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The Bona Fide Bulgarian Sex Guide

Looking out over golden sands and crystal clear waters, you've just washed down fresh seafood with an ice-cold beer brewed in the mountains.

Top Secret Guide to Filipina Ladyboy Sex & 5 Places to Find It

Southeast Asia is renowned worldwide for its booming sex tourism industry, and a huge part of that draw is the region’s large number of transgender sex workers. 

The Vivid Vietnam Sex Guide For 2022!

If we jumped out of your closet and bellowed the word “VIETNAM!” into your sleeping face, chances are the first things you’d think of are war and...

I’m Karl Majak, The Founder of ISG. This is my Story!

The number of people visiting the International Sex Guide has reached an all-time high. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran reader, the following article will be...

The ISG Story

Karl Majak

ISG Founder

Five years ago, Karl quit his job to pursue a full-time career in sex tourism and the adult industry. From adult photography to reporting on sexual institutions around the world, he is fascinated by the world of uninhibited sex and debauchery. From Thailand to Brazil and everywhere in between, there are few sloppy sex scenes that Karl hasn't been balls deep in. Through ISG, he plans to share all the sticky secrets with you.

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Which Is The Best VPN For Porn? (Top 5 & How To Use Them) 

If you’re not well-versed with VPNs, it can be pretty tricky to dive into. Hell, you might not even know what a VPN Let’s remedy that right now! Today, we will show you which is the best VPN for porn and how to use them like a digital condom in the online minefield of porn sites!


Welcome to International Sex Guide. We're the only magazine you need to explore global sex scenes, hookup cultures, and adult fun. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience sampling the pleasures of foreign lands. From Red Light Districts and wild women to Brothels and passionate orgies, there isn’t a lot I haven’t seen, felt, or explored when it comes to sex. The question is: Have you?


The Little-known Creampie Gangbang Parties Taking Wales By Storm!

The formerly well-kept hotel room had been turned into a quagmire of torn lingerie, puddles of cum, and discarded high heels. The smell of sticky, raw sex pulsed through the air like a heartbeat. This creampie gangbang like no other was coming to an end, but the best part was still to come.

The Expert Adult Friend Finder Review: Is it Legit in 2022?

To sum up this Adult Friend Finder review, it's our opinion that this is a legit adult hookup site used by millions around the globe to arrange...

The Uncensored Review of Outside Sauna Belfast (2022)

Belfast. Sadly, it is a warm, welcoming, and vibrant city in Northern Ireland that is more well-known for its turbulent history than its sex scene. But thankfully,...

Venus Berlin 2022: Inside The Infamous Erotic Convention

For any pornstar, fetishist, or porn lover, there's an annual convention not to be missed: Venus Berlin! We went inside this infamous fair and were blown away!

True Sex Stories

A Sleazy, Unexpected Fuck With a Cum Covered Wife (UK)

Fuck, my head! I thought as I woke up with the hangover from hell. After dropping a few paracetamols with pints of...

Inside a Wild Bukkake Gangbang at The Private Club Birmingham

The chance to fuck two pornstars in a giant orgy and cover them in cum for the price of a meal in a restaurant sounded like a pipe dream. This month, I was to happily discover it's a reality.

True Erotic Pegging Stories: Angry Feminist Made Me Submit

"This is what a whore looks like," Michelle grunted through gritted teeth. "When I'm finished, you'll never be an Alpha male again. Your wrecked asshole will be a permanent reminder that a woman made you submit."

I Did a Creampie Cleanup & All I Got Was This Messy T-Shirt!

Welsh Gangbangs had shown me incredible hospitality. Now, it was time to earn my keep. A sloppy seconds creampie cleanup of epic proportions awaited me.

In Photos: I Spent 1 Week With a Gypsy Prostitute At Work

Watching Linda's plump red lips wrap around the neck of a beer bottle, I was bluntly reminded of how many cocks she'd...

My Wild Exhibitionist Sex Story With a Mature Granny Hooker!

Standing outside the sleazy, neon-illuminated doorway, I rang the bell and momentarily felt my finger stick to it. I could feel the...

My Wild Sex With a Russian Whore in Tiraspol, Transnistria!

I started the morning with a gun in my face and interrogation from the world's last-surviving KGB secret police force. I was cleaning a nymphomaniac Russian whore's squirt out of my beard after some vodka-fuelled sex by the end of the day.

My Unforgettable Blowjob At Work As a Young Apprentice

Was it my 18-year-old libido or the taboo nature of her wedding ride gliding over my spit-soaked dick that made me cum...

The Painal 3 Way With The Hung Brazillian Shemales From Hell

When it comes to pleasure, I'm very open-minded. Which is what led me to a role with Whoreuro magazine. As much as...

I’m Karl Majak, The Founder of ISG. This is my Story!

The number of people visiting the International Sex Guide has reached an all-time high. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran reader,...

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From sinful Singapore to kinky Korea, spread the smooth legs of Asia and go balls deep!


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The Certified Cambodia Sex Tourism Guide For 2022!

You’d be forgiven for knowing next to nothing (or maybe nothing at all) about the SE Asian country of Cambodia, overshadowed as it is in literally every way by glitzy next-door neighbor Thailand. 

The Raunchy Rebecca More Escort Review (2022)

She shot to adult fame as one of the infamous "The Cock Destroyers", and in this raunchy Rebecca More Escort Review, I find out if her sex skills are for real.

The Beginners Guide to Fucking a Hooker For The First Time!

Do you crave the warm embrace of a whore for the first time? Knowing that her experienced pussy will likely corrupt you, but you want to cum inside it anyway?