The Bona Fide Bulgarian Sex Guide

Looking out over golden sands and crystal clear waters, you’ve just washed down fresh seafood with an ice-cold beer brewed in the mountains.

Now, it’s time to relax and retire between the legs of a sexually experienced harlot for the night. It sounds like a dream come true, right? Welcome to a typical day in Bulgaria!

From Russian sluts on the ski slopes of Bansko to sun-tanned Barbies on the Black Sea resorts, I’ve sexually explored this Balkan country countless times.

“Even if it’s not your thing, having the gigantic silicone lips of a botox slut wrapped around your cock as loud Chalga blasts in the background is a proper Balkan sex experience!”

Today, from travel tips to a map of whores, I will reveal a Bulgarian sex guide like no other! Join me as we bounce across this Balkan nation to explore things like:

  • The best places to find Bulgarian escorts from online sex classifieds to the country’s highways and how to do it safely.
  • The five most common types of Bulgarian pussy you need to experience from ruthless Balkan Femdom bitches to silicone Barbie sluts.
  • My best tips and advice for a kinky trip to Bulgaria which was learned through my personal experiences.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to explore the rewarding realms of Bulgarian pussy like a pro. Now, let’s begin!

Let’s Talk About Bulgarian Women. What Are They Like?

Sun and sex on the shores of the Black Sea. You can’t beat it!

As the crossroads of empires, Bulgaria has a varied look when it comes to the locals. Greeks, Turkish, Russians, and Serbs, are just a few ethnic groups who’ve left their mark.

The Bulgarian women, as a rule, are beautiful. Expect a lot of highly feminine women who take great care of their appearance.

But you can also find more rough and ready MILF types if that’s what you’re into. Although they can be quite reserved at first, they take no shit and say things as they are.

From slim, Slavic-looking girls to curvy Turkish looking girls with huge tits, I love the variety of looks and styles of girls in Bulgaria. You won’t be disappointed.

The 5 Main Types of Bulgarian Pussy

So, Bulgarian women are well worth exploring. But for people who don’t have time for day game with ordinary Bulgarian girls, let’s look at the exciting options for paid pussy!

Freelance Bulgarian Escorts

Across adult classified sites in Bulgaria (which I’ll cover below), you can expect to find many freelance Bulgarian escorts offering a range of sexual services.

It’s often a basic price for standard sex with additional extras ranging from BBBJ to anal sex. Girls vary wildly, and you’ll be sure to find something you like.

Usually, the girls work out of private apartments or visit you if you cover the price of a taxi. Most sites feature reviews of previous clients, so you can get a good idea of who’s good.

Prices: 20 to 100 Euros. The price varies based on the girl, services booked, etc.

The Audacious Roadside Bulgarian Prostitute

Ah, the roadside hooker. I love them! They make a long road trip go by much faster. You’ll be glad to know they’re ubiquitous spots around Bulgaria if you’re a fellow fan!

Across the main, non-freeway roads around Bulgaria, you’ll pass sections of road populated by various scantily-clad hookers vying for you to pull over.

These roads are often old, two-lane trucking routes that new freeways have diverted around. You see a girl you like pull over and negotiate for sex in the car or the woods.

They’re usually a mixture of Bulgarian girls and Roma gipsies. They can be slim and stunning 20-year-olds to haggard busty grandmas and everything in between.

Price: Varies depending on the type of girl and service. Expect to pay between 15 and 30 Euro for a covered blowjob and a fuck.

BG Sex With Gypsy Hookers

Bulgaria has a large population of Roma Gypsies who are entirely different from Bulgarians both physically and culturally. They face a lot of societal problems.

You can often find Roma girls offering escort services in Bulgaria online or as streetwalkers. The sex can be wild, and many Roma girls are stunning.

But due to their position in society, crime is a prevalent issue. So whilst you should never judge a book by its cover, stay vigilant.

Prices: 15 to 40 Euro for covered blowjob and sex, depending on the girl.

Don’t Underestimate Dominant Bulgarian Women

If you have any experience dating Balkan girls, you’ll know they can be pretty fiery. If you like Femdom girls, then you’ll love Bulgaria!

Escort sites are jam-packed with ads from latex-clad bitches looking for sub slaves to worship them. The dominant Balkan attitudes mean Femdom comes naturally to lots of girls here.

As a Femdom fan myself, I’ve had some great experiences with Bulgarian Dominatrix escorts that have usually ended with muscle ache and being covered in squirt.

As standard, this service won’t include penetrative sex. But some women will include oral sex (on them) and a Femdom handjob.

Prices: It can vary based on the Dominatrix. Amateurs can charge around 30 Euro for basic strap on sex. and Pros charge 75 to 100 for the full service. I recommend the latter.

Silicone Sex With Chalga Girls

Are you into gigantic fake tits, perfect bodies perched on ridiculously high heels, and giant lips that double as cock pillows? Well, wait until you meet the Chalga Barbies of Bulgaria.

Chalga is the Bulgarian version of Balkan Turbofolk. Its singers and female fans are often defined by beauty, botox, loose morals and liberal sexual attitudes.

“Chalga music videos often feature promiscuous women and insinuate that they engage in indiscriminate sexual acts. Chalga lyrics focus predominantly on sexual intercourse, promiscuous behavior, sexism, and corruption.”

– Wikipedia

On Bulgarian escort sites, it’s not hard to find the Barbie Doll type of girl offering escort services. In my experience, they were some of the filthiest girls I had met in the country.

Even if it’s not your thing, having the gigantic silicone lips of a botox slut wrapped around your cock as loud Chalga blasts in the background is an excellent Balkan sex experience!

Price: It can be more expensive depending on the girl and how artificially beautiful she is. These are popular escorts in Bulgaria, so expect to pay between 50 to 100 Euro.

Where to Find Bulgarian Sex

So, those are the main types of Bulgarian pussy you can expect to find in the Bulgarian sex scene. Now, where do you find it?

Adult Classified Ads

Amongst car accessories and mainstream services, you can find a whole host of debauchery in the escorts section of sites like:

  • – One of Bulgaria’s biggest classified ad sites with a busy escort section that can be narrowed down by region, age, languages spoken, services offered, and price.
  • – A dedicated classified ad site for Bulgarian escorts. A lot of girls are also on The bonus is that this site allows pussy pictures. The former only allows breasts.
  • Adult Friend Finder – This adult classifieds site has over 100 million members worldwide and a sizeable chunk of them are based in Bulgaria. This is a great way to connect with horny sluts in various towns and cities across the country.

My favourite method of finding Bulgarian pussy is to use adult classified ad sites. You just need a Bulgarian sim and a rampant sex drive!

Impromptu Red Light Districts

Across Bulgaria, it’s not hard to find impromptu red-light districts. They can be on the side of the road or in prominent areas of main towns and cities. For example:

  • Lion’s Bridge area, Sofia – Day and night, this area has its fair share of strip clubs, sex shops, brothels, and streetwalkers. Not the safest place, especially after dark. Stay alert.
  • Boulevard Vladislav Varnenchik, Varna – A popular shopping street by day, a red-light district for streetwalkers by night. Transsexuals on one side, girls on the other.

Bar Sex

Bar sex girls can be sleazy, if that’s what you’re after!

Not the easiest to find, but these seedy bars in various towns and cities are a lot of fun. Locals are the best to ask about them, but they’re hard to miss when you spot them.

It works like a standard bar, just populated by working girls. They usually take you to a place in the back of an adjacent building for a BJ and sex. Cost is around 20 euros.

Tips And Tricks For Visiting Bulgaria

A freelancer who accompanied me to the beach in Burgas.

From avoiding hellish resorts to safely navigating the minefield of streetwalkers, let me share some unmissable tips and tricks I learned the hard way on my visits to Bulgaria.

Learn The Basics of The Bulgarian Language

In the main cities across Bulgaria, many people speak English, German, and Russian. But amongst working girls, it’s hit and miss. Those who’ve worked abroad will, but some won’t.

I never let language get between me and great sex. I know a few basic phrases in Bulgarian, and it’s let me experience incredible sex with girls I otherwise wouldn’t have met.

Learn the basics of the Cyrillic alphabet, how to ask for things, hello, goodbye, please and thank you. Trust me; it’ll go a long way.

Get a Local Simcard

Internet is cheap in Bulgaria, and it’s considered some of the fastest in Europe. In most towns and cities, you can buy a sim card from regional providers like A1 and Vivacom.

When calling independent escorts, it’s 99% certain that they’ll ignore international numbers. You’ll also need reliable data to use maps and find girls’ addresses.

Get a local sim with minutes and data. It’ll cost you around 10 Euro and save you a lot of headaches.

Beware of Sticky Fingers

Overall, Bulgarians are very honourable people. I left my wallet in a complete phone shop once, and a random guy came running down the street to give it back to me.

But as with anywhere, you should always be on alert. By all means, get your fingers sticky in Bulgaria, but beware of the other type of person with sticky fingers. So to speak.

I hate to generalize, but this is especially true with Roma Girls and streetwalkers. Pickpockets are not uncommon. Stay alert.

Drive Safely

If you rent a car in Bulgaria, be careful. Alongside neighbouring Romania, Bulgaria has been ranked as one of the highest EU countries for road fatalities.

The driving can be wild here. It’s common to see Bulgarians risk a head-on crash to overtake cars. So when you’re checking out the roadside whores, keep an eye on the road.

Avoid Sunny Beach

I might get some hate for this. Sunny Beach is a tacky resort popular with cheap holidaymakers from Russia and Western Europe on the Black Sea coast.

It’s an overpriced shithole and is not the real Bulgaria. Yes, there are lots of hookers there. But like everything in Sunny Beach, they’re overpriced, dodgy and shit.

Sunny Beach can be good for hooking up with loose female tourists if you don’t mind avoiding aggressive, drunk tourists and piles of vomit. Otherwise, avoid it at all costs.

The Black Sea coast is unmissable. But instead of Sunny Beach, explore non-tourist trap places along the Black Sea, such as Varna and Burgas. AKA, the real Bulgaria!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulgaria

If your question is: What did Karl do with that lollipop, the answer isn’t here!

Despite everything it offers, from friendly locals to phenomenal food and nature, Bulgaria is a massively undiscovered country. So I’ll answer some FAQs to round off!

Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is located in the Balkan Peninsula and is on the Black Sea coast. It borders five countries: Serbia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, and North Macedonia.

Is Prostitution Legal in Bulgaria?

Yes, prostitution is legal in Bulgaria. But organized prostitution, such as brothels and sex rings, aren’t.

What is the Bulgarian Currency?

The Bulgarian Leva is the national currency of Bulgaria. Generally, it has a conversion rate of 2:1 to the Euro and is very easy to get used to.

Is Bulgaria Safe to Visit?

Overall, yes. Bulgaria is a very safe country, especially when compared to some destinations in Western Europe. The biggest dangers are the roads and pickpockets.

What is Bulgaria Known For?

Bulgaria is known for its hospitable locals, great food, stunning nature ranging from majestic mountains to crystal clear seas, and the iconic national drink of Rakia.

Is Bulgaria in The EU?

Yes, Bulgaria has been in the EU since 2007. So entry is pretty straightforward for most nationalities.

When is The Best Time to Visit Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has scorching hot summers and pretty brutal winters. If you’re not a fan of the heat or the cold, I’d suggest visiting in Spring for the perfect temperature, fewer tourists, and greenery.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely for entertainment purposes. It does not promote any form of prostitution. It merely sheds light on underreported sex scenes around the world.