The Top 5 Unique Ways a Sex Tourist Can Get Paid to Travel

See the world, bang beautiful women, and get paid to travel. Sounds like a dream, right? The truth is, it’s actually very doable to be a sex tourist full-time.

I’ve been a full-time sex tourist and adult blogger for the past six years. Sure, it took me a while to go full-time with it. But oh boy, was did I have a lot of fun on the way!

But along the way, I hit a few bumps in the road and a lot of learning curves. Few of which were fun. As a sex tourist with a conscious, I aim to help my fellow punters and mongerers avoid this.

Today, I’m going to reveal five unique forms of income that can allow you, a dedicated sex tourist, to get paid to travel the world and fuck women.

I’m not blowing smoke up your ass here. The methods described here take time, effort, and passion to make them work.

But if you want to achieve the coveted role of a full-time sex tourist, then you’ll make them work.

This guide is structured to form a collection of revenue streams that will also create a recognizable brand. Now, let’s begin!

What kind of sex tourist are you?

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Before we get into the following ways for a sex tourist to get paid to travel, we need to decide upon your niche. Finding it is easy, just look deep inside yourself to find your sexual passion. For example:

  • Do you have an aching lust for Thai women and love everything Thai culture offers? Focus on providing tips and advice to fellow sex tourists with similiar interests.
  • Perhaps you have a penchant for transsexuals and love travelling the world for new shemale sex adventures? Share your experiences and advice with fellow shemale lovers.
  • Or maybe you will keep it old school and prefer the debauched sexual culture that Europe offers? Target the non-European sex tourists keen to know what the continent has to offer.

Whatever your kinks, interests, or sex tourism focus, I can almost guarantee that there will be a market for it.

It’s absolutely vital to decide upon a niche you’re passionate about. If you start writing about transsexuals when you’re not attracted to them, it’s doomed to fail. Before you begin, ask yourself things like questions:

  1. Are you passionate enough to happily dedicate yourself to this realm of sex tourism full time?
  2. Do you have prior experience in this niche that you can use to hit the ground running with?

Now you’ve decided on your adult niche you’re passionate about, it’s time to get to work. Let’s delve into the five methods that you can use to get paid to travel as a sex tourist.

5Want to know how to live on the road full time? Start a website!

Naked Thai hooker playing in a sex tourist's hotel room
The typical office of a sex tourist.

Starting a website has never been as easy as it is today. Domains and hosting are cheaper than ever, and Youtube is home to a library of free knowledge to teach you everything from website design to search engine optimization (SEO).

To get paid to travel, you need a website. A sex tourist can utilize anything from a porn website to a blog or online magazine to make an income. But I’d suggest the latter to get started.

After you’ve set up your site and got it ready, a good blog in the sex tourist niche will include things like the following:

  • Tips, advice, and guides on different destinations for sex.
  • Reviews of sex establishments.
  • List articles such as ”Top 10 destinations for dating shemales” etc.

Research keywords that people are searching for and target them. If 20,000 people a month are searching for ”How to meet ladyboys in Thailand” and you know the answer, write a guide covering the top 5 ways to do it!

Start writing about past experiences and destinations visited to build content. Aim for at least 1,000+ words per article. Once you hit ten articles, you can make your site live.

How much does a website cost? Under $30

Not only are websites easy to set up with minimal guidance, but they’re also highly affordable nowadays. Here are the three things you need:

  1. Adult-friendly hosting – Hosting is the foundation of your site, and you need to ensure they’ll tolerate adult content. ViceTemple is designed for NSFW websites and has price plans starting at $5.
  2. Domain name – Come up with a catchy domain name that isn’t too long. This can be conveniently bought with your hosting on ViceTemple for around $25.
  3. An optional premium theme – There are tonnes of great free themes available. But a premium theme can make designing your site easier, help with SEO, and keep visitors coming back. These cost between $20-$50 but aren’t a necessity when starting.
Top 3 tips for starting an erotic sex blog
  • Don’t get bogged down in the design of the site at first. Just get your articles written and practise producing consistent content. Nail down the design later.
  • Traffic won’t come immediately. It can take months for your content to rank and draw in traffic. Most bloggers quit in the first three months before the traffic begins. Don’t become a statistic. Keep pushing forward!
  • Unique content wins every time. Draw upon your own experiences and write your articles. Copying other people’s work won’t cut it and is morally wrong.

4Affiliate sales are an essential step in getting paid to travel

Sex tourism rubs the tits of a wet Russian slut
The only manual labour a full-time sex tourist needs to worry about!

We’re now a few months in. You’ve been writing consistently and producing good content. With your website now up and running with a steady increase in traffic, it’s time to start laying the first foundations of an income in the form of affiliate sales.

An affiliate sale is where you sell a product for a commission through a custom link on your site. In the adult niche, this can be highly profitable. Let me show you how it works:

You write an article on the top 5 dating apps you use to meet Thai women. Some dating apps will have an affiliate program whereby you get a commission for each member referred.

As long as the link is live, you can receive a consistent commission provided that your article draws traffic. Luckily, you don’t have to apply for each affiliate program multiple times, thanks to the likes of Crakrevenue.

Crakrevenue is one of the most extensive adult affiliate programs in the world. It has hundreds of offers, and some pay up to $135 per conversion.

An income example from the likes of Crakrevenue – $5,000 a month case study

On average, you can easily find a good offer on Crakrevenue that pays out $50 per conversion. Say, for example, you start hitting 10,000 visitors a month to your blog, which is highly possible after a few months of producing optimized content.

Now say a mere 1% of that traffic (100 people) converts to a $50 sale each month. That’s $5,000! A sex tourist somewhere like South East could live like a king on a fraction of that. That conversion rate is more than doable with a decent amount of traffic.

Three pieces of advice for adult affiliate sales
  • Don’t promote an offer based solely on its high payout. Test it out first and only recommend products you’d use yourself to your readers.
  • Always include an affiliate disclaimer to let readers know you’ll receive a commission from any purchases made.
  • Make sure the product is relevant to the article. For example, recommend a good Asian dating site for an article on meeting Filipino girls.

3An adult Youtube channel is a great way to make money while travelling

I know what you’re thinking: How can I publish footage of what I get up to on a mainstream streaming site like Youtube? Well, hear me out.

Everyone knows that Youtube can be a great source of income if you get a decent amount of views.

Regarding sex tourism, there’s an enormous demand for videos covering red-light districts and destinations like Amsterdam, Berlin, Medellin, Pattaya and Angeles City.

Some sex tourist Youtube channels, like Bangkok 112 or Thailand Red, have over 5 million views on some videos. With so many advertising and promotion opportunities at that level of traffic, it’s a serious income stream.

To make an adult Youtube channel, you only need a discreet HD camera like a GoPro and essential video editing software.

Once it’s set up, get out there and do fieldwork in your favourite sex tourism hotspots. Keep it suitable for Youtube’s upload requirements and watch the views come in.

To make an income on your videos, you can run Youtube ads, accept sponsorships from relevant companies, and include affiliate links in the video description.

Estimated Youtube income – $300-$500 a month per video

The income from a successful Youtube channel can vary massively. But according to some estimates, an income of $3 to $5 can be expected for 1000 views your video gets.

Combined with traffic from your blog, 10,000 views on your videos is a real number. Say, for example, that you have ten videos uploaded on your Youtube channel. That’s a potential income of between $300 and $500 a month per video!

Top tips for starting a sexy Youtube channel
  • You can use your adult blog traffic to promote the video and vice versa with your Youtube traffic. Just embed the video in relevant articles.
  • Invest in an HD camera. They’re not expensive, and nobody wants to watch Thai freelancers strut their stuff in 240p.
  • Don’t upload nudity or anything too hardcore; stay within the upload guidelines.

2Be a consultant on how to travel the world and get paid

Nudist woman plays with her pussy whilst drinking a beer
“You’ve worked hard today, honey. I saved you two drinks.”

By now, your blog is in full swing and attracting a hearty blend of new and experienced sex tourists seeking your wisdom and revelling in your adventures.

But for every veteran sex tourist is a newbie with little experience. The latter relies on people like you to teach them the ropes, avoid scams, and stay safe.

On your website, offer your services as an online consultant for a fee. Draw upon your extensive knowledge of particular destinations to provide bespoke advice for clients based on their needs.

As well as providing a steady income stream, this also creates a closer bond with a small section of your readers who will appreciate you sharing your knowledge one-to-one.

I hate to see my fellow sex tourists get burned. So for me, this is one of the most satisfying aspects of the hobby, knowing I can assist newcomers in avoiding bad situations or losing money.

Most importantly, the consulting aspect directly leads to the final piece of the puzzle regarding getting paid to travel as a sex tourist: A membership site!

Example consultant income – $100 a month

This income stream is more challenging to predict than the others on this list. I would charge $20 for a consultant session. With a conservative estimate of a client weekly, that’s $100 a month.

Not big bucks, but think of it as a bit of pocket money. $100 can go a long way in many sex tourism destinations!

Advice for being an adult consultant
  • Provide something unique for your clients. Don’t regurgitate what’s already available online. Use your own experiences and knowledge.
  • Make use of free online communication tools like Skype to deliver your services.

1Travel for a living with a members-only section

Bulgarian girl with big tits is fucked hard by a sex tourist

Your blog has developed a community of curious readers, your Youtube channel is thriving with kinky travellers, and your consulting services have earned you an excellent reputation amongst the sex tourism community.

So, what now? The final stage to making money whilst travelling is to produce premium content for your followers and create a members-only section for them to access.

Alongside your free content, you’ll find that many followers will be keen to access exclusive content for a small fee. Here are some examples of classic premium content:

  • Exclusive interviews with interesting characters of the global sex community.
  • Unique reviews of popular destinations or establishments on every sex tourist’s radar.

There are so many options for premium content. You’ll know what will appeal best to your readers/community.

A monthly membership fee case study – $1,000 a month

But a monthly membership fee of just $10, for example, can soon turn into $1,000 a month of steady income, which can go a long way in many countries.

Top tips for starting a members-only area
  • You can use a simple membership add-on for your site (plugin) to create a paywall for premium content.
  • Make sure you give members a reason to keep their membership by consistently publishing content.
In summary? Being a sex tourist is one of the best jobs that require international travel
Sex tourist shows how you can get paid to travel by photographing nude women on the beach
It’s all in a day’s work!

To round off this guide, there is an abundance of ways that a passionate sex tourist can give up their day job for a life of debauchery on the road.

If you’re passionate enough to use the methods outlined here and make them work, you could potentially achieve enough income to make your hobby a full-time passion.

But a reminder: Living the dream doesn’t come easy, and you can’t cut corners. The suggestions I’ve made here worked for me but involved a lot of hard work and perseverance.

But was it worth it? Absolutely! The feeling of escaping wage slavery and doing what you love for a living is one that every human should experience.

So get out there, my fellow sex tourists, and give it a go. You’ll never know if you didn’t try! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour and hope this guide inspired you.

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Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. They are simply a series of methods I effectively used to fund my travel hobby worldwide. This article may contain affiliate links for products which I have tested. When purchases are made, I receive a small commission that goes back into the site running. For more information, click here.