Ultimate USA Sex Guide: New York to Las Vegas (2024)

Howdy partner, and welcome to our ultimate USA sex guide to the Land of the Free and the home of the sexually brave!

Home to hotdogs, mom’s apple pie, baseball, bibles, and plenty of hot, stinking, sweaty sexual encounters! 

As a century-long avalanche of American pop culture has no doubt indicated, the Oldest Profession is alive and well in the USA. It is available from any good brothel or street corner. 

Like any good writer, I do get the bulk of our information about the American cultural zeitgeist from 80s action movies.

But it’s essential to also examine the facts, so let’s take a look: is the USA a good place to go get laid? 

Allow me to answer that question with a heading. 

Sex Guide To The USA: Why Is America Such A Great Sex Tourism Destination?

Firstly, because the USA is a veritable smorgasbord of sexy women, many of whom adore worshipping cock in any way they can. Hell, a quick trip through some of the best BJ sites will tell you that!

White, Black, Asian, Indian, Latina, European, Russian, North Sentinelese [citation needed] – all of them are to be found in the greatest melting pot on earth.

Plus, there’s a great chance that at least a percentage of each of those groups is willing to have sex with you (terms and conditions apply). 

Furthermore, the USA is such a huge country that it’s like visiting 50 different countries in many respects.

A Latina woman you meet in border cities like El Paso, TX, is not going to be much like some punk chick you meet in Portland, OR. 

What Are Girls Like In The US? 

You may as well ask what the fish are like in the Atlantic. American girls come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and it’s impossible to generalise them.

As I mentioned, someone from Texas will be a kettle of fish to someone from Oregon. 

That said: let’s generalise. 

You can expect some things from American women that you wouldn’t expect from, say, a Saudi woman.

Yes, they can read (generally). But they’ll also be fairly sexually literate, given the abundance of porn available to and coming from Americans.

They’ll know what a deepthroat blowjob is and how to give one, is what I’m saying. They might even be up for double penetration. The world of USA sex really is your oyster. 

What Websites To Use To Tap Into The American Adult Community?

If you’re keen to meet a sexually like-minded girl, then there are a range of popular adult dating sites across the US for just that.

If you’re a sex tourist on a budget and short on time, skip the likes of Tinder and opt for websites which cater for women seeking casual, NSA fun such as:

Adult Friend Finder

Unless you’ve been under a rock since the dawn of the internet, you’ll probably know about the adult dating website that is Adult Friend Finder.

But this website doesn’t cater for normal dating. Instead, it’s dedicated to the millions of horny people seeking a quick dick to ride or an easy pussy to fill up in a no-strings-attached way.

This premium website comes with a small membership fee to unlock all features, but it’s more than worth it if you’re seeking to meet local sluts and studs across the US, Europe, and beyond.

Who Is This Dating Website Best Suited For?

AFF is a one-site-does-all kind of deal. Its members range from ex-pornstar MILF ladies to 18+ teen Goth sluts. The site is exceptionally easy to use and find a local online hookup.

Adult Friend Finder also features a great free online forum that gives you local tips and tricks on the US sex scene, from making a trip to a local swingers club to how to visit private sex parties.

See for yourself and register for a free account here.

Ashley Madison Is An Infamous Dating Site For Cheating Wives

Ashley Madison, a dating website designed for members seeking extramarital affairs, is no stranger to controversy, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

This naughty little website is an online platform jam-packed with sexually frustrated women looking to ride any cock that isn’t their husband’s.

I’ve had some no-so-private filthy experiences with cheating ladies through Ashley Madison, and its member base US is ridiculously big.

This means that there’s an abundance of chances for filthy taboo sex to be had through this dating site in various locations from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

What Kind of People Are Websites Like Ashley Madison Suited For?

If you like wild sex with sex-starved MILFs of higher age and a taboo touch, then this filthy dating platform is for you.

But be discreet regarding meetups with these promiscuous members; you don’t want the angry husbands of these cheating ladies on your tail.

Which Platform Is Best To Meet Local Transsexuals In The US?

They certainly know their way around a cock, adore anal, and are downright hypnotic. We get it; there’s much to love about the US transsexual community. But how to meet them online?

Fuckbook Trans is a popular social media-style online platform that caters to trans sluts and horny admirers to arrange in-person casual encounters between them.

This transsexual platform boasts a huge user base across the US, with tonnes of free features, including a trans forum and photo uploading. It’s the go-to way to meet a trans slut in the US.

Searching For Sex With TS Women? Look No Further Than This Platform!

Flawless to use, affordable, and packed with horny trans sluts, this is the online trans dating platform to use if you’re seeking casual sex with TS women. Check it out here!

Five Types Of Hookers You Can Expect To Find In The US

Despite what the Republicans (and, for that matter, the Democrats) would have you believe, prostitution is ubiquitous in the USA, and you’d be hard-pushed to find a city where it’s not going on.

In one of the most popular sections of any USA sex guide, here are the most common types of hooker you’re likely to find in the good ol’ USA. 


Czech street hookers in Prague

As prevalent in the USA as in any developed country where prostitution is still illegal, streetwalking girls can be found looking for business in a good many lower-class neighbourhoods of US cities (the cops keep them out of the swankier ones). 

A word of warning – many US streetwalkers are addicts, which can inevitably be a factor in contracting STDs. If you use the services of a streetwalker, be sure to wrap up. 

How Much Do Street Hookers Cost In The US?

Streetwalkers can generally congregate on street corners and are some of the cheapest prostitutes you’re likely to find, starting at $15 for a blowjob and $25 for sex.

Brothel Girls 

The USA is famous, of course, for its legalised brothels in Nevada (such as the world-famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch) – and we’ll get to those later.

For now, let’s look at the rest of the country and how brothels work there. 

The most common flavour of brothels across the US are Mexican-owned and –operated and cater almost exclusively to Mexican migrant workers, often to the mandatory exclusion of other clients. 

Aside from these, brothels are not commonly called ‘brothels’ because, well, brothels are illegal.

You’ll find plenty of ‘spas’ and ‘massage parlours’ that offer sexual services; it just requires a little research to find the spas and parlours that actually offer such services rather than more legitimate ones.

Hint: if the ads feature scantily clad girls and the masseuses are similarly scantily clad, it’s probably somewhere that offers a little extra. 

Prices Of An Erotic Massage In The United States

Prices for such places vary according to the calibre of both the establishment and the girl, but expect to pay, at minimum, $50 and, more realistically, upwards of $100

Escort Services

In the USA and abroad, escorts top the ranks of sex workers when it comes to quality. With them, you are sure to relish in a wide range of sultry services and make the most of their seductive expertise.

When looking for an escort directory, it’s important to take your area into consideration. For instance, if you’re looking for the hottest escorts Los Angeles has to offer, consider sites like Slixa. They have high-quality listings and some of the most gorgeous call girls in the country, which has garnered them an amazing reputation.

By taking the time to research the best local escort directories, you stand a much better chance of being matched with the safest and most beautiful girls near you.

Remember that when hiring an escort, consent and respect are key. After all, you don’t want them turning you away before the fun has even started.

Once you’ve made your choice, all that’s left to do is prepare for an unforgettable night with a stunning escort babe.

Guide Prices Regarding Escort Women In America

Expect to pay anywhere from $300 all the way up to $4000+ an hour for really high-end girls. 

Apartment Girls  

Identical to escorts in many ways (and these girls may, indeed, do double duty), the primary difference between apartment girls and escort girls is that these girls do ‘in-calls’ – i.e. you go to them, instead of the other way around. 

Apartment girls are usually as hot as out-call (escort) girls and will offer the same variety of services. Apartment hookers can usually be found where you’d find escorts.

Prices For a Hookup With An Apartment Girl

Because you’re going to them, though, they’re generally cheaper than escorts; expect to pay around $100 for a half-hour (though, as with escorts, the hotter the girl, the higher the price).

Some girls will offer 15-min ‘quickies’ or even all-night-long ‘GFEs’ (girlfriend experiences). 

Lot Lizards 

The most stereotypical client of sex workers in the US is the trucker, which is by no means an unearned reputation.

Truckers are such voracious consumers of paid sex, in fact, that a whole subculture of prostitutes has sprung up around their proclivities – the so-called ‘lot lizard’. 

Also called CB hookers, these girls are effectively street walkers who don’t work the streets but trucking stops by interstates.

As well as touting for trade in truck stops, they will use CB radio – commonly used by truckers – to set up their dates, and sex often takes place in the back of the trucker’s cab. 

For obvious reasons, it’s unlikely that you, a sex tourist, will come across these girls – but if you want to, then, by all means, haul ass to a truck stop. 

How Much Do Lot Lizards Charge For Sex?

The prices for Lot Lizards vary wildly. Basically, some are stunning, and some are downright haggard. Generally, prices are similar to that of the streetwalkers mentioned above.

Six Sexual Hookup Destinations In The US You Can’t Miss 

Basically, because prostitution is (largely) illegal in the USA, it can be hard for diligent sex tourists to find and visit genuinely great locations to have sex.

Fear not; that’s what I’m here for! From Atlanta to Baltimore, our USA Sex Guide has scoured every corner of America to bring you the best sexual hookup hotspots in the country and save you time from searching for them!

Nevada Ranch Brothels 

The most famous examples of the USA’s sex industry are so famous precisely because they’re unusual in a country often noted for its puritanism.

Thankfully they do things differently in Nevada, and prostitution is 100% legal. 

Legal means safer and, simply put, better. Better for the girls, better for the owners, and better for the clients.  

Though you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a ranch, some of the more notable ones are Sheri’s Ranch, the Shady Lady and, of course, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Various services are offered at Nevada ranch brothels, from ‘wild horse chairs’ (you’re sat down while the girl goes to town on you) to ‘fire and ice’ (blowjobs with hot/cold sensations thrown in). 

How Much Do Nevada Brothels Cost?

These places ain’t cheap. At the bare minimum, expect to be shelling out $500 for a half-hour; if you want to spend the night with a girl, I hope a rich aunt just died. 

Las Vegas, NV 

Keeping it very much in Nevada, the City of Sin didn’t get its sobriquet for nothing.

Though prostitution is not technically legal within the city (prostitution in Nevada is limited to counties with populations of less than 70,000 because reasons), it pretty much is in practice.

Escorts can (and do) operate freely within the city, as long as they’re careful about how they advertise their services (the price is for companionship only, anything else that happens is between consenting adults, blah blah blah). 

Vegas is a blast even without the addition of widely available escorts, and those who are not looking to break the bank can hit up one of the city’s many ‘spas’ or ‘massage parlours’ – particularly around the old strip on Fremont Street, where it’s as seedy as it gets. 

San Diego, CA 

There has been a proliferation of AirBnB brothels, where the girls rent out an AirBnB and make themselves temporary apartment girls – passing the savings onto you! 

Those with a hankering for a real brothel can still find the odd one tucked away in the city’s historic red light district, the Gaslamp Quarter.

Dodge the tourists who are there for the walking and food tours and see if you can’t spot a legitimate bordello among all the gentrified buildings. 

The Erotic Reward Right Next Door!

The next best thing to just going to Mexico, San Diego is one of the USA’s cities that sits right on the border with its southern neighbour. 

If you want a wild and wacky night, you might consider taking the 20-min trip to Tijuana and get down n’ dirty with some senoritas south of the border.

If that’s your thing, we’ve also penned a filthy Mexican sex guide to lead you through this fiery country’s legal sex scene. You can check it out here.

Miami, FL

The sun-drenched beaches and streets of Miami aren’t just good for Disney trips, surfing and nursing homes – there’s a live-and-kicking sex tourism scene pulsating under the surface, waiting for visitors to explore. 

Miami has no shortage of ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ located throughout the city. Like any good dyed-in-the-wool red-state city, they cater to various deviancies and perversions.

Anywhere listed as such on Yelp has an excellent chance of actually being a front for a brothel – and if they ain’t, they can probably direct you to one. 

Conclusion To This USA Sex Guide

The USA might not be the first place on your bucket list for sex tourism, but it’s certainly worth bearing in mind if you’re jonesing for something a little different from your standard SE Asia bacchanalia.

Whether hitting up Vegas, the Mexican border or the Sunshine State, there’s no shortage of places to get down n’ dirty in the Land of the Free. Go forth, and manifest your destiny in some young lady’s pants! 

More Filthy Global Sex Guides

This USASexGuide is solely for entertainment purposes and does not promote prostitution in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it merely exists to promote discussion and provide insight into paid sex community across the USA. In addition, this USASexGuide may contain affiliate links to products and services. If a purchase is made through these links, we may receive a small commission in return.


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