10 Awesome Countries Where Prostitution is Legal

Prostitution is one of the oldest trades on earth. There is no country on earth where it doesn’t exist in some form.

But of course, there’s a difference between countries where prostitution is legal and illegal.

Illegal prostitution is often underground and comes with a plethora of awful negatives. This can range from organized crime and human trafficking to drug use and human rights abuses.

We’re very much pro-prostitution at ISG. So we don’t promote the illegal variety.

Instead, we focus on places where prostitution is legalized and regulated. And today, we have the ultimate article for you!

“This is a country home to sprawling Red Light Districts, flat rate whorehouses where you pay a flat fee to fuck a set number of women, and even mega brothels with hundreds of women inside.”

There are often 100 countries that have legalized prostitution. But we’re going to look at not just where prostitution is legal; we’re going to shortlist the countries that make a great travel destination simultaneously.

If you’re an experienced or aspiring mongerer looking to sample the sexual delights of some great countries, read on to discover our range of sometimes underrated destinations for sex tourism!

10Legal prostitution in one of the most sexually active countries in the world

Hola! First, we’re heading to the Central American country of Mexico. Home to great food, absolutely stunning women, and a few cities of sin, Mexico is a haven for the sex industry.

Whilst sadly not the safest country in recent years, Mexico is still a great place for an action-packed sex vacation, provided that you have your wits about you. Especially in the city of sin known as Tijuana.

Under the Federal Law of Mexico, prostitution is legal, provided all participants are over 18. The country is estimated to be home to just under a quarter of a million sex workers. Naturally, there is very little taboo about sex work here.

There are even state-run brothels and regulated Red Light Districts where paid sex is allowed to flourish.

So it’s not uncommon to find hundreds of prostitutes lining the streets of Mexican cities and towns.

Mexican women are also stunning overall, and the passion for Latina sex is something to be experienced.

Combine that with great beer, mouth-watering food, and great weather, and you have a phenomenal sex tourism destination!

Be sure to check out our dedicated Mexican sex guide to find out everything there is to know about sex, sluts, and kink in this Central American country.

9Is prostitution legal in the UK?

If nice beer, great pubs, and the inviting pussy of British MILF sounds like your kind of holiday, then a trip to the UK could be a dream come true (as long as you don’t mind the weather).

But is prostitution legal in the UK? Well, yes and no.

Brothels are illegal, but they still exist through weird loopholes and the tolerance of certain councils in some towns and cities. There are legal and illegal RLDs across the country; it’s a bit weird.

But in general, yes, standard prostitution is legal in the UK. There are thousands of independent hookers working here in private apartments and homes, both from the UK and abroad, and many are fantastic.

Although often overlooked, the UK has a huge sex industry going on. There are dedicated classified sites for finding hookers and even forums that cover independent reviews of many girls.

From sampling the Soho sex walk-ups of London to the range of erotic massage parlours in Blackpool’s red-light district, many would claim that the UK is a pretty underrated sex tourism destination.

8Ukraine is one of the cheapest prostitution countries

Freelance sex worker in Kiev
From jaw-dropping beauties to sleazy bitches, Ukraine has it all!

Ukraine’s large Eastern European country has a lot to offer adventurous travellers. From the Black Sea to vibrant cities and the Carpathian Mountains to some of the most beautiful women in Europe.

Oh, and individual prostitution in Ukraine is not illegal. This means you can often find with ease a range of supermodel-style women offering a lot of erotic services in many cities across Ukraine.

It’s also one of the cheapest prostitution countries in the world. Alongside independent legal escorts, there are also lots of legal massage parlours dotted across the country.

With prices starting from $12 upwards, these erotic massage parlours offer everything from Nuru massage services to dominatrix fetish.

However, no penetrative sex takes place to stay within the law.

This means you’ll either be finished with a handjob or can fuck the oiled-up thighs of a hot Ukrainian girl until you cum.

The latter is a very erotic experience, especially when she talks dirty in Russian. What more could you want for 12 bucks?

Overall, a very underrated sex tourism destination. My only advice would be to learn some basic Russian and avoid the Eastern regions currently involved in an internal conflict.

To get to grips with this fascinating Eastern European country and its thriving sex scenes, give our Ukrainian sex guide a read!

7Is prostitution legal in Amsterdam?

Big tits escort in Amsterdam

Personally, Amsterdam and the wider Netherlands is not my favourite sex tourism destination.

Although it’s an incredible country and the Dutch are wonderful people, the sex industry has been very much tainted by mass tourism.

Compared to Germany, the sex experience in Amsterdam just doesn’t compare. But still, this list of countries where prostitution is legal wouldn’t be complete without featuring the sex hub of Amsterdam.

Home to one of the most famous Red Light Districts in the world, prostitution is as normal as buying a coffee here.

You can peruse the women offering their services through the windows of the RLD, visit sex clubs, legal brothels, and much more.

The only downside in Amsterdam is being surrounded by gawping tourists and navigating the potential bad service some girls offer to said visitors.

Personally, I’d recommend checking out the smaller but less saturated RLDs in other Dutch cities.

To navigate De Wallen and the seriously wild women of Amsterdam like a pro, check out our dirty Dutch sex guide!

6Caribbean places where prostitution is legal

Cute Latina teen sprayed with cum

Next, we head away from Europe into the Caribbean country of Colombia.

Home to some truly stunning women and some rather infamous men, prostitution is legal in Colombia. If you come here, it’s not hard to find it.

Prostitution is so widespread here that it’s hard to find a street in Colombian cities without sex workers.

On my last visit, even a trip to a bar led me to discover a stunning barmaid who wasn’t opposed to moonlighting as an escort for the right price.

Although safer than it once was, this is still a far cry from other destinations on the list.

Colombia is certainly more reserved for the more experienced sex tourist with their wits about them.

Overall, Colombia is a very affordable sex tourism destination where a traveller can enjoy Caribbean beaches in the day and relax between the thighs of a Colombian goddess in the evening, all for a fraction of the price of many other Caribbean destinations.

5Is prostitution legal in Italy?

The Tasty Guide to Top 20 Hottest Italian Pornstars in 2022!

Home to pizza, pasta, the Colosseum, and some very passionate women, Italy is a bucket-list destination for many people.

It’s also one of the best European countries where prostitution is legal!

Italy is said to be home to tens of thousands of sex workers. Although prostitution isn’t illegal here, it’s not regulated either. Meaning it’s far from of the best places in Europe to be a hooker.

But across the country, it’s very common to see the sex trade in action. Although the paid sex scene is increasingly being dominated by international girls from Africa and Eastern Europe, the Italian girls often provide the most passionate experience.

4Where is Brazil on the prostitution map?

Heading into South America now, we come to the wonderful country of Brazil.

Arguably home to some of the most stunning women on earth, incredible beaches, and enough nature to give David Attenborough an erection, it’s a destination to be experienced.

Since 2002, sex work in Brazil has been legal, but the running of a brothel is not. So there are tonnes of independent escorts working across the country.

As in similar countries like Mexico and Colombia, there is next to no taboo about sex work here.

What’s more, is that Brazil has women for all tastes. Black, white, Latina, and everything in between.

There’s also a huge shemale population, many of whom escort, so it’s a dream country for lovers of big dick transsexuals!

3Is prostitution legal in Spain?

Next up, we head to the lovely country of Spain. Here, prostitution is kind of in a great area. It’s not strictly legal either.

However, the latter is widely accepted in sex work, and it’s openly tolerated.

The country is home to almost half a million sex workers, and there’s an active sex scene here.

It’s very easy to find call girls on local classified ads sites and hook up with stunning Spanish and international girls.

Interestingly, Spain provides many exotic sex opportunities for a European country. Many sex workers are actually from Colombia, meaning you can get a taste of Caribbean pussy without leaving Europe!

Be aware that Spain can be a little bit sketchy after dark. Particularly in cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

It pays to have your wits about you and to stay alert—a great place to visit but certainly not one of the safest mongering destinations on this list.

2Greece is one of the nicest countries where prostitution is legal

Freelance escorts in Holland

If you’ve been to Greece, particularly its Mediterranean islands, you’ll probably have good things to say.

This is one beautiful country packed with history, teeming with great food, and populated by warm and friendly locals.

But all of these factors often make people forget that prostitution is legal here. Considering how jaw-droppingly gorgeous Greek girls are, that has to constitute a sin!

In cities across Greece, it’s common to see street prostitution everywhere as well as whorehouses and other sex establishments.

Sex workers pay tax and undergo regular health checks here, too!

1Is prostitution legal in Germany?

Often surrounded by a false stereotype of being a strict and uptight country, many people are shocked when they visit Germany and find the Germans are incredibly open-minded and a hell of a lot of fun!

And yes, prostitution is legal in Germany and has been since 1927. This country is home to sprawling Red Light Districts, flat rate brothels where you pay a flat fee to fuck a set number of women, and even mega brothels like FKK Artemis.

Combined with some of Europe’s best attractions and its finest beer, Germany is an incredible sex tourism destination where prostitution is legal. There is a lot of variety when it comes to sex workers too.

From classic German MILFs to Turkish sluts, there is a huge range of international girls in this very cosmopolitan country.

For best results, visit the main cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Dresden. And be sure to read our German sex guide for a tonne of helpful facts, insights, and kinky travel tips!


Overall, there are many awesome countries worldwide where you can enjoy paid sex free of judgement.

Regulated and legal, this type of prostitution is better for sex workers, the client, and the overall sex industry itself.

So whether you’re looking to sample some of Europe’s finest beer or relax on a Caribean beach in the day and head down the neon-lit road in the evening to indulge in some of the finest pussy the world has to offer, there’s bound to be a country on this list for you.

If you have a favourite destination where prostitution is legal that I haven’t covered, drop a comment below, and I’ll happily consider adding it to the article.


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