The Uncensored Review of Outside Sauna Belfast

Belfast. Sadly, it is a warm, welcoming, and vibrant city in Northern Ireland that is more well-known for its turbulent history than its sex scene. But thankfully, things are changing.

These days, Among sexually liberated adults at least, Belfast is now associated with producing notorious international whores like Catherine Duffy and world-class gay saunas.

Outside Sauna Belfast is regarded as one of the best gay saunas in the UK & Ireland. We went inside to see if this Belfast sex club lives up to its reputation!

“On a large plastic mattress was a guy in his mid-20s, face down, ass up, and just waiting to be fucked. He’d left a handful of condoms next to his ankle for any guy to take his hole.”

ISG dispatched our resident Bathhouse Bandit to conduct a bareback field report that saw him spend over seven hours in this steamy gay sex arena in the heart of ‘Norn Iron!’

My Belfast Sex Experience at Outside Gay Sauna

I’d heard great things about Outside Sauna in Belfast and was keen to see if the city’s only gay sauna lived up to the hype. After a douche, shower, and shave, I was on my way!

I visited on a Saturday night as the sauna is open 24 hours on the weekend, and I had a plane to catch at 6 am.

With £13 entry on weekends, a night in a gay sauna certainly beats a boring hotel and is much cheaper!

As I got closer to the bathhouse, I saw the iconic Lenin statue outside the Kremlin Gay Bar, pointing me in the right direction. It was brought to Belfast after the collapse of the USSR.

Sweat gay orgy in a bathhouse

Finally, I’m here. The shutters painted in sleazy black and red direct me up a small staircase and, after being buzzed in, to the reception.

Greeted by a friendly local guy, I pay my entrance fee, and I’m handed a towel and locker key and directed to the showers and locker rooms.

In the showers, I already feel my shaved ass and dangling dick being ogled by a couple of thick-set older guys. As I made my way inside the sauna, they followed closely behind.

Between a 16-Man Jacuzzi Pool to a high-grade Swedish Sauna, it didn’t take me long to relax in the leisure facilities on the first floor.

An ominous staircase led up to the play facilities’ second floor. The trance music and the orgasmic moans of some people being fucked hard echoed down the steps.

Three older gentlemen joined me as I cooled off in the pool and watched the large TV on the wall. After some chit-chat, I could soon feel a hand stroking my erect cock underwater.

It didn’t take much to persuade me to follow these men up the stairs and into the play areas. And oh boy, I am so glad I did!

They led me inside a Gloryhole booth with four different holes. I locked the door behind me as they fed their cocks through the openings, and I got to work.

It was much busier upstairs than downstairs. When one cock would cum, it didn’t take long to be replaced by the dick of other guys I hadn’t even met yet.

There was enough space inside to really get nasty. I particularly enjoyed men’s hands groping me as I pressed my lips against the holes and let various dicks fuck my throat.

I lost track of time and of dicks, and just went wild in this Gloryhole cabin. By the time I tapped out, I was glazed with spunk inside and out.

I took a break in the wet sauna. On the next bench, an older guy in his fifties was being fucked senseless by a younger guy in his early twenties. My cock was rock hard again.

“Finally, he yanked his dick out of me and dragged me onto my knees. The condom was cast aside, and my mouth replaced my ass as a vassal for his pleasure.”

As I explored upstairs further, I entered what appeared to be an industrial dungeon area with a BDSM-themed voyeur area, a gymnastics vault for fucking, and sex swings.

On a large plastic mattress was a guy in his mid-20s, face down, ass up, and just waiting to be fucked. He’d left a handful of condoms next to his ankle for any guy to take his hole.

I slid into a condom, lubed up, and slid into his wanting ass as he moaned loudly. I started pounding, only to notice several eyes on me from the various voyeuristic spots around.

Whenever I stopped pounding this bottom slut’s hole, I could hear the slap of masturbating cocks from the dark corners of the sauna. It only encouraged me more.

After a few more strokes in his sloppy hole, I pulled off the condom and sprayed his lower back with my spunk. As I left him with a spank, another guy appeared and took my spot.

As I turned around for one last look, I saw his hands massaging my pools of spunk into his lower back as he fucked this power bottom’s ass. Just beautiful!

After so much sucking and fucking, my hole was getting hungry! After another recharge in the jacuzzi and sauna, I wanted to go hunting for a Top, but I didn’t have to look far!

Laying on my back on one of the flatbeds in the Swedish Sauna, I looked up to see a man standing directly above me masturbating his thick cock whilst spitting on it for lube.

I didn’t say a word. We knew what each other wanted, we were like wild animals. I spread my legs and unceremoniously slapped a layer of lube on my hole.

Within seconds, my eyes were rolling back as this girthy dick slid inside of my ass. After a couple of slow strokes, the sauna was soon filled with the slap of hot, sweaty gay sex.

The sheer heat, sweatiness, and sleaze of it all sent me nuts. This guy could fuck! His balls slapped my asscheeks so hard I thought they’d leave a bruise.

The cherry on the cake was the constant flow of guys coming in to use the sauna and being pleasantly surprised by the sight of me being fucked like a slut on my back.

Some of the guys watching attempted to get a blowjob, but it was too tight to suck them properly. Which was a shame.

The guy fucking me like a Bull had crazy stamina. After about twenty minutes, I was desperate for him to cum; my hole was truly being tested here.

Finally, he yanked his dick out of me and dragged me onto my knees. The condom was cast aside, and my mouth replaced my ass as a vassal for his pleasure.

His dick still hadn’t realized that it was no longer fucking an ass though, and he facefucked me so hard I thought I was going unconscious.

When he slowed his pace, the intense fuck had all been worth it as my mouth filled with hot, sweet jizz. I swallowed every drop as he unceremoniously left without saying a word.

As my time to leave drew closer, I prowled the play areas looking for any form of fun to get the most out of my time there.

I certainly made the most of it, from tag-teaming a transsexual slut to sucking the cocks of two bi-curious straight guys visiting after a drunken night out.

I was having so much fun that I almost missed my flight! I skipped a shower and rushed to the airport.

The smell of sweat, cum, and lube stuck to me on the plane home to Germany like a sleazy souvenir.

How to Find Outside Sauna in Belfast

Outside Sauna, Belfast is very easy to find. It’s located slap-bang in the middle of the Northern Irish city’s LGBTQ+ quarter at 1-5 Donegall Lane, BT1 2LZ.

What Were The Other Guys in The Sauna Like?

Overall, the clientele is much more diverse than most other gay saunas I’ve been to. Even though many tipsy people arrived after midnight, most folks were friendly and respectful.

There was a wide age range from the early twenties to mid-60s with twinks, bears, transsexuals, and bi-curious guys aplenty. There was really something for all tastes.

Thankfully, the guys who come to Outside Sauna aren’t shy. Most of the private rooms were constantly being used with lots of public fun to enjoy.

How Are The Facilities?

Facilities-wise, I have no complaints. The staff at the sauna are very attentive to keeping things clean and running smoothly.

From Gloryholes and private sex cabins to porn cinemas and voyeur rooms, it’s a big place with many ways to relax and have fun. There’s something for every kink in here!

Is It Expensive?

For the range of facilities available at the sauna, I found it to be very good value for money. Here’s how much it costs to visit Outside Sauna in Belfast.

  • Weekday Daytime Ticket (Before 18:00) – £10
  • Weekday Evening Ticket (After 18:00) – £12
  • Weekends (Open 24 hours) – £13

Advice For First-Timers

Nervous about visiting Outside Sauna Belfast for the first time? Here’s some advice I can give from my first visit to this Northern Irish bathhouse for gay, bi, and bicurious men.

  1. Dedicate a few hours to visiting and take your time. There’s a lot of fun to be had here and many facilities to explore, so pace yourself.
  2. Visiting on a weekend meant a huge range of guys to have fun with, but after midnight there was an increase in drunk and tipsy guys. If this isn’t your thing, plan accordingly.
  3. Nervous about going upstairs into the play areas alone? Hang out in the leisure area downstairs and mingle. Try to find a guy you like who can accompany you or even ask a staff member to give you a tour.
  4. Condoms and lube are located all around the play areas; use them.
  5. From monthly transsexual events to fetish nights, be sure to check out the sauna’s events and themed days.

Pleasure Awaits At Outside Sauna Belfast

It was, quite literally, a pleasure to have the chance to review the Outside Sauna in Belfast. Clean, friendly, and with many play opportunities, it’s a must-see in the city of Belfast.

Set over two floors, it’s one of the largest gay bathhouses I’ve been to. I feel it’s great for sauna newbies as there are lots of nooks and crannies to relax, take a breather, and unwind.

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A hop, skip, and a jump from the city’s iconic gay bars, it’s also a great place to unwind at the end of a night and find a casual partner to play with.

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, the images featured in this guide are not of the gay bathhouse in question but are there to provide entertainment for the reader. Enjoy!