The Dirty Dutch Sex Guide to Amsterdam

If there’s one place in the world famous for legalized prostitution (or infamous, depending on who you’re talking about), it’s Holland – specifically, Amsterdam.

Its red light district is known across the world. No small number of bachelor parties have made Amsterdam their destination of choice.

Because when you’re preparing to enter into a lifelong union with the woman you love to the exclusion of all other women, naturally, you will want paid sex with a stranger in celebration of that fact. 

“There is a lot of peace of mind in legalized prostitution.”

From Red Light District prices to sex shows in De Wallen, our sex guide to Amsterdam shows you how to navigate the infamous European city of sin like a pro!

So come on, ramblers – let’s get rambling to the world’s legalized sex capital, the Netherlands! Welcome to the official sex guide to Amsterdam!

Why is Amsterdam a Great Sex Tourism Destination? 

Photo of Amsterdam prostitute in De Wallen

One word two words: legalized prostitution. Yes, we’ve been over this, but it is worth emphasizing.

Having sex with a prostitute in Amsterdam isn’t some furtive, tawdry affair done in a back alley or all over the driver’s seat of your rental while you panic if the cops are going to come rap on your window.

It’s out and proud, there in plain sight for all to see, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Further, because it’s legal, you can rest assured that the sex workers involved are safe in both senses.

They’re not trafficked or being abused by pimps, and they’re clean of STIs due to government-mandated health check-ups. There is a lot of peace of mind in legalized prostitution. 

On top of this, the Dutch have an extremely liberal attitude towards all things carnal, so there’s very little judgment going on.

As long as it’s legal, and everyone is (a) of age and (b) consents, it’s all good! Consider your Lemon Party cosplay greenlit. 

The legalization of the world’s Oldest Profession has also brought everyone’s favorite –ism to sex work: capitalism!

Every brothel is competing against hundreds of other brothels, which means that they’re all trying to undercut each other, which means that you’re not paying through the nose for your transactional nookie. 

All in all: there really is nowhere to get laid quite like Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam Sounds Awesome! But What Are Dutch Girls Like? 

First, an important caveat: as with neighboring Germany, whilst Dutch prostitution is legal, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find many Dutch prostitutes.

It’s estimated that 60% of sex workers in The Netherlands are foreign, with most coming from Central Europe and Latin America. 

The remaining 40% are born-and-bred genuine Dutch women, however. So we return to the question: what are Dutch girls like? 

Dutch ladies tend towards fair skin and blonde hair, being Western European, but as with any other Western European country, this is far from uniform. The Netherlands also has a fairly significant Afro-Dutch population. 

“Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth, it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” 

― John Green

Hailing from such a liberal country, Dutch girls know their way around a cock and are not afraid to show it.

Be assured that should you end up with a Dutch girl, you’ll be in good hands (in every sense of the word). 

Five Types of Prostitution People Enjoy in The Netherlands

As with other countries with legalized prostitution (and, for that matter, countries with good-ol’-fashioned illegal prostitution), there is a veritable smorgasbord of smut on offer.

Whether window-shopping in the window brothels, getting a rub-n’-tug or rolling the dice on a street walker, Amsterdam has it all. 

Note: All prices are in Euro (EUR)

Window Brothels in Amsterdam & Red Light District Prices

The most immediately iconic form of Dutch prostitution, window brothels, are pretty much what they sound like: a prostitute in a window. 

Each girl (or guy) dances in a booth, offering their wares, and each is an independent operator who controls their own rates.

If you’re interested, simply approach, work out a price, and enter. Behind each window booth is a small room where you can get down to business. 

Red neon light indicates that the sex worker is available for business; a blue light indicates the same but lets you know that the sex worker in question is trans.

Oh! And if the booth has closed curtains? Well, we’re sure you can figure that one out for yourself. 

A 15-20 minute session with a window hooker will set you back around 50 euro, although each worker sets their own prices, which may vary. 

Strip Clubs Are Amsterdam Brothels With Extra Foreplay

As with its neighbor to the east, The Netherlands has less use for strip clubs than countries where prostitution is illegal.

The reason for this is self-evident – why bother with a strip joint in a country where you can go so much further than a lap dance? 

That said, strip clubs still exist – but they’re just brothels with extra foreplay.

Places like Club BonTon in Amsterdam offer an entry-level experience of simply chilling out and watching the girls dance, but you can upgrade to a lapdance (cheap) or a private room upstairs and some alone time with one of the girls (expensive) 

Strip joints have a cover charge of around 50 euro, and a lapdance costs about 20 euro. Should you plump for some private time upstairs, it will cost 300-500 euros.

What you get in increased cost is a higher class of girls (and a higher-class environment) than a window brothel. 

Erotic Massage Parlors in Amsterdam

Even in a country with legalized prostitution, it’s perfectly possible to find illegal prostitution.

Many of these illegal, unlicensed brothels masquerade as massage parlors, but they offer a whole host of extra services. 

Particularly ubiquitous in Amsterdam are Chinese massage parlors. These ostensibly offer legitimate massage services, but you’ll often be offered a happy ending for a bit extra.

The massage itself costs around 30-40 euro for an hour, and you’ll likely be offered a handjob for an extra 15-20 euro.

Anything beyond a handjob is unlikely, but there’s no harm in asking as long as you’re respectful. 

Street Hookers Are Another Staple of The Amsterdam Prostitution Menu

Largely driven underground in the age of window brothels and strip clubs, street prostitution may be invisible, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

Streetwalkers tend to be unlicensed and, therefore, are not subject to the same stringent health checks as their licensed brethren.

On top of this, both sides have all sorts of safety concerns inherent to using street prostitutes.

It’s generally not something we’d recommend, especially given the ubiquity of legal sex workers in the Dutch capital. 

If you really cannot be swayed, you’ll likely find that a street worker is cheaper than a licensed one – around 15-30 euro – but, obviously, there are reasons for this.

Freelance Dutch Escorts

The luxury option in any country, escorts can be easily found on a number of websites and easily contacted directly via phone or with WhatsApp – no registration is necessary. 

Sites like offer a wide selection of girls along with their vital statistics, preferences and contact details.

Each girl usually has an extensive photo gallery and a bio, too. As you’d expect, the girls are all extremely attractive – but with a price tag to go with their stunning looks.

Prices start at around 180 euros per hour and can go into the thousands if you want to retain their services overnight.

There are even some legit pornstars out there; these start at around 400-500 euro per hour

5 Wild Sexual Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss in Amsterdam 

Dirty, debauched and the city of a thousand and one insalubrious pleasures, there’s something for everyone in Amsterdam. Check out our guide to the five best: 

Experience An Amsterdam Sex Show at Casa Rosso

Amsterdam features no shortage of burlesque-style sex theaters where the customers are just as likely to come away entertained as they are aroused.

You can expect to see some very broad comedy acts, plenty of impressive feats of genital dexterity, and full-on live sex.

These places are, it must be stressed, not somewhere you really going to get your rocks off, but to have fun. If you bear that in mind, you’ll have a whale of a time. 

Places like the famous Casa Rosso charge a 40-euro cover fee, which can include 2 drinks for an extra 10 euro.

Again, these places are worth seeing, but you won’t be getting laid here. Not unless you’re already part of a couple and you’re prepared to do it on stage. 

Amsterdam Peep Shows 

Going to an Amsterdam peep show is a bit like stepping back in time to 1970s America, and it’s sorta adorable and fascinating in its quaintness. 

Everyone knows how peep shows work – you sit in a booth, you pop money in a slot, and you, uh, peep. This is pretty much exactly how it goes in Amsterdam. 

Peep shows are extremely cheap – 1 to 2 euros per 5 minutes – but you’re sharing the view with a bunch of other customers (who you can see), and they’re extremely sexually explicit.

But despite that – are you really gonna go to the Netherlands and say that you didn’t watch a peep show? 

Any Sex Guide to Amsterdam Wouldn’t be Complete Without De Wallen!

When you’re thinking of Amsterdam’s red light district, chances are you’re thinking of de Wallen.

It is the most famous and frequented of the city’s red light districts and sports sex shops, sex theaters, cannabis coffee shops and, yes, brothels.

Hundreds of window brothels here are populated with an enormous spectrum of enthusiastic sex workers, and they cannot be missed. 

Because of its popularity, however, de Wallen has a lot of tourists who aren’t there for sex tourism – they’re just there to see the infamous red light district and wander around.

This can make it a bit tough for those of us who are there to, y’know, get our neuken on. 

5D Porn Cinema

We all love porn. But sometimes it doesn’t feel real enough. With its recently opened 5D Porn Cinema, Amsterdam is aiming to change that!

With hydraulic bouncing chairs and water jets, you’ll feel like Riley Reid is really squirting on your face and Angela White is bouncing on your dick. It’s truly wild!

“The experience is aptly branded as “5D Porn” because as you can imagine, it aims to please all 5 senses.”

– The Dutch Review.

And if it still doesn’t feel real enough? Well, this porn cinema is located in the centre of the Red Light District, my friend. Short on cash? Why not visit a Dutch swingers’ club instead?

Swingers’ Clubs in Amsterdam

As you might expect of a city renowned for its frank and open attitude towards all things sexual, Amsterdam has a thriving swingers’ scene, facilitated by a slew of clubs that cater to couples looking to inject a little verve into their sexual adventures. 

Amongst the most famous swingers’ places are SamePlace – which prides itself on welcoming everything, whether straight or gay, trans or cis, and everything in between.

There’s also Fata Morgana, a sprawling nightclub/spa as much as a swingers’ club, and the up-and-coming Club Church. 

Useful Advice for Sex Tourism in Amsterdam 

Although Amsterdam is generally very safe, it’s always worth bearing in mind a few tips when visiting any destination with sex in mind.

It’s also important to be mindful of local culture. Here are some tips to keep you safe (and polite) in Amsterdam. 

Don’t Take Photos of The Amsterdam Red Light District Girls

It’s a safe bet that you wouldn’t appreciate someone coming to your place of work and sticking a camera in your face. If it’s true for you, it’s true for everyone else. Don’t take photos of sex workers. 

Watch Your Belongings in De Wallen 

As with any tourist area, petty theft and pickpocketing are rife. Keep your belongings secure and preferably inside your coat/jacket. 

Be Respectful of Sex Workers in The Red Light District Windows

Sex workers are not objects for your gratification – they’re people working and deserve as much respect as you’d give anyone on the job.

Don’t ogle, don’t gesture, and don’t speak to them as if they’re beneath you. They’re professionals, and they deserve respect as such. 

Don’t Buy Drugs on The Street 

Weed may be legal and commonplace in The Netherlands, but that doesn’t go for street drugs.

Moreover, you can’t be sure of the provenance of that cocaine you’re buying off some random dude on the corner, and it could make you sick – or worse.

Don’t buy random drugs; you’re likely to regret it. 

Be Hygenic And Safe During Sex

Paying for sex doesn’t mean that all considerations go out the window – chiefly, do the guys/girls the courtesy of having a shower beforehand.

The prostitutes in Amsterdam, quite rightly, have every right to refuse you service if you haven’t showered in 3 days. 

It’s also important to use protection when having sex. Amsterdam sex workers are all screened regularly, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re clean – they were just clean the last time they got checked.

Wear a condom. The only souvenir you should bring back from the ‘Dam is naughty memories, funny fridge magnets, and clogs.

The ‘Dam FAQ!

That’s right, as we round off our sex guide to Amsterdam, it’s time for The ‘Dam FAQ to answer your most commonly asked questions about this Dutch city of sin!

What’s The Exact Location of The Amsterdam Red Light District?

The Amsterdam Red Light District is a short walk from the city’s central station and centred around one of Amsterdam’s oldest areas: De Wallen.

What is The Blue Light District?

The Blue Light District is a part of De Wallen that’s home to transsexual sex workers. Where female sex workers opt for the classic red neon lights, TS girls opt for blue.

The Blue Light District can be found on and around the streets called the Bloedstraat and the Gordijnensteeg.

Are There Tours of The Amsterdam Red Light District?

As one of the biggest Red Light Districts in the world, there are naturally some savvy Dutchmen and women who’ve begun leading tours of this infamous den of sex.

You can easily find night tours of De Wallen to brothel tours with real sex workers who’re happy to show tourists around, share their crazy stories, and more!

What’s Legal in Amsterdam?

It might sound like the most liberal place on earth, but it’s worth remembering that Amsterdam has as many illegal things as it does legal.

Here are some tips on what you can and can’t do in the city of sin (and some common misconceptions busted) to stay on the right side of the law when in Amsterdam.

In Conclusion to The Sex Guide to Amsterdam, Many Pleasures Await You in The Venice of the North!

And that just about wraps up our Dirty Dutch Sex Guide! We hope you learnt something from this sex guide to Amsterdam.

Have fun! And remember to stay safe, stay strapped, and don’t make eye contact with us if you see us in SamePlace. 

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Until next time, sex fans!