A Backdoor Review of Acqua Gay Sauna in Blackpool (Sleazy!)

If there’s one thing I love checking out, it’s institutional sex establishments that have stood the test of time. Alongside porn cinemas and peep shows, are gay saunas.

Also known as bathhouses, these are places where gay, bi, and curious men gather to relax and have casual sex.

As a bisexual man, I’ve visited a few of these sex clubs and leisure centres over the years. But Acqua gay sauna in Blackpool was my first foray into one since the lockdown.

“The largest room had a fucking horse in the middle with a lubed up bottom laying on it with his asscheeks spread and eyes fixed on the porn in front.”

However, this place has quite the reputation of being a bit of a sleaze-fest. Reviews online are a mixed bag.

Some visitors revealed their resentment for walking through (alledged) puddles of cum. Others, however, openly revelled in the sleaze and praised the gay sauna.

Whilst on a working visit to what is largely considered to be Northern England’s gay capital, I decided to test this place out for myself and share my sticky findings with you all.

Prepare yourself for a sleazy, messy, and debauched review of the rather notorious Acqua Sauna!

My experience at Acqua gay sauna

After checking into my hotel, I made the short walk to Acqua Sauna and found it easily with the directions posted on their website.

After scoping it out with a slow walk past, I took the plunge and went in. The entrance is located up a creaking set of stairs.

I had to wait about a minute for the attendant to appear and let me in. But soon realized he was manning the whole place by himself, so the delay was fair enough.

The customer service was basic but very discreet. I paid £10 and was given a towel and locker key.

The reception of Acqua gay sauna in Blackpool

The locker room is a bit tight and I could feel the eyes of the guys conversing in the adjacent coffee lounge eyeing me up as I undressed.

My first stop was the jacuzzi room where I was joined by about four other guys. The average age with mid-40s. After a bit of small talk, I felt my thighs being probed by unseen legs under the bubbles.

When said legs felt no resistance, a couple of guys moved closer to wank my stiff cock under the water. I was soon invited to join them upstairs and agreed.

We headed up a staircase into the main play area which consists of semi-private sex booths with viewing slots, gloryholes, and public sex areas.

We opted for a private room but left the windows open. What followed was a chilled but rather debauched gay threesome that was hungrily observed by the masturbating voyeurs outside.

Thankfully, a free supply of lube and condoms is available all over the play areas. So there wasn’t a dry hole in the house!

As we gradually emptied our balls, we attempted to clean up our sticky white puddles on the black leather inside.

But we were asked to stop by another couple who intended to use the booth after us and who didn’t mind revelling in our mess. Each to their own!

I took a quick shower and jumped in the wet sauna. The ambient sounds of deepthroating were coming from a couple of guys in the misty corners of the sauna and added to the atmosphere.

I refuelled with a coffee in the lounge and made small talk with some other guys there. They were mostly comparing different saunas they had visited around the UK and were pretty passionate about it.

Now horned up again, I headed back to explore more of the play areas. This time, I discovered the three porn cinemas playing gay and straight movies.

One of them, the largest, had a fucking horse in the middle. Even better, it already had a lubed up bottom laying on it with his cheeks spread and eyes fixed on the widescreen porn playing in front of him.

He looked to be about 21. I asked if he wanted some fun and he hungrily handed me a condom to fuck his hole.

I didn’t need telling with and slid into this slutty bottom. With the porn blasting in front, this sub’s moans, and masturbating blokes watching from the shadows, I have to say: I didn’t last long.

After a shower and another chill-out, I only had thirty minutes or so left in the sauna. So I headed back upstairs to see a sissy slut sitting in one of the Gloryholes and peeking out of the door.

Taking the booth next to this sissy whore, I slid my cock through the hole. Within seconds, it was plunged deep into her throat. Fuck me, she could suck cock well.

When I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw a finger beckoning me from the Gloryhole on the other side. I pulled my cock out to sample the new mouth on the scene.

For the next five minutes, I switched between two strangers’ mouths until I finally gave in and blew my load in the sissy’s mouth. The cum was hungrily sucked clean and swallowed without a trace left.

I said my thank yous and goodbyes before getting dressed back at the locker room. I dropped my towel in the basket and headed back out onto the street suitably drained.

How to find Acqua Sauna

Acqua Sauna is located at 25 Springfield Rd in Blackpool’s North Shore. It is very easy to find an easy 6-minute walk from Blackpool train station.

It’s a subtle grey building and is clearly advertised in black and white. There was an LGBTQ+ flag outside when I was there, so you can’t miss it.

Head in through the door, up the stairs, and you’ll be buzzed in to pay your entrance fee to the attendant. Speaking of which, the price for entry is as follows:

  • £10 for single entry. This ends when you leave, but you can stay all day if you like.
  • £13 for a day pass that lets you come and go throughout the day as you please.
  • £30 for a weekend pass which grants you access to the sauna all weekend.

It’s open seven days a week. Weekday closing times can vary between 7 pm and 8 pm but it’s open until 10 pm on weekends.

Facilities and clientelle

This isn’t the biggest sauna, but it’s perfect for those who like to get up close and personal with other horny visitors.

The size of Acqua gay sauna aside, it does have a decent array of facilities. Especially in the play area which is split over two floors:

  • Private sex cabins with optional peepholes to let voyeurs watch you fuck.
  • complimentary supply of lubricant and condoms in the play areas.
  • Three Gloryhole booths with hardcore porn playing on small screens inside.
  • Small gay and straight porn cinemas with rubber sex mats on the ground.
  • A large play room with a fucking horse, BDSM equipment and a large screen playing porn.

The sauna facilities are located downstairs and have everything you need to chill out and relax, particular after a hard fucking session:

  • Large locker room with tanning booth.
  • A nice TV lounge with snacks, coffee machine, and couches.
  • Large and powerful jacuzzi. Sex isn’t allowed in here for hygene reasons.
  • Small showers which will be tight squeeze for larger guys, but they do the job.
  • Wet and dry sauna.

The clientele at Acqua gay sauna is definitely on the older side. I like older guys, so it wasn’t an issue for me but some may be disappointed depending on what you’re after.

Overall, I found my fellow visitors to be respectful, chilled out, and game for some debauched fun and assertive enough to know what they want.

On a good day, you’ll find a nice blend of top, bottom, and vers guys with a range of kinks and fetishes. So you’re bound to have your lust quenched.

There was one rather strange and annoying younger guy in his twenties, but the law of averages means there’s always at least one. An assertive word or two was thankfully enough to make him keep his distance.

Top tips for visiting Acqua gay sauna

Visiting a new gay sauna for the first time can be daunting, so here are my top five tips from my on the ground research of visiting Acqua gay sauna to help make your first visit as smooth as possible.

  1. Weekends are busy but more likely to attract drunk guys. If you’re a newbie, I’d suggest going in the daytime to explore at a more chilled-out pace.
  2. Don’t be deterred if nobody answers the door. The attendent is probably busy and making his way there.
  3. Try out the Gloryhole booths. They can be a great way to have some fun in your own private space if you’re a little shy.
  4. Don’t be afraid to delve into your exhibitionist side. There’s lots of phenomenal chances for public sex here.

And of course, as with any casual sex experience, always use condoms to protect against STDs. Follow the rules of the sauna and don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do.

Summary of my visit to this Blackpool gay sauna

To round things off, I really enjoyed my trip to Acqua Sauna in Blackpool. Yes, there’s no denying that this is a sleazy sex club.

It’s sticky, dated, and full of retro perversium experiences. If it’s not your thing, there are more modern and sterile gay bathhouses that you can visit instead.

Personally, places like this play an important role in the sexual ecosystem. There’s clearly a huge market for sleaze as even on a weekday, the horny crowd inside was impressive.

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Overall, the crowd here is more on the older side. This is perfect for those who like the more assertive sex partner who knows what they like.

Probably not the place for nervous newbies. Unless you’re looking to jump headfirst into debauchery. In which case, have at it!

Disclaimer: The images used in this article are not necessarily of Acqua gay sauna in Blackpool. They’re there to provide visual stimulation to the reader. This is not a sponsored article, it’s simply an account of the author’s visit and opinion of said establishment.