibitionists amongst you who like being listened to as they fuck.

Berlin has a few red-light districts, including Mitte, Stuttgarter Platz, and the corner of Kurfürstenstrasse and Potsdamer Strasse. There’s an array of German and international girls working here, and they often hang out close to the porn cinemas and sex shops.

Tops tips for the Red Light District in Berlin

  • Be careful. The streetwalkers are not as regulated as the brothels. So if you find something missing afterward, that’s your problem.
  • Always negotiate beforehand and make it clear what is agreed upon before money changes hands.
  • Like any RLD, unscrupulous people can be around. So don’t flash your cash or draw attention to yourself.

The King George Brothel in Berlin

The King George brothel in Berlin

And next up, we have another flat-rate brothel. While its cohort whorehouse is located outside of central Berlin near the airport, the King George brothel is conveniently situated in the center of the capital.

Located at 23 Grunewaldstrasse, this Berlin brothel opens its doors at 6 pm, and the party goes on until 4 in the morning. The interior has that sleazy retro vibe I just love and is superior to the interior in Airport Girls.

However, there are pros and cons to this place. The performance of some of the girls is inferior to Airport Girls. Negotiation beforehand is important. Otherwise, you can end up disappointed.

But overall, a good atmosphere, a safe place, and sleazy surroundings with the option of unlimited drinks for just 40 to 50 Euro. But best for those who have been around when it comes to whoring.

Top tips for the King George brothel in Berlin:

  • Get there an hour or so after opening time as it’s often very quiet when the doors first open with little atmosphere.
  • Don’t go with the first girl that approaches you; they’re often not very good.
  • Do negotiate what you want beforehand, as these working girls are not the same type as in Airport Girls.

The underrated Aston Bordel is a paradise brothel

The underrated Aston Bordel is a paradise brothel

As we near the end of this list, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite Berlin brothels and one that is criminally underrated. It’s called Aston and is located on Dominicusstrasse.

I first found this place when I was enjoying some damn fine German beer in a cracking little bar opposite called Queens. You can enjoy a few drinks in there and then head over for some excellent fucking. It’s also open 24 hours a day!

Aston Bordel is located on the third floor of the address and is actually enormous inside. There are tonnes of rooms designed solely for sex, and they’re reminiscent of those in Amsterdam, just a bit cozier.

You enter, take a seat in the room, and a selection of prostitutes enter and introduce themselves. There are often girls from all over the world. One night I was introduced to thick black girls from Nigeria and drop-dead gorgeous MILFs from Bulgaria.

There is an array of services on offer. But standard service often includes performing oral sex on the girls and a few complimentary extras too. The brothel prices here are very reasonable, including room rental, and are as follows:

  • 20 minutes – 40 Euro
  • 30 minutes – 60 Euro
  • 45 minutes – 80 Euro
  • 60 minutes – 100 Euro

Overall, a fantastic Berlin brothel with a fine array of gorgeous women keen to please. The added bonus is that it’s located a stone’s throw from one of my favorite bars in the city.

FKK Artemis: The German mega brothel

FKK Artemis: The German mega brothel

And now, we come to number one. The German mega brothel in Berlin that every red-blooded man must try at least once in his life. It’s the notorious FKK Artemis that’s packed with hundreds of women keen to please male guests.

Now, far from the cheapest Berlin brothel on the list, this is an experience you’ll never forget. FKK Artemis is absolutely enormous and features a nightclub, bar, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and countless themed rooms to play in.

To get inside, you must pay a hefty entrance fee of 80 euros. However, this includes unlimited access to the restaurant buffet and free non-alcoholic drinks. You’re given a Playboy-style robe and a very modern and secure locker to put your valuables into.

Then, you’re free to explore this erotic realm to your heart’s content. You’ll be spoilt for choice as hundreds of stunning women from all over the world await you. Sometimes they’ll all be naked, so try to keep your eyes inside your head!

And if you’re wondering if this place is flat rate too, keep dreaming, my friend! To fuck one of the Artemis girls starts from 60 euros for a thirty-minute standard service. Any fetish extras can be discussed with the girl.

You then head to a room with them, many of which are extravagantly themed, and get stuck in! When you’ve finished and you’re happy with the service, the girl will accompany you to your locker, and you pay here. If there are any disputes, you can discuss them with management.

Top tips for visiting FKK Artemis:

  • Don’t be afraid to keep it exciting. The private rooms are great, but it’s also permitted to fuck girls by the pool or in the on-site porn cinema. If you’re an exhibitionist, it’s a dream come true!
  • Don’t get excited and go with the first girl you see. Seriously, pace yourself my friend. There is a lot of choice here. You might not even see all of the women in here in one night. There’s no point wasting an opportunity with a girl you’re not so keen on only to see the girl of your dreams right afterward.
  • Take advantage of the spa facilities. You’ll probably do a lot of fucking in here. There are pools, gyms, Turkish saunas, and more. It’s open all night, so pace yourself, relax, and get the most out of your entry fee!

Overall, Artemis sounds like a dream come true. And it kind of is! If you’ve got the cash to spare, I recommend it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s safe, secure, and has a great atmosphere.


And so we reach the end of our guide to the world of Berlin brothels. Legal, regulated, and with years of experience, the German capital certainly knows how to run its whorehouses.

Of course, Berlin brothels suffered a lot under the strain of lockdown. But with a light on the horizon, they’re beginning to open again and flourish. So why not support your local whorehouse?

This is a place where you can fuck 5 women in one afternoon for under $100 or indulge in a proverbial buffet of exotic, horny women in one of the biggest brothels on earth.

So, in summary? Stop focusing on Amsterdam, and go to the home of the bordello. The warm, wet thighs of dear Berlin are open and waiting for you.

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Disclaimer: The images in this article are not of the Berlin brothel in question. They are simply erotica centered around the aesthetic of German whorehouses. None of these photos were taken inside any of the establishments mentioned in this article. We only promote legal prostitution and in no way make any attempt to glorify or condone illegal prostitution.



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