Top 9 Surprising Local Cam Girl Nationalities on Adult Camming Sites

From humble beginnings, the realm of adult camming has surged to insane levels of popularity over the last couple of years, with local cam girls being found in all corners of the world.

Mainly due to its ability to offer an incredible array of adult entertainment features that the mainstay of adult entertainment for the last few decades, mainstream porn, simply can’t match.

So, what are these features? Well, to list them all would require an entirely new article dedicated to covering each one in detail.

But, to put it simply, most popular cam sex platforms like Jerkmate are able to offer an epic array of interactive sex features that are achieved through everything from live sex chats to interactive sex toys that can be controlled from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

”There’s more than one type of sausage German girls love to slide down their neck, and it comes with a side of cum and deepthroat drool instead of mustard and sauerkraut!”

Naturally, this has seen an enormous surge in people coming to live sex sites to take advantage of this exceptionally convenient and wildly fun chance to virtually fuck countless horny women from around the world.

In sync, we’ve also seen a flood of horny sluts flocking to these sites to play with the guys and girls signing up.

But where do these cam models come from? Well, they’re drawn from numerous countries worldwide, but there’s a particular handful of countries that see an incredible number of women flocking to live sex work.

In this article, we’re going to look at five of the most commonly found places where all of these local cam girls come from, and the answers will surprise you!

Now, let’s get ready to traverse the world of live sex and meet some of the horniest women on the globe as we explore some of the most common cam girl nationalities.

Romania is Full of Cam Models Who Want to Suck Your Cock, Not Your Blood!

First, we head to the nation of Romania. In years gone by, this country that straddles both the Black Sea and the Danube River has been known for the likes of Vlad Tepes (the O.G. Dracula), the setting of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the crazy antics of Nicolae Ceausescu and his equally shocking downfall.

These days, however, Romania is becoming well-known for producing an entirely different type of export; horny cam girls!

Unlike Dracula, these chicks don’t want to suck your blood; they want to suck every last drop of cum from your balls instead!

You don’t have to look far on any leading cam sex site to find girls from Romania performing some of the wildest live sex shows you’ve ever seen.

The chicks coming out of this nation are jaw-droppingly beautiful, too, thanks to the unique blend of Latin blood and Slavic influence this country boasts.

Of course, if you’re a porn connoisseur, you’re no doubt already acquainted with the erotic abilities of Romanian girls thanks to the iconic porn performances of Sandra Romain, who left her homeland to take the U.S. porn industry by storm during the Noughties.

Germany’s Kinky Reputation Goes Far Beyond Its Porn Industry

Teen girl on girl live sex show at a German porn convention

Next, we head to the land of fine beer and huge sausages, Germany! But there’s more than one type of sausage German girls love to slide down their neck, and it comes with a side of cum and deepthroat drool instead of mustard and sauerkraut!

German girls took the porn industry by storm thanks to their insatiable sexual appetites and ability to perform some of the wildest and most taboo fetishes known to man, from watersports adventures to depraved creampie orgies that left viewers both shocked and cumming hard.

These days, they’ve successfully transitioned their hardcore penchant for sex into the live sex cams industry, and any trusty cam sex website like JerkMate is teeming with horny German girls eager to show you their naughtiest sex secrets in wild live sex shows.

There’s More to the Netherlands Than the Red Light District

Teen webcam model plays with her boobs at Venus Berlin

The Netherlands is an incredibly small country, but it more than makes up for it with a national love of sex that dwarfs its size.

After all, this is the nation well-known for its world-class red-light districts, sex clubs, and liberal attitudes towards sexual liberation. We’ve even written a dedicated Dutch sex guide!

In 2020, like most of the world, the Netherlands was forced to close its red-light districts and adult establishments for the sake of public safety, meaning many of the country’s sex workers were left seeking alternative forms of work.

Luckily, both for them and for us, they found it in the world of live sex cams! Even after the pandemic began to subside, many Dutch sex workers remained in the adult camming world and continued to provide some truly in-your-face performances that drew upon their former careers in the sex industry.

These live porn performances are the definition of professionally made and have to be seen to be believed!

Colombia is a Hub of Adult Cam Models

Latina cam girl cums on herself

Now, it’s time to head out of Europe and into the steamy tropics of Colombia, which is one of the cam sex industry’s leading suppliers of horny sluts. In years gone by, this nation had a nefarious reputation for the production of a dangerous white substance. 

These days, Colombian women are changing things up by producing a far stickier kind of white stuff spurting out of the dicks of any guy lucky enough to catch themselves performing in a live sex show with one of them!

From sex-loving 18+ teen sluts to sexually-experienced Latina MILFs who can’t function without at least five hard dicks a day, Colombian girls are no joke when it comes to sex.

Luckily, you don’t have to fly all the way to Bogota to get between their divine thighs because there’s no shortage of them waiting to play with you on live cam sites like!

The Middle East is a Surprising Hub for Live Cam Sex

Yep, I know this isn’t a nationality, but bear with me! The often strict conservative nature of the Middle East doesn’t exactly provide the best environment for sexually liberated women to flourish, but it takes more than a strict environment to stop a nymphomaniac.

This is why many live sex cam sites worldwide are flooded with horny Arab girls from across the Middle East performing in a Bhurka to hide their identity, leaving only their cock-loving eyes on show.

But while their faces may be obscured, their insatiable sex drive isn’t. These girls have a lot of pent-up sexual frustration inside them, and they want to unleash it all over your face if you’re brave enough!

It’s Not Hard to Find a Local Cam Girl in the United Kingdom

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s wet in the UK; most of the women are too! In days gone by, Britain has had a reputation for being a prudish country, but the reality is that this Victorian-era stereotype is long dead, and British sluts are eager to prove it!

From cock-hungry mature MILFs to nymphomaniac 19-year-olds who live, sleep, eat, and breathe dick, the UK is one of the cam industry’s top providers of horny sluts eager to please their fans, and their sex shows never disappoint.

The only downside is that some of the thicker UK accents can be hard to understand, but who cares when you’re pushing British girls into some of the most powerful orgasms they’ve ever had via remote-controlled vibrators? Because at that point, the conversation is going to be the last thing on your horny mind!

Russia is the Motherland of Smoking-Hot Sluts!

German sex tourist with Russian hooker in a bathhouse

Welcome to the Motherland! Since the collapse of the USSR and the fall of the iron curtain, countless people worldwide have been introduced to the divine beauty of Russian women as well as the decades of pent-up sex they have between their legs.

Hell, if you’ve been balls-deep in my notorious telling of the time I got to fuck a Russian whore in the unrecognized state of Transnistria, you’ll know that I’m one of them! If not, you can read it here!

Now, Russia isn’t a country that’s easy to travel around due to the widespread lack of English being spoken, so visiting the place to meet and bang as many horny Russian girls as possible is easier said than done. But this is where live cam sites come in to save the day!

Even if a Russian cam girl (of which there are thousands) doesn’t speak good English, any decent live cam site which has a translation feature in its live sex chat feature, allowing you to flawlessly communicate with some of Russia’s naughtiest sluts and watch them act out your naughtiest sex fantasies in real-time!

The United States has Some Epic Porn-Grade Cam Girls

Naked teen cam model at Venus 2022

When it comes to hardcore sex, the U.S.A. has an insanely diverse variety spread across its many states (and our dedicated all-American sex guide to the U.S.A. proves it!).

After all, this is the nation home to some of the most iconic porn studios to ever grace our cum-soaked screens!

Like in the Netherlands and many other countries worldwide, many women working in the adult industry across North America were left out of work due to social distancing, causing many of them to seek alternative employment performing live porn on adult camming platforms.

As a result, many of them found a far more flexible and liberating working environment where they controlled their hours, marketing, and performances, meaning many decided to remain long after social distancing came to an end.

These days, you can often find a debauched array of horny American girls performing some truly porn-grade performances on adult cam sites that will make you feel like you’re directing your own private adult movie. It’s wild!

Ukraine Has Some of the Most Stunning Cam Girls in Europe!

The Undefeated Ukraine Sex Tourism Guide (Top Tips For 2022)

And last but by no means least is one of Europe’s biggest nations, Ukraine! Just like neighboring Russia, this fascinating country has long had a reputation for having some of the most stunning women in Europe.

Luckily for us, many of them are eager to slide their cocks around foreign dicks, and an equal number of them love performing live sex shows on adult cam platforms!

If natural blondes with big tits and soaking wet pussies are the kind of girls that make you go wild, then Ukraine has you covered.

Don’t let their communist past fool you, either, because Ukrainian girls are well and truly moving with the times and have settled in nicely amongst a wide range of jaw-dropping kinks and fetishes that are as long as the Dnieper River!

The Wild World of Live Sex Awaits!

One of the most beautiful things about live sex cam sites is how they’ve brought sex-loving women from around the world together and allowed them to connect with an equally horny audience in some of the wildest ways possible.

But while this article has covered some of the most common nationalities that can be found on live sex cam sites, it’s by no means an exhaustive list.

To find out the true extent of how many horny women from around the world can be found working in the live porn industry, just visit any leading live sex cam site like Jerkmate and filter girls according to their nationality!