Top 6 Sex Vacation Destinations in Eastern Europe

When one thinks of sex tourism, our minds are often drawn to stereotypical destinations like South East Asia.

After a recent trip through the loose women and wild whores of Eastern Europe, I’m happy to report that it’s one of my new favourite sex vacation destinations.

But Eastern Europe is a big ol’ place. So, where do you even begin? As always, I plan to share my findings, tips, tricks, and secrets with you all!

“This easy to reach country boasts everything from high-end sexual experiences to sleazy, retro perversium in the form of porn cinemas and peep shows, and everything in between.”

Today, I will explain my ten favourite sex vacation destinations in Eastern Europe and why.

Expect some seriously underrated destinations just dripping with anticipation for you to discover them. We’ll be looking at stuff like:

  • The unmissable oiled-up massages that can be found across Ukraine.
  • Why Bulgaria is a hub for some of Germany’s finest escorts.

And much more! So join me on a virtual tour of the former Eastern Bloc as we explore the various sinful pleasures this fascinating and affordable part of the world has to offer.

Ukraine: The Land of Oiled-Up Debauchery!

The Undefeated Ukraine Sex Tourism Guide (Top Tips For 2022)

First up is one of Europe’s biggest countries: Ukraine! Despite its Eastern regions being out of bounds and impending doom on the Russian border, this can be a great sex vacation destination.

As well as having some of the sexiest women in Europe, Ukraine has a lot of exciting sexual adventures to offer.

First off is the abundance of erotic massage parlours that exist across the country. These work pretty much SE Asian style, where you pick a girl of your choice and go to the massage room.

No sex takes place. But you can expect a mind-bending Nuru massage followed by a sloppy oiled-up handjob. I wrote a detailed field report on these places here.

Or alternatively, the girls let you slide your throbbing cock between her oily thighs. Trust me, it feels like a pussy, if not better. Check out my in-depth article on these parlours here.

The best thing of all? Prices for these massages can start at around $12 (depending on the exchange rate). There’s also a range of paid extras from domination services, four hands massage, prostate orgasm, etc.

In addition, dating and hookup apps are heavily active in Ukraine. If you’re from North America or Western Europe, you’ll unlikely have a problem getting a date.

Due to the language barrier and poor infrastructure in less-travelled areas, I’d recommend Ukraine to the more experienced traveller or to stay in the major cities for the less travelled.

To explore more of the sinful delights Ukraine offers, don’t miss our Undefeated Ukrainian Sex Guide which tells you everything you need to know about!

The Republic of Georgia Is Like a Mini-Thailand

Next up is the Republic of Georgia. This stunning country is located in the South Caucasus and is home to jaw-dropping mountains, divine food, and friendly locals.

It’s also home to some absolutely stunning women who are keen to sample the exotic cock of foreigners. Seriously, Georgian women can be incredibly sexy.

This is largely due to the country’s location being a historical crossroads. Countless empires have come through here and left their mark, resulting in some very unique-looking girls.

But it’s not just the Georgian girls to enjoy. Georgia also has a tonne of Thai and other South East Asian people working in the country. It didn’t take long for quintessential Thai massage parlours to pop up!

“In the Georgian government’s business registry there are more than 80 massage establishments across the country”


I spent a few months here, and these extremely cheap Thai massage joints became one of my favourite haunts.

It works exactly like in SE Asia. Expect an incredible massage followed by a handjob or more.

The latter is often negotiated but can be had for between an extra $10 and $20 on top of the $15 massage cost, depending on your looks, game, and negotiation skills.

This can be one of the more intense sex vacation destinations, especially outside the big cities. The massage joints are mostly located in places like Tbilisi and Batumi.

Russia Is Revolutionary For Sexual Experiences

Finding Hot Russian Sex in The Motherland (Ultimate Guide)

It’s certainly not the easiest country to get to, but for those brave enough, Russia has a lot of kinky shit to explore.

If you’ve never experienced a Russian nymphomaniac muttering filth in your ear in her native language, you haven’t lived! Read this to see what I’m talking about.

This is the biggest country on earth, so it’s impossible to do this underrated sex vacation destination justice here.

Luckily, I’ve written a dedicated guide to finding sex in Russia! Check out my Ultimate Guide to Finding Hot Russian Sex in The Motherland!

Bulgaria is One of Europe’s Most Underrated Sex Vacation Destinations

Now we head into the Balkans to explore our next destination: Bulgaria! Home to the Black Sea, awesome mountains, and some damn fine alcohol, this is a European hotspot I believe everyone should check out.

Regarding sex, Bulgaria is one of the more underrated sex vacation destinations. If you’ve been to Germany, you’ll probably have realised that many escort girls hail from Bulgaria or Romania.

A lot of these girls work in Germany part-time. When they return to Bulgaria, they often advertise their services at a massively reduced rate on Bulgarian classified sites like Alo or local escort sites like Adam and Eve.

English can range from fluent to basic or non-existent. Just use Google translate to communicate if it’s the latter.

I spent a few weeks in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. The range of working girls advertising a range of kinky services for extremely low prices just blew me away.

Naturally, I took full advantage. From a MILF dominatrix with some extreme squirting talents to a Barbie Doll lookalike, I came up with many ways to stay warm in the Bulgarian winter.

Bulgaria is also great for day game. Local girls are friendly if they speak English. Accommodation, food, and drinks are extremely cheap, and it’s an easy EU country to navigate and explore.

I recently did an entire field report on the naughty treats that lie across Bulgaria, so check out my Bona Fide Bulgarian Sex Guide to find out more!

Hungary Is An Old School Hotspot For Sex Tourism

FFFM Czech sex party

Edging into Central Europe now, we head to Hungary. The home of goulash, langos, and a lot of European porn productions, Hungary is one of my favourite sex vacation destinations.

And this isn’t just because prostitution is legal here. Hungary is like a Disneyland for sex tourists.

This easy-to-reach country boasts everything from high-end sexual experiences to sleazy, retro perversium in the form of porn cinemas, peep shows, and everything in between.

“Budapest is known to many as the capital of sex because of the extensive sex industry and because the prices of sexual services are lower.”

– Wikisexguide

Some Hungarian cities are like Amsterdam before tourism. Think seedy peep shows, old-school strip clubs, and swingers meeting in sticky porn cinemas.

If paid sex isn’t your thing, major cities in Hungary have a seriously active casual dating and hookup scene going on. Largely thanks to places like Budapest being a major international tourist hub.

It’s worth noting that this has its downsides, as with tourists come scams. Stay alert in Budapest. Clipjoint strip clubs and street scams are not uncommon.

In addition, Hungary is a great gay travel destination as it boasts higher tolerance than neighbouring countries like Poland and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic Is Home To Great Porn And Even Greater Sex!

And last but by no means least is the Czech Republic. Home to some of the best beer in the world, tonnes of tourist attractions, and sexy women, it’s also one of the strongholds of Euro porn productions.

Its porn status is not without good reason. The Czech Republic attracts beautiful women from all over Europe seeking a career in the adult industry, whether it’s porn or otherwise.

Like neighbouring Hungary, prostitution is legal here. Due to its proximity to Germany and other major European cities, it’s a massive hub for horny visitors seeking sex vacation destinations.

For those who like a more seedy and hardcore vibe, the major highways and truck stop areas across the country are hubs for so-called ‘Lot Lizards’. Sex takes place in your car or in the bushes. It’s cheap and nasty but a lot of fun!

In major cities like Prague, you can find German-style Laufhaus brothels. Here you will find a huge range of independent escorts working out of small window brothels situated in long corridors. They’re locally known as ”Show Parks”.

With a decent economy and a thriving tourism sector, you can expect to find an international variety of women in Czech towns and cities.

Freelance hookers, streetwalkers, and plain ol’ hookup apps will quench your lust. Whatever you’re looking for!

If you want to check out the quintessential guide to sex in the Czech Republic, then explore my Certified Czech Sex Guide!

Eastern Europe Is An Underrated Sex Vacation Destination

In conclusion, Eastern Europe is still very much off the beaten path regarding undiscovered sex vacation destinations, and there’s a lot of sexual exploring to be done here.

Things are affordable, people are generally nice, and you can often live like a damn king with nothing more than an average salary from Western Europe or North America.

From the whores of Ukraine to the lose women of the Czech Republic, we’ve explored what I consider the best sex tourism hotspots in this affordable and exciting region.

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If you’re heading to any of the locations on this list and want further information, tips, tricks, or on-the-ground knowledge, drop me an email, and I’ll be happy to help.

In addition, if you’ve explored another destination that you feel is one of the great sex vacation destinations, drop a comment below to help out your fellow horny travellers!


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