The Slutty Singapore Sex Guide (Girls, Escorts, Brothels!)

Chances are that, when thinking of SE Asian sex tourism destinations, you’re likely not thinking of Singapore.

Renowned for its overly draconian public nuisance laws, love of caning and extremely expensive beer, there is more to this Asian city-state than you might expect – and this extends to its sex tourism scene.

“Voyeurism is very much on the menu, as this is an orgy.”

So put aside Thailand and the Philippines and consider something different on your next foray into Asia. Welcome to the slutty Singapore sex guide!

Why is Singapore a Great Sex Tourism Destination?

The Slutty Singapore Sex Guide (Girls, Escorts, Brothels!)

Simply put: Singapore has historically been a great destination for sex tourism. Despite its modern reputation for being uptight and having tons of wacky laws (heavens forfend you try to utter a ballad there!), it remains a bastion of prostitution. 

Despite prostitution being made technically impossible due to the battery of laws surrounding it, the profession thrives in the city-state due to a high police tolerance.

In fact, girls working in brothels are regularly screened for STIs, making this arguably the safest place in Asia to get your freak on! 

What Are Sexy Singaporean Girls Like? 

Singapore, like neighboring Malaysia, is not limited primarily to a single ethnic group but is instead made up of several.

Although ethnic Chinese make up most of Singapore’s population (at about 75%), the country also has sizeable ethnic Malays and Indian populations. 

Singapore’s prostitute demographics, however, are even more varied – the island nation is a veritable smorgasbord of Asian women, from (mainland) Chinese to Japanese to Thai to Vietnamese.

The country also has a sizeable number of trans streetwalkers. You will find it in Singapore, whatever you’re in the mood for. 

5 Common Types of Singapore Escorts (With Prices) 

As noted, Singapore has no shortage of ladies of the night and many ways to engage with said ladies. Here are five of the best. 

Singaporean Escort Services Online 

This classic option is available in just about any country that isn’t North Korea – and, as is the case in other countries, it’s usually the most expensive. 

But you get what you pay for – and in Singapore, you get some pretty smoking girls. This being Asia, they’re up for just about anything, and you can usually pay for any unusual extras you might want.

Sites like, Secret Bunnies, or Victoria Milan all sport a comprehensive directory of escorts and usually go into great detail regarding pricing and preferences.

The latter usually have a detailed self-written bio too, which gives you a better feel for the girl you’re booking before you book her. 

Expect to pay around 200 euros for half an hour, though this varies from girl to girl. 

Singaporean Bar/Nightclub Hookers 

A cheaper option than the abovementioned, it’s perfectly possible to simply head out to a bar and wait for a girl to come to you.

If you’re a guy drinking alone and you aren’t Brad Pitt, you can reasonably assume that she’s more interested in what’s in your pocket than in your pants, and you can proceed to negotiations. 

Places like Orchard Tower on Orchard Street or Zouk Club on Jiak Kim Street are great for picking up hookers, though be warned that these girls will often be foreign rather than Singaporean.

Expect to pay around 100 euros and up for a freelancing bar girl. 

Singaporean Swingers’ Parties 

Singapore is one of the few places in Asia where swinging is a thing, and it’s also one of the more exclusive scenes.

After all, the country is still ostensibly conservative, so swingers prefer to keep things on the down-low.

That said: you’re only getting into a Singaporean swingers’ party if you’re invited. If you know somebody who can send you an invite, there are a few things to bear.

Condoms are mandatory at Singaporean orgies, and there’s a good chance gay sex will not be on the menu. Voyeurism is very much on the menu, as this is an orgy. 

“If you care too much about Singapore, first it’ll break your spirit, and finally, it will break your heart.”

Alfian Sa’at

There are a few ways to get invited to such a party. You could join a tantric yoga class and get to know a few people – chances are they will know someone involved with the scene or be involved themselves.

Or you can join an online adult community-based in Singapore, such as Victoria Milan or Adult Friend Finder, and network that way. 

A quick caveat – as is often the case with these parties, a hefty fee applies to single men (2-300 euros). If you’re attending with a partner, however, it’s free. 

Singapore Brothels 

Though technically illegal, Singaporean brothels are widely tolerated and, as mentioned, actually have high hygiene standards.

They’re also cheaper than most other options on here, but as is often the case, you’re unlikely to find Singaporean girls working in these places.

Brothel workers in the red light districts are typically Malaysian, Chinese or Thai. 

There are a few red light districts worth visiting: Orchard Tower, Geylang and Rowell Road are all great options (the latter, in particular, if you’re looking for T-girls).

You should pay 50 euros and up for the girls in a typical brothel in these areas. 

Singaporean Streetwalkers 

Streetwalkers are plentifully available in certain areas of Singapore (such as on Talma Road), but as is usually the case with girls on the street, your cheapest option is also your least safe. 

This is not to say you’re in danger of being rolled or robbed – street crime is vanishingly rare in Singapore – but these girls are not ‘legal’ and are under no obligation to get screened for STIs like their brothel counterparts.

They may not take the same precautions either, so you’re at greater risk of catching something if you take one of these girls back to your room. 

Streetwalkers make a great option for the thrifty daredevils out there, starting at prices as low as 30 euros. 

The Top Sexual Experiences in Singapore You Won’t Want to Miss!

The Island of Sin(gapore) has no shortage of places and experiences you’ll want to check out: 

4 Floors of Whores (Orchard Towers)

The infamous Orchard Towers is better known by its nom de guerre: the “4 Floors of Whores”. 

The exterior of Orchard Towers is crowded with girls, in short, figure-hugging dresses, and if you’re a single guy, you’ll have one on your arm and leading you into a club in no time (again: it probably isn’t because you’re Brad Pitt).

Even if you should somehow make it into a club without a lady on your arm, this will soon be remedied by one of the many girls working inside the clubs.

The 4 Floors of Whores is truly cosmopolitan – Russian, Chinese, European, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipina and Thai girls all work the Towers, often on short-stay tourist visas, and they’re all for sale.

Simply put, it’s almost impossible to go to Orchard Towers and not pick up a girl. Whatever you’re after, you can’t possibly fail to find it at Orchard Towers. 

Singaporean Motel Sex 

If picking up a streetwalker, you may want to take her to one of the island’s infamous short-stay hotels/motels.

These places are great for hiring for a couple of hours – just long enough to do the dirty and get out without drawing undue attention to your long-stay hotel.

You can get 2 hours in one of these infamous hotels for about 20 euros, with each additional hour being around 15 euros. 

Singapore Red Light District 

They may not quite be Amsterdam’s de Wallen, but Singapore has its own red light district where you’re guaranteed safety, clean girls, and a 0% chance of the cops hassling you. 

That place is Geylang, a district near the airport that sports a labyrinth of Lorong (small roads).

Down these lorong, you will find no small number of brothels and streetwalkers, which are all pretty much unofficially regulated and completely safe.

You’ll find many foreign women down here, mostly from China, the Philippines or Indonesia. Definitely worth checking out when you’re in Singapore! 

Desker & Rowell Roads Are Hotspots For Singapore Ladyboys

If you like trans girls and Ladyboys, then Desker and Rowell Roads are the place to be.

For whatever reason, Singapore’s trans sex workers all converge around this area, whether in brothels or walking the streets, and they are as forward with their advances as Thai ladyboys. 

They were also pretty cheap, too, starting at around 30 euros. It’s worth visiting these infamous roads if T-girls and Singapore Ladyboys are your poison! 

Top Tips For Sex Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is relatively safe compared to some other places in SE Asia, but that is not to say that it’s completely safe.

Always stay on your guard and be sure to remember the following safety tips for Singapore sex tourism: 

Be On Guard When Walking The Streets 

Violent crime is almost unheard of in Singapore, but pickpocketing and bag-snatching are as ubiquitous as anywhere.

Keep your valuables where you can see them (e.g. not in a backpack) or feel them (e.g. in front pockets rather than back). 

Don’t Get Shitfaced 

This goes for any foreign country, but it’s a bad idea to get drunk if you’re off hunting for ladies of the night.

Even the most forthright girls might be tempted by a loaded foreigner who will not remember $500 being taken out of his wallet. Whoremonger responsibly! 

No Street Sex/Open PDA

Singapore is pretty lenient when it comes to paid sex; it is not lenient regarding public sex acts or even things as tame as kissing.

And as with many things in Singapore, the punishment can be wildly disproportionate to the crime – save it for Hotel 81. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore Sex

As with any country as quirky and often bizarre as Singapore, there is an abundance of valid questions many sex tourists still have.

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Singapore sex as we round off!

Where is Singapore?

Singapore is a small island nation located in Southeast Asia. Located off the tip of Southern Malaysia, it’s 85 miles north of the equator, west of Borneo, and east of Indonesia.

Is Prostitution Legal in Singapore?

Yes and no. The act of prostitution is itself not illegal in Singapore. Still, a great deal of the practices surrounding the oldest profession is!

Solicitation, profiting from a prostitute’s earnings and maintaining a brothel are all off the table.

In practice, however, prostitution is unofficially tolerated in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” system. 

What is Singapore Known For?

From bizarre local laws and stunning skylines to the ice cream sandwich and a level of cleanliness that is unique to the world, Singapore is known for many weird and wonderful things outside of its local sex scene.

Is Singapore Dangerous?

Whilst common sense applies like anywhere, Singapore is one of the safest countries in Asia.

The Singapore Red Light Is Green!

And there we have it – our guide to Singapore’s surprisingly hedonistic SE Asian nation.

It might not get quite as crazy as Thailand or Vietnam, but there’s still plenty to see and do (and do) here, so get yourself to Changi Airport and prepare to party! 

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Disclaimer: This Singapore sex guide may contain affiliate links which means we may receive a small commission for any successful purchases made through said links at no additional cost.



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