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For most sex-loving kinksters, sex tourists, and adult content enthusiasts, their passion knows no bounds. But sadly, many are constrained to sidelining their passion as a hobby and allowing their full-time job to eat up the bulk of their life.

Reality check, my friend, working forty hours a week for two weeks of kinky travel isn’t living. But experiencing a life of sex tourism, working in the adult industry, or making passive income from adult online projects, is!

If you’ve read my backstory, you’ll know that I ditched my mundane 9-5 five years ago to pursue my passion: Sex and kink. Most people said I was crazy. But if you will find find it, it is no dream. It took a while. But after a lot of hard work, trial and error, and perseverance, I was financially self sufficient thanks to numerous money making methods in the physical and online adult world.

In our Make Adult Money section, I draw upon my years of experience to teach others how to do the same. Whether it’s making a name for yourself in the world of adult sex blogging, crafting a unique porn production company, or opening an adult establishment like a swingers club or a blowjob, I show you everything you need to know to do it in the best way possible.

Our unique article topics here can include things like how to make consistent income from being the star attraction at regularly organized gangbang parties, how to create your very own porn site that generates passive income, and how you can get started in the world of adult sex cams with nothing but a laptop, webcam, and a kinky, sexually open-minded attitude.

I’m always coming up with new and innovative methods to make adult money in the sex industry,, and I’m constantly making new friends and contacts who share their incredible stories with me. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or financial background, if you have the passion for seeing it through, I’ll show you what you need to do to make it happen.