Report Trafficking celebrates sexual liberation and legal prostitution. But human trafficking is a persistent blight upon both. This abhorrent activity ruins lives and must be stamped out at every opportunity.

As a result, we are dutifully dedicated to expanding awareness on the matter of human trafficking and confronting it in best practices and advocacy whenever possible.

In the event we become knowledgeable of any occurrence of trafficking, we unite enthusiastically with law enforcement and agencies involved in fighting the abuse of human rights.

We ask that you report any suspected sexual exploitation of minors and/or human trafficking to the appropriate authorities if you suspect it.

Warning signs of human trafficking:

  • Does an escort or adult entertainer arrive accompanied by another person?
  • Does that second person/persons speak for or appear to be in control over the escort/entertainer?
  • Does the escort/entertainer seem to be in fear of that individual?
  • Does the escort/entertainer find it difficult to communicate? Either from a language barrier or fear of interaction?
  • Does the escort/entertainer appear to be underage or close to underage?

Do the right thing: Use common sense, and contact the proper authorities if you suspect that a person is being trafficked.