Top 10 Basic Thai Phrases & Words to Fuck Thai Women (NSFW)

Planning on visiting Thailand to get your dick or pussy wet? I’ll get straight to the point: This is an incredible sex destination, but the language barrier can be a nightmare.

English in Thailand is very poor, and the language skills are getting worse! Thailand’s global English proficiency rank dropped from 74 to 89 out of 100 countries in 2020.

So if you want to get the most out of a visit to the country and fuck Thai women without getting scammed, you need to learn some basic Thai phrases.

Luckily for you, I’ve been balls deep in Thailand for many months. I’ve become quite the expert in basic Thai phrases in that time.

Don’t worry; I’m no expert with languages. In fact, I only speak English and German fluently. But it’s incredible how much you can learn when you have a slutty Thai girl as a motivator.

This super simple guide will teach you ten easy words and phrases in Thai that will help you in and out of the bedroom. Now, let’s begin!

Basic Thai phrases for the street

Stage one: “I can’t believe you haven’t learned one word in my language. Use your hand tonight!”

We’ll start with the basics. These Thai words and phrases will make your life a lot easier in day to day life. They’ll also help enormously when hooking up, day game, etc.

Plus, when you’re out on a date with a Thai girl, dropping a few basic Thai phrases can win you serious brownie points. After all, it’s not the most straightforward language to learn.

How to say hello, how are you? in Thai

Learning how to say hello in Thai isn’t that difficult. The word is Sawasdee but is pronounced like “Sah-wah-dee”.

But with this word, it’s important to note that there’s a different ending for men and women. Let me explain:

  • If you’re a guy, you say hello like sah-wah-dee-khrap! with a short, sharp finish that sounds a bit like crap!
  • Thai women will say hello with sah-wah-dee-khaaaa with a long, drawn out finish.

Interestingly enough, the Thai word for hello has only been around since the 40s when a Thai professor created it from a Sanskrit word, despite Thailand being founded in the 13th century.

Thank you in Thailand

Let’s face it, saying thank you in the native language of a country is a must. It shows you respect the culture and have taken the time to learn something.

Thailand is no exception. A basic thank you in Thai will earn you a bit of respect wherever you go. Manners are essential here.

Plus, Thai people are less likely to assume you’re a naive tourist here for the first time if you speak a few words. But what is thank you in Thailand?

  • Girls will say Khob khun ka for thank you.
  • If you’re a guy, then you say Khob khun khrap.

Thailand is the land of smiles. So flash those pearly whites when you drop a native thank you in Thailand, and I guarantee you’ll have Thai women wet for you!

How to say sorry in Thai

Thailand is a pretty hectic country where anything can happen. You may need to apologize for minor things like stepping on a person’s foot or accidentally cumming in the eye of a Thai MILF.

Plus, Thai people can get pretty fiery, particularly if you get too drunk and piss them off. My advice? Don’t do that. Seriously. But if you do, a polite sorry can defuse a situation.

The word for sorry in Thai is Kor Toht. Again, the Ka or Khrap depends on whether you’re a guy or a girl saying it.

How to find places in Thailand

If you’ve never been to Asia before, things can be a little confusing, to begin with. Naturally, it’s easy to get lost. Here’s an example:

You’ve had a few beers and are heading to the best blowjob bar this side of Bangkok. But you got turned around and have no idea where you are.

You could use Google Maps, but you’ve run out of battery chatting to horny Thai women online. Shit! Now is the time to call upon your basic Thai phrases to get out!

To ask a local where a place is, use Yoo tee nai. Thai people are generally very friendly and will help you along on your way.

Knowing how to ask for things is Thai 101

Wherever I go in the world, knowing the primary phrase to ask for things is one of my priorities alongside hello, please, and thank you.

Whether you’re discussing your desired debauchery with a Mamasan (Thai madam) or asking for a plate of the finest Pad Thai on the Khao San Road, you need to know how to ask.

This one is quite a mouthful, but not as much as the one your hot Thai lover will have one you woo her into bed. Trust me; it’s worth learning.

Sex words in Thailand

Stage two: “I love how you’ve put in the effort to learn some basic Thai phrases. Now, fuck me harder!”

Ok, so you’ve nailed the basics. You’ve hooked up with a slim Thai girl and made her wet with her native language. Well done! But you can’t just talk about please and thank you all night.

Or maybe, you’ve caught the eye of a hot Thai freelancer who wants to ride you like Seabiscuit in your hotel. But you’re an anal aficionado and need to know if her backdoors are unlocked.

Whatever your Thai sex scenario, I’ve got you covered. Now, I will spill the juices on the most practical R-rated Thai words and phrases to use on the street or the bedroom.

You are beautiful in Thai

It’s no secret that Thai women are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. If you’re hooking up with them, it pays to learn how to compliment their beauty.

Trust me; I’ve gone from a quiet date to being balls deep in a Thai girl after telling them they’re British. The word to remember is Suay.

In Thai, the word Suay is one used to describe something beautiful. To use it on Thai women, say Khun Suay Maak, which means you are very beautiful.

How to talk about sex in Thailand

Thai women might appear shy at first. But believe me, they can be a sexual tour-de-force in the bedroom. They need to overcome that shyness to get onto the topic of sex.

So whether you’re dating and looking to take things to the next level or simply looking for sex in Thailand, which is pretty damn easy, it’s essential to know the word for sex!

The word for sex in Thai is payt. But if you’re looking for a particular kind of girl. You know, the type who wears fishnets and works nights, then these terms are also worth remembering:

  • The most common term for a working girl in Thailand is So-phen-nee. If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s how to find it.

Finally, never use the word Garee for a working girl. That translates as whore and is offensive. It may get you into a sticky situation. And not the good kind!

The Thai word for Ladyboy

Next up is an essential sex word for basic Thai phrases. This country is home to an incredible number of transsexuals. Known in the West as Ladyboys.

Some foreigners visit Thailand to dick down transsexuals specifically. I completely understand why. Some of them are downright stunning!

“The transgender community in Thailand is thriving and strong, one that welcomes trans people when they are oftentimes ostracized in other parts of the world.”

– The Culture Trip.

But an equal amount is not keen on a little extra something between the legs and actively try their best to avoid Ladyboys.

Whichever one you are, it’s essential to know the Thai word for transsexuals as Ladyboy is solely a Western term. The word is kathoey.

The Thai word for blowjob

Getting your cock sucked in Thailand is so easy that you’d think it was invented here! From blowjob bars to happy ending massages, it’s not hard to get your weasel greased.

But how do you ask for one? We’ve already talked about how to discuss sex in Thai, but sometimes all a man wants is to lay back and feel the warm tongue of a Thai slut on his dick.

If you want to discuss the tip of your dick getting acquainted with a Thai girl’s tonsils, then the word you’re looking for is doot ham. Want a covered BJ? the word for condom is Thung yang.

How to say I love you in Thai

You’ve seduced a Thai woman and brought her back to your room. A few hours later, your balls are empty, and she’s ridden your cock like she was in a Tuk Tuk on an unpaved road.

You’ve seen the light. How has it taken you this long to discover the joy of Thai sex, you ask yourself.

Rolling over, you look deep into the eyes of the Thai harlot next to you as your spunk dribbles off her bouncy tits.

“I… I think… I think I love you”, you whisper to her. In response, you get a blank stare. She doesn’t have a clue what you just said!

If you’re drunk on Thai pussy and want to make your feelings known, the primary Thai phrase for ”I love you” is Rak na.

Basic Thai phrases can take your from verbal to physical intimacy in thai dating culture

Stage three: “Thanks for introducing me to this Thai-speaking foreigner. He’s awesome! Can I have a turn on his dick now?”

In conclusion, learning just a few basic phrases in Thailand can take you a long way. And not just in getting some respect from locals.

Whether you want to feel the embrace of a Thai Ladyboy (or the exact opposite) or find out what a girl’s intentions are with your penis, we’ve covered the essential words and phrases.

I’ve spent a while in Thailand and have used all of these phrases on the ground. If there’s a particular phrase you’re looking for, get in touch with me, and I’ll try to help you out!

Can you think of any basic Thai phrases that any sex tourist should know and feel I’ve missed out on this list? Drop a comment below to spread the knowledge!


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