I’m Karl Majak, The Founder of ISG. This is my Story!

The number of people visiting the International Sex Guide has reached an all-time high. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran reader, the following article will be helpful to you.

In a piece that is unique to the other articles on this site, I’m going to cover the following topics:

  • My backstory, what led me to start ISG, and how I did it.
  • The phenomenal journey of the site that allowed me to quit my mundane job and achieve financial freedom. Plus, how you can do it too.
  • How starting this site has formed a community of like-minded sex travellers and allowed me to become a full-time sex tourist and adult industry consultant.

So, to begin, I’m Karl Majak. Hello! I run several sex blogs, write adult content, travel the world as a full-time sex tourist, and make porn as a hobby.

Two years ago, I was working in customer service. The money was terrible, I hated my boss, and I was going nowhere.

I’ve always been crazy about sex, so I often dreamed of debauchery and wished I could quit my job and make it a full-time hobby.

Then, the pandemic happened. I lost my job and was cooped up at home for months. I did what any man left alone indoors would do. I indulged in porn, a lot of porn.

“I was soon contacted by horny travellers worldwide seeking my advice. Knowing I was contributing to their naughty memories that would last a lifetime drove me forward.”

But after a while, I wanted something else. I needed something to keep my mind occupied. I’ve always loved writing and found it therapeutic.

So I opened my laptop and looked into starting a blog. I’ve always been a fast learner and a bit of a geek. So alongside an abundance of Youtube tutorials, it was straightforward.

Rather than just writing about my favourite smut. I started reviewing it to share my discoveries with other porn fanatics.

From my favourite anal squirt eruptions to the most hardcore creampie cumsluts in the industry, describing the most epic porn scenes was incredible.

But then, everything changed.

Three Months In: Lesson Learned!

Three months into the lockdown, I’d been writing about porn daily for three months. Traffic was coming in, and my right arm was big enough to make Geoff Capes tremble.

But one morning, the porn train came to a screeching halt. The hosting company I used did not allow adult content. Something I was not aware of.

Overnight, they had seen my NSFW site and wiped it off the internet: no refund, no backup, nothing. To say I was devastated was an understatement.

I’d put my heart and soul into the sight. Not to mention countless man-hours. Honestly? I was considering just giving up. But after drowning my sorrows, I restarted from scratch.

This time, I found a hosting provider solely dedicated to adult websites. It’s called Vice Temple.

A Netherlands-based hosting company, Vice Temple is as sex-orientated as Amsterdam’s RLD itself and encourages adult content to thrive and flourish.

I picked up the pieces, learned from my mistakes, and began a new website. But this time, it wasn’t just for porn.

Six Months In: Guru

A Guide to Hot Backpacking Sex & Hooking Up While Traveling

I would use my holidays in my former job to explore sexual debauchery worldwide. Whether it was the FKKs of Germany or the soapy massages of Thailand, I’d been around.

On my sex tourism excursions, I’d been scammed, stranded, and left up shit creek without a paddle more times than I could remember. Particularly in places like SE Asia and South America.

Don’t get me wrong, I had some incredible times too, and I don’t regret anything. But ideally, I wanted to help my fellow sex tourists avoid the shit and enjoy the best sex imaginable instead.

So I started to share my tips, advice, and knowledge gained on my travels. Before long, I noticed a huge demand for up-to-date information on this niche travel sector.

I was soon contacted by horny travellers worldwide seeking my advice. Knowing I was contributing to their naughty memories that would last a lifetime drove me forward.

From Hotwives seeking BBC locations to take their cuckold husband on vacation to transsexual lovers looking for the best countries for shemale dating. Things began to take off.

My inbox was soon overflowing with messages from my dear readers worldwide—all of whom were seeking to hone their sex tourism skills in preparation for when the lockdown would end.

Then one day, I received this message from a guy we’ll just call ‘Steve’:

“Hey Karl, I’ve tried reaching out to you a few times but have struggled to get through. I’m Steve. I am based in the U.S. and am an avid swinger. I’m planning a trip to the Philippines when this nightmare (lockdown) is over. But it’s my first time in South East Asia. I want to pick your brains, get some pointers, and maybe an itinerary. More than happy to pay you a consultant fee to get things moving. Let me know your rates.”

I don’t mean to be dramatic. But the message gave me goosebumps. I’d been putting everything into the site for months.

To know Steve was willing to pay for my knowledge was incredibly exciting. I reached down and offered a custom consultation for $20. We arranged a skype call the next day.

We got on like a house on fire. Steve was American, in his mid-40s, and just an all-around good bloke. We had some beers over the cam, swapped stories and talked into the evening.

Not only was it a great bit of socializing with a like-minded guy in the loneliness of lockdown, but I was also getting paid for it!

I ended up writing a custom itinerary for Steve to absorb as much sun, sex, sleaze, and cultural sights as possible. Little did I know where that would lead.

He was over the moon. Although I asked for $20, he felt it was worth a lot more and sent me $50. In the online sphere, this is what’s called pizza money.

It’s called this because, although it’s not much, it’s your first income from a website. It’s often a trigger to motivate people to keep pushing forward and explore more monetization options.

And after ordering a Domino’s Pizza with a bottle of Jack Daniels to celebrate my first income from the site in six months, that’s exactly what I did!

Nine months In: Money

Despite only being a small job, Steve’s private consultation has made me think long and hard about life. And not just because I was researching the debauchery of Manilla and Angeles City!

I’d been working from home and cut off from friends for six months now. The idea of going back to the office made me queasy.

With the website, I interacted with incredible people who shared the same passions daily. Through them and my writing, I was also learning so much!

Imagine doing this for a living, I thought. Travelling the world, exploring different sex scenes, and working with like-minded people who respect what you do. It would be a dream come true.

Little did I know that I would realize the dream far quicker than I expected. I headed back to the drawing board to see how I could earn more from my site.

Since his original consultation, Steve had recommended me to some of his kinky friends. I was getting up to 12 clients a month. With tips, I could make over $200 on a good week.

Then, I discovered affiliate marketing.

Twelve Months In: Passive Income Ideas Start To Grow

Money for boobs

Over the past few months, I’d been writing articles where I recommended my favourite products and services that I use whilst on the road as a sex tourist.

These ranged from adult hookup sites to portable sex toys and everything in between. It wasn’t until later that I discovered companies would pay you a commission for referrals to said products.

Through the likes of affiliate networks like CrakRevenue, I had access to a wealth of products I already used that I could get paid for if my readers decided to use them too.

Often the payout was up to $135 per conversion. A handful of monthly conversions would free me from wage slavery and allow me to go full-time as a full-time international sex consultant.

But regardless, I only promoted relevant offers that I knew would benefit my readers. Selling out to the people like Steve, who had helped me get this far, was not my ambition.

I kept it relevant, ethical and, most importantly, honest. By doing so, I not only retained my reader base but continued to grow it.

As I approached the twelve-month anniversary of my first site, I was making an average monthly income of over $3,000, and I had opened a business to run it through and pay tax.

The salary from my original job was like pocket money. But doing monotonous work for the company was making me unhappy. All I wanted to do was write about my passion for others.

So I decided to make one of the scariest yet best decisions I had ever made. I quit. No, I didn’t replicate the ”Who’s coming with me” scene from Jerry Maguire.

Many of my friends did think I was crazy for quitting, though. But I was determined. With more free time on my hands, I threw my all into my websites and increased my income.

It paid off. With my first site making a passive income stream, I explored other avenues to expand my online career.

I did everything from writing ebooks that help people escape wage slavery or explore global sex tourism destinations safely and ethically to expanding my sex consultation clients.

So, Karl Majak, What’s The Situation Today?

Two years after the first lockdown, my life changed dramatically. I run a portfolio of adult websites that make me a full-time income—allowing me to pursue my sexual passions.

I’m also in an open relationship with my business partner and proud big-titted whore, Monika, whose filthy sex worker antics you can read about here.

International Sex Guide (ISG) has transformed from a humble blog into an online magazine with thousands of monthly readers.

Simultaneously, it has created a community of people who travel worldwide, seeking out the exquisite pleasures of sex scenes in various countries worldwide.

I can run my sites from anywhere with an internet connection. So I’m often based in different countries around the world based on wherever my heart, and my cock, take me.

It’s a fantastic way of life, and it isn’t easy to describe how doing what I love has made my life so much better than it was before.

In Summary?

Naked girl updating her sex blog and making money

And so, in conclusion, that’s the story of how I got to where I am today. It took hard work, perseverance and, most of all, a true passion for what I do.

I didn’t view working on my websites well into the night or interacting with my readers daily as a chore. I adored it.

The only thing I liked more was providing visitors to my site with relevant, helpful advice that can help them with their sexual journey, whether at home or abroad.

But overall, whether it’s the adult niche or another passion, nothing is stopping you from giving it a try.

Compared to a couple of years ago, starting an online business has never been easier or cheaper. It’s a learning curve, that’s for sure. But gaining new knowledge is never a bad thing.

I hope my humble story has inspired you. I value every reader of my site. Without you, my passion wouldn’t be possible. So thank you!



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