Looking For Bucharest Escorts? Here’s 6 Reliable Places to Find Them in 2024!

Romania makes for an underrated trip for the modern sex tourist. It’s largely overshadowed by places like Czechia, Germany, and the Netherlands, which hype up their sex industries to an extent Romania simply isn’t able to match. 

But if you’ve read our renowned sex guides on the countries above, you’ll know that the fact of the matter is that a lot of the girls you’re likely to encounter in them are actually Romanian.

The nation of Romania has a sex industry so booming that it frequently outsources its girls to other countries, and Romanian working girls form the backbone of many European countries’ sex-work industries, including that of the live sex cam industry.

With that said, then, there’s a lot to be said for sex tourism within Romania itself – and particularly in its thriving capital where the world of Bucharest escorts is booming.

In this article, we will look at the best places in Bucharest to find high-quality escorts, whether online or in person. 

Read on to find out about the very best Bucharest escorts and where to find them. After this, you’ll see the Romanian capital in a whole new light! 

Is Prostitution Legal In Romania? 

Incall vs outcall: which is more discreet?

Prostitution in Romania occupies a tricky place similar to Czechia, wherein it’s decriminalized, but plenty of the activities associated with it are illegal (e.g. solicitation, brothels).

That said, clients of sex workers are generally not prosecuted in Romania. But always use common sense and, of course, abide by the law.

These Are The Six Best Places To Find Escort Services in Bucharest

Prostitution is relatively open in Bucharest, so it’s not too difficult to find a girl to party with. However, it pays to be careful; as is the case with many illegal industries, it’s easy for the unscrupulous to exploit unwitting tourists who are in no position to report them to the police should things go wrong. 

With that in mind, you’d be wise to stick to the five places we’re going to recommend below. 

The Red Light District is a Reliable Place to Find Bucharest Escorts

When using the term ‘red light district’ for Bucharest, a little clarification is needed. There are two areas that could broadly be termed ‘red light districts’ where you can find escort services.

One is to be avoided like the plague; the other is relatively safe and comes highly recommended for any visitors to the Romanian capital looking for street prostitution.

First up, let’s look at Strada Matasari, which is often called the ‘unofficial red light district’ of Bucharest.

This area is lined with bars and nightclubs and has more than one seedy ‘massage parlor’ that offers a few additional extras. 

Though Strada Matasari is often recommended to sex tourists, the truth is that it can be very unsafe, with scams and robberies relatively commonplace.

There are a whole bunch of strip clubs in the area, but you can expect to pay over the odds for both drinks and female company, and the fact is that you might not even get laid after shelling out all that cash.

In addition, it’s a sad truth that Roma gypsies will commonly try to scam or steal from tourists, and they are to be avoided – as Strada Matasari should be in general. 

A better bet for visitors to Bucharest is the Old Town. You can find many strip clubs and massage parlors in this district, and it’s a lot safer than Strada Matasari.

If you’re looking for a ‘red light district’ worth the name, then go to the Old Town. 

Streetwalking Hookers in the Romanian Capital

Freelance escorts in Holland

If you’re really on a budget but would still like to sample Bucharest’s nocturnal delights, then you might want to opt for one of the many streetwalkers to be found throughout the city. 

A quick word of warning: this is by far the riskiest option, with robbery or scams fairly commonplace.

This is, unfortunately, very common with Roma pimps, who can be extremely aggressive in soliciting business from tourists and may well rob or dupe you.

Be very, very cautious when dealing with them (or better, don’t deal with them at all). 

When dealing directly with the girls themselves, you’ll fare much better and can expect to pay as little as 10 euros (50 Romanian lei).

That said, the girls may well be homeless or drug addicts and will not be of the highest quality, so do be careful and always employ common sense. 

Bucharest’s Gara Du Nord is Reserved For Hardcore Mongers Looking for Sexual Services on a Budget

The next place is a combination of a red light district populated by streetwalkers in Bucharest, but it’s an entirely different beast and deserves an entry of its own in this guide to finding Bucharest escorts.

Yep, it’s the notorious Gara de Nord station located a few kilometers from Bucharest’s old town.

This rough and ready international train station is the gateway to the rest of Romania as well as neighboring countries like Moldova and Bulgaria. It’s also an unofficial red light district 24/7.

Whether you’re in the station or the surrounding streets, Gara de Nord is a hub of sex workers plying their trade, and it’s often incredibly cheap, too.

However, you get what you pay for, and some of these women are downright haggard. However, if you’re into that, it can be a great spot for mongering, especially with so many cheap city hotels waiting nearby.

But, as with all places like these, be on your guard. Also, stay away from taxi drivers lurking outside the station, as they’re dodgy as hell and not to be trusted whatsoever.

My Wildest Bucharest Escort Experience at Gara de Nord

Walking from the station to a nearby McDonald’s with a hangover, I was accosted by a Romanian GILF in her early fifties and offered a quick BJ in an abandoned building for the price of 10 euros.

Initially, I declined, but made a U-turn and thought, fuck it! This chick earned every scent as she squatted in her well-worn heels and throated my cock while rush hour traffic flew past outside.

I left my mark in the form of a cumshot all over her clothes, and she didn’t even wipe it off. Instead, she returned back to her patch, looking for her next dick of the day. Hardcore!

Escort Agency Websites in Bucharest are a Great Way to Meet Luxury Escorts

Naked woman outside Venus convention in Berlin

One of the safer options is to employ the escort services of a girl from an online escort agency. The good news is that the method of using an escort agency to find a Bucharest escort is relatively secure, and the escort girls are some of the hottest you’ll find in Bucharest. The downside is (as with all escort agencies) it’s pretty pricey. 

Websites such as Happy Escort and Euro Girls Escort are great places to find such Bucharest escort girls, and you’re almost guaranteed not to get ripped off or scammed by these girl companions.

However, do be warned that some Bucharest escort models might touch up their pictures, meaning that they’re not quite as attractive as they might first appear. 

As mentioned, Bucharest escort models are very expensive. Expect to pay around 150 euros per hour for most escorts for them to come to your hotel room for some real fun.

Bucharest Strip Clubs/Gentlemen’s Clubs

Dutch strip club in Amsterdam

There are plenty of strip and gentlemen’s clubs in Bucharest where the discerning sex tourist might find a little more than a simple lap dance from the girls working inside.

These clubs usually have a cover charge, and it can be quite pricey – around 200 lei (40 euros). They typically have private rooms, and many of the girls will be open to offering extra services to clients.

These girls are hotter than your average streetwalker, though, so you’ll be paying a premium, relatively speaking – expect to pay between 200-500 lei (40-100 euros approx.) to make use of their services. 

Find a Trusty Erotic Massage Parlor in Bucharest

Thigh gap fucking in an adult massage parlor.

Massage Parlors thrive in almost any country, offering the perfect front for the gentleman who wants some extra sexual services with his massage.

This is no different in Romania, where plenty of massage parlors can be found (particularly in the Old Town).

Not all massage parlors will offer ‘extras’, but it’s pretty easy to distinguish those that do from those that are strictly above-board from their advertising and the attire of the girls. If in doubt, just be straightforward so as not to waste your time. 

Prices start at around 170 lei (35 euros) and may get as high as 500 (100), depending on the services provided. 

Try to Find The Thigh-Gap Fucking Experience, if You Can!

Some Bucharest escorts aren’t allowed to offer sexual penetration to a customer when working in a massage parlor, so they find a workaround.

Instead, they’ll lube up the inside of their thighs and beckon you to slide your dick between them, simulation a bareback pussy. It’s a lot better than it sounds and will have you cumming in seconds!

There are a few Hotspots to Find Escort Girls Bucharest, But Which is Best? 

While that’s covered the five most common ways to meet Bucharest escorts, you’re now no doubt wondering which is the best method, right?

I’ve been down more Romanian holes than a Soviet soldier during Operation Uranus, and I’ve spent a shit load of time in Bucharest as well as between the thighs of hardcore Romanian escorts abroad, such as in this debauched tale of my wild exhibitionist sex with a mature hooker from Bucharest!

In my opinion, the safest and most discreet way to meet Romanian escorts is via an escorts website that you can browse from the comfort of your own room, figure out costs in advance, and get a clear idea of what you’ll be getting.

Compare this to haggling with a street whore in broken Romanian only to end up getting a potentially shitty sex experience, and it’s a no-brainer.

Bucharest is a well-regarded city of sin where anything goes, and you should have no problems finding a little action while staying in this fascinating European capital. Just remember to be cautious and always have your wits about you! 


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