Jasmine Jae Escort Review: My XXX Pornstar Experience in London!

Most pornstars dream of fame from their 18+ teen years, but that is not the case for Jasmine Jae. This busty and tanned MILF only entered the porn world in 2012 and quickly stormed to the upper echelons of porn fame, with an army of horny fans fantasizing about what it’d feel like to have her elite-tier pussy melt around their cocks.

However, few people realize that you don’t have to fantasize because Jasmine Jae is also a pornstar escort. But, naturally, it doesn’t come cheap to get the on-screen experience of such an iconic porn queen bright to life in your bedroom, so I decided to test it out for myself and write this Jasmine Jae escort review that will give you all the details you need to decide whether booking a raunchy session with her is something that floats your boat.

”Nnnggghhh, fuck!” Jasmine growled while pushing my face out of her twat, with a bridge of drool and pussy juices still connecting me to it, “You’re going to make me cum, you fucker! I want to save that for after.”

Standing at a majestic 5 ‘8″ height and weighing a petite 57 kilograms, Jasmine already has the body of a goddess, even without mentioning her voluptuous cup E-sized tits with pierced nipples and tight fuckable ass. 

Are you a fan of Peaky Blinders, and you always wanted someone to whisper (or scream) dirty things in your ears with Ada Shelby’s Brummie accent? You got that with Jasmine! Her British accent is to die for, along with her big juicy bimbo lips that many will attest feel like heaven on earth when wrapped around your cock.

But while you might be well-versed in Jasmine’s porn talents, it’s time to get to know her better and find out what really sits behind those rarely-worn panties and if it’s worth paying for! 

Jasmine Jae Bio

Now, let’s talk a little about her life. Jasmine was brought up in a middle-class lifestyle in Birmingham (yes, if you were wondering, her name *only* is indeed inspired by Aladdin’s princess Jasmine). 

She graduated with first-class honors in business management and marketing and worked as a marketing manager up until her drastic career change. 

However, it became clear that marketing was not the only activity she got first-class honors in…she would ride your cock like a nympho and suck your balls dry. 

Introduced into the porn world by Keiran Lee – one of Brazzers’ top boys, Jasmine quickly found that she had been marketing the wrong products up until now. 

In her short but sweet career, the dark-haired fox has already been a nominee for various AVN, XBIZ, SPANK BANK, and other prestigious awards. 

So, What’s Jasmine Jae’s Best Porn Scene?

Blowjobs, footjobs, double penetration, gangbangs, BDSM, anal, threesomes, tits fuck, fisting, erotic massages, you name it, Jasmine Jae will do it! 

Virgos are known to be clean freaks; well, they are not wrong; she would lick, suck, and milk every last single drop of cum you have left and leave you begging for mercy. 

Jae has starred in multiple steamy hot scenes and worked with a range of studios such as Brazzers, Digital Playground, Bangbros, Private, Playboy Evil Angel, Reality, and others. 

Her scenes range from hardcore gangbangs to parodies or more sensual acts, and she’s able to cater to a broad spectrum of lust, whether you’re looking for extreme blowbangs that saw her milk an entire room of cocks in a relentless orgy or the seedier side of things like creampie gangbangs.

But if you genuinely want to see a more authentic scene of her, you need to press play on Cum Into My Office, produced by Killergram, where she stars with her then-husband – Ryan Ryder. 

There you would really see the horny MILF’s marketing skills in action – rubbing her clit and drooling over her own sex tapes and, after that, getting bent and fucked over the desk while covering Ryan’s quivering cock in her sweet cunt juices while her own porn scenes proceeds to play on the screen.

The Jasmine Jae Escort Experience

Got your dick hard? Well, it got mine too, so I decided to see for myself whether her skills on screen are the same off-screen.

I’m not a fan of London; It’s overpriced and overcrowded. But when I saw Jasmine Jae was available for escort bookings in the capital, my opinion of the British capital changed dramatically.

After all, is there a more quintessential London experience than paying a premium fee to sink your cock in some elite-tier holes that have been more than overcrowded in years gone by?

I booked the Jasmine Jae escort session through a booking form online, and my impending date with the British porn icon was set. We would meet in a Central London hotel, which seems to be her main base. 

I entered the hotel and hurried to the room she had booked, my cock throbbing from anticipation. When Jasmine opened the door, I bit my lips. 

Seeing this porn icon in person felt surreal. I’ve lost track of how many loads I’ve blown to this on-screen Queen, and the hypersexualized energy that radiated off her was magnetic.

With a smile that personified a mixture of friendliness and sleaze, Jasmine stood in front of me dressed in dick-melting fishnets, eye-watering high slutty heels, and a short black faux fur coat exposing her massive Barbie tits. 

She grabbed me by the jacket, pulled me in, and shut the door behind me before I could even say hello. 

Once we dealt with the boring bureaucratic stuff, Jasmine strolled and sat at the end of the bed and faced me as I stripped out of the last of my clothes, opening her fishnet-clad legs wide and exposing her juicy slit with an alluring piercing dangling from her clit. 

They say to “never meet your heroes,” but this pornstar pussy was nothing short of magical. A sweet, candy-like smell radiated from it across the room, and wild horses couldn’t pull me away from it.

“Hmm, I think she’s hungry for youuuu!” Jasmine said playfully in her quintessentially perverse tone while gently pulling strings of pussy juices from within it and sucking her fingers clean.

I had no time to waste, so I dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed and quickly buried my face in it, pressing my tongue against her throbbing clit. It tasted fucking fantastic!

I buried my tongue as far up her high-mileage hole as I could, pausing from time to time to probe her asshole and suck her clit. With one hand pushing fingers deep inside her, my other hand went North and groped those enormous porn balloons while Jasmine thrust her twat deeper into my face and moaned like a wild whore.

“Nnnggghhh, fuck!” Jasmine growled while pushing my face out of her twat, with a bridge of drool and pussy juices still connecting me to it, “You’re going to make me cum, you fucker! I want to save that for after.”

As Jasmine reached for a condom, I was in a porn-fuelled state sitting before this goddess, and I still needed something to suck on (not in a gay way) and gently wrapped my mouth around her high heel-clad toes and sucked them in servitude.

“Oh, I’m loving that!” Jasmine laughed playfully, “Be careful submitting to me, though, babe, or I might get my strap-on out! Now, stand up and give me that cock!

Then, I was subjected to one of her notorious blowjobs. Thank god I had a wank beforehand because she was really pushing me to the limit with her astonishing deepthroating skills, and my dick was screaming out to make a mess on her face.

But he didn’t have to because it got really messy, really quick. Just like in her infamous blowbang, Jasmine’s makeup started to run from her face being covered in her deepthroat spit after gagging on my cock while looking at me with her dirtiest look that was just screaming out, “fuck me!”

Of course, she didn’t hold back on the dirty talk, and I felt like I was standing on the set of her latest porn movie. Here are a few of the highlights!

My dick was getting much closer than anticipated to exploding, so I pulled away for a few moments, pushed her back, and inserted my throbbing cock into her wet vagina. Her high-pitched moans and dirty talk were on another level. 

I fucked her in missionary, sideways, doggy, and with her on top, throwing those enormous Bimbo tits in my face. Jasmine isn’t afraid to take charge in the bedroom and tends to use your dick like a living dildo for her own pleasure, which is perfect for beginners. Plus, after each change of position, she did not miss out on the chance to lick all her juices and creampie from my dick.

I had mentioned to her before we started that I had a fantasy for her to squirt all over my face. After some hardcore and messy fucking, she climbed on top of me, sat on my face, and started rubbing her clit intensely. Not long after, she moaned and told me in the sexiest British accent imaginable, “Open your mouth so I can fill it with my squirt!”.

I did what I was told, and a few moments after, she sprayed me with her juices all over my face and leaked all over the bed (the maids would have lost their shit). “Now, your turn!” That was it; I could not hold it any longer; I had to cover her messy face and shiny big tits with my cum. She proceeded with sucking me off while squeezing my dick so hard until my jizz drowned her in cum. 

Once I grunted from immense pleasure, I thought it was game over. Oh, was I wrong. She proceeded to lick whatever cum was left on my dick and pressed her bimbo lips around it. It was so sensitive, but she just kept going and going, and I had no power to stop not just anyone but Jasmine Jae from sucking my cock, so I gave up and let myself in her hands. I never thought it would happen, but the sensitive sensation was slowly leaving my body and was turning into a second orgasm. And voila, I came again, this time was significantly less cum, but she made sure none of it went to waste.

Like After relaxing on the bed for a few minutes and having a small post-sex chat about the highlights of her porn career, what my favorite scenes were, and where she’s been traveling lately, she stood up and invited me to join her in the clean-up in the bathroom. She’d already drained me twice, and it was now time for me to wash the cum off her divine body.

Soaping up her Barbie doll-like body was enough to make my cock stand to attention once again, prompting Jasmine to drop to her knees and pump a third and final load out of me as I gazed down at her dripping-wet body. I didn’t even see the cum; this one went straight down her throat and into her stomach.

The Pornstar Escort Highlights of Fucking Jasmine Jae

Just like Rebecca More before her, Jasmine Jae’s escort experience had sexually chewed me up and spat me out in a pool of her divine pussy juices. My adrenaline was running even after she’d drained my balls. 

Now, I’m sitting writing this in a London pub with an overpriced pint and the scent of an iconic porn whore clinging to my clothes. Here are some of the things that stood out about the Jasmine Jae escort experience.

  1. Uniforms are her thing – She loves role-playing and dressing up in sexy outfits. You can see her dressed in a slutty bridal outfit in the Benny Hilled parody being dressed as Lady Grabem in the porn parody, Down on Abbey. Being a big Game of Thrones and Harry Potter fan herself, maybe you can see Jasmine next with the outfit of Daenerys Targaryen or Harmoine Granger (the XXX version, of course). I asked for her to dress like a pornstar, and she definitely delivered!
  2. Mesmerizing blowjobs – I think my experience speaks for itself, but this chick can make you cum so hard that you forget what planet you’re on. Her gag reflex is a distant memory for her, and it’s almost like her G-spot is located in the depths of her throat. And this brings me to the next point.
  3. Plump blowjob lips – She would use them to her advantage to start by slowly sucking your cock by moving up and down the shaft and also wrap them from time to time around your full of cum balls. Afterward, things would get progressively messier, and you would look down, and all you would see is your cock fully submerged in her mouth and wrapped by her Botox bimbo lips. It is definitely something you would want to experience.
  4. Down to earth – Anyone would be straight up lying if they say they are not intimidated by meeting a porn star and getting the chance to stick their dick inside them. It was indeed a very intimidating experience to meet this porn Queen in person, but Jasmine did her best not to make it awkward. She has a friendly and funny personality, which you can also see in her earlier Fake Taxi scenes. 
  5. Her horny spitfire eyes – If you have seen at least one of her scenes, you would find yourself enchanted by her dirty and full of lust exotic eyes. That, along with all the other mentioned features really makes her the full package.  

Was it Worth it, and How Much Does it Cost to Hire Jasmine Jae as an Escort?

By now, you’re probably eager to know how much it costs. For a one-hour Jasmine Jae escort experience, I paid £450. It’s not cheap, but Jasmine Jae is an elite-tier pornstar with multiple awards behind her who has performed for some of the biggest names in the industry. So, is it worth it? 100%!

However, in this day and age, it’s also understandable if this fierce bimbo is out of your pocket; it ain’t cheap, my friends.

If that’s the case, you can opt for a cheaper alternative like the wild virtual badlands of Adult Friend Finder or the notorious platform of Ashley Madison and find an equally cock-hungry harlot, and, who knows, maybe you will find another untamed and thirsty-for-sex tigress like Jasmine.


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