Is There a Gay Sauna Near Me? 5 Free Ways to Find a Bathhouse

As an openly bi man, I rarely find myself at a loose end when seeking casual sex on the road. When it comes to finding big dicked guys or transsexuals to play with, one of my go-to methods is to find a gay sauna near me whenever I’m on the road.

Despite the influx of apps like Adult Friend Finder and Grindr, gay saunas and bathhouses are still strong. They can often be found in towns and cities across Europe and the United States, provided that you know where to look.

In general, gay saunas provide a space for gay, bi, and curious men to visit and chill out in a judgement-free environment. Aside from the spa facilities, they’ll often feature a dedicated play area where guys can relax differently.

“Each sauna is given a one to five rating in areas such as cleanliness, value for money, sex scene inside, and the type of crowd it attracts.”

Expect Gloryholes, group sex areas, dark rooms for anonymous fun, and BDSM dungeons for the kinkier amongst you. Sounds like fun, right? If you’ve never been to one before, you’re probably wondering how on earth you find one.

Today, we’re going to delve into the underrated range of free online resources that I use to find a gay sauna near me wherever I am in the world. But these aren’t just any old maps. We’ll be covering sauna sex finders that give you:

  • Up to date aand unbiased customer reviews detailing everything from the best day to visit, things to bring beforehand, or whether to avoid said bathhouse completely.
  • Up to date directions, opening times, and details on themed days at the sauna. After all, you don’t want to go on a day dedicated to Bears when sissy sluts are more your thing.

And much more. But without further ado, let’s get stuck into this incredible range of tools that you can use to find a gay sauna near you. All of which is entirely free to use too!

5Gay bathhouse stories from

First up is a very straightforward way to find a gay sauna near them. It’s more like a directory but features some reviews too. However, the latter is more focused on saunas in the USA. is a simple to navigate site divided into three sections: The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Each category features links to every known gay sauna and bathhouse in each country.

Aside from its welcoming homepage, which introduces the gay sauna sex scene and highlights America’s best bathhouses for sex, this is a no-thrills site that is incredibly useful for finding a wet and steamy spa near you.

For example, I spent a lot of time in the UK and visited a number of its bathhouses. I expected one or two would have slipped the net on this site, but I was pleasantly surprised—all in all, an easy to use method to find a gay sauna near me.

4How I find a gay spa near me in the UK

After spending so much time there, I believe the UK is a seriously underrated sex tourism destination for straight, gay, and bi folk. It’s just a shame about the weather!

During my time in the UK. I had a lot of layovers or spare time in between work. I found bathhouses were a much better way to relax than sitting in a hotel to fill the hours. To find a gay spa near me when I was there, I used Queer Saunas a lot.

Whilst the previous entry is a directory of gay saunas in the UK, the latter is an in-depth guide to each one. It features pretty much every British bathhouse worth knowing about combined with in-depth reviews from the community.

Each establishment is given a one to five rating in areas such as cleanliness, value for money, facilities offered, and the type of crowd it attracts. It also features everything from up-to-date prices, addresses, and contact details.

Sauna details are updated by the large online community that uses them. Overall, a very easy to navigate and straightforward gay sauna directory and review site worth checking out. But overall, so is the gay scene in the UK in general. is a great way to find a nearby bathhouse

Next, is the aptly-named site called This is an enormous database covering countless cities around the world. You probably guessed it, but its main focus is on gay-friendly establishments, cruising areas, and gay bathhouses.

The range of destinations covered by GayCities is enormous. We’re talking everywhere from Cape Town to Bangkok and Sydney to San Francisco. Whatever the distance, they leave no lube-covered stone unturned in their search for gay sex and cruising hotspots.

Among their extensive listings are many gay bathhouses in each destination. While I often find their written review sections empty, users here seem to opt for a quick thumbs up or thumbs down rating on each sauna.

However, each bathhouse does feature an in-depth introduction written by the site admin. This usually tells you all about the kinky features of the sauna and what to expect inside.

But overall, my favourite feature of this site is its photo galleries. You can get a glimpse into each sauna thanks to high-resolution photos posted by the owners of the sauna themselves.

The photo gallery is an excellent way to get to grips with what’s inside before you go so you can navigate a little better. But of course, you’ll have to enter and slip down into a towel to see the other things you’ll be getting a grip of.

2Spartacus is a quintessential gay cruising guide

If you haven’t heard of Spartacus yet, I highly suggest checking them out. It’s defined as an ‘International Gay Guide’. To keep gay and bi folk in the loop about the best action, they cover an abundance of destinations worldwide.

Alongside their extensive gay travel blog, Spartacus has a dedicated guide to over 1,000 different gay saunas worldwide. They even have a search function so you can find a gay bathhouse near you, wherever you are!

If you prefer to cruise the various listings by hand, Spartacus has neatly divided them into six categories by continent. There are no gay saunas in Antarctica, sadly!

Whether it’s bathhouses in big cities or discreet ones tucked away in rural areas, the all-seeing kinky eye of Spartacus more than likely has them covered for you to explore in all of their glory.

Each listing features up to date prices, contact info, and how to find a gay sauna near you. They also include a handy Google Maps plugin for you millennials who have rightly decided to ditch the likes of Grindr and return to gay tradition!

The only downside is the lack of reviews from people who have visited the sauna beforehand. It’s honestly one of my favourite ways to get an insight into an establishment before visiting and find out how the facilities are and what the sex is like!

In addition to their gay sauna listings, Spartacus also has a detailed directory of ‘Gay Hotspots’. From Key West to Berlin, I feel this is a great way for gay and bi guys who find their feet to get the most out of some of the most iconic gay travel destinations.

1Travel Gay is my go-to site to find a gay sauna near me

Last but by no means least on this list is Travel Gay. Whenever I’m in a new town or city and looking to combine relaxation and kinky fun, this is the site I use to find a gay sauna near me.

It’s super simple to navigate and find a local gay bathhouse. I’ve used it to find sauna sex in some of the most obscure locations. If it isn’t on here, it’s probably not worth visiting!

One of my favourite aspects about Travel Gay is their unbiased coverage of saunas and bathhouses. Each comes with a unique rating determined by the reviews left by the gay and bisexual community that visit and use said bathhouse.

These are distinctive ways to determine if the gay sauna you’re eyeing up is suitable for you. Depending on what you’re looking for, they give you a picture of cleanliness, customer service, the type of clientele who go, and the best time to visit.

Travel Gay also features up to date addresses, contact info, and facilities offered by the sauna. Plus, if you’re looking for nightclubs, cruising spots, bars, hotels etc., they also have a vast database of other gay-friendly establishments worldwide.

In summary? Sauna sex could just be a click away!

And so, as we round off this guide. I hope I’ve opened some new steamy corridors to share how I find a gay sauna near me. All of the resources on this list have been tried and tested by me, and all of them are free to use.

Overall, a visit to a gay sauna can be both intense, relaxing, and sexually rewarding. For first-timers, I feel it’s essential to find a reliable bathhouse where you’ll be comfortable and able to explore at your own pace.

And this is where such resources come in handy. It pays to do your research. So delve into the reviews of people who have visited before, find out the best time to go, and get out there and have fun!

But at the same time, don’t be put off by an overly negative review here and there. Some people have different tastes and expectations. So if it looks right for you and enough reviews corroborate that it’s worth visiting, check it out.

Oh, and if you’ve never visited a gay bathhouse before and are unsure where to begin, I have you covered. Feel free to check out my easy-to-follow beginner’s guide to visiting a sex sauna. It covers everything you need to know to have a great first experience.