TS Cams: The Ultimate Trans Cams Site? (Top 10 Features)

Sometimes, dear viewers, you want more than just a mere woman. Sometimes they’re a little bit lacking.

Sometimes, you just want to engage in a bout of sexually explicit, no-strap-on pegging with a sexy shemale.

And that’s OK, dear viewers. We don’t judge here at ISG. If anything, we facilitate your ability to indulge in your various fantasies.

“One of the most popular types of live cam sex shows is those featuring women with a meaty surprise between their soft, supple thighs: T-girls.”

We do this by setting foot on every filth-purveying cam site online (free or otherwise) to find out, on your behalf, if the entertainment that it contains is any good.

We know. You can thank us later. Today, we want to introduce you to a sultry cam site that is becoming a staple sex toy of the shemale-loving community: The iconic TS Cams!

Trans Cams: An Introduction 

Sexy shemale in schoolgirl uniform on TS Cams

Sexual cam-sites are as ubiquitous as they are varied at this point, and there is something out there for everyone – whatever their poison.

One of the most popular types of live cam sex shows is those featuring women with a meaty surprise between their soft, supple thighs: T-girls. 

In fact, trans and shemale porn is one of the best-selling subgenres in the biz – though you might struggle to find 5 guys who’ll actually admit to being into it – and as such, the market is pretty large.

The biggest cam-sites on the market, such as LiveJasmine, Chaturbate etc., all feature trans models who love to get naked for their viewers, proving a real demand. 

But browsing the trans sections of otherwise vanilla cam sites sometimes isn’t quite enough for many viewers.

What if you’re looking for a specialist tranny cam website that caters only to T-girl aficionados? Fear not, dear reader – the internet, as always, has you covered.

There is no small number of trans-only cam-sites, from MyTrannyCams to TSMate and he well-established TS Cams. 

It is on the latter website that we concentrate on today: TS Cams, purveyor of the finest becocked ladies on the interwebs.

In such a small and competitive market, TS Cams has quickly established itself as the finest place on the internet for lady-cock enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at why. 

What Is TGirls Cams? 

Tgirlscams is exactly what it sounds like – an interactive cam site focusing exclusively on trans girls, tranny videos, and shemale material.

If you’re the type of guy who loves to chat with hung, naked shemales or slim, submissive ladyboys wearing a chastity toy with their holes open for anal use, then this is the website for you!

Because its exclusive focus on T-girl models and material, the website offers a specialized interactive experience that broader cam-sites simply cannot match.

From multi-categories like dick size to trans couples to cis-trans-paired couples, there’s really a lot of scope for tailoring your experience on this site. 

TGirls Cams is like an offshoot of the popular and high-quality Chaturbate. You might ask yourself why you wouldn’t simply use the sexual parent site for your tranny cam needs.

The answer is simple: because TGirls Cams has the ability to create a better entertainment experience for those viewers looking exclusively for a sexually explicit shemale sex show. 

Is TGirls Cams Free? 

Yes and no – as is the case with ImLive and many other cam-sites, there’s a level of free access that offers viewers a taster of this notorious shemale webcam site.

You can view any girls who have their online feed set to “free”, but if they get a paying customer, they’re likely to disappear for a period of time whilst they private-chat and shove anal beads up their ass, get fucked senseless, or put a bottom slut into place.

As with most other webcam websites, you get what you pay for. The interactive trans experience with premium membership is almost always worth it.

5 Iconic Features of Tgirlscams.com 

As the internet’s premier provider of girl-meat, Tgirlscams is a trans cam shows site that boasts no small number of features to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience: 

100% Ad-Free 

Even for free viewers, there are no annoying and intrusive pop-up ads or sidebar ads on this world-class webcam site – just shemale models after tranny models.

There is the odd enticement to the user to sign up (there’s a sizeable one in the top-right corner of the main page).

But of course, they want you to sign up – those tranny girls ain’t there as part of a lady-cock-donating charity, after all. 

Shemale Content Beyond The Cams: Magazine And Blog 

TGirls Cams prides itself on providing a fuller experience than most other shemale cam sites, and part of that experience is the world-class magazine and blog on the site.

Featuring a whole host of posts from both shemale performers and quality tranny porn industry insiders, the blogs/magazine posts give you a deeper understanding of the industry and can even gives viewers a greater insight into the life of your favourite shemale models. 

Unlimited Use of The Free Mode 

Some shemale cam websites give you a limited period of time to check out the free feeds and sexual shows before locking you out and demanding that you join and pay for tokens.

But this is not so with Tgirlscams, which lets you check out the free feeds for as long as you like. Whether you join the premium members or not is up to you.

“Dick size, tit size, age, ethnicity, fetishes, etc. etc. – Tgirlscams has you covered.”

It’s worth remembering that the free shemale feeds are not exactly going to set your world on fire – the models have gotta eat too, and it’s in private chats that they make their money. 

Advanced Search Tools And Filters Dedicated to Tgirl Models

Regarding trans and shemale models, most cam-sites have a single filter: ‘trans’. That’s great and all, but the T-girl aficionado needs a little more on the table than that!

Dick size, tit size, age, ethnicity, fetishes, etc. etc. – Tgirlscams has you covered. There is no website dedicated to shemale models with better search functions, period. 

Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Interface 

There’s no clutter or annoyingly fiddly buttons on Tgirlscams. The homepage is a simple thumbnail gallery of models, with online shemale models prioritized at the top.

You can hover over a thumbnail to get a live preview of what’s happening in the room (or if the model is occupied, a pre-recorded video), and you can click on the thumbnail to enter the room and join the tranny you desire for a personal experience.

Viewers can also click directly on the name of the shemale models to see their profiles. That’s pretty much it – This live tranny webcam site is clean, straightforward, and easy to use. 

You can sign up for TGirlsCams here and get a free 100% bonus credit exclusively through our link.

5 Unmissable Shemale Cam Girls 

No shemale cam-site is complete without a pecking order (official or unofficial) and Tgirlscams is no different. Here are our top picks for Tgirls Cams’ best models! 

Best BDSM Model: Ella Hardcock 

The subtly named Ms. Hardcock specializes in live BDSM, humiliation play, foot-fetish, control and domming, and this shines through on her lively feed.

Her meaty surprise only tops her sexy body that she’s not afraid to introduce to the open mouths of submissive men.

Although generally set to private (sorry, free users) she really is worth splurging out tokens for, as her private shows are the stuff of legend for those who are into live subbing for their shemale mistresses online. 

Best feature of The Sexually Explicit Ella Hardcock 

Ella’s shemale domination game is the best in the business, and she will have viewers eating out the palm of her sexy hand even over a live cam stream. 

Best Teen Shemale Model: JuunSora18 

This 19-year-old Hispanic T-girl knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to show it.

The impressively-hung, small-breasted JuunSora18 gives some of the sexiest private shows around and complements her shemale youth with her ability to cut straight to the chase and give men what they want. 

A rising star on Tgirlscams, Juun is only going to get more and more requests for interactive private chats and personal live sex sessions as time goes by, so be sure to take advantage before the other viewers realise what they’re missing! 

Best feature of JuunSora18 

Undoubtedly her self-described “enormous tool”, which she’s only too happy to share in private shemale webcam shows (and sometimes in her free feed!). 

Best Ebony T-girl: Bigdickgal 

New-York-based Bigdickgal is not only one of Tgirls Cams’ best webcam models, but she’s also a bonafide porn star and a sex professional.

It’s hard not to feel awed by being the center of Bigdickgal’s attention if you end up in a live private chat with her, so overwhelming is her charisma (and cock).

Bigdickgal is one of the shemale performers who prides herself on making straight adult men her bottoms and loves anal domination, so buckle up and get ready for the (e-)fucking of your life. 

Best feature of Bigdickgal’s Tranny Cam

If not her massive shemale cock, then undoubtedly her impressive D-cup tits and her porn-star panache. This is one of the shemale models who is definitely not one for first-timers! 

Best Asian Ladyboy: ImSexyThai 

Thai ladyboy models are a classic for a reason: petite, demure and feminine to the extreme, the only way you can tell you’re not fucking a cis woman is the cock between her legs. 

ImSexyThai is all of this and more; as one of TGirls Cam’s very best Asian ladyboys, she will take care of your every desire and then some. 

A self-described ‘naughty bitch’, ImSexyThai is a consummate professional when it comes to taking care of your needs and will have you geysering faster than Ol’ Faithful. 

Best features of ImSexyThai That All of Her Viewers Love!

Undoubtedly her petite, slender frame complemented nicely by D-cup tits. ImSexyThai is all woman (except for her huge cock, of course). 

Best Latina T-girl: CammiiNiieves 

Petite Latina bombshell CammiiNiieves is as turned on by what she hears as what she sees, and she’s a huge fan of pleasuring herself while you talk dirty to her and work her up into an ecstasy of libidinal release.

She’s also a huge fan of toys and receiving direction, so be sure that this Latina lady will carry out your every instruction should you choose to take her into a private chat (and why wouldn’t you?). 

Best feature of CammiiNiieves

CammiiNiieves’ killer legs are almost as good as what’s between them, and her simulated blowjobs are second only to (we presume) her actual blowjobs. 

What Are The Payment Options on Tgirlscams? 

Like most cam-sites, Tgirlscams makes use of its own proprietary credit system, which you can buy with a debit card or PayPal.

Unlike some other sites, their credit system is not needlessly Byzantine: 1 credit equals 1 USD. 

Unusually, there is no bulk discount on Tgirlscams – if you buy $100 worth of credits, it’s still 100 credits.

There is an exemption for PumaPay cryptocurrency, however; if paying in PumaPay, you will receive a bulk discount. 

A private cam-show will run you about $3 per minute. This is a tad expensive compared to a standard cam-site, but Tgirlscams is a specialist website, and you get what you pay for.

If the cost is a little too high for you, you can band together with fellow users for a “candy show”, which is the site’s name for a group show. These cost about $1 per minute. 

You can also take a peek at girls who are already in private shows.

This option is really for the more hardcore voyeurs out there, as you won’t be able to talk to the girl, direct the action, or see what the other participants in the private show are doing/saying. It costs about the same as a private show. 

The good news is that Tgirlscams does get cheaper the more you use it; every time you spend credits, you’ll get points which can be traded in for bonus credits when you have enough. 

There are also a number of perks for the various tiers of membership; at the highest level you’ll get free credits and access to exclusive Q&A sessions with established trans actresses and porn stars, so it’s well worth it! 

Conclusion: Should I Get Naked With The Girls on Tgirlscams?

Absolutely you should! There is a reason why it’s the best-regarded sexually explicit T-girl cam site out there that has developed a strong community of users aged 18 years and upwards.

From the quality of the shemale performers to the naked tranny cam streams themselves, the generous membership benefits and the sheer breadth and scope of T-girls on display, there’s a sexy stream for all types of legal (18 years or up) users on Tgirlscams. 

You can sign up for TGirlsCams here and get a free 100% bonus credit exclusively through our link.

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Disclaimer: This guide to one of the most highly regarded live sex chat and transsexual webcam websites may contain affiliate links. When a successful purchase is made through one of these links, ISG may receive a small commission in return at no extra cost to our viewers.


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