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True Sex Stories

I’ve slept with hundreds of women throughout my sex life and subsequent adult industry working life. I’m not bragging, and you don’t have to believe me. After all, I paid for half of them! The only thing that I class better than emptying my balls into a sex-starved MILF, putting myself at the mercy of a hung Brazillian shemale, or doing a creampie cleanup after a debauched bareback gangbang, is retelling the experience in graphic, highly erotic detail. And so, my friend, let me introduce you to my collection of true sex stories.

The actual sex confessions here are told exactly how they happened, and in so much intricate detail, you’ll feel as though you were there yourself. Through my literary skills, you’ll feel the thrust of every cock, the splash of every Bukkake facial, and the choke of every deepthroat escapade. I pull no punches in my true sex stories, and they’re not for the prudish.

From the sleazy love hotels of Cartagena, Colombia, to the erotic massage parlours of Odessa, Ukraine, my real sex stories are an erotically exciting journey across multiple contents, countless pussies, and incredibly niche sex scenes you probably never knew existed. Expect to be turned on, shocked and, most importantly, sexually inspired!

For me, sex should be free of taboos. I have no qualms about sleeping with a woman in her sixties or cleaning up after an orgy, so long as I can add to the long list of sexual experiences under my belt. I have a sexual bucket list that is jam-packed with filthy accomplishments that I aim to tick off whilst I’m still young and hot-blooded. Luckily for you, I plan to share every single one of them in full detail right here.