The Glorious Guide to Granny Sex Dating in 2022!

Have you ever fantasised about being balls deep inside older or mature women and fucking out every last ounce of their sexual frustration? Yes, of course, you have!

Let’s face it, watching all of that fantastic porn with mature women somehow fuelled this idea inside your brain that it would be really hot to do it with an older or mature woman.

Be it sugar mommies, cougars, or a horny granny; many people are looking to casually date older women.

So trust me; you are probably not the only guy around looking to nail older women, that sexy local granny you always see, or cougars hungry for sex with younger men.

Women in positions of authority are finding emotional fulfillment from dating young men.”

– Cougar love: 16 reasons young men are attracted to older women.

So, how should you proceed with this devious idea of yours? What is the best way to start casually dating older women to give them the sex they deserve?

Worry not if you do not know how we have got you covered. Read on to know how you should go about dating or hooking up with sugar mommies or granny cougars for sex.

We will also give you a list of the best granny sex dating sites/apps to help you date/hook up with grannies aged 50+ who seek horny younger men.

Why Is Being With An Older Woman So Damn Awesome!

Yes, we all know that girls your age are not mature enough. We have seen and heard it all. We do not refute your claims. Being with an older woman or sugar mommy is definitely better.

Forget all the tensions and worries; you will be dating a woman who is not only older but also smarter than you.

Horny Grannies Have More Sexual Experience

Simply put, older women and grannies have more life and sexual experience than you. She has more experience in dealing with life matters than you.

These sex-hungry grannies aren’t called ‘cougars’ for anything!

Usually, women tend to reach their complete sexual maturity by their late 30s or early 40s. If you happen to date an older woman, know that she will always be more mature in bed than you.

In real life, cougars, grannies or older women will be more mature and capable than you in taking life decisions. They will always be more appreciative of your life choices and decisions.

Seniors Are Great At Giving Advice

Again, it hardly needs to be said that female seniors are generally better at giving advice than their traditionally male counterparts. A post-sex chat with a granny is often rewarding.

Specifically, older women are, in general, more sensitive, more rational, and better listeners as compared to young men.

Most young men, usually, are really bad at listening and don’t even get me started on sensitivity.

Don’t get me wrong, young men are often hot and passionate lovers, but they are never that open while listening.

So yeah, being with older women is a definite plus while making crucial decisions, as she will always have your back. Turn to seniors when in need of free crucial advice, and they won’t disappoint.

When it comes to sex, this will translate into her being more open, communicating with you, and having mind-blowing sex with multiple orgasms.

They Can Handle Their Alcohol

Trust me; older women can handle their alcohol. Most ladies in their late 30s and late 40s have had all those experiences that young men have in their 20s.

They know which alcohol pairs well with each occasion and know some super useful hangover cures.

If you’re dating a granny, forget waking up with a bad hangover and drink that kale smoothie (trust me, it works like a charm).

Consume copious amounts of alcohol on a date with an older woman, but the conversation will never fade away.

Of course, be prepared for what comes next (yes, it’s some hot, amazing granny sex!).

They Help You Grow

Honestly, when it comes to dating attractive older women, the biggest perk is having experiences that will enrich your life.

Mature women tend to have had many life experiences that make them who they are. Therefore, I find that they’re usually strong, confident, and supportive.

Nobody understands your need for support and love when you go through transitory life phases more than mature women and grannies.

They help you grow into the best version of yourself. Of course, banging only mature women will probably make you really experienced at sex and into anybody’s bed if you please.

Top 5 Granny Dating Tips For Casual Sex With GILFs And Older Women

Wait before you read this section if you intend to go out with GILFs. This should definitely feature on your ‘list of pre-requisites to know before nailing a GILF’.

It will help you become a better lover and know what to expect while having casual sexual encounters with older women. ‘

Embrace The Age Gap

It’s very important to know that while the age gap might not matter for you, it might matter for your partner or for society.

In any case, you should never live in denial about the age gap when you date a woman older than you. You should learn to embrace the age gap.

As they say, a successful sexual encounter starts in your brain and then makes its way slowly.

Make sure you know that because the age gap might make this sexual encounter a bit different (probably a lot, too) than having sex with a sexually-inexperienced girl in her 20s.

Learn To Communicate

The sooner you understand that having sex with older women is more about communication than stamina and technique, the better it is for you.

Do not hesitate to communicate with the MILF you are hooking up with. They might even accede to some of your kinkier requests if you know how to!

Find Your Ideal Partners on Granny Dating Sites Like AFF or Ashley Madison

Yes, it’s the best time to let you know that just like tinder, there are these specific granny dating sites where younger men like you can meet older women and fuck them too.

Stop going to all those birthday parties looking for grannies near you to hook up with. Instead, log on to the list of websites we suggest below to find your perfect match and have some steamy, intense sex.

Dominance Is Often The Answer

Yes, you read it right. Only in bed do women, especially older women, like to be dominated, especially by younger men.

Many of the horny GILFs I’ve met want nothing more than to be tied up and ravished by hot young men who dominate them and their bodies.

To learn how to dominate in bed and look after the need of your mistress or MILF. They usually respond well to masculine energy in bed and crave it really badly.

Although, granny sex isn’t one size fits all. You may equally encounter mature women who love to dominate young men in bed. Either way, it’s a lot of fun!

Make a Mature Woman Feel Confident And Wanted

Usually, with age, mature women tend to have self-image issues. They start to feel less wanted because their bodies are ageing.

If you manage to make the horny grannies you meet wanted and confident in her body, attire and looks, you can be sure that you will get her into your bed.

Most Popular Granny Dating Sites For Bagging Mature GILFs in 2023

Ok, that’s some of the most crucial granny dating tips covered. Now, let’s get into this guide’s wet and juicy stuff.

What is the best granny dating site for you to seek out local granny sex today? Stay tuned; we’re about to tell you!

Adult Friend Finder Is Packed Full of Grannies Seeking Sex

Adult Friend Finder is probably one of the earliest dating sites that allowed you to hook up with mature women or MILFs online.

They have been online for decades and are a trusted online dating space for hot, sexually-liberated adults.

This famous casual hookup and dating site has both (free and paid) versions that you can use to hook up with attractive mature ladies and grannies.

If you decide to opt for the paid version, know that it costs around $39 a month. It will help you find some high-quality granny dating opportunities and connect with real people.

You can start by joining here and starting your search for a single granny looking for younger men today!

It offers a live chat feature which is great for fast and efficient online dating with other members.It mainly exists for hookups and casual sex; this dating site is not for those seeking long-term relationships.
The unpaid non-members version is free to join and is quite good, too, if you want casual granny sex hookups.The premium version of this granny sex dating site is costly, but you do get what you pay for.
8 million + members are registered on this dating site, so you won’t struggle to search and find a person to match with and meet.The user interface is slightly dated.


Ashley Madison Is An Online Dating Site With a Naughty Reputation

Honestly, if you haven’t heard of Ashley Madison, you probably do not know much about dating an older woman.

Truth be told, many hot GILF ladies are stuck at home in dead-end marriages. Their dream is to find local younger men online to take all of their sexual frustration out on in person.

Ashley Madison is a service that connects cheating mature ladies to the sexual opportunities they crave.

This has to be one of the top GILF dating sites out there for dating mature women. Their USP is that they charge nothing from females, while men are charged a premium if they want to connect on this website.

Interested in finding a meet with sex-starved seniors looking to ride a younger man? You can join here and start looking for your mature sex partner today!

GILF ladies can use it for free, making it quite an active spot for old women looking to find sex.It experienced a data breach in recent years.
It is discreet enough to allow members to have privacy in their search for granny sex.Every ‘interaction’ costs credits’ if you’re a man.
It has got more than 0.5 million active users, so you probably won’t have a problem finding local grannies near you.

Contact Cougar Is a Popular Granny Dating Site, And It’s Free!

This definitely has to be one of the top granny sex sites to join if you’re interested in hooking up with mature women and grannies.

The USP of this granny dating site is that it is mostly free for single men to make an account, but a few options are chargeable.

Date 40+ cougars through this site and dive head first into granny sex, and you will have known one of the finer joys of life.

To find your match with horny mature people located near you, sign up to the site today, make a free profile, and start looking!

Subscriptions to this dating service site are actually really affordable when compared to other similar sites.Less secure than other granny dating sites, so ensure you use a strong password.
Lots of active users on the site and, therefore, many local dating opportunities with hot old grannies looking for young guys.
The site features are mobile and tablet-friendly, so site members can keep their profile active on the move.

In conclusion, Granny Sex Dating Is a Lot of Fun!

Honestly, dating older women and grannies now is the new way to know everybody in town that you are the main guy.

Forget all those lame, sexually inexperienced girls in their 20s and look out for the wild GILFs.

Know that behind that calm, polished granny exterior lies an untamed Cougar that will probably give you the best sexual experience of your life.

Prepare to get intimidated and punished by her or be asked to do the same to her. GILFs are the talk of the town now, and for all the right reasons. 

So what are you waiting for? Use the sites we have suggested and get yourself a cougar right now! A world of granny sex dating awaits!