Venus Berlin 2022: Inside The Infamous Erotic Convention

For any pornstar, fetishist, or porn lover, there’s an annual convention not to be missed: Venus Berlin! We went inside this infamous fair and were blown away!

Over the course of nine hours, Venus 2022 had sexually chewed me up and spat me out. And trust me, I mean that in a good way.

I’d seen live porn so close I almost ruined my camera, I was able to meet and speak with some of my favourite pornstars up close, and I got tons of epic photos.

“I saw a facesitting competition where lucky fans had the chance to test the extent of their breathing abilities under the divine cheeks of their favourite pornstars.”

Venus Berlin is where the most sexually liberated adults, and their fans, come to see and be seen. Not to mention gangbanged in the toilets, but that’s a whole other story.

The sweet scent of pornstar perfume (and bodily fluids) stuck to my clothes as I walked through the crisp Autumn air of Berlin in an attempt to process what I’d just experienced.

Whether you want to visit this insane erotic porn convention for the first time or want some pro tips for your next visit, read on for my epic trip report from Venus Berlin 2022!

My Insane Venus Berlin Experience In 2022

You know you’re getting closer to the Venus Fair when a leather-clad couple in gimp suits step onto the Berlin Metro when you’re on the way to Messe.

“Excited for the convention?” I asked.

“What convention?” They said, confused.

Outside the Nazi-era Messegelände building, horny men, women and transsexuals were beginning to gather amongst hundreds of other visitors in anticipation of one of Europe’s most hardcore porn fairs.

Heads began to turn when a woman stripped off to give those waiting in line some entertainment in the form of her incredible tits.

Naked woman outside Venus convention in Berlin

Seeing one of the women you’ve emptied your balls to countless times in person is a crazy feeling. That’s what I felt when I ventured inside the convention centre and saw Sexy Susi.

This Polish-German MILF has tits like watermelons and an unrivalled lust for cum. Not only did I grab a photo with her, but she also stuck her famously long tongue down my ear too.

After collecting my ticket and being scanned in, I was handed a gift bag of free sex toys, including a Tenga masturbator and a love egg. I was now in the heart of European porn.

The design of the Messegelände is immense. Its stained glass art deco hall is like a spider web of porn with various buildings dedicated to fetish, live sex shows, and more.

The Porn & Live Cams Sector

My first stop was the porn and live cams centre. Mere seconds after walking through the door, I was greeted by the site of teen cam sluts making themselves cum on camera.

For obvious reasons, I spent a good while there before moving deeper. I passed a red leather couch with two naked women rubbing each other’s pussies and kissing deeply.

Turning a corner, I saw a facesitting competition where lucky fans had the chance to test the extent of their breathing abilities under the divine cheeks of their favourite pornstars.

Holy fuck! It’s Lola Taylor! I thought. Thus Russian-born pornstar had her own exhibition offering autographs and live erotic shows.

I had a great chat with Lola as a large TV behind her showed her being fucked senseless by an enormous black cock, making it one of the most strange conversations I’ve ever had.

Looking at the menu behind her, I decided to book a private dildo show. After all, I’d enjoyed Lola Taylor’s tight Russian pussy on screen so much, so why not see it for real?

Truth be told? It was a fucking bargain! Lola’s dildo show was wild and long. In the end, with her gaping pussy inches from my face, I was granted the privilege of licking her juice-soaked clean.

Stumbling out of Lola Taylor’s booth in a daze with the taste of her Russian pussy in my mouth, it wasn’t long before I bumped into even more of my European porn heroines!

From the cum-addicted MILF that is Rosella Extrem to the epically busty Aische Pervers, I met and interacted with some of the most notorious icons of porn from various countries.

The porn and cam arena atmosphere was wild, fun and outgoing. But after a while, I fancied a change of scenery, so I headed into the darkness of the kink and fetish area.

The Kink & Fetish Area

The lighting had turned considerably duller, and the attendees’ outfits were more provocative. Leather and latex were now the order of the day.

I’d entered the kink and fetish area. The thrash of a whip and male screams greeted me as a submissive male was mercilessly caned on a public stage by a German MILF Dominatrix.

Some of the most esteemed fetish companies in Europe were present, selling their steel, leather and latex wares.

Ruthless-looking Dommes hunted for fresh male subs to add to their harem, and petite female subs sought out Alpha males whom they could call Daddy.

The atmosphere here was far more dark and sinister than the fun, porn-fuelled antics of the previous area, and I loved it!

But nothing could prepare me for what I’d find in the next area.

The Live Sex Show Arena

As the light bounced off the impeccable body of this busty goddess, nobody saw it coming when she spat a volley of cream out of her mouth across the crowd.

At first, I was worried that this pornstar had spat cream on my camera and broken it. But incidents like that should be covered in my warranty, I thought.

The live sex arena at the Venus Fair is one of the most popular spots. Erotic dancers, pornstars, and fetishists come on stage in a range of intensely erotic live shows.

From a beautiful Japanese slut doing a royal Asian brothel-style erotic dance to a Latina pornstar replicating the dance of Santanico Pandemonium played by Salma Hayek in Dusk Till Dawn, it was a sight to behold.

You can also see the dick-riding skills of European pornstars as they fuck fans and performers alike.

Top tip: Get to the front row for the chance to be pulled into the performance by the stars. Some lucky attendees had their hands pulled out of the crowd and placed on the divine tits of the girls.

The Sex Toy Bazaar Is Home To Some Very Erotic Products

The sex toy industry is expected to grow by almost $10 billion by 2023. So this kinky event has a sizeable sex toy bazaar for the latest companies to show off their latest products and innovations.

In 2022, there were many cheap-looking Chinese companies hosted by disinterested staff. But there were certainly some international gems in the sex toy trade sector.

I came across a South Korean company selling the world’s first North Korean sex doll based on a stunning DPRK defector, Kang Yeon Ah.

Amongst the chocolate dildos, AI sex dolls, and merciless fucking machines, the sex toy arena of the event fills you with excitement about the industry’s future.

If you want to see what the sex toy industry is capable of and bag a few free samples of incredibly fun sex toys, this is the place to come and then cum later!

Review of Venus 2022: Venue, Staff And Facilities

This iconic German adult convention is fittingly held in a clean, well-managed convention centre on the outskirts of Berlin called Messegelände.

The foreboding 1930s architecture fits the event so well and reminded me of the iconic San Fransisco Armory used by between 2006–2018.

The staff at the fair were as professional and friendly as can be. Even the often scary-looking security guards were really down-to-earth guys under the surface.

The adult performers vary wildly. But overall, they’re outgoing, fun, friendly and keen to interact with friendly and respectful fans (more on that shortly).

With many bars serving draft German beer and many food options, I couldn’t fault the catering. Despite being a convention, prices weren’t that expensive either.

I paid 4 euros for a large beer, 5 euros for a meaty bratwurst, and 6 euros for two waffles in the shape of a creampied pussy and an ejaculating dick. That’s what I call a bargain!

Some filthy things are happening at the event, but it’s kept very clean. Despite the flow of attendees, toilets were immaculate, and eating areas were pristine. I have zero complaints!

How To Visit Venus Berlin & How Much Does It Cost?

Visiting Venus is very straightforward. As long as you’re 18+, you can buy your tickets online via the official website (recommended) or on the day at the ticket office.

There are two ticket options for this erotic convention: Standard and VIP. The first is around 50 Euros, and the latter is around 70 Euros.

Then, you simply show up at the Berlin Convention Centre (Messegelände) in Messe and collect your badge from the ticket office or your VIP badge from the press office.

A Porn Lover’s Pro Tips And Advice For Visiting The Venus Event

International porn conventions like the Venus trade fair can be daunting for first-timers. How does it work? What’s ok and not ok? How do I get the most out of it?

These are just some common questions one might ask. But fear not; as always, I’m here to give you five groundbreaking tips and tricks to truly make the most of your visit to Venus!

Skip The VIP Pass This Year, Eager Beaver!

The VIP ticket sounds cool, but it only gives you a chance to enter the convention first, nothing else. Germany is efficient, and standard ticket holders won’t be waiting long.

I paid for the VIP ticket and was one of the first inside the empty convention. I found most of the exhibitors still setting up, and there was no atmosphere. Lesson learned!

Be Respectful To The Stars And Your Fellow Porn Convention Visitors

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Most guys who visit a porn convention are cool, open-minded, and passionate about the industry.

But sadly, there’s a minority of weirdo visitors who are drawn to it, too. Every year, these guys struggle to understand boundaries and basic levels of respect towards the pornstars in attendance.

For example, I saw camera-laden old men aggressively demanding that adult performers look into their cameras and speak to them like dogs. Needless to say, they didn’t get what they wanted.

I also saw a mullet-sporting man hang around a specific pornstars booth for the entirety of the day and make forced conversation with her until she was visibly uncomfortable.

Don’t be that guy. Whether it’s pornstars or female fetishists, be respectful and treat others how you want to be treated.

Take a Break Now And Again

It can become overwhelming when you’ve seen some of the most beautiful tits on earth and been surrounded by jaw-droppingly beautiful pornstars for hours on end.

It’s loud, it’s wild, and it’s messy! But luckily, Venus is well-catered, with many places to take a break.

If you arrive at the opening, you’ll have a full nine hours to enjoy the event. So don’t neglect to take a break, sip an ice-cold German beer, or try some porn convention food!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Social At This Kinky Trade Fair

Meeting a live pornstar with tits bigger than your head and a sexual history wilder than your entire life can be intimidating. But don’t be shy, be social!

The event is designed for adult stars and their fans to connect. Don’t be afraid to ask politely if you want an autograph or a photo with your favourite pornstar.

The same goes for your fellow attendees. I’ve made some friends for life with guys and girls I’ve met at porn conventions. It’s a great crowd, and you all have similar interests.

Photos Are Some Of The Best Souvenirs

How many chances do you get to grab a photo in the arms of busty pornstars licking your face? That’s what I thought as I got a picture of just that!

Photos are permitted almost everywhere at this adult trade event. Bring a camera, and don’t be shy to ask pornstars for a photo.

After all, they’re pros on camera, and they’ll likely give you some epic photos with them as a souvenir.

Conclusion: Should YOU Go To This Erotic Porn Convention?

If you love porn, kink, and eroticism in the wild style of Berlin, then this porn convention should be on your bucket list. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But it’s worth remembering that this is a European erotic event. So you’ll see fewer American pornstars like Reilly Reid and more local ones like Sexy Susi and Rocco Siffredi.

Overall, it’s not that expensive to attend, considering the experience and memories you’ll get in return. I budgeted around 250 euros for my 2022 trip, which was more than enough.

Plus, it’s held in one of the greatest cities in the world that’s home to sprawling mega brothels, giant porn cinemas, and legalized sex work: Berlin!

So if you want to throw yourself headfirst into the beating pulse of the European porn industry and the fetish lifestyle of the continent, consider visiting the next Venus fair!

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If you do, I hope this trip report on the erotic fair has given you some useful insights and tips to improve your experience. Until next time!