The Intimate India Sex Guide (2022)

When you think of ultimate sex tourism destinations, chances are that India probably isn’t one of the first ones to spring to mind.

But before you hop a plane to Thailand or the Philippines, it may well be worth taking a second look at the world’s second most populous country.

“Indian brothels should be avoided at all costs if you want to be a responsible and ethical sex tourist. Stick to escorts, dance bar girls and massage parlors.”

It’s one of the rare countries where prostitution is decriminalized (though, as is the case with many other countries with this position, a lot of the things surrounding prostitution are illegal), and there are approximately three million prostitutes at work in the country. 

That said, prostitution in India can quite often work a little differently from other countries. Join us, dear reader, for the ultimate India sex guide as we get namasty in the Land of Wonders… 

What Are Indian Girls Like? 

The Intimate India Sex Guide (2022)

We’ve all seen a Bollywood video or two, so it’s no surprise that Indian women are often unbelievably stunning.

Quite distinct from East and Southeast Asian girls, Indian (and other South Asian) women have much darker skin and more rounded eyes. 

Sexually, they can be on the conservative side, as India is a very conservative society. But with a population of 1 billion people, there is an abundance of slutty women keen to play.

That said, prostitutes in any country are more sexually outgoing and adventurous due to their profession, and Indian sex workers are no different in that regard. 

5 types of hookers you can expect to find in India 

Much like any other country where prostitutes can be found (so all of them), there is a veritable smorgasbord of sex workers on offer, from the humble streetwalker to the high-class escort. 

Indian Dance Bar Girls 

An Indian dance bar is a bit like a strip club minus the stripping. It’s basically a belly-dancing joint, where the girls will dance suggestively and show some arm (and belly!) to the patrons, who shower them with low-denomination rupee bills. 

Although these places are quite heavily policed and touching is forbidden – ostensibly for the protection of the girls but also to prevent clients from soliciting the girls for sex – it is quite often possible to get a girl’s number and then arrange to meet up for paid sex later. 

Because these girls tend to be on the higher end of the scale, you’ll be paying more than you might for a street walker – around 50-100 euros.

Remember that the girls are technically not allowed to do this, so getting that number in the first place might be a bit of a hassle, and you may want to simply go the escort route.

Also, as this Karl Rock video shows, be aware of scam dance bars that exist to rip off tourists. They do exist and are pretty common. Do your research before going into one!

Sexy Indian Escorts 

As with any country, escorts are widely available online, and many websites in India cater for guys looking to go a slightly more expensive route. 

To ensure the girl’s safety, in-calls (where you go to the girl) are slightly cheaper as they will take place at the girl’s private apartment or hotel.

If you wish for an out-call (you guessed it, the girl comes to you), it will be more expensive, and the girl will often have some requirements – she may require that you are located in a gated community or a 4-star hotel or higher. 

Escort profiles in India usually have very detailed bios that outline what the girls are willing to do, a photo gallery, the times they’re available and their rates.

The rates are set independently by the girl and run the gamut from 25 euros all the way up to 150 euros. 

Indian Street Prostitutes

A short and sweet aside on Indian streetwalkers: they are vanishingly rare to the point of non-existence.

This is because, although prostitution is not illegal, public solicitation is, and prostitutes operating solo on the streets are subject to constant harassment and sexual violence.

You are, therefore, pretty much not going to come across streetwalkers in India. 

Erotic Indian Massage Parlors 

Massage parlors in India often, as in other parts of the world, offer a few extras that aren’t exactly advertised from the get-go.

This is, generally speaking, a happy ending for a few reasons: the odds of transmitting an STI from a handjob are virtually nil, and in the event of a police raid, it’s very easy to quickly shift focus back to a less naughty body part and pretend like it’s a legit massage parlor. 

There are quite a few Thai massage parlor joints to be found in India, which will often feature happy endings. A full-body massage with a handjob will generally set you back 15-20 euro

Sleazy Indian Brothels 

We’re just going to say this: Indian brothels are generally dirty and horrific places.

The odds are that the girls working there have been either trafficked or else have been otherwise forced into the trade by their families.

Indian brothels should be avoided at all costs if you want to be a responsible and ethical sex tourist. Stick to escorts, dance bar girls and massage parlors.  

Top 3 Indian Sex Experiences 

As the 7th biggest country on Earth with over 600 million horny women, there are a lot of kinky experiences to make your Chakras erupt. Let’s look at the top three to explore!

Sex Tourism in Goa 

Often called the “Pattaya of India”, Goa is a bustling coastal party hotspot on the southwestern coast of India, renowned for its pristine white beaches, beautiful Portuguese architecture, and hectic party scene. 

As a very liberal part of India, it’s not uncommon to meet very open-minded Indian girls in the countless bars and clubs in Goa, and there is no small number of freelancers working in these nightlife hotspots. 

A few nightclubs in which you might try your luck are Club Cabana in Calangute, SinQ Nightclub in Candolim and Cape Town Club in Bardez. 

Adult Friend Finder

The horny adult’s equivalent to Tinder, Adult Friend Finder sports millions of users and has a clean UI and great search filters, making for a smooth experience when trying to find Indian ladies of the night.

Though it does push you pretty hard to sign up for a paid subscription, it’s perfectly possible to use the free version to track down horny Indian women looking to ride cock.

As a widely-used international adult hookup app, you can even use it to find Russian, Thai, and other foreign girls in places like Goa or other Indian cities. You can check it out here.


Mumbai is, along with Goa, one of India’s most progressive cities, and you stand a great chance of finding escorts and bar girls here without too many judgmental glances. 

Mumbai has no fewer than five red light districts: 


Mumbai’s oldest red light district and the second largest, Kamathipura is home to twisting alleyways and tons of brothels. 

Foras Road 

A popular spot for girls performing Mujra – a traditional, often sexually charged Indian and Pakistani dance – Foras Road definitely makes for quite the spectacle for anyone visiting. 

Pila House 

Found near Mumbai’s famous Golden Temple, this red light district is in decline – a lot of the land has been sold off to property developers, and it’s unlikely there’ll be much in the way of red light sights for too much longer. 

Congress House 

Traditionally favored by Bollywood stars and politicians, Congress House is another place to see the famous Mujra. 

Grant Road 

Primarily noted for its rail hub and the flea market here colloquially known as “Thieves’ Market” due to the large number of stolen goods, Grant Road is also home to no small number of prostitutes. 

5 Unmissable Pieces of Advice For Your India Sex Tour 

India, like any other number of popular tourist destinations, requires that visitors are careful and sensible.

Pickpockets and scammers abound in major cities, and in certainly less than salubrious areas (e.g. places you’re likely to go looking for sex), there may even be muggings.

Here’s our guide to staying safe in India. 

Always Use a Condom 

India is not as bad for HIV as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone entirely. Around 1.6% of India’s sex workers are HIV positive, so while the chances are slim, they’re not non-existent.

And we haven’t even considered the possibility of contracting other STIs, like herpes or chlamydia. Best to play it safe and always wear a condom. 

Be Careful With Your Valuables 

This is tourism 101, but many people still get it wrong, and many a pickpocket goes home with a fat wallet.

Keep your valuables in a slash-proof travel bag located on your chest or midriff (not on your back or slung to one side), and don’t be tempted to pat your pockets/bag to check your valuables are still there.

Thieves love this one as you tip them to where your most valuable belongings are. But really, one of the best ways to avoid theft in India is to… 

Avoid Brothels In India

Again, we cannot stress this enough. Aside from the very real danger of exploiting trafficked/underage girls, brothels are often located in very dangerous areas, and your chances of being mugged or attacked are high.

Play it safe, and don’t get tempted to go to any area with a bunch of brothels. 

Avoid Any Public Cavorting 

It’s a well-known fact that Indian people generally do not take kindly to public displays of affection.

Anyone who’s ever seen a Bollywood movie or even an Indian dance video can attest to the fact that even kissing is frowned upon – and this goes double for the streets of India.

If you find yourself with a lady hanging on your arm, avoid the temptation to kiss or cuddle anywhere in public. 

Be Assertive Yet Polite When Saying ‘No’

Indian touts and vendors – and especially pimps – can be extremely pushy when trying to get you to make an agreement, and it can be easy to get suckered into deals you don’t want and purchases you don’t need.

Be assertive when saying you don’t want something, without veering into rudeness (which can bring its own problems). 

To Sum Up; India Is a Fascinating Sex Destination

To summarise this India sex guide, the country can be a fascinating (and very different) destination for the discerning sex tourist.

With its de facto legal prostitution, you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble like you might in other countries where the Oldest Profession is fully proscribed.

That said, it does require a little common sense, and we strongly recommend that you keep your head about you when navigating the Byzantine (and, let’s face it, often murky) underworld of prostitution in India.

Stay safe and stay wrapped! 

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