Since the late 1800s, the seaside resort of Blackpool has welcomed millions of holidaymakers from Britain and abroad. Many of whom seeking an affordable vacation by the sea, with lots of entertainment to go with it.

From comedy shows, drag acts, and the famous Blackpool lights illuminations, there’s a lot going on here. But for those seeking more adult entertainment, there is a different type of light show.

Introducing the Blackpool Red Light District. A mere high heel throw from the resorts North train station, this area of vice is centred around the main road called Cookson Street, as well as the side streets that veer off it.

From kinky massage parlours and erotic saunas, Cookson Street boasts a range of sexy establishments for a horny punter to sample. We visited it ourselves to bring you on a virtual tour of this unique Red Light Area in the UK.

A brief history of the Blackpool sex scene

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The resort of Blackpool has been given many affectionate nicknames over the years. From the “Las Vegas of the North” to ”The British Amsterdam”, both are fitting to the experience of visiting.

Since the 1800s, tourists have flocked to Blackpool with money in their pockets and fun of their minds. The story of how the prostitution scene began in the resort, is an interesting one altogether.

Hotel work and waitressing were the main sources of employment in Blackpool, albeit poorly paid. So its believed that a huge portion of the local female population in the 19th century onwards supplemented their income with sex work.

As the resort grew, so to did prostitution. The sex scene throughout the 19th and 20th centuries were largely centred around Blackpool North Station. Where it continues to do so today.

Despite turbulent years and rocky attitudes towards prostitution over the decades, the local sex scene never went away. Its current status is arguably one of its most interesting.

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This is a place dedicated to fun. Whether it’s drinking in the countless bars or enjoying the range of attractions, this is where people from Britain and sometimes abroad come for a good time at an affordable price.

But whilst daytime fun is all well and good, being away from home can cause a certain itch for many tourists. So naturally, the sex trade has been commonplace in Blackpool over the years.

The local council are making attempts to retain the town’s status as a ‘family-friendly resort’. So to combat the once prevalent street prostitution and kerb-crawling, they met the local sex trade in the middle.

Not including private escorts who work from private apartments, today the Blackpool sex scene is largely centred around Cookson Street. Interestingly enough, it has become quite the hit with locals.

“Residents preferred kerb-crawlers and other punters walking their streets for sex to bumping into gangs of drunken yobs.”

– The Daily Mirror

During studies and interviews about the RLD in Blackpool, many locals enjoyed having the brothels around. Particularly because it has benefited the area both economically and safety-wise.

Many said that the neon-lit streets, the presence of discreet clients, and the 24/7 nature of the businesses added a level of safety to the area. Especially important with the town’s unfortunate high crime rate.

From working girls visiting local shops and cafes on their breaks and taxi drivers ferrying punters to the brothels to hotel rooms being used for brief encounters, the Blackpool Red Light District has brought a lot of benefits to the area.

But what is it actually like? We went inside to discover what it’s like for you, our treasured readers. So read on to begin a virtual tour of the Blackpool Red Light Area.

Perusing the discreet brothels in Blackpool

Upon leaving Blackpool train station, we grabbed a quick coffee and headed a few hundred metres to the start of Cookson Street. The first thing we noticed was a lot of construction work and demolition.

An unsettling sight indeed, it’s possible that the future of the Blackpool Red Light District could be under threat if the area around it is earmarked by the council for development. But here’s hoping it will survive!

Cookson street Blackpool red light district

Now, it’s certainly no Amsterdam. But it is indeed an RLD, albeit discreet. The brothels in Blackpool are largely disguised either as sauna clubs or massage parlours. But anyone with a bit of imagination can envision what goes on inside.

And if one needed any extra encouragement, one of the first saunas we came across left little to the imagination! Introducing ”No. 5 Charles Street”. This Asian massage parlour is located on a side street leading off of the Blackpool Red Light District.

Hooker high heels

Advertising ”Clean, secure, and private rooms”, this massage parlour promises Thai and Swedish massages that will ensure stress relief. Underlined with an alluring image of a Thai masseuse with rather enticing eyes.

But the cherry on the cake of No.5 Charles Street is the erotic trio of three pairs of slutty high heels left in the window display, in case any potential customers had doubts about the kind of services offered.

The centrepiece of the window display is a job advertisement for British and foreign workers who wish to work in the massage scene. Proof indeed, that the sex trade in Blackpool is booming.

Thai Paradise massage Blackpool

In the adjacent street is another erotic Asian massage parlour named Thai Paradise, aptly located next to a shop called ”Hidden Finds”. Despite its blacked-out windows and neon signage, it’s been said that sometimes non-punter locals wander in thinking this is a Thai restaurant.

Back on Cookson Street, we found yet three more erotic massage parlours next to one another. The websites of these three were vague but clear enough to advertise adult services.

An erotic sauna with a twist

Next to the Blackpool brothel with the trio of high heels in the window was a large establishment called ‘W3’. For those of you with a bisexual streak or a kink for ladyboys, then this might be a place to check out.

Although it’s labelled as a Gay Sauna, W3 attracts curious, gay, and bisexual men looking to chill out in its range of facilitates as well as explore its plethora of play areas featuring everything from porn cinemas to Gloryholes.

No.5 Charles street Thai massage Blackpool

It also reportedly draws a significant transsexual crowd. So if you have a kink for Ladyboys, shemales, and traps, then this place could be a dream come true. Entry is only £10.

But remember, W3 isn’t a brothel. It’s a gay sauna. So this is a place where men and transsexuals meet each other for no strings attached sex. We suggest you be prepared for that and perhaps read a gay sauna guide before you go to make sure you’re prepared.

Our favourite Blackpool brothel

But out of all of the discreetly alluring establishments of this British red light district, there was one particular place that stood out. Introducing our favourite Blackpool brothel: Natalies Sauna.

Blackpool brothel natalies sauna

With seedy blue signage on a bright pink background and an erotic red door, there is no mistaking what Natalies Sauna is. The doorway, illuminated in alluring neon, informs visitors that it’s open around the clock.

Natalie’s offers everything from domination services to ultimate fetish fantasies made true. They have a range of masseuses ranging from 18+ to the more mature women of the MILF variety.

“Sex workers reported good relationships with the police in Blackpool, which is vital for their safety, and several residents also discussed good relationships with sex workers as friends and neighbours.”

The Blackpool Gazette.

Whilst their website is naturally discreet, their services can range from the erotic body to body massages dripping in oil to the more intimate girlfriend experience (GFE). All of which are provided by an erotic masseuse of the client’s choice.

Their website also features pictures of the working girls and a handy rota so clients can time their visit with the girl of their choice, or their dreams. Overall, a very aesthetic establishment in the Blackpool Red Light District.

Punting Report: Our visit to an erotic sauna

You didn’t think we wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to reveal what goes on behind closed doors of these erotic saunas, did you? Of course, we went inside to sample the delights of the Blackpool Red Light Areas and show you, our dear readers, what goes on inside.

For discretion sake, let’s just say it was one of the more well-known parlours on Cookson Street. I entered the narrow corridor into the reception and was greeted by a friendly, chirpy, and undeniably busty receptionist.

I was offered fetish services ranging from Dominatrix to role-playing, but I went with the standard service and treated myself to a one hour massage which set me back around £60. Before I handed over any money, I was introduced to the girls.

“The sound of her little Asian ass slapping back against my cock surely must have been heard by the other girls in the lobby.”

The girls came out of a back room and introduced themselves. There were four in total. A slim blonde English girl, a curvy mixed-race woman, a petite Polish girl with glasses and perky tits and a Thai girl who can’t have been taller than 5 feet!

I chose the Thai girl. Amazingly, her name was Sukhorn. It means ”pleasant fragrance” in Thai, but is a pretty damn funny name to have considering where she works!

Dressed in white stockings and a tartan miniskirt, Sukhorn was about 22 with a stunning face and a gorgeous body complemented with two bouncy Thai tits. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt that revealed two lovely pierced nipples that were aching to burst out.

Sukhorn spoke basic English and conversed with me as we went into one of the private rooms. Inside was a large massage table, a bed, and a cupboard full of massage equipment and sex toys. The decor was a mixture of red lighting and erotic art.

Punting Report: Our visit to an erotic sauna

Sukhotn asked if it was ok with me if she used her vape during the massage, to which I agreed. She asked what type of massage I would like. I asked for a firm but naughty one to which she gave a shy little laugh.

Now naked, the massage started in typical Thai fashion with no oil and lots of pressure. Sukhorn really knew what she was doing and I was feeling great already. Although my throbbing cock was feeling left out, she had it firmly within her sights.

Then, I heard the snap of a bottle of baby oil before the warm liquid was squirted all over my back. Sukhorn dropped out of her clothes to reveal her gorgeous pierced tits and a tattoo running through her thigh to her belly.

She climbed up and straddled me. As her pussy connected with my lower back I could feel she was dripping wet already and seemed to be enjoying herself. She leaned forward and began breathing down my ear and tonguing it as her tits slid all over my back.

I asked if I could eat her pussy and she agreed. She lay down on the table, spread her legs and I promptly devoured her gorgeous Thai pussy. Although there was a taste of the oil, it was still incredible.

Blackpool brothels

We then switched positions and Sukhorn slid down the table to lick my shaft and suck my balls. A condom went on and I had a nice covered blowjob. Now throbbing, I asked Sukhorn if I could bury my horn in that dripping Thai pussy, to which she enthusiastically agreed.

We had a rigorous 10 minute fuck in cowgirl, missionary, and doggy. Although she didn’t kiss, she was keen on sucking my finger like a cock as she rode me. Feeling the metal of her tit piercings in my mouth as I sucked on them was incredible.

In doggy style, I fucked her hard until I blew my load. Her ass was incredible, very soft and round it was bouncing all over whilst I pounded her. The sound of her ass slapping against me must have been heard in the lobby.

An RLD summary

Discreet, safe, and legal. The Blackpool Red Light District is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the UK punting scene. All in all, we counted over 8 different brothels, massage parlours, and suspected brothels in the area.

It’s a place where working girls and brothels interact well with locals who live there. There is no stigma here and all provide an environment where punters can live out most of their fetish fantasies.

If you’re keen on seeing more of the sights and sounds of the Blackpool Red Light District then we highly recommend this excellent Youtube video made by ‘A Walk on the Wild Side.’

So in conclusion, any Red Light District enthusiast should strongly consider a visit to the classic seaside town of Blackpool. You never know just what you might find!