Nuru Massage Near Me? 5 Free Ways to Find an Erotic Massage

Travelling can be exhausting. I’ll often clock up serious miles on foot exploring the sex scenes in various cities worldwide. As well as a good beer and local cuisine, I often seek out a Nuru Massage near me to wind down after a long day.

You may be familiar with Nuru massages from various porn films. It usually consists of a naked oil-drenched woman gliding over a man’s body in a highly sensual style. It often ends with a giant mess of cum and massage oil.

“The aim is for the physical contact to be as intense as possible and she will ensure her oiled up tits and slippery pussy are felt in the most sensitive parts of her client’s body.”

On-screen, it looks downright incredible. But if you think this type of erotic massage is reserved solely for the porn industry, you would be very much mistaken. The truth is, it’s not hard to find a local Nuru massage.

In this article, I will share my top secrets of how I regularly find a Nuru massage near me wherever I am in the world. I’ll be revealing many of the sites and resources I use to find them. But first, let’s explore what this incredibly sensual act is all about!

What is Nuru massage?

Like many other kinky acts, the Nuru massage originates in good ol’ Japan! It’s said to have originated in the city of motorbike fame: Kawasaki. Yes, the city created two things that usually end in a long ride.

In Japanese, the word ‘Nuru’ translates as ‘slippery’, and that’s precisely what it is. Traditionally, a female erotic masseuse will drench their bodies in highly slippery massage oil made from Nori seaweed.

Then, she’ll proceed to slide across the body of the client. The aim is for the physical contact to be as intense as possible, and she will ensure her oiled up tits and slippery pussy are felt in the most sensitive parts of her client’s body.

Almost all Nuru massages will finish in some form of sex towards the end, whether it’s a slippery happy ending hand job or messy, oiled-up sex. It’s an experience I feel everyone should try. It also has many non-sexual benefits aside from emptying your balls, like:

  • Helping the body to release toxins.
  • Moistorizing the skin and leaving it supple.
  • Rleaxing muscles and helping with stress relief.

Do you like the sound of it? Let’s show you just how to find one as I cover the best methods I use to find a Nuru massage near me!

Adult Search can be a great way to discover Nuru massage sex

Nuru massage ends in a hard fucking for oiled up slut

The NSFW directory of Adult Search mainly caters to the U.S. market. It has an enormous wealth of erotic establishments dotted across the country with authentic user reviews to accompany them.

Amongst them is a plethora of Nuru massage providers. The helpful community who use the site detail everything from opening times and prices to the types of masseuses on offer and detailed addresses.

The reviews detail what goes on behind the doors of erotic massage parlours and tell you everything you need to know about visiting. But it’s not just finding a Nuru massage near me that I use Adult Search for.

With this site, you can genuinely kill two birds with one stone. It also features detailed directories of everything from sex shops and gay saunas to female and transsexual escorts. Whatever city you’re in, you won’t get bored with the info here!

Rub Page is a great way to find local sluts offering a nude sensual massage

Not to be confused with RubMaps is RubPage. This well-run site acts as a directory for open-minded women working as independent erotic masseuses and looking to advertise their sensual and erotic services.

They have horny masseuses from all over the United States and the broader world on here. From innocent looking girls looking to pay their way through college to big-lipped bimbos who certainly know their way around a cock, there’s something for every taste.

Each independent escort advertisement features its dedicated page, which comes with an elegant picture gallery, working hours, prices, and honest customer reviews. It’s honestly a joy to navigate.

A bonus with this site is that the Nuru massage escorts are pretty well-organized and professional. There are no chancers and wannabe masseuses on here. Just well-trained and very horny women in oil. A lot of oil!

How I find an independent erotic massage nearby

I completely get that an erotic massage parlour isn’t to everybody’s tastes. They’re often not as discreet as many people would like, and there’s too much human interaction. So many guys opt for an independent erotic massage.

However, the latter is often more challenging to find than neon-lit massage parlours. But that’s if you don’t know where to look. I’ve experienced several phenomenal private Nuru massages through hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder.

Now, this isn’t an escort site. It’s just a very well-established adult hookup site for open-minded folk. But with over 100 million members, it’s not hard to find an erotic massage nearby on here.

You have to narrow down your search to find women offering sensual massages, and you’re on your way. I once found a cute Asian slut on here who gave a phenomenal Nuru massage and had quite the appetite for cum.

She was advertising as a physical therapy student looking for someone to practise on. She discreetly asked for some help towards her college fees, then provided one of the most intense Nuru experiences I’ve ever had. She’ll go far!

Finding a Nuru massage in the UK

We’ve covered a lot of destinations in this guide, but let’s not forget one of my favourite countries: The United Kingdom! This country has a wealth of erotic massage parlours, and we recently explored a plethora of them in Blackpool’s Red Light District.

So naturally, it’s not hard to find a very sensual Nuru massage in the U.K. these days. A few resources are available, but my personal favourite has to be FSBM, otherwise known as the less catchy: Full Body Sensual Massage Forum And Therapists Directory.

This is a fairly old school looking forum and directory, but don’t be put off. It has years worth of information covering everything from Tantric and Body2Body rubdowns to Nuru massages and sleazy Asian massage shops.

Like some of the other sites on this list, it also has a wealth of user reviews, so you don’t have to find out the hard way whether a place is good or not. Plus, if you’re a social butterfly or have a question to answer, the forum is a great addition.

I’ve found some fantastic tips and information through the FSBM forum. It’s genuinely an excellent place for those just getting into erotic massages to begin their journey. Overall, a perfect British addition to this list.

Rub Maps is my favourite way to find an Asian Nuru massage near me

Let’s face it: The Nuru massage originated in Japan, and there are few things better than a petite Asian dripping in oil sliding all over your body. So when it comes to finding an Asian Nuru massage near me when I’m travelling, I often use Rub Maps.

Finding an Asian Nuru massage can be difficult, depending on where you are. But thanks to Rub Maps, you don’t need to waste time and money sampling massage parlours only to find out the service, or a happy ending for that matter, ain’t happening.

It’s an easy to use site that is a mixture of an erotic massage directory and an active forum. The latter is populated by horny bastards like ourselves seeking a dripping wet rub and tug!

“Been a few times and it’s definitely worth the price. Lyn & Jasmin both let me eat their oily asses after an intense Nuru massage. I’ll definitely go back!”

– A review on Rub Maps.

My favourite thing about Rub Maps is its reviews feature. Rather than finding out the hard way a particular erotic massage parlour isn’t good, the dedicated community will voice their opinions about it and advise visiting.

There’s a wide range of erotic massage hotspots listed here. So it won’t be challenging to find a Nuru massage near you. They also have a mobile app that is seriously handy for horndogs on the move without access to a laptop.

So if you want to find an Asian slut with a penchant for oil and getting cum on her face but have always been too timid to ask, RubMaps can point you in the right direction.


A Nuru massage is seriously something every horny sexual explorer should experience to round off. Not only does it have incredible health benefits, but the sexual adventure of it all is also just downright incredible.

For me, a Nuru massage is the feeling of the soft skin of naked women exaggerated with slippery oils as it glides over the plethora of nerve endings in the spine. The thought is enough to give you erotic goosebumps on its own.

Imagine almost an hour of sexual tension that erupts when your throbbing cock is finally caressed by the soft hands of the masseuse. Then your member is buried in a warm and wet crevice until it explodes. The result is a river of cum blending in with the Nuru oil.

From forums to directories, this guide has explored the abundance of methods that I use to find a Nuru massage near me and which you can utilize too. Wherever you are worldwide, I’m sure you can find an erotic rub down through these resources.

Further reading

Overall, when seeking out an erotic massage near you, use common sense and stay within the law. Take heed of user reviews about establishments. If they seem shady, stay well away. Only go to trustworthy and legal Nuru massage businesses.


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