Hong Kong Tijuana: A Gentlemen’s Guide to Mexico’s Icon of Sin!

You’ve no doubt heard Tijuana is well-regarded as a city of sin in Mexico, a great place for tourists north of the border to pay a visit to and immerse themselves in all the wicked things the Mexican town has to offer.

This is a reputation well-earned, and Tijuana continues to pull the crowds in year after year – particularly sex tourists in search of cheap bars at the prices of yesterday and a wild experience.

If you’re planning on visiting Tijuana in Mexico and want only the very sexiest of girls, then nowhere is better than the renowned Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club.

This sprawling mega-club in Mexico rivals any German mega-brothel for sheer size and the roster of girls on offer, and any visitors there are almost guaranteed a fantastic time. 

Here’s how to make the most of a visit to Hong Kong!

What is the Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club? 

As stated, HK Tijuana is a gentlemen’s club unparalleled in both quality and size. It’s found in Tijuana’s notorious Calle Coahuila, which in turn is found in Zona Norte – an area where prostitution is completely legalized. 

The Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club itself sprawls across three levels and has hundreds of girls working at any given moment.

Guests can enjoy the open floor, get a VIP room, or even plump for a skybox where they can take in the entire club along with any female company they’ve brought along with them. 

There’s also a hotel – Hotel Cascadas – directly above the club, meaning that from crossing the border into Tijuana to going back, you could conceivably stay within Hong Kong the entire time.  

How Do I Get To Hong Kong Tijuana? 

If you’re coming from across the border, it could not be any simpler. Tijuana borders San Diego, of course, and crossing the border into Mexico from there is child’s play. 

But things are made even easier by HK Gentlemen’s Club itself, which can send a car to pick you up directly from the Mexico side of the border.

You’ll then be taken directly to the club and can even be taken back afterward so you can leave Mexico and head back to the U.S. with your balls empty. It couldn’t be simpler. 

If you’d rather make your own way there, Hong Kong is pretty easy to find. It’s located, as mentioned, on Calle Coahuila, and free parking abounds in the area.

You’d be advised to park at the secure “Pepe’s Parking” close by rather than the “Parking Libra” (free parking), as the red light district does, unfortunately, suffer somewhat from petty crime. 

How Much Can I Expect To Spend In Hong Kong, Tijuana? 

The Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club is cheap by US standards but more on the pricey side south of the border.

The reasons for this are twofold: the girls are hotter than those you’d find on the street, and it’s far safer than soliciting streetwalkers in Zona Norte. 

If both or either of these things is a priority for you (and the latter should be at the very least, if not the former), then Hong Kong is a safe bet. 

In terms of specific prices: though there is no cover charge, you’re expected to buy a drink (and keep buying drinks) while you’re in the club.

Expect to pay $3-4 per drink. You’ll also have to buy any girl you end up talking to a lady drink, which will set you back around $7. A lap dance, meanwhile, is around $20

If you’re interested in a little more than a lapdance from a stripper, you can take the girls off to a local motel (or even the club’s own hotel after paying a bar fine of around $12. You’ll also need to pay the girl for sex, which can cost $50-80 per hour. 

This might seem expensive compared to the $20 that you might be paying a streetwalker outside, but it’s worth remembering a few things.

Firstly, it’s far safer to go with a girl from Hong Kong, as you know where she works and that she’s legit. Secondly – well, take a look for yourselves

Is The Hong Kong Club Safe? 

In a nutshell: yes. The Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club has a great deal of security, and once you’re inside, the only danger is to your wallet as you shell out for drinks and lap dances. There is virtually no chance of being robbed or ripped off. 

However, if you venture outside the club into Zona Norte, then all bets are off, especially if you go wandering around at night speaking English (or during the day). Plus, the authorities aren’t the most helpful.

In my experience, this city in Mexico is not exactly lawless, but it does suffer more from crime (like street robbery or pickpocketing) than many equivalent areas in Mexico, simply because it’s so heavily trafficked by American tourists. 

Plus, you need to accept your status as a tourist won’t protect you from bad guys in Tijuana. Bear in mind that there are some blood-chilling data about the murder rate here, and a recent investigation into the killing of an American visitor to the city showed he was beaten across the body until death.

To recap, then: in the club itself, you’re safe. Outside, not as much. Your best bet is to take advantage of Hong Kong’s border pickup service and stay in the club for as long as you’re in Tijuana. 

Should I Stay in a Hotel Room in Hotel Cascadas? 

If you plan on staying in Tijuana for the night and your primary reason for visiting is to go to the Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club, then yes – you should absolutely stay in Hotel Cascadas located on-site. 

Cascadas is located on-site and is connected directly to Hong Kong, meaning that when you meet a girl you like, you don’t even need to leave the club – you can just take her upstairs, making for one of the safest and most straightforward experiences around. 

The Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club has also decided to develop a great selection of suites, including the 9th-floor ‘Baller Room’, which has its own private dance area for the girl to keep the lap dances going on in the privacy of your own room. 

In addition to this, the hotel has the 24/7 Restaurante Azul on site where you can sit at a relaxed table and order some authentic Mexican food (which also does room service food at any hour of the night), onsite ATMs, bars, a good number of outdoor balconies attached to many rooms, and even a spa.

The hotel is also reasonably priced, with deluxe single rooms starting at $85 a night and penthouse suites available from between $340-560/night. 

The Hong Kong Gentlemen’s Club in Tijuana is an Icon of Mexico’s City of Sin 

Hong Kong in Tijuana is, simply put, one of the best experiences you can have while staying in the Mexican City of Sin.

It’s the best way to meet some of the hottest girls in Tijuana and – crucially – also one of the safest. 

By taking advantage of their border pickup service and staying in the hotel, you can rest assured that you’re going to have one of the best nights of your life.

All that remains is to make that reservation and get to San Diego. 


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