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Top 10 Basic Thai Phrases & Words to Fuck Thai Women (NSFW)

Planning on visiting Thailand to get your dick or pussy wet? I'll get straight to the point: This is an incredible sex destination, but...

The Vivid Vietnam Sex Guide For 2024!

If we jumped out of your closet and bellowed the word “VIETNAM!” into your sleeping face, chances are the first things you’d think of...

Top 5 Secret Online Porn Jobs For Men That Are Easy to Get

Going balls deep into a sloppy GILF pussy isn't the only way to bag some porn work as a newcomer. You can use your fingers in more ways than one to make others cum!

The Painal 3 Way With The Hung Brazillian Shemales From Hell

When it comes to pleasure, I'm very open-minded. Which is what led me to a role with Whoreuro magazine. As much as I love...

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Global Sex Guides

BDSM Scotland: A Guide to Scottish Kink For The Brave-Hearted

Scotland. It’s a country with a long, proud, and storied heritage of resistance, national pride, haggis, kilts, New Year’s Eve songs, and Mel Gibson....

Balls-Deep at an Anal Only Creampie Gangbang! (The Wild Review!)

Do you remember the name Welsh Gangbangs? If you're a regular ISG reader, of course, you do! Last year, while working with Kink Consult, I...

Inside My Sex Gift Shopping Spree in Cyprus

Recently, I found myself transferring through the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, where, alongside an impromptu spit roast between the two Greek cocks of some local guys, I found some unlikely sex gift souvenirs to add to my Goon Cave.

Las Vegas Dominatrix: 5 Tried & Tested Ways to Find Femdom In The City Of Sin 

There’s a reason that Las Vegas has long been nicknamed the ‘City of Sin’, and we aren’t talking about gambling. Las Vegas is one...

True Sex Stories


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An Insane Porn Star Experience With Catherine Duffy (Part 2)

Recently, I had the honour of having an exclusive interview with Catherine Duffy in her native Belfast. If you haven't read this debauched insight,...

The Little-known Creampie Gangbang Parties Taking Wales By Storm!

The formerly well-kept hotel room had been turned into a quagmire of torn lingerie, puddles of cum, and discarded high heels. The smell of sticky, raw sex pulsed through the air like a heartbeat. This creampie gangbang like no other was coming to an end, but the best part was still to come.

Nuru Massage Near Me? 5 Free Ways to Find an Erotic Massage

Travelling can be exhausting. I'll often clock up serious miles on foot exploring the sex scenes in various cities around the world. As well as a good beer and local cuisine, I often seek out a Nuru Massage near me to wind down after a long day.

The Classic Guide to 5+ of the Best Cuckold Dating Sites

A cuckold fantasy is one thing but making it a reality is another. Many people find cuckold dating a stumbling block, but that's where...

The Slutty Singapore Sex Guide (Girls, Escorts, Brothels!)

Chances are that, when thinking of SE Asian sex tourism destinations, you're likely not thinking of Singapore. Renowned for its overly draconian public nuisance...

Adult World Birmingham: Inside Britain’s Last Porn Cinemas

Only a handful of porn cinemas remain across the UK. One of them is located in the Midlands. Known as Adult World Birmingham, it's a medium-sized sex shop in the city centre with a porn theatre attached. I went inside to see what it was like one of the last surviving sex cinemas. Are they still as seedy as back in the day and a den of casual sex? Read on for my no-holes-barred review!