Bathhouse Bandit

Colin, also known as the Bathhouse Bandit, is proudly bisexual. He is ISG's man on the ground when it comes to covering the LQBTQ+ side of international sex. From gay saunas to ladyboy sex parties and everything in between, Colin isn't afraid to get his hands sticky to reveal the naughtiest sides of gay and bisexual kink worldwide!

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The Uncensored Review of Outside Sauna Belfast (2022)

Belfast. Sadly, it is a warm, welcoming, and vibrant city in Northern Ireland that is more well-known for its turbulent history than its sex scene. But thankfully, things are changing.

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True Erotic Pegging Stories: Angry Feminist Made Me Submit

"This is what a whore looks like," Michelle grunted through gritted teeth. "When I'm finished, you'll never be an Alpha male again. Your wrecked asshole will be a permanent reminder that a woman made you submit."

Adult World Birmingham: Inside Britain’s Last Porn Cinemas

Only a handful of porn cinemas remain across the UK. One of them is located in the Midlands. Known as Adult World Birmingham, it's a medium-sized sex shop in the city centre with a porn theatre attached. I went inside to see what it was like one of the last surviving sex cinemas. Are they still as seedy as back in the day and a den of casual sex? Read on for my no-holes-barred review!

A Backdoor Review of Acqua Gay Sauna in Blackpool (Sleazy!)

If there's one thing I love checking out, it's institutional sex establishments that have stood the test of time. Alongside porn cinemas and peep shows, are gay saunas. Also known...

The Top 10 Countries for Transgender Dating Will Surprise You

Formerly relegated to the fringes of mainstream pornography, shemale/transgender porn has boomed in popularity. Signalling the rise of a modern lust for the kind of woman with 'something extra'.

The Painal 3 Way With The Hung Brazillian Shemales From Hell

When it comes to pleasure, I'm very open-minded. Which is what led me to a role with Whoreuro magazine. As much as I love pussy, I've developed quite the taste for shemales, femboys...

Is There a Gay Sauna Near Me? 5 Free Ways to Find a Bathhouse

From extensive gay sex blogs to online forums, there's lots of free tools I use to find a gay sauna near me. I decided to share them with my fellow kinksters.

9+ Sexy Transgender Bars From Shemale Clubs to a Sissy Bar

Wherever you are in the transgender world be it shemale, sissy, transsexual, admirer or otherwise, there is one thing that can benefit your mind, body, and spirit. That's meeting, socializing, and converting with...



In Photos: I Spent 1 Week With a Gypsy Prostitute At Work

Watching Linda's plump red lips wrap around the neck of a beer bottle, I was bluntly reminded of how many cocks she'd...

The Bona Fide Bulgarian Sex Guide

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