A Passionate Review of Paradise Massage Sheffield

Ah, Sheffield. This city in Yorkshire is known for steel and sluts, amongst other things, and has drawn us to its neon-lit nightlife on many occasions.

On a 2022 work trip to Sheffield, I was advised by ISG readers to review an erotic institution in the city: Paradise Massage Sheffield.

Open until the early hours; Paradise Studios is an erotic massage parlour that welcomes horny men from Yorkshire and beyond to indulge in an unforgettable experience between the thighs of sexually experienced women.

But does this street parlour open until the early hours live up to its reputation? We ventured inside to find out!

My Experience at Paradise Massage Sheffield

After a short walk down the road from Sheffield train station, I’m in an industrial area outside the door to this erotic studio. The street is seedy, just how we like it!

Paradise massage sheffield

After ringing the bell, I’m greeted by an old Yorkshire lass who is happy to welcome me inside the place.

She offers me a drink in the blue neon bar and explains the prices (more on those shortly).

On the black leather couches dotted around are an array of kinky-looking women seeking to welcome their next customer and please them between their thighs.

It didn’t take long for a girl called Mia to get my horny attention.

At 25 years old, busty, and Italian, Mia was captivating and with a decent level of English. The price for half an hour of fun with her was £50, and she looked eager to please.

Upstairs in the well-made sex room, we went over what was allowed and not allowed, and we were soon naked. Usually, OWO isn’t included as standard, but Mia included it anyway.

As Mia spread her legs open, I slid between her soft Italian thighs and faced her bald pussy; she went to slip out of her slutty black heels until I requested that she leave them on.

After tonguing her pussy for a good ten minutes and some faux ”yes, yes, yes!” from Mia, she went in search of a nearby condom and tore it open.

Cue the best covered blowjob I’ve had in 2022. Lots of loud gagging, spitting, and eye contact whilst I played with Mia’s velvety pussy until she slid down on my cock to ride me hard.

It was hard not to cum with these big Italian tits in my face, but I held on until we switched to missionary.

But Italian dirty talk in my ear, her legs wrapped around mine, and scratching my back, my balls were empty in minutes.

I still had about ten minutes or so left and was expected to be shown the door, but to my surprise, Mia provided the full 30-minutes by offering me a post-sex massage.

Mia offered me a mutual shower, but I had to be at a work dinner in a few hours, so I had to turn her down. It was a pleasure watching her shower as I got dressed, though.

How to Find Paradise Studios

Your search is over! Paradise Studios in Yorkshire is a simple 10-minute walk down the road from the main train station in Sheffield city centre and is located off Furnival Road.

The full address of the parlour is Britannia Steel Works, Effingham Street, Sheffield, S4 7YP. According to the website, it’s open until the early hours, from 19:30 to 05:30.


Aside from the bar area, the girls work out of Katie purpose-built sex rooms with comfortable beds, erotic lighting, and nice showers available following a refurbishment of the site in 2022.


In my experience, the service was great. Although I can’t speak for all the girls, Mia certainly aimed to please, and I give her a five-star rating!


The girls putting in the hours during the opening times are a mixture of English and European girls from places like Romania and Bulgaria.

Prices & Times

These prices were accurate for my visit to the place in early 2022 but may be subject to change. Contact the parlour through their website for accurate prices and opening times.

  • Entrance fee – £10
  • 15 Minutes – £25
  • 30 Minutes – £50
  • 60 minutes – £80

So, Is This Furnival Road Massage in Sheffield Worth Visiting?

Affordable, fun, and open in the early opening hours, this erotic address has been a welcome port of call for many horny men for years.

To sum up this review, you get what you pay for. If you’re in the area, check it out. I would definitely visit the place again.

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Disclaimer: This article is merely for entertainment purposes.