The Certified Czech Sex Guide to Prague (Top Tips For 2024)

In recent years, the Czech Republic – and Prague in particular – has become a popular destination for tourists of all stripes.

But in particular, it’s renowned as a boozy sex tourist destination for its cheap beer and numerous bars and pubs. So, cue our certified Czech sex guide to Prague!

Prostitution in the Czech Republic is also kinda sorta legal, in the sense that the sale and purchase of sex is permitted, but brothels are technically not.

This means that whilst it’s not quite as in your face as Germany or the Netherlands, it’s still very much there and operates much as it does in places where it’s illegal, e.g. under the cover of “gentlemen’s clubs” and “massage parlors”.

It’s still very much on the table; it’s just about where you look and how you go about it. 

Will Hot Czech Women Rock Your World, Or Not? 

The Czech Republic is, generally speaking, a fairly liberal country with very open-minded citizens, and its women are no exception.

Czech women are often direct and straightforward, having no issues with speaking their mind.

But fair warning: the misconception that Czech women will be immediately interested in foreign guys is just that – a misconception!

So don’t go in thinking that the local ladies will immediately swoon at the sight of you brandishing the Yankee Dollar. 

As with any modern country, it’s quite hard to pinpoint what the local people “look like”, and Czech women come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s also worth remembering that a lot of sex workers in Czechia are not actually native-born Czechs – many will come from Eastern Europe or as far afield as Southeast Asia. 

The 5 Most Common Types of Prostitution in Prague

As a popular tourist destination with (semi-) legal prostitution, the Czech Republic has all the varieties of hooker you might expect, including but not limited to: 

Note: all prices given are in USD. 

Relax Clubs 

A sort of hybrid sauna/strip joint, Czech relax club aren’t a million miles away from German FKK clubs.

There is usually a large communal area where guests are free to relax, and private rooms are located on a separate floor or behind the communal area where guests can enjoy some discreet private time with the ladies. 

It’s possible to hang out and enjoy the ambience in Relax Clubs simply, and this costs no more than a $20 cover charge (plus whatever you spend on drinks).

Obviously, that’s not why you’re likely to visit such a place; if you want to take a girl upstairs, you’re looking at paying around $100 for thirty minutes of her time. 

For the bolder amongst you, you can simply pick the girl you want out of a line-up. It’s also possible to hang out in the communal area and, if a girl takes your fancy, request half an hour of her time.

You can also simply browse a portfolio of available sexy girls and choose one that way. The choice is entirely yours!

Relax Clubs keep a tab that’s kept track of on the wristband you’ll be asked to wear. When you come to leave, simply hand over your wristband and pay your outstanding balance.  

Czech Massage Parlors 

Erotic massage in Kiev

Beloved the world over for their straightforward, no nonsense approach to selling sexual services.

Czech massage parlors are pretty much what you’d expect – staffed almost exclusively by scantily-clad young ladies with dubious massage credentials and strong wrists. 

As is often the case, such erotic parlors are staffed with Asian ladies – a good number are Vietnamese – and they can be a little expensive for what they are.

In a Czech massage parlour, you can sometimes expect to pay up to $70 for an hour-long massage (with half of that devoted to your happy ending). 

Strip Clubs in Prague

Dutch strip club in Amsterdam

In countries with fully legalized prostitution, strip clubs are largely obsolete, a case of “why pay to look when you can pay to touch?” 

Not so in Prague, where the decriminalized but legally gray practice of prostitution means that euphemistic ‘strip clubs’ still have a place in the grand scheme of things. 

Sadly, due to the high volume of tourists, many strip clubs in Prague do not offer the best experiences, with tourists routinely being overcharged for entry/drinks, being given massively watered-down drinks or other common scams aimed at tourists.

That said, there are clubs that offer decent experiences; stick to those with a good reputation like AAA Exclusive Club, which are essentially glorified brothels that can’t come out and say they’re brothels. 

Czech strip clubs typically have a stage on which the girls can exhibit their wares, and several private backrooms where you can take the girls for around $80-100.

Be warned that the girls you get in strip clubs quite often aren’t the best-looking, but they do not lack experience or technique! 


Prague sports a couple of unique quasi-mega-brothels called “ShowParks”, which are private buildings separated into apartments rented by sex workers.

In the central courtyard of each building is a communal bar area, where customers can relax and have a drink and the girls who rent the apartments ply their trade. 

ShowParks are a unique product of Czechia’s unique legal status regarding prostitution – because pimping and running brothels is illegal.

The owners of ShowParks get around this by merely renting apartments to young ladies, no questions asked.

What goes on in those apartments is entirely between the young lady and any guests she might have are none of the business of the landlord. 

“Since the girls set their own rates, you can negotiate and request a range of naughty extras at your convenience.”

Entry to a ShowPark is about $10, and drinks at the central bar are unfortunately no cheaper, costing about the same.

We wouldn’t worry about that too much, though; it will be a matter of minutes, if not seconds, before one of the young ladies frequenting the establishment approaches you and invites you back to her apartment. 

ShowParks are a little more cosmopolitan than some other sex tourist destinations in Prague – you’ll see plenty of African and Brazilian girls there and many from Eastern Europe. 

ShowPark girls set their own rates, so prices may vary, but it will typically cost around $60 for the standard half-hour session of blowjob and vaginal.

Since the girls set their own rates, you can negotiate and request a range of naughty extras at your convenience. 

Czech Escorts in Apartment Brothels 

In what is simply called an “in-call” in most places where prostitution is technically illegal, apartment brothels are exactly what they sound like – you arrange a date, go to the girl’s apartment, and take care of business. 

Appointments are arranged via websites like Mazlive Studentky, which act as a sort of middleman for the girls and take care of payment and directions.

Once you’ve chosen a girl you like and contacted her, you’ll receive a location and you can head over there.

Bear in mind that these apartments are often in apartment blocks shared with people that are not involved in sex work, so be discreet. 

Prices are standardized across the board, so it doesn’t matter which girl you choose – it’s all the same price.

Apartment brothels are also surprisingly inexpensive, starting at around $35 for half an hour.

Several options are available, from getting two girls to water sports and other fetish specialities. 

5 Czech Sex Experiences You Can’t Miss 

There’s a lot going on in the Czech Republic – particularly Prague – and it’s hard to narrow it down to a mere 4 things you should definitely check out.

Nevertheless, we’ve done our best – here are the top five sex experiences you absolutely cannot miss! 

Mature Czech Sex

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I have a penchant for sex with mature women. The Czech Republic is a paradise for mature sex, and I recommend you take advantage of this.

The reason for the sexual liberation of older Czech women is simple. Most of them grew up in sexually-repressed Communist Czechoslovakia, where all forms of erotica were forbidden.

After the fall of Communism in 1989, liberal attitudes towards sex flourished, and countless mature women across the Czech Republic were keen to catch up on lost debauchery.

“Older women know who they are, and that makes them more beautiful than younger ones. I like to see a face with some character. I want to see lines. I want to see wrinkles.”

– Naveen Andrews

In 2022, it’s not hard to find nympho Cougars in Prague and across the Czech Republic who are more than keen to ride the exotic cock of a foreigner.

Thankfully, mature Czech sluts are pretty tech-savvy, and you can find them on notorious adult hookup apps such as Adult Friend Finder, Tinder, and Ashley Madison.

Prague Red Light District

Top 10 Places to Find Sexy Prague Escorts in the Czech Republic

Prague doesn’t technically have a red light district, but if you asked a local, they’d mostly tell you it’s the area around Wenceslas Square (yes, the Good King Wenceslas Wenceslas).

This area is packed to the rafters with strip joints, cabaret bars and streetwalkers and is a favorite of the bachelor-party groups. 

Be sure to check out Goldfingers, a famous cabaret club filled with beautiful women from across the globe, located just off Wenceslas Square. 

Experience a Czech Sex Party!

Prague is renowned for its swingers’ clubs, and if you’re part of a couple and in the mood for some adventure, you can’t go wrong in the Czech capital. 

Swingers’ clubs like Lublanksa, Bunker and Fantasy offer a comfortable environment for couples to get down and dirty, and on certain nights even singles are invited (though this may vary, and single ladies will always have an easier time than single men).

Swingers’ clubs will quite often have quite luxurious facilities, with saunas and even whirlpools frequently featuring. 

Czech Car Sex 

For the more adventurous, it’s possible to pick up a street walker, head to a secluded place, and get your freak on for far cheaper than in a Relax or strip club.

This will only set you back about $30 at best, but as is always the case with using street walkers, it’s not the safest option, and you should be on the lookout for petty theft.

It goes without saying that you should wrap up if you go this route. 

Czech Gloryholes!

You’ve no doubt witnessed the classic Czech porn flick of a long line of men entering a Gloryhole club to fuck the warm and inviting holes of various anonymous whores.

This porno is exaggerated to create a fantastic piece of smut, but the reality is that there’s numerous Czech Gloryholes to be found in Prague and elsewhere.

We even compiled a handy guide to a wide range of Czech Gloryholes and how to find them, which you can read here.

Top Tips For Staying Safe in Prague 

As a hugely popular tourist destination (particularly amongst young Brits), Prague has no small amount of petty theft, and it pays to be on your guard.

Here are our top tips for staying safe while enjoying Czech sex (and everything else) in Prague. 

Keep Your Belongings Under Wraps

Common sense whenever traveling, but worth reiterating: keep that iPhone 12 and your money belt out of sight.

Pickpockets and muggers love a nice soft tourist, and though Prague is a relatively safe city, opportunistic crime exists here as with anywhere else.

Keep your cash and valuables out of sight. 

Beware of Taxis in Prague

A problem endemic to most capital cities throughout the world is that of shifty taxi drivers taking advantage of tourists, and Prague is no different.

Check your destination and how much it should cost before setting off in a taxi, use GPS to track the route and make sure you’re heading in the right direction, and beware of drivers either not using the meter or using a meter that’s overcharging. 

Split Into Pairs When Traveling to Clubs

This may sound counter-intuitive, but a lot of grifters in Prague will target drunk groups of men due to their suggestibility, unfamiliarity with the city, and, frankly, ridiculous levels of horniness.

They may try to get you into overpriced bars or simply distract you whilst a buddy picks your pocket – either way, you’re in for a bad time. 

You can avoid being targeted by splitting into pairs before heading to bars and clubs. You’re less likely to stand out as bachelor-party dudes if you’re in small groups. 

Don’t Pay For Sex With Czech Prostitutes When Drunk  

Easier said than done, particularly when in the moment, but it’s a bad idea to engage in borderline illegal activity when wrecked.

It’s easy for people to take advantage of you, easy to lose track of how much money you’re spending, and easy to get rolled. Play it safe and get your sex while sober. 

Czech Sex Guide FAQ

This small Central European country is often surrounded by misinformation and stereotypes.

So let’s put the record straight by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Czech sex!

Where is Prague Located in Europe?

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is surrounded by countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and Austria.

What is Prague Known For (Other Than Great Sex)?

Aside from mind-blowing Czech sex, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Prague is internationally known for its Gothic architecture, world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, and incredible beer (which is often cheaper than water).

When Is The Best Time To Visit Prague?

Scorching and busy in summer and often brutally cold in winter, the best time to visit Prague is between Spring and Fall, when you can expect mild temperatures and fewer tourists.

What Language is Spoken in Prague & Do Many People Speak English There?

The local language spoken in Prague is Czech. However, as a major tourist destination, English is widely spoken, and you should have no issues with communication.

But we would advise learning a few basic words in Czech out of courtesy and not looking like a fresh-faced tourist.

Is Prague Safe?

Overall, Prague is a safe city to visit as long as you use common sense. Pickpockets and scams are rife, but it’s easy to find out about the most common scams online.

I highly recommend the Honest Guide Youtube channel to get some solid safety tips for visiting Prague.

In Conclusion: Czech yourself before you wreck yourself! 

And that’s just about it for our sex guide to Prague, one of Europe’s most fun cities with plenty to do and plenty to see.

As always, this is by no means exhaustive, and it’s possible that we’ve missed some of your favorites off this list – do let us know, and remember: Czech yourself before you wreck yourself! 

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