Catherine Duffy of Whoreuro Exposed! (Exclusive Interview)

When it comes to my type of woman, I have an untold amount of love for proud, self-declared sluts and whores. Girls who don’t give a damn what others think of their rampant sexuality.

Amongst kinkster circles and various adult communities around the world, there’s a well-respected word that is gaining increased notoriety: Whoreuro.

From extensive guides that open your mind to entirely new worlds of kink to true sex stories so filthy, you’ll be lucky to make it to the end without cumming. Whoreuro is frankly unmissable.

But even more intriguing, is the taboo seductress behind Whoreuro: Catherine Duffy. This proud whore has spent the last decade with her legs spread in the seediest corners of Europe.

“Most people are shocked by my creampie gangbang in Europe. I used to organize them for a friend before deciding to take part. I fucked at least forty different guys in one afternoon.”

I was lucky enough to collaborate with Catherine on a few online projects and articles. But in my heart, I was aching to meet this slutty icon in person. This week, my dreams came true.

Whilst in the UK, I was invited to Belfast to meet Catherine for an exclusive interview. After a boat ride over the Irish Sea, I was sitting opposite the woman deemed ”The Queen of Whores”.

In an interview that went on for over five hours, I present to you an uncensored insight into the heart, mind, and notorious pussy of this petite but formidable harlot.

Prepare yourself.

11Catherine, thank you for sitting down with me today. For those who haven’t been fortunate enough to meet you yet, please spill the sticky details!

Catherine Duffy: Founder of Whoreuro

I’m sitting in my favourite bar with a gorgeous kinkster and a whiskey in my hand. It’s a pleasure to be here, so you’re more than welcome! Well, where do I start?

I’m a normal girl from Belfast, but I have a ferocious sex addiction that I proudly flaunt rather than subdue. I also consume more porn in a week than most people do in a lifetime!

I was brought up in a sexually repressive environment *cough* Falls Road! *cough*. When I left uni, my job required regular travel across Europe. There, my sexuality was awakened.

Nobody knew me in Europe, so there was no judgement. From infamous Berlin sex clubs to seedy Gloryholes in Budapest, I threw myself headfirst down the rabbit hole of sin and sleaze.

Now, it’s been over a decade. Since I began detailing my confessions on, I’ve become somewhat notorious in various kink circles and earned the title ”Queen of Whores”.

10That’s some backstory! So how did you start Whoreuro?

I work as an international marketing manager in my normal life. So I had a lot of experience in writing, web design, and brand creation before starting the Whoreuro website.

In 2020, my slutty globetrotting came to a grinding halt. As did all forms of in-person debauchery. I desperately needed a release for my sexual frustration, so I started writing.

Initially, I started publishing my taboo confessions from across Europe on Reddit. It was when I created the website that things really took off.

Before long, I was being contacted by people worldwide seeking advice. Where do I find a Gloryhole? How to tell my husband I want to try Hotwifing? How to visit a swingers club?

My lockdown boredom was gone. I was in my element being a defacto advisor to so many kinksters around the world thanks to the knowledge I’d gained from a decade of sin.

Now, Whoreuro has transformed into a community, a resource centre, and a positive celebration of kink. I adore my beloved Whoreuropeans who have helped the project grow!

9Catherine, as the Whiskey is flowing, I have to ask: What’s the filthiest thing you’ve ever done?

Ha! How long have you got? I think the definition of filthy varies from person to person. Some people find sucking cum out of another sluts asshole as filthy. I think it’s a classic cocktail!

I find most people are shocked by my creampie gangbang in Europe. I used to organize them for a friend before deciding to take part. I fucked at least forty different guys in one afternoon.

All of them were tested beforehand and it was 100% bareback. It refined the word ”sloppy” for me. It was uninhibited sexual energy at its finest and I was genuinely cum drunk at the end.

It’s a long story. One that, for days afterwards, left my body aching and my pussy still leaking random men’s cum. I detailed it all in my Little Black Book which you can read here.

8Greedy girl! I like it! So, what’s your private life like outside of kink, do you have a partner?

Catherine Duffy partying

I’m based in Central Belfast, when I’m not riding cock or nose deep in cunt, I have other hobbies. I love collecting antiques, horse riding, and cooking.

I find writing very therapeutic and love writing on my balcony or in bed with a glass of wine or whiskey. A chilled night in with movies and good food is one of my favourite ways to unwind.

No, I don’t have a partner. I get a lot of offers, but it’s not for me. I’m kind of introverted at home and love a balance between me time and socializing with friends.

Boyfriends I’ve had, despite their assurances beforehand, have found it impossible to keep up with my sexuality. In the end, they can’t handle my promiscuity.

I guess their girlfriend coming home at 4 am and cuddling up to them smelling of cum and sex affects their masculinity.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find an open-minded Mr Right one day. Ideally, he’d be a porn Gooner. I don’t think anyone else would stand a chance, haha!

7Speaking of Gooners! You’ve become somewhat of an icon in the Gooning subculture, can you expand on that?

Goonette follower of Whoreuro

My pride and joy! Fuck, I could talk about Gooning all day. It’s a major source of pride for me that the Gooner/Goonette community have chosen to give me such a privileged position.

Basically, the Gooning subculture is the fetishization of extreme porn addiction and the worship of pornography and pornstars. It’s nothing to do with Arsenal supporters!

As I said earlier, I watch an insane amount of porn daily. It’s a huge source of inspiration in my sex life and I love everything about smut. Plus, the Gooning community is beautiful!

When I had an accident with a motorbike driver recently, I had Gooners voluntarily coming over to help me with cleaning and shopping. It really meant so much to me.

I was interviewed by InputMag for an in-depth article on Goonettes (female Gooners), it’s a great read! I also have some in-depth Gooning guides on my site if you want to delve deeper.

6So, little miss porn addict! Who’s your favourite pornstar?

I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me that, you’ve opened a can of worms now! I have tonnes of favourites. But the ones who’ve had a massive impact on my journey as a whore have been:

  • Kelly Stafford: The only woman I can relate to when it comes to pure sexual lust. She literally ‘completed the porn industry’ and couldn’t be satisfied anymore. Absolute Queen. My idol.
  • Gianna Michaels: This busty goddess was one of the most formidable women in porn before retiring. A straight-up erotic lioness with a sexual energy that is hypnotic to watch. Love her!
  • Sexy Susi: Extremely underrated nymphomaniac MILF and a major source of inspiration for me. Her creampie gangbangs pushed me into taking part in a bareback orgy myself.
  • Sandra Romain: The Romanian porn Queen and my source of anal inspiration back in the day. I struggled with anal initially, but Sandra’s advice taught me to develop a deep love for it.
  • Rosela Extreme: This unassuming German MILF has featured in some of the most debauched, sloppy, taboo gangbangs ever. Criminally underrated and needs to be seen to be believed!

All pornstars are unique and special in their own way. There are so many I could discuss. I could talk about smut forever!

5What about you, ever considered porn or have plans to star in the future?

Whoreuro pussy laid bare

I would fuckin’ love to! You have no idea how much I’d love thousands of girls fingering their slits and guys pumping their dicks over me being defiled on camera. But there’s a problem.

My current job has a comfortable salary and, naturally, it’s not compatible with a career as a pornstar. But I’m not planning to retire as a marketing manager.

I want to transition into the adult industry as a full-time career. The first step is making a full-time income through the Whoreuro site. It’s a hard slog, but I’m not giving up.

If you want to support my transition to a full-time career and enable my porn career, I’m always open to sponsors and investors. So drop me a line.

4God, I’d love to see you on screen! You’re clearly very well travelled. What’s your favourite kinky country, and why?

Catherine Duffy watching porn

Oh yeah? I might give a personal screening after this. It depends on how much whiskey you keep pumping into me, haha!

Ohh, favourite country… Another hard one. Hopefully not the only hard one in the room! Sorry, the drink is talking now. Again, I’ll have to give you a couple as I can’t decide on one.

  • Germany – One of the most sexually-liberated countries around, I love Germany. Swinger sex, porn theatres, Gloryholes, and everything in between, you’ll find it all there.
  • The UK – Despite a prudish reputation, the UK has tonnes of kinky gems from porn cinemas in Birmingham to swinger sex hotels in Blackpool. Plus it’s a familiar environment.
  • The U.S. – Depending on the state, I love the States and the people. A big swinging and kink scene across the country plus a lot of sleazy, old school adult arcades and porn cinemas!

But overall, there are so many countries I’ve had unforgettable sex in. I base the best on the sleazy establishments available, the open-mindedness of locals, and sexual liberalism.

3What advice would you give to sex tourists of all genders seeking kinky experiences worldwide?

Eating mature pussy in porn theatre

Do your research beforehand! Always try to pack in as much kinky fun as you can when abroad. To do so, make a proper itinerary with all the places you want to check out.

Keep an open mind, learn some of the local lingo, and don’t be afraid to make the most of new experiences.

Most importantly, be aware of local laws and customs that you should abide by, especially in conservative or homophobic societies.

My regular job involves travel consultancy. So I offer a variety of consulting services through Whoreuro for a small fee.

So if you want me to do you a custom itinerary for kinky destinations and hook you up with sexual experiences you’ll never forget, drop me a line!

2What kinky things do you still want to try?

Whoreuro mistress with a strapon cock

Karl, we need to go! I’m going to ride that cock before you go back to England! I’ll make this quick and let’s head back to mine, ok?

I really want to be gangbanged by transsexual girls. I’m talking mammoth cocks and huge tits. The thought of being passed around dominant transsexuals and DPd makes me wet.

I have a massive kink for rugby players. I want to be the little whore of a team after a winning game when they’re all amped up, my slit will give them a celebration to remember.

“If you want me to do you a custom itinerary for kinky destinations and hook you up with sexual experiences you’ll never forget, drop me a line!”

I also want to be the cleanup girl after a hardcore porn scene. Pools of jizz, used condoms, sticky toys, I’d lap up the mess with my tongue and finger myself senseless as I do.

I have a tonne of fantasies. But the main one is sitting on your face. So finish your drink and let’s go. Let’s see if we can get some of those lads over there to come back with us, haha!

1Ok, let’s go! Catherine, thank you so much for the interview! Is there anything else you want to add? Where can people reach you?

Being fucked by anonymous men in porn cinema

You can thank me properly back at my apartment, haha! You’re very welcome, I really enjoyed it and hope your readers do too!

I’d just like to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my slutty heart to all of my readers and supporters who have stuck by the Whoreuro project throughout.

Without you all, it wouldn’t be what it is. I’m beyond excited to take Whoreuro into the future with you all. Stay horny, keep going, and let’s get even filthier! Cheers, my darlings!

If you want to reach me, you can do so below:

A huge thank you to Catherine for this interview. As an added bonus, she offered me the chance to slide between her legs and taste this infamous whore pussy known worldwide.

As a man dedicated to bringing you the most accurate reportage of global kink, I accepted her offer.

From dirty talk that made my eyes water to drinking Irish whiskey out of Catherine’s ass, the sex story will blow you away. You can read it here.