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Ultimate USA Sex Guide: New York to Las Vegas (2023)

Howdy partner, and welcome to our ultimate USA sex guide to the Land of the Free and the home of the sexually...

Catherine Duffy of Whoreuro Exposed! (Exclusive Interview)

Amongst kinkster circles and various adult communities around the world, there's a well-respected word that is gaining increased notoriety: Whoreuro. But even more intriguing, is the taboo seductress behind Whoreuro: Catherine Duffy. This proud whore has spent the last decade with her legs spread in the seediest corners of Europe.

Thai Blowjob Bar: How to Find Them & Visit Like a Pro!

The Land of Smiles is renowned for many things, but chief among those things is its status as a premier sex tourism...

5 Awesome Places to Find a Czech Glory Hole in Prague

From beer to big tits and mega orgies to legal prostitution, the Czech Republic offers a lot to the kinky traveller.

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Five years ago, Karl quit his job to pursue a full-time career in sex tourism and the adult industry. From adult photography to reporting on sexual institutions around the world, he is fascinated by the world of uninhibited sex and debauchery. From Thailand to Brazil and everywhere in between, there are few sloppy sex scenes that Karl hasn't been balls deep in. Through ISG, he plans to share all the sticky secrets with you.

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Welcome to International Sex Guide. We're the only magazine you need to explore global sex scenes, hookup cultures, and adult fun. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience sampling the pleasures of foreign lands. From Red Light Districts and wild women to Brothels and passionate orgies, there isn’t a lot I haven’t seen, felt, or explored when it comes to sex. The question is: Have you?

Global Sex Guides

Las Vegas Dominatrix: 5 Tried & Tested Ways to Find Femdom In The City Of Sin 

There’s a reason that Las Vegas has long been nicknamed the ‘City of Sin’, and we aren’t talking about gambling.

Hong Kong Tijuana: A Gentlemen’s Guide to Mexico’s Icon of Sin!

You've no doubt heard Tijuana is well-regarded as a city of sin in Mexico, a great place for tourists north of the...

We Revisit Birmingham’s Premier Gangbang Club to See What’s New in 2023!

Damn, it doesn't feel like it's been a year since my last visit to the premier British gangbang club in Birmingham: The...

Looking For Bucharest Escorts? Here’s 6 Reliable Places to Find Them in 2023!

Romania makes for an underrated trip for the modern sex tourist. It’s largely overshadowed by places like Czechia, Germany, and the Netherlands,...

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Inside a Pregnant Gangbang Creampie Party: No Condoms Needed!

For many women, pregnancy means nine months of hard work and little sex. For others, it's the perfect chance to jump into...

Top 10 Basic Thai Phrases & Words to Fuck Thai Women (NSFW)

Planning on visiting Thailand to get your dick or pussy wet? I'll get straight to the point: This is an incredible sex...

The Expert Adult Friend Finder Review: Is it Legit in 2022?

To sum up this Adult Friend Finder review, it's our opinion that this is a legit adult hookup site used by millions...

Nude Maid Confesses Her 1st Naked House Cleaner Job (Teen!)

What the fuck have I done? I thought as I wiped cum off the floor after my first nude maid job. I...

Which Is The Best VPN For Porn? (Top 5 & How To Use Them) 

If you’re not well-versed with VPNs, it can be pretty tricky to dive into. Hell, you might not even know what a VPN Let’s remedy that right now! Today, we will show you which is the best VPN for porn and how to use them like a digital condom in the online minefield of porn sites!

The Top 10 Enchanting Escort Review Sites (Free!)

Look, we get it – sometimes, a mere porn website (whether cam sites, gaming, or just good-old-fashioned PornHub) isn't getting it done. Although...