The Undefeated Ukraine Sex Tourism Guide (Top Tips For 2024)

2022 Ukraine Update: Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we advise against all travel to the country for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, there are numerous charities and NGOs to which you can donate to help those affected by the conflict.

In the space of four days, I’d been balls deep in the ass of a 19-year-old university student on the edge of the Carpathian mountains to being spat on by a mature Dominatrix on the shores of the Black Sea.

So far, my Ukraine sex tourism trip was going well. As Europe’s second-biggest country, Ukraine has various sexual shenanigans to explore. And explore I did!

“This seedy port city has long been a den of vice. Alongside Rostov-on-Don in Russia, it’s one of the birthplaes of the Russian Mafia. Hence the term: Odessa Mama, Rostov Papa.”

From Lviv to Odessa and Kiev to Mariupol, I will share the secrets of Ukraine’s sex tourism, from beautiful Ukrainian girls to ruthless whores in the birthplace of the Russian Mob.

Welcome to the undefeated Ukraine sex tourism guide. Davai!

What Are Ukrainian Girls Like?

Anal Ukraine sex with a blonde Ukrainian girl
There are a lot of no holes barred sexual adventures to be had here!

Ukraine has a reputation for having some of the most beautiful women on earth. This is not an urban legend. There are some serious beauties here.

At first, Ukrainian women can be cold until they get to know you. Then, they’re very warm, hospitable, and friendly people in general.

They’re often intelligent and well-educated about history and world affairs. Despite limited resources, public education is quite impressive here. Something the West could learn from.

Looks-wise, it varies massively. The stereotypical tall blonde girl with a slim figure isn’t hard to find. But expect to see a unique blend of characteristics.

Five Types of Ukrainian Pussy You Can Expect

Now, let’s get to the juicy details of this guide: Ukrainian pussy! For a hot-blooded sex tourist, there’s an abundance of sex options available. Here are my five favourites.

Freelance Girls

First up is the freelance girls. These can range from university students moonlighting as hookers to escorts advertising their services online.

With the former, the best place to meet them is in clubs frequented by foreigners. But be alert; prices can be ridiculously high depending on the girl.

The best option is the latter type of freelancer found online. This way, you can see prices, services offered and, usually, they can visit your apartment or hotel room for a small fee.

Prices: $25 upwards with $5 to $10 on top if they’re visiting you at your place. Naturally, some of the high-end Ukrainian escorts can charge hundreds of dollars.

Hotel Hookers

If you’ve read my filthy tale of banging a Russian whore in Tiraspol, you’ll already be aware of the Soviet-era phenomena of hotel lobby hookers. Good news! Ukraine has them too!

These girls look like a caricature of a prostitute and hang out in and around leading tourist hotels in various towns and cities in Ukraine. They’re not hard to spot.

Approach them discreetly and discuss the price. They’ll accompany you to the room as the hotel receptionist turns a blind eye.

The standard time is an hour, and you can cum as much as you want. A very convenient form of sex worker and, usually, a lot of fun!

Prices: $40 to $80 for an hour of sex depending on the girl.

Erotic Massage Girls

My favourite type of Ukrainian pussy (safest and the cheapest!). These girls work in places that look like brothels, but actually aren’t. They’re completely legal as no sex takes place.

Well, kind of! Here, you are presented with a line of scantily clad Ukrainian girls to choose from and then given a menu which can offer everything from a Nuru massage to Femdom.

Even the most basic service will feature an oiled-up, fully nude Ukrainian girl sliding all over your naked body. You can touch and suck her tits, you just can’t touch her pussy.

It rounds off with a happy ending that can be an oiled-up handjob or fucking between their smooth, oiled-up thighs. The latter feels just like bareback sex. I’m a big fan!

Prices: $15 for a basic thirty-minute happy ending massage to $40 for an hour-long specialist service such as Femdom or a two-girl massage, etc.


Streetwalkers can be found in Ukraine, but they’re usually a little rough around the edges and located on the outskirts of towns and cities.

Although they can also be found in tourist areas too, these will likely be expensive and likely a tourist trap. Not the best option.

Prices: $15 to $30 for a basic suck and fuck, but it depends on the girl and your negotiation skills.

Non-working girls

Ukraine is still a relatively undiscovered country, especially outside Lviv and Kiev. As a foreign guy with good looks and a bit of charisma, it’s not hard to get attention from girls.

Non-working girls can be an excellent way to have a casual, no-strings fuck buddy on your Ukraine sex tourism trip. I’ll show you how to find them in the next section.

Prices: Difficult to say and depends on the individual situation. Expect to be paying for meals etc.

Where to Find Sex in Ukraine

Now, we’ve covered the five facets of Ukrainian pussy. So where do you find it? Here’s the perfect list of hotspots to find the aforementioned girls.

Where to Meet Ukrainian Escorts Online

To find Ukrainian escorts online, stay away from the overpriced sites targeting foreigners. Instead, go to the local classified ads sites to find girls. Here are some favourites:

  • – A popular Ukrainian classified ads site that you can translate into English. To find escorts, click on the Adult Services section to find lots of local Ukrainian escort ads.
  • – This site has an English version and hundreds of Ukrainian escorts. You can narrow them down by age, fetish, transsexuals, and more. Easy to use.
  • – Another popular classified ads site in Ukraine. Scroll down to acquaintances to find a mixture of girls looking to meet guys for romance, casual fun, or paid sex.

Hotels With Whores

In my experience, any hotels where foreigners go will have hookers in the lobby. In particular, Soviet-era hotels are quite popular hotspots for these girls.

I don’t want to mention any names, but main hotels in places like Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa will have them. If not, then there are plenty of other options out there.

Streetwalkers in Ukraine

If you’re looking to find streetwalkers, they can usually be spotted on the main streets or squares of major towns and cities.

Places like Khreschatyk Street in Kiev or Deribasovskaya street in Odessa are good examples. But again, I don’t recommend it. It will likely be expensive.

If you’re looking for the more old-school type of streetwalker, they’re usually on the outskirts of town and you’ll need a local to find and navigate them properly.

How to Find Erotic Massage Parlours

The best thing about the erotic massage parlours around Ukraine? They’re completely legal. This means they have detailed websites and are usually quite easy to find.

Open up Google translate and type in erotic massage in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, etc. and they should pop up.

Get the prices off their website, mark the address on Google Maps, and then simply head over there. If there’s an intercom, the girls may ask you what you want.

Just say ”Massage” to be let in. It’s like a codeword!

Ukrainian Sex Apartments

Usually, you find these places through word of mouth or via a girl working at one online. It’s an apartment with a few girls working together.

The way it works is simple. You go in, see the girls, choose one, and then go to a private room together. Girls are usually average looking.

Rather than an address, some of these apartments will give you a street and then send a video on Whatsapp or Vibr showing you how to find the door.

Be aware that they can change addresses regularly. Here today, gone tomorrow!

Tips & Tricks For Ukraine Sex Tourism

Compared to the likes of Germany and The Phillippines, Ukraine isn’t the most accessible country to navigate as a foreigner. So here are some crucial tips and advice for your visit.

Learn Some Basic Russian And Cyrillic

If you want an easier, stress-free Ukraine sex tourism experience, then learn some basic Russian and Cyrillic alphabet. Seriously, this is a must!

Whilst things are improving, English is not widely spoken here. In smaller towns, it can be non-existent.

“You don’t need to recite Tolstoy in his mother tongue, just get the basics of Russian under your belt. You’ll get more respect from locals and won’t be seen as a naive tourist.”

Don’t learn Ukrainian. The practical language here is Russian. From finding addresses to communicating with girls, you need a basic grasp of Russian and Cyrillic.

You don’t need to recite Tolstoy in his mother tongue, just get the basics of Russian under your belt. You’ll get more respect from locals and won’t be seen as a naive tourist.

Stay Sharp, Especially in Odessa

Overall, Ukraine is a relatively safe country. But you can still find serious trouble if you’re not careful. In particular, be on your guard in Odessa.

This seedy port city has long been a den of vice. Alongside Rostov-on-Don in Russia, it’s one of the birthplaces of the Russian Mafia. Hence the term: Odessa Mama, Rostov Papa.

Overall, it’s fine for experienced travellers. But it’s not a place I’d recommend for nervous sex tourists green around the gills.

Get a Local Sim

When you walk down the street in Ukraine, you’ll see sim cards for sale everywhere. They’re incredibly cheap and loaded with 4G data. Buy one!

From finding your way to massage parlours to using Google translate, a reliable internet connection is vital. It also passes time when travelling on trains and buses.

Opt For An Apartment Over a Hotel

Airbnb options in Ukraine can be awesome and they’re not expensive. If you’re planning on fucking a lot of Ukrainian pussy. I’d opt for an apartment over a hotel.

It’s more discreet, usually roomier, and more affordable. Fucking Ukrainian MILFs in the ass whilst overlooking the Black Sea from my Odessa Airbnb was a fond memory!

Beware of Golddiggers!

Be careful of golddiggers. With so many beautiful women that make foreign men drop to their knees, Ukraine does have an issue with that.

You may find yourself losing all of your money before you even get a sniff of pussy, if you ever do. So think with your brain, not your cock!

FAQs About Ukraine

Now, as always with our sex guides, we round off our night at this kinky destination by answering some of your frequently asked questions about good ol’ Ukraine!

Where is Ukraine Located?

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and it borders Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Russia.

How Big is Ukraine?

Pretty damn big! Ukraine is a whopping 603,548 km² and, after Russia, is Europe’s second-biggest country.

What Is The Capital of Ukraine?

The capital of Ukraine, and where you’ll most likely fly into, is the city of Kiev. Known as the City of Domes, it’s characterized by beautiful churches with classic onion domes.

Was Ukraine Part Of The Soviet Union?

Yes, Comrade! Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union for 72 years. It was notorious as the site of the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster. These days, the country is trying to shake off its Soviet heritage.

What Is Ukraine Known For?

Naturally, whilst we’ve covered Ukraine sex tourism and the delights of Ukrainian pussy, there is far more to Ukraine than this.

Its cities are full of incredible history, stunning architecture, and hospitable locals. Stretching from the Carpathian Mountains to the shores of the Black Sea, it also has some of the best nature in Europe.

Further Reading On The Eros of Eastern Europe!

Well, my friends, that’s my coverage of Ukraine! From the mining towns of Donetsk to the seedy massage parlours of Odessa, exploring Ukraine’s sex tourism sure was fun!



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