10 Best Safe But Strange Places to Have Sex

From sex clubs and creampie gangbangs to swingers parties and even on a ferry, I’ve been dicked down in a variety of places. But I’ve neglected one important aspect of my journey into whoredom: Where the best strange places to have sex are.

Healthy sex life is all about excitement. You should never settle for the ordinary and should always aim to seek new thrills. To give you some inspiration, this article is going to detail some of the best, and weirdest places to have sex I’ve ever experienced. We’ll be looking at stuff like:

  • Weird sex ideas where you can get a free porn souvenir in the progress!
  • Just where the craziest place to have sex in a hotel really is.
  • The healthy place to have hot, sticky sex in public where sexual euphoria is heightened dramatically at the same time.

And a hell of a lot more. So join me, as I bring you on a virtual journey through some of the strangest hookup spots and places to have sex that I’ve experienced in my slutty sex life.

Find an adult arcade and fuck in your city

adult theater sex red latex kinky

One of my favourite strange places to have sex in public is in an adult arcade. Most come fitted with private booths playing porn. Big enough for two people, these are the perfect place for a couple to have some seriously kinky sex.

If the idea of riding your partner with the public just inches away through a cheap wooden wall whilst pornography plays in the background appeals to you, then I highly recommend porn booth sex.

Don’t worry about the awkwardness of hiring one either. You won’t be the first people to go into one to hook up. Most are built for purpose and are usually fitted with Gloryholes for anonymous sex.

Top tips for adult arcade sex: Don’t be surprised by people listening to you fuck, this is not a place for shy people. If a booth is fitted with a Gloryhole, slide the hatch down over it if you’re not interested. Otherwise, you’ll be getting unwanted, throbbing intruders to your booth.

Travel sex in public places

Travel sex in public places

Ever fancied sex on wheels? Trust me, you don’t know what you’re missing! Personally, one of the best types of sex in public places that I’ve experienced has been on board a sleeper train.

Sleeper trains are common all over Europe and it’s affordable to get a private cabin for two. Once the door closes behind you, the cabin is yours for the night. Provided you don’t make too much noise and disturb your temporary neighbours, feel free to get nasty!

The forbidden nature of this type of public sex combined with the momentum of the moving train is guaranteed to give you both an orgasm you won’t forget. Perhaps surf some hookup apps to find a third partner on board who is keen on adding to your kinky escapade.

Top tips for train sex: Make sure the windows are covered or curtains are drawn in your cabin. You don’t want to pull into the next station only for a platform of passengers to see you fucking at full speed.

Fun sex ideas in weird places that come with a free souvenir!

Fun sex ideas in weird places that come with a free souvenir!

This is one of the fun sex ideas in weird places I discovered in Berlin. The German capital has a number of retro-looking photo booths dotted around the city. Coming home with a hookup late one night, we decided to slip into one for some fun before getting back to my place.

As long as you’re discreet, nobody is likely to disturb you when using the booth. It’s a little cramped, but that just allows you to get a lot more intimate with each other. Plus the whole taboo aspect of it all is a massive turn on.

But the biggest bonus of all? It’s a photo booth! This means that you’ll have a naughty souvenir from your weird public sex session in the form of polaroid style photos of you getting down and dirty!

Top tips for photo booth sex: Make sure you don’t forget any photos that get taken, don’t leave them for a member of the public to find! Leave the booth as you found it and don’t leave any mess behind for the people who use it after you.

Taboo sex in strange places

Taboo sex in strange places

When people are looking for taboo sex in strange places, there are a few requirements often required. It needs to be quiet, free of passing people, and ideally, a bit weird and strange. One of the most taboo is that of a cemetery after dark.

A perfect place for those goth types amongst you, a cemetery can be a very strange and taboo place to make love. As well as the overall creepy atmosphere, you’re very unlikely to be disturbed by any unwanted passers-by.

Back in my younger days of drinking, my and my boyfriend at the time would often take a shortcut through a local cemetery in Belfast. It was the scene of many a drunken fuck that was very taboo in nature.

Top tips for taboo places: Have respect for the cemetery and the people who visit during daytime. Never have sex on or near gravestones. Choose a patch of clear grass or similar.

Places to hook up without getting caught near me

Places to hook up without getting caught near me

Back when I was seeking more intense sexual thrills, I was constantly looking for places to hook up without getting caught near me. I found sanctuary in a library. But trust me, I wasn’t reading War and Peace.

There is a serious thrill of having sex in a library. The sheer tension of trying to stay quiet as you make love. Constantly keeping your head on a swivel for anyone coming. The sheer forbidden nature of it all can be overwhelmingly orgasmic.

And I don’t know about you, but the smell of old books is an excellent aphrodisiac. Well, it is when you have your face pressed into them with a cock discreetly sliding in and out of you, but I guess that’s just me!

Library sex tips: Don’t disturb non-consenting people in the library. Perhaps wear a long skirt that makes it easy for you to return to a normal position in case someone is coming your way.

Underrated places to have sex at sea

Underrated places to have sex at sea

Have you ever looked up at the night sky whilst out at sea as the waves slap against a boat and a pair of balls slap against your ass? It’s an incredible experience. But hey, not all of us have a boat! I hear you say. Me neither, but I didn’t say it had to be your boat.

You can use anything from a public ferry to a hired rowing boat. Use your imagination and see how far your uninhibited lust will take you!

Seriously, the open sea is one of the best places to have mind-blowing sex. whether it’s a public ferry with private rooms or just hiring a boat out for a trip, don’t pass up the opportunity to have an orgasm or ten on the open waves. You seriously won’t regret it!

Public boat sex tips: Keep the noise down. What happens in your cabin stays in the cabin, but don’t disturb other passengers. Also, make sure your porthole doesn’t look out onto the deck as members of the public might see your antics.

Fun sex ideas in weird places

Fun sex ideas in weird places

Don’t have access to a sex swing? Use a conventional one! For example, whilst staying at a mountain resort with an ex-boyfriend, we noticed a classic wood and rope swing fitting between trees in the woods.

The weather was hot and I was often in a light summer dress minus panties. One night, whilst returning from a wine-laden dinner, we passed the swing when we had a naughty idea.

Standing in front of me as I sat on the swing, he pulled me towards him holding the ropes on either side of me. It didn’t take long for me to whip out his throbbing cock and use the momentum of the swing to initiate a seriously intense fuck with deep penetration.

Top tip for swing sex: Be careful with thrusts and don’t go too hardcore. If your cock missed the hole combined with the momentum of the swing, you’ll know about it!

Craziest places to have sex in a hotel

Craziest places to have sex in a hotel

I’ve spent a lot of time in hotels around the world. In that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about the craziest places to have sex in one. Aside from voyeuristic sex on the balcony or on the bed with the blinds open, the elevator is one of my favourite places to fuck in a hotel.

If you can get over the sound of elevator music, then the sensation of fucking in a public room that’s moving is really incredible. I have fond memories of being pinned against the wall of an elevator and being filled with a lover’s cock.

The waist-height bars that most elevators feature are great to hold onto for various sex positions. Plus, the intense thrill of not knowing how fast you would have to react if the elevator stopped can often be thrilling.

Top tip for elevator sex: Fuck after hours to minimize the risk of getting caught by anyone else using the elevator. Make sure the elevator isn’t fitted with cameras.

A humble washing machine can be one of the most fun places to have sex

A humble washing machine can be one of the most fun places to have sex

Whilst you might think this is one of the last wild places to fuck on this list, hear me out. Almost every home has a washing machine, but many people are unaware of how fun it can be to have some seriously orgasmic sex.

You see, the average height of a washing machine is perfect for a woman to sit on, spread her legs, and leave her slit eye to eye with the cock of a man of average height. But this isn’t all. Turn that washing machine on whilst fucking and let me tell you what will happen.

For a woman, the machine will send a series of intense vibrations up through her ass and pussy. For me, these vibrations combined with a thrusting cock is the perfect ingredient for me to squirt. But don’t worry, guys, this isn’t all just for us girls!

The vibrations running through the pussy will be passed on to the cock sliding into it. And as long as the woman is sitting in the right position, her male lover will be rewarded as his ballsack rubs against the rumbling machine. Often resulting in an explosive orgasm. Plus, you get your laundry done at the same time!

Top tip for washing machine sex: This doesn’t have to be at home either. Many kinksters may opt for a laundromat to add a public aspect to their sex lives. But if you’re going to do this, make sure you go during non-peak hours and don’t get caught.

One of the best places to have sex in public

One of the best places to have sex in public

And last but certainly not least is the sauna. There’s a reason why gay saunas exist all over the world for men to have sex in, but it’s equally an amazing sexual experience for all sexual persuasions.

Saunas blocking a certain amount of oxygen from getting to the brain. Because of this, you’ll find your senses become heightened. Every plunge of a cock, all licks, sucks, and love bites are experienced felt in a far more intense way. All that on top of good ol’ hot, wet, and sticky sex.

Top tip for sauna sex: Saunas all over the world often have private rooms for hire alongside their public areas. So depending on whether you like risky sex or a more private affair, you can adjust accordingly. Or, consider renting an apartment with a sauna fitted.

A conclusion to the best places to have sex

To round things off, spicing up your sex life with an array of kinky places to have sex is an important aspect of keeping things exciting. It allows you to discover new kinks and distinct dynamics to sex with your partner or lover.

There are, however, some things to keep in mind. Risky sex in public places can be thrilling. But people, don’t get caught and don’t expose non-consenting members of the public to your sexual antics. It’s not cool. Stay kinky, stay fun, but stay legal too.

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