Sex, Camera, Action! The Top 8 Unmissable Adult Cam Sites

The internet: The entire sum of all human knowledge collated, for the first time ever, across a powerful, ever-growing gestalt collection of millions of computers working together to produce something truly wondrous. Which, of course, we mostly use to look at porn. 

But we are fickle creatures, and even having access to tens of millions of hours of unadulterated porn gets old after a while. It’s not fresh. It’s not responsive

Well, my friend, that’s where adult cam sites come in. All the porniness of porn, but with added interactivity of cam girls.

Adult cam sites aren’t filmed for mass consumption and shoved out for thousands to see. This live sex is tailored. This is personalised. This is for you. 

But where is a horny adult cam sites connoisseur to begin? The live sex cams scene is as varied and eclectic as the internet itself. How can you possibly make a decision? 

Allow us to help you out, budding cam-monger, as we take you down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of the best adult cam sites. is a new kid on the block, starting business in 2021, the site generally has 100+ of the hottest cam models active at any one time.

The site is streamlined and functional, with a gallery of active models flanked by recommended live sex webcams, top webcam models, and top viewers. 

“Wait a sec,” you may well be saying, “why do I give a shit about top viewers?” 

Indeed, you may not, but encourages a little friendly competition between its viewers by granting awards based on videos viewed, private chats bought, tips given etc.

The higher you are the more recognition you’ll get off the models, so it might be worth it if you like a bit of extra attention from some of the hottest girls around.

One of the big draws of is that you actually get to see quite a lot without paying a penny.

Unlike some other cam sites, the models are willing to get their clothes off even in the free rooms – although you always have the option to go for a private strip chat. 

A private chat will run you, on average, $3 per minute and you’ll be able to direct the action.

If this is a little steep, there is an option to split the cost and do a group private chat for up to six people. This significantly lowers the cost and gets you more bang for your buck. 

The video quality is generally pretty good quality on, coming in at at least 720p but more often 1080p for the best sex cams.

All in all, as an upcoming site, shows plenty of promise but still has a ways to go to become one of the best cam sites.

Note that there are currently very few trans performers and no guys at all. 


XCams is a well-loved adult cam site, and it’s not hard to see why.

Clean, functional and clearly laid out, it’s pretty fast to get into things and you can enter a hell of a lot of cam girls’ rooms for free to begin with.

To save you a bit of time, you can simply hover over a cam girl’s profile and you’ll get thumbnail footage of what’s going on in her room. 

Obviously, the free sex chat options aren’t going to blow your mind – you’re sharing the chatroom with a bunch of other horny guys, and the cam girl is unlikely to start stripping unless you initiate a private/VIP chat with her.

But it’s a great way to window shop and get an idea of which amateur cam girls you’d most be willing to pay to see more of in private shows.

Xcams is heavily skewed towards women rather than men; there are usually upwards of 300 women online, but only a handful of men.

That said, there are also a bunch of couples cams on at any given time, which are at about a 70-30 lesbian-straight ratio. 

At any given time, there are also around 20 tranny cams going. These transsexual cam girls tend towards exhibitionism and might be more willing to give the free crowd a bit of a show before money changes hands. 

Deluxe options come in two flavors: private and VIP. In a private chat room, it’s just you with the cam girl model; she’ll only be chatting with you.

You can even go on live cam together for an added jolt of virtual reality. Private costs around $0.75-$1 per minute. 

VIP is where it’s really at – the cam girl model will not be able to receive other messages and will be fully devoted to you in a private room.

You can also voice-chat with the model and, should you desire, even use interactive sex toys! Nice features, but VIP will run you about 2-3 times the cost of private. 


A big player on the amateur camgirl circuit, Bongacams is an extremely popular European site with plenty of cam models active across all their categories.

Compared to some other popular cam sites, Bongacams has a very healthy active community of trans and male performers. 

This cam site is a little busy and will often push you to sign up, but its loading times for adult cams are very fast and easy to thumbnail over models that interest you for a quick preview of the action in the top sex cams.

Bongacams have a whole host of privacy options. The standard free sex cams chat is pretty good, as webcam models can be persuaded to follow your direction for the odd tip, and of course, you can watch models respond to other guys’ requests. 

Private chats are exactly what they sound like – you’ll have the full attention of cam girls, and they will respond to you only.

Note that other customers can still peek in using spy mode. Because Bongacams is a European site, their tokens are bought in Euros; a private chat will cost around 5 euros a minute. 

If you don’t want other people peeking in, you can opt for a full private chat with your lucky crush.

This costs about 50% again on top of the private chat cost, coming to around 7.5 euros a minute.

Some cam girls may not be willing to do this, as they can get a better price from a standard private chat plus people spying. 

Speaking of spy shows, these are a much cheaper live sex cams option than a standard private chat, with the drawback that you can only watch and cannot communicate with the cam girls. These live cams will cost you about 1.25 euros per minute. 

If you want some input, you can cobble together some money with other users and have a group chat.

This costs about 2.50 euros per minute and you have the option to turn your webcam on, should you wish. 

You can’t go wrong with Bongacams: excellent speeds, good-quality cam shows, and so many girls make it a slut roulette.

Looking For Live Sex Cam Sites With Pornstars? Camsoda!

A relatively new site founded in 2015, Camsoda offers a very slick freemium experience on a nice-looking, fast-loading live cam site.

Though there is a lot of mileage to be had out of the free options (there are a lot of Cam Soda models already naked and playing with themselves/real sex toys in free shows without a cent being exchanged).

Do be aware that you will need to register with a valid email address before you can access any adult webcams. 

Camsoda has a great selection of female models who, despite the site being freemium, are pretty enthusiastic about their jobs. It’s also home to a range of Top Rated Camgirls, including a number of former pornstars!

There are quite a few trans adult webcam performers and well-known transsexual pornstars.

Camsoda is primarily a freemium webcam site, so there are many chat options. Open video chat is your basic free option, and it’s pretty damn good.

There’s a lot of flesh on display compared to some other sites, and you don’t need to get your wallet out to see plenty of hot girls fingering, ass-playing, sucking dildos, etc.

You can also spend your tokens to activate sex toys such as Lovense vibrators, adding an extra level of intimacy to affairs. 

Private shows are not so much of a staple on Camsoda as other sites, but they’re still there.

These private rooms can be pretty expensive, running at around USD $6 on average; it’s possible, however, to find plenty of girls going lower than this if you hunt around.

The good news is that you can usually record your private live cam shows for later viewing. 

Ticket shows are basically group shows, as you might find on other cam sites. They work slightly differently in that you buy a ticket and, once enough tickets have been sold, the show begins. 

LiveJasmin’s registration process is extremely straightforward and user-friendly.

You do not need to input credit card details, but note that if you do, you will be given 10 free credits (very roughly equivalent to around $10). 

All told, LiveJasmin is one of the top cam sites – if a little costly –and is highly recommended as one of the most popular sex cam sites.


One of the best budget live webcam sites around, ImLive features tens of thousands of great-looking models at prices that won’t have your wife kicking you out (not for your budgeting, anyway). 

ImLive features a lot of free models but also has extremely reasonably priced private cam-to-cam sessions and private group viewings.

You can also join your favourite models’ discount clubs and get access to explicit pre-recorded sex cams videos. Can’t say fairer than that! 

The site also features a fantastic multi-viewer option which, much like Marty Jr in Back to the Future Part 2, you can use to watch up to six channels simultaneously.

This is a great way to check out a number of girls before making a decision on a purchase. 

A strong check in ImLive’s plus column is its Fulfil Your Fantasy function. You can detail any fetish you like (as long as it’s legal) and post it, and you’ll soon have an inbox full of models eager to make your dreams come true.

This adult cam site is a fantastic way to quickly find someone willing to satisfy your niche fantasies from erotic asphyxiation to Brazilian fart-fetish porn.

The free video chat on ImLive is a taster designed to draw you into paying for a private chat, and it’s perfectly serviceable.

Watch out for models posting discount codes into the chatbox, as this can save you a ton of cash.

Private chat costs depend on the girl; a brand-new amateur might cost around $1/min, while established camgirls charge $3-4, and professional porn stars might go for as high as $10/min.

Private chats come with cam-to-cam, and 2-way audio enabled, which makes them really good value for money. You can also record private chats for later inspection.

If you wanna save a bit of money, a candy show might be for you. Similar to other group chats, this is a fixed-time group chat from 5-20 minutes that is pretty cheaply priced, usually costing between $3-5 for the whole show. 

Group cams are an interesting option for clients who want two girls (on separate cams) at the same time. You pay for both girls but get a $0.70 discount per minute on the second one. 

Around half the feeds on ImLive are HD, but they are slowly getting around to upgrading all of them.

Another great feature of the website is its loyalty program; the more cash you put into ImLive, the cheaper it gets. 

If you’re looking for good-quality models at an affordable price and with plenty of options, then, ImLive is the site for you.

Sister-site to ImLive, is where you go exclusively for all your lady-cock needs.

Similarly to Im Live, Tgirlscam is an amazingly affordable cam site and gets even cheaper with the same loyalty program. 

Free shows and chats are an appetizer for the main course. It’s easy to chat with the girl and get a feel for what she’s like/willing to do before ponying up the credits.

When you do, a private sex chat is very reasonably priced – between $1 to (in rare cases) $5. 

As with ImLive, there is a candy show option for clients looking to save a bit of money and view live adult cams as a group.

These run the gamut from $3-15, depending on the length and the girl herself. 

Voyeur cam shows are Tgirlscam’s way of letting you peek in on other people’s private chats.

This costs the same as a private chat, so it’s really only recommended if you’re really into your voyeurism or very shy. 

And that’s pretty much it; is a pretty minimalistic adult webcam site, but it does what it sets out to do.

Do be warned that HD live cams are very uncommon, so you may not get the crystal-clear picture quality that you might expect if you’re, say, a LiveJasmin regular. 


Last but not least is one of the most unique live sex cam sites. Anyone who’s ever visited JerkMate will be unable to forget their highly memorable ‘intro’.

Here, you can direct a porn star to demonstrate her blowjob skills, show off her ass, jiggle her boobs, and a host of other options.

There are a plethora of porn stars on display, and it’s a fun little way to introduce you to the site. 

Following this, you’re taken to the ‘intro’ site. This features porn star bios, some interactive roleplay sections and a bunch of random cams where you can get a taste.

Note that this is the free preview site, however, so it really is just a taste. It is a great taste, though, and does a fine job of convincing you to sign up for this leading sex cam site.

Once you have registered (which simply requires you to validate your email address) you can peruse their many high-quality live sex cam feeds.

Even without spending a dime, you can have a great time, as there are many free cam feeds to check out, and a lot of the best adult cam models are given to semi-regular nudity even without money changing hands. 

Unique amongst live sex cam sites, JerkMate offers a pay-as-you-go system rather than a proprietary credits system.

No worrying about your private chat ending mid-feed because you ran out of free tokens – you simply keep going and are charged at the end.

This is great for those who’ve felt the frustration of being kicked out of a live cam sex chat just as things were getting hot and heavy! 

A private chat will typically run you around $1-4 per minute, although really high-end girls can charge as much as $12/min.

An exclusive show – where nobody can peek at your goings-on – may cost as little as a few cents extra, to double the cost of a private chat.

A Gold Show is JerkMate’s group performance equivalent. The model sets her price (for example, $10) and interested clients pony up “gold” (not exactly a credit system, but JerkMate’s proprietary tipping currency) until the price is met. You then get access to the live sex show. 

There are also block sessions, which are a great way to pre-purchase just a few minutes or a block of time for a decent discount.

You can buy in 15/30/45/60 minute sessions, for 5/10/15/20% discounts, respectively. This is a fantastic adult entertainment option if you like to take your time. 

All in all, JerkMate is a fantastic, user-friendly, reasonably priced live porn option that comes in highly recommended.

It even has a little cam robot mascot called Jerky – what’s not to love? 


The undisputed king of the best adult cam sites, LiveJasmin is the largest cam site and is unparalleled in the quality of the live porn videos, girls and customer service.

It’s a little more costly than other sex cam sites, but it’s not hard to see why when the quality is this high. 

Most of the models on LiveJasmin are lookers, and the competition does not even come close on their fetish, male and trans performer catalogue.

Their 24/7 customer service also cannot be beaten – rest assured that any issues you have will be resolved quickly and speedily.

Also handy are their model profiles, which are detailed yet easy to follow. The profiles swiftly give you an idea of what the model is willing to do in private sessions, saving you misunderstandings and wasted time.

The cam-to-cam support is also fantastic for those of you looking for a more intimate session. 

LiveJasmin’s free chat option is decent for what it is – since the models are of such a high quality, they’re a pleasure simply to see sitting around in their underwear.

However, you cannot tip, and no amount of cajoling will convince a model to get naked in any way. If you want that, you’re gonna have to get them into a private chat. 

Private chat very much depends on the girl, and can be as cheap as $1 per minute all the way up to $10 per minute.

Typically, you’ll be looking at around $2 per minute and may pay extra to enable 2-way audio or cam-to-cam. 

There is also a mobile live option, whereby you can pay to watch the models go around their daily lives.

Because of the less focused nature of this, it’s accordingly cheaper; expect to pay around $1-2 per minute if you go private. 

The shy amongst you may be inclined to take a peek. You’ll get a 25-second look-in on someone else’s private show, and the model won’t be notified.

This costs about $2. Note that models can block people from taking a peek, but they generally don’t; it’s extra money for no extra work. 

VIP shows, LiveJasmin’s term for a group show, is probably the best value for money.

Sometimes costing as little as $1-3 for a 15-minute show, the VIP shows are the cheapest method for getting a fantastic porn show in great quality HD. 

A Wet World of Adult Sex Cam Sites Awaits You!

And there you have it – our exhaustive collection of honest reviews of the 8 best cam sites out there!

Did we miss any out? Do you have any favourite cam sex girls and female performers you’d like to give a shout-out to? Let us know!  


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