5 Free & Easy Ways to Find Local UK Dogging Sites in Britain

Local UK Dogging sites are often the stuff of legend in the UK. Everyone has heard about them, but few have seemingly ever been.

I’ve worked in the UK a lot over the years. I feel it’s one of the most underrated sex tourism destinations in Europe.

This is based on my experience with local dating apps, a variety of classy and sleazy women, and an abundance of swingers clubs and private sex parties.

“If you go down to the woods tonight, you might be in a very sleazy surprise!”

The Brits are quite a horny bunch. But few British institutions represent this more than the Dogging subculture that exists in towns and cities across the country.

In today’s article, I will share the top 10 methods I use to find local Dogging sites wherever I am in the country. But firstly, for those unaware, what the hell is Dogging?

What is the British Dogging sex scene?

What is Dogging sex?

Dogging is a sexual subculture born in the UK back in the 1970s. In short, it sees couples, singles, and groups gather in secluded areas and car parks in the UK to engage in casual sex.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t involve actual dogs. But back in the early days, many kinky participants would take their dog for a walk in said secluded areas as an excuse for being there.

When the orgies started, poor Fido would be tied to a tree and told to avert his eyes as the owner did the naughty deeds.

These days, Dogging is as strong as ever. An active community of outdoor sex enthusiasts regularly meet at assigned spots to fuck the night away.

My first time at a Dogging car park featured a rather posh British MILF Hotwife being fucked bareback over a black BMW as her husband encouraged strangers to line up.

I still vividly remember her thanking us all for a great night afterwards as her hubby wiped up the small river of cum dribbling down the hood.

But is it legal? Well, it isn’t straightforward to explain. This sexual subculture generally takes place after dark away from Joe Public. The local police often know about it but largely ignore it if no complaints are made.

It can be an odd, thrilling, and unique sexual experience that I feel one should try out at least once. But where do you even begin when it comes to finding local dogging sites? Read on as I spill the beans!

UK wife dogging tips & locations

UK wife dogging tips & locations

The first instalment in this guide to outdoor sex resources is the aptly named Dogging Tips. This was recommended to me by a well-experienced UK Dogging wife who is quite the enthusiast of finding new locations.

A rather old school looking website, like this sexual subculture itself, don’t let that put you off. This site is a goldmine for tips, locations, and advice.

Dogging Tips has been a staple of this sexual subculture since 2009 and has been serving the outdoor swinging community for over a decade.

As well as news, updates, and guides to this thrilling sexual adventure, it’s also home to an extensive database of the UK dogging locations.

In addition, I like how this site keeps things fresh by suggesting other Dogging sites that aren’t in public car parks or nature reserves.

They suggest spicing things up with other public places, whether it be the storeroom at work or conference rooms in an office.

An overview of real UK Dogging areas

An overview of real UK Dogging areas

Another excellent site for finding real UK Dogging locations is Dogging Finder. Although this is a site for outdoor swingers to connect, they have an extensive location list that you can access without signing up.

From Aberdeenshire to Yorkshire, these locations are neatly divided into each county of the UK and Ireland. When you click on a country, you’re treated to an average of ten or so Dogging sites for you to explore.

Finding these locations in real life is not difficult as each one comes with accurate map locations, coordinates, and directions to get there.

My only criticism is the lack of detailed information. You won’t find field reports, user reviews, or tips and advice for experienced Doggers on any location.

However, users can submit such information with an email to site admins. The Dogging community tend to stick together. So maybe that will come over time.

I often use this blog to find good UK Dogging sites near me

I often use this blog to find good UK Dogging sites near me

Dogging Action is a pretty well-established blog in public sex circles. It not only acts as a hookup site for like-minded sexual beings to find each other, but it also provides a lot of crucial tips and advice for new and experienced Doggers alike.

From real Dogging sex users submitted by followers to the latest news that affects this subculture, there’s a lot to gain from being a regular reader of the blog. But the most popular feature is their authoritative listings of UK Dogging sites.

“The carp ark is most active on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. The girls will knock on your passenger window and ask for a light if they’re looking for sex.”

– DoggingAction.com

Generally, the locations are divided into the counties of the UK and even go to somewhat isolated corners of the country like the Isle of Wight.

The locations articles are simple, straightforward, and easy to read. They also provide helpful tips to know exactly where to go and which specific signals local Doggers use in each location.

Swinging Heaven is a great British Dogging website

The suitably named Swinging Heaven is another excellent website that is home to a wide range of information, advice, and locations surrounding public swinging sex and the Dogger community.

For newbies, they have broken down the subculture and how to navigate it straightforwardly through various guides.

It has everything you need to get started, from body language used at these sex locations to important etiquette.

They also provide crucial advice for those who use online hookup sites to arrange Dogging meets. Their tips and tricks can help you avoid scam websites which, unfortunately, are a blight of many fetish communities.

But most importantly, their extensive list of Dogging locations is one of its most popular features. Like other sites, it’s broken down into counties, with users submitting places and tips for visiting.

Not only that, but it’s often busy with swingers advertising when they’ll be visiting the said location and what they’re looking for. So it’s well worth keeping an eye on.

Dogging After Dark is the home of Dogging in the UK

And last but by no means least is Dogging After Dark. This is my favourite way to find locations on this list for several reasons. Let me tell you why.

This site has a lot to offer, but overall it can be broken down into three sexy categories:

  • Real UK Dogging porn – The site is host to a wide range of user-submitted smut captured in car parks around the UK. Some of it is absolutely incredible and made me want to run out to my nearest Dogging location on the spot!
  • Dogging meets – Users advertise their intentions at various locations around the UK. This way, you’re not standing around in a car park waiting for action. Instead, you know hen to go and what you’ll find.
  • Dogging locations – And of course, the site is home to an extensive list of UK dogging hotspots for you to find some of the most kinky outdoor sex imaginable.

Overall, this site has been kicking for over two decades and has served countless horny people in this sexual subculture during that time. It’s well run, modern and easy to use.


In summary: If you go down to the woods tonight, you might be in a very sleazy surprise!

The world of Dogging sex in the UK is a British institution that is thankfully still going as strong as ever, and the community is always open to new, respectful members!

Although it can be an enriching sexual pastime, I must stress that it needs to be done safely and responsibly. Always make sure you abide by the law, don’t expose non-consenting people to your sexual antics, and stay safe!

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If you have a great way of finding UK Dogging locations that aren’t mentioned in the article, drop your thoughts in the comments below to help your fellow public sex enthusiast!



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