Nude Maid Confesses Her 1st Naked House Cleaner Job (Teen!)

What the fuck have I done? I thought as I wiped cum off the floor after my first nude maid job. I was 19, abroad and broke. At least, I was until I got paid.

I thought I’d planned my backpacking trip across Europe really well. But a few drinking sessions, a pickpocket in Italy, and a broken phone changed everything.

My name is Emily. I’m 24 now, but this is the true story of how I made ends meet by working as a nude maid whilst backpacking through Europe and England at the age of 19.

Being from the U.S., I couldn’t just walk into a job in Europe, and I didn’t want to cut my trip short and go home to my boring-ass family.

So, now travelling through England and running out of money fast, I kept making calls to local job ads.

No visa, no job! That was the reply I often got until I saw a really cheap-looking ad that kind of encouraged the reader to read between the lines. I gave them a call.

A man called Ritchie answered and spoke to me between mouthfuls of food. He seemed friendly and explained the jobs were for private clients; no visa bullshit was needed.

“You Do Know That This is a Nude Maid Agency, Right?”

The next day, I’m standing in an industrial estate on the outskirts of the Northern English city of Leeds, about to walk through the tired and dated door for my interview.

“Ay ay! You must be Emily then?” said a mid-40s man in a worn-out suit as he shook my hand, “I’m Ritchie; lovely to meet ya, darlin’!”

“Yes, that’s me! Nice to meet you too.” I said nervously, “is it ok to sit down?”.

“Tell me a bit about yourself, Emily!” Ritchie said whilst clearly ogling me up and down. He came across as a fucking creep.

I was upfront and honest. I told Ritchie I was backpacking across Europe, had run out of money, and needed a part-time job to get some funds together.

“Look, Emily,” Ritchie said, cutting me off mid-sentence, “you do know this is a nude maid agency, don’t ya?”

I was 19. I had no idea nude maids were even a thing. I blushed and tried to remain calm, assuming Ritchie was pulling my leg. He was a creep; maybe this was just his humour?

But he wasn’t bullshitting. This was a nude maid service.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about,” Ritchie explained, “this is a legal, legit business. I’m not an escort agency. There’s no sex involved and no touching unless a private agreement is made between the clients and the maid herself, which is nothing to do with me.

I was dumbfounded. I honestly didn’t know what to say. What would my parents think? But then, Ritchie mentioned the money.

“I charge clients £100 for an hour of topless cleaning. If the girl is fully nude, it’s £150,” Ritchie explained, “I get around 25%, so you walk away with £75 to £110 per job. Oh, and obviously, we don’t clean windows,” he laughed.

The joke went over my head initially, but I quickly understood he was serious. I mean, a naked woman cleaning your windows probably wouldn’t go down well with neighbors, right?

“So, what do you think?” Ritchie asked with a smile.

I was unsure. I was 19 and sexually inexperienced. Surely guys would want pornstar-looking girls for a job like this, not some backpacking girl from the midwest.

Before I could respond, the door of Ritchie’s office opened, and a busty woman in her early forties walked in to speak to him.

“Ritchie, babe!” she said with her heels snapping across the room, “I’ve just done those two-morning jobs; got any more for today or should I head home?”

“That’s it for today, love!” Ritchie said whilst reaching into his drawer, “before you go, fancy telling our potential new recruit about the job? She’s a bit unsure!”

“It’s fuckin’ great! I get to work in posh houses and get paid good money. All you have to do is strip down and clean the house whilst the owner watches. Easy work, love!”

I watched wide-eyed as Ritchie slipped her a bundle of British pounds for half a day’s work. As she left, I couldn’t believe a trashy woman in her 40s was in such high demand for this.

“So, Emily, what do you reckon?” Ritchie said expectantly, “I’m a busy man, so if you’re not up for it, we’ll say our goodbyes.”

“Yes, I want the job,” I said with a nervous nod, “when can I start?”

“Great! You can get started tomorrow if you like. The girls all come in at 9:30 sharp for their assignments.”

“Great stuff, glad to hear it!” I’ll make a few calls to clients, and I’m sure we can get you started tomorrow.” Ritchie said enthusiastically. “Before we get started, I need to see your uniform”.

“My… My uniform?” I asked, confused.

Quality Control

“You’ll either be working topless or fully nude, depending on your choice”, Ritchie explained, “I need you to strip so I can figure out which clients to recommend you to.”

I hesitated. But I quickly realized that this was a crucial test. How could I do it for customers if I couldn’t do it here?

I stripped out of my smart outfit and nearly folded my clothes on the chair until I was standing in front of Ritchie in my black lingerie outfit.

He just stared at me expectantly without saying a word before nodding towards my bra. My plump 19-year-old tits were revealed in front of him, and a slight grin appeared on his face.

“Great tits, love,” Ritchie said, “Is it ok if I have a feel?”

“Erm… Didn’t you say there was no touching involved?” I said nervously

“Yep, I did. But I’m not one of your clients, am I, darling?” Ritchie laughed dominantly.

I nodded to give him the all-clear, and Ritchie grasped my tits with both hands and played with them before his eyes dropped to my black panties. I needed no instructions this time.

I removed my black panties and placed them with the rest of my clothes. I leaned back on Ritchie’s desk and spread my legs to show him my 19-year-old pussy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t shave down there,” I giggled, “I really didn’t expect to be doing this today!”

“That’s alright, love,” Ritchie laughed before examining my pussy, grabbing my ass cheeks and turning me around to see my most intimate areas from behind, “make sure it’s shaved for clients, though, yeah? You’ve done well today; I’ll give you a ring to tell you about tomorrow.

I excitedly put on my clothes to get ready to leave. But then, I saw Ritchie brazenly masturbating in his office chair. I was stunned; I had no idea how to react.

“Relax, I’m not gonna fuck you,” Ritchie said calmly, “but when you’re a nude maid cleaning houses, you need to be prepared for guys watching you and pumping their dicks.

“Um, oh yeah!” I said with an awkward smile, “I guess I didn’t think about that.”

“Yep, all part of the training. I mean, not all of the clients do, you have a few who just enjoy watching, but there are a lot who like to masturbate,” Ritchie explained, “not just men either; we have quite a few female clients.

Ritchie’s dick was rock-hard, staring deep into my eyes from across the room. Suddenly, his face contorted, and his dick shot a few ropes of white cum all over his office floor.

“Ahhh… When… When you’re a nude maid, “Ritchie said, shuddering and out of breath, “this is usually the last cleaning of the job.”

I was handed some paper towels for the final piece of the test. I got on my knees and began mopping up the pool of cum.

As I’d now got dressed, I looked up at Ritchie and pulled my tits out to let them hang as I cleaned up. It’s safe to say I won some brownie points!

My heart raced as I headed back to my hostel and awaited a text from Ritchie about my first job.

Oscar And Imogen

At around 23:00 that night, my phone pinged with a text from Ritchie. I was going to meet my first client in less than twelve hours.

  • Name: Oscar & Imogen Chapman.
  • Address: Alwoodley, Leeds.
  • Time: 11am.
  • Details: Fully nude cleaning.

I was confused. I expected to be cleaning for some old pervy guy or an old pervy woman. But a couple? I was worried that it would be awkward and kind of trial by fire.

I was even more taken aback when I saw the address. This was a beautiful area on the outskirts of Leeds, full of posh houses, green parks, and nice cars.

I’d bought a bottle of cheap vodka on the way and took a few sips to calm my nerves. It wasn’t a good idea, as it loosened me up a lot more than I’d have liked.

I was shaking when I knocked on the ring doorbell of a detached house on a leafy street. The huge front door was opened by the petite and attractive Imogen.

“Oscar! She’s here, darling!” she shouted over her shoulder, “I’ll bring her upstairs.”

At first impressions, Imogen seemed cold and made forced small talk about my journey to the house as she directed me up a wide staircase.

“So, Emily, wasn’t it? Do you do ironing?” Imogen asked in an incredibly posh English accent that reminded me of something from Harry Potter.

“Oh, yes, I do!” I said with faux enthusiasm, bluffing my way through.

“Good, you can get started in here, then!” Imogen said as she led me into a large bedroom. In front of the huge bed were an ironing board and a laundry basket next to it.

Then, Oscar came into the room. A thick-set and quite an attractive man in his late forties, he looked wealthy from head to toe.

“Well, hello, Emily!” Oscar said warmly, “it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, and, can I just say, you look fantastic! We’re both really excited about this. Aren’t we, Imogen?”

My First Naked House Cleaner Job

The pair of them sat on the end of their comfortable-looking bed and stared at me expectantly as I stood next to the ironing board and began to strip naked.

With my clothes nearly folded, I stood before them for inspection and pushed my 19-year-old tits out for them to enjoy. I watched as their lustful eyes sunk into my pussy.

Hoping for a fat tip, I pretended to adjust my pile of clothes behind me and bent over to give them a nice view of my ass and pussy.

“Sit on the bed for us, sweetheart,” Imogen said, seemingly warmer now I was fully naked, “we’d love to see you closer if that’s ok?”

It sounded better than ironing their laundry, so I sat on the edge of their bed and spread my smooth, freshly-shaved thighs so they could see everything.

The pair of them moved so close to me that I could feel their hot breath on my private parts as they inspected my body. They both looked at each other and gave a sleazy look of approval.

When they were satisfied, I closed my legs and returned to the ironing board. Behind me, I heard Oscar undo his belt and slip out of his trousers as Imogen fished inside his boxers to pull out his cock.

“I pretended to drop a blouse from the laundry basket. When I bent down, I blatantly looked up to get a nice view of Imogen’s pussy being stretched out by her man’s dick.”

It felt almost rude to watch, but I couldn’t help doing so from the corner of my eye. Then, Imogen slid out of her expensive blouse to reveal her natural, bouncy tits.

Reaching into the laundry basket, I was shocked at what was inside. The couple has strategically placed some of their most erotic outfits and underwear for me to iron.

As I waited for the iron to warm up, I had nowhere to look but at the couple, and they knew it.

Imogen had her eyes fixed on mine as she jerked Oscar’s throbbing dick before sliding it deep into her mouth, twisting her head to maintain eye contact with me at all times.

Meanwhile, Oscar had his eyes glued to my tits. To give them a show, I started to squeeze them, play with my nipples and push them together as if I was alone in the room.

“Erm… Emily? Would you mind spitting on them?” Oscar asked politely, “I love that glazed look if you don’t mind?”

I carefully dropped a long trail of spit on my tits and smeared it all over them to please my first client, and both of them looked beyond satisfied.

Imogen roughly played with her tits before slipping out of her skirt and spreading her legs to reveal a puffy pussy with a landing strip of hair leading to it.

Oscar’s hand slid inside his wife, and she moaned loudly as he roughly fingered her just a few feet away from me. It was clear to both of them that my pussy was just as wet as hers.

As I ironed one of Imogen’s slutty miniskirts, she came hard on her husband’s hand, leaving a pool of juices on the bedsheets. Then, they changed position.

Imogen got into Doggystyle on the end of the bed and was facing directly at me as Oscar slid his hard dick into her pussy bareback.

I pretended to drop a blouse from the laundry basket. When I bent down, I blatantly looked up to get a nice view of Imogen’s pussy being stretched out by her man’s dick.

They fucked for well over twenty minutes, with Imogen cumming three times. A pool of post-sex mess had formed all over the bed as the pair changed things up again.

Imogen hung her head off the end of the bed, and Osca slid inside her mouth for an upside-down throat fucking session.

I watched in awe as his balls slapped into her nose and a river of drool ruined her perfect makeup. Needless to say, I’d given up on the ironing as I didn’t want to miss anything.

I was 19 and from a conservative midwest family. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’d never seen anything this sexually hardcore in my life, never mind in person.

“Emily, it’s fine if you want to play with yourself, you know?” Imogen said whilst sliding her husband’s dick out of her mouth and gasping for breath.

I licked my fingers and began massaging my soaking wet and swollen clit, alternating between fingering myself whilst my other hand groped my own tits.

Imogen, still on her back with her face upside down and looking right at me, stuffed a pillow under her lower back to raise her butt in the air whilst Oscar reached into a drawer.

As a look of pain and pleasure spread across her face, I was initially confused. Anal was a relatively new concept to me at the time.

Oscar moaned as his dick buried itself in his wife’s ass and began fucking her roughly, causing her to wail, cry and scream in mildly uncomfortable pleasure.

I could feel an orgasm tingling through my clit as I watched Imogen begin to convulse in pleasure.

The pounding of her husband’s balls smashing into her clitoris as her ass was fucked was clearly pushing her over the edge. Her hands gripped the bed as her pussy leaked all over the sheets.

Almost in a panic, Oscar tore his cock out of Imogen’s ass and stuffed it rudely into her face, just in time for streams of cum to spray out all over her.

There must have been well over five blasts of cum out of Oscar’s throbbing cock. Most of it hit Imogen’s face, but some missed and splattered all over her tits.

It was almost in slow motion as the couple panted breathlessly as cum slowly dripped from Imogen’s face and down onto the carpet below. I watched it pool on the floor in a daze.

“Hey, Emily, hello?” Imogen said whilst rudely snapping her fingers at me, “you clean up the cum, don’t you?”

I was shaken out of my daze and pulled my hands off my pussy on the cusp of orgasm. I nodded, quickly grabbing one of the couple’s used sex towels from the laundry basket.

“You clean up his cum, right?” I just nodded and grabbed a towel from the pile of laundry.

I assumed Imogen wanted me to clean the cum off their beautiful hardwood floor, but she didn’t. Instead, she beckoned me towards her to clean the mess off her body.

She leaned back on her forearms and closed her eyes. I gently wiped the streams of white sperm off her soft face before cleaning her soft, supple breasts and rock-hard nipples.

Spreading her legs, I tenderly dabbed the white froth, pre-cum, and vaginal fluids that coated her engorged pussy before wiping the lube from between her soft butt cheeks.

Oscar watched from the other side of the bed before I picked up another towel and softly cleaned the excess cum and sex mess that coated his dick and balls.

The couple, now cleaned off and ready to take a shower together, gave me a gentle hug. I felt the remnants of some cum on Imogen’s chest stick to my 19-year-old tits.

“Thank you, darling!” Imogen said with a kiss on the cheek, “that was incredible. You’ll be hearing from us again.”

I cleaned the mess leaking from my sopping wet pussy and got dressed. At Ritchie’s office, I was paid what I was owed for my nude maid services. It was more money than I’d ever earned in my life.

More True Sex Stories

But there was still one issue, I hadn’t been able to cum myself yet. Returning to my hostel with money in my pocket, the day’s events flashed through my mind, and I was horny as hell.

Back at my 6-bed mixed hostel dorm, I found a male backpacker had just settled in, and it was just us in the room. He’d picked the right room at the room time.

Looking him up and down and fuelled by my first day as a nude maid, he was the perfect toy to take my sexual frustration out upon.

But that’s another story for another day.