From beer to big tits and mega orgies to legal prostitution, the Czech Republic offers a lot to the kinky traveler.

Combining that with a range of world-class attractions, this is a solid sex tourism destination. Anyone who has witnessed the wealth of sex-hungry Czech whores advertising their eager cunts on local Czech hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder will attest to that!

Innovative, hardcore, and featuring stunning local women from Chile to Germany, Czech porn is a major search term onleading main tube sites.

But one of the most popular is the notorious Czech Glory Hole porn. This kinky smut iscenteredd around a Czech Glory hole brothel in Prague.

A long line of men enter and pay a cheap fee to fuck the pussies and mouths on offer at the numerous gloryholes dotted around this unique whorehouse.

“There were plenty of men and women and the ratio was about four blokes to each lady. each time, I was surrounded by at least four to five blokes. They had no problem covering my tits with spunk, and I had no problem handling all of them.”

– A British sex tourist’s review of one of Prague’s Gloryhole clubs.

Sadly, this Gloryhole brothel is fictional and is a set made for this Czech porn company. But don’t despair; the capital city of Prague is packed with glory holes for locals and horny tourists alike to check out.

Today, I’m going to show youfive5 places in Prague where you, as a foreigner or a Czech person, can easily find these Czech Gloryholes! If you’re interested in blowjobs on tap, read on!

5Easily find a Czech Gloryhole in a Prague porn cinema

I wasn’t kidding when I said Prague is a pretty old-school sex tourism destination.

Aside from red-light districts and sex clubs, Prague is also home to a handful of porn theatres that look like they’re straight out of Times Square before Rudi Guliani ruined it.

You might be asking why a country dominating the online porn industry still has adult cinemas.

Well, they’re not just for watching porn. These places double as unofficial sex clubs where guys, girls, couples, and transsexuals meet up for sleazy fun.

Each Prague porn cinema is unique in its own way, but most are undeniably sleazy.

But we’re not looking for Michelin Star restaurants here; we’re trying to find a Gloryhole near you. You’re bound to get a bit sticky in the process!

As well as BDSM dungeons, sex swings, and group sex areas, any self-respecting porn theatre in Prague will be home to a selection of Gloryhole booths for patrons to enjoy uninhibited and anonymous glory hole sex.

To save you the effort of finding these sex cinemas yourself through trial and error, here are my personal favourites.

All are sleazy, cheap, and easy. And all of them have Gloryholes fitted for anonymous sex.

  • Sabinovka Club – A porn cinema mixed with an informal swingers club. Sabinkova welcomes straight, gay, and bisexual customers. You can usually find guys and couples engaged in sleazy, anonymous sex here. With Retro white leather fucking couches and an array of Gloryholes, you’re guaranteed a memorable experience. Located at Sabinova 111/2, Praha 3.
  • Eroticke Videokabinky – An incredibly sleazy collection of porn video cabins with Gloryholes fitted. Open all night and sees a lot of action. Located at Husitská 791, 130 00 Praha 3.
  • Videokabinky Hybernska – In dire need of a dedicated cleaner, but perfect for those who like an extremely sleazy experience. A wide selection of glory hole cabins and located near the main train station. The address is Hybernská 1613/38, 110 00 Nové Město.

Be prepared, though. Porn cinemas are truly some old-school sex institutions. They’re sleazy and sometimes dirty.

But great sex with a wide range of other kinksters is pretty much guaranteed. However, it’s not somewhere I’d recommend for a novice.

4Find a local Gloryhole club!

The realm of the swinger lifestyle has seen a huge boom in recent years. It no longer exists in the shadows, and people don’t throw their car keys in a bowl anymore.

Aside from online hookups, swinging takes place at dedicated clubs.

These clubs vary massively but overall, they consist of a socializing area for couples, singles, and sometimes groups to mingle with each other.

These can often feature spa facilities like a sauna and swimming pools. They head to the play areas when the social side is over, and the spark has been lit.

These often feature large comfortable rooms for orgies and voyeur fun. But any dedicated swingers club will also feature Gloryhole cabins.

This environment is a great place for your first Gloryhole experience. Why? Because you’re surrounded by sexually liberated people and will ensure a very positive experience.

I suggest trying out the following Prague swinging clubs:

  • Desire SW club – A new addition to Prague’s swinging lifestyle. It’s modern and jam-packed with fantastic adult facilities. It has even been used as a set for some very hardcore porn flicks recently. Located at Pilská 20/2, Praha 9 Hostavice, 198 00.
  • BUNKR swingers club – A welcoming spot for foreign kinksters visiting Prague, although a little difficult to find. It boasts a large bar, two whirlpools, two saunas, a large relaxation room with a fireplace and fish aquariums, several private and semi-private rooms, and a large group sex room complete with an S&M cross, a pillory, and even a large, rubber bouncing balls. Condoms and tissues are provided in all areas, and the club is clean and automatically fragranced. The club has a modern and sexy dungeon-like ambience. Located at Štúrova street 1701/55.

If you’re seeking a straight type of Gloryhole, then I would highly suggest a swinging club in Prague.

Rather than a porn cinema that sees a colourful blend of kinksters, a swinging club is more likely to have women passionately working the Gloryholes.

3There are gay gloryholes everywhere in Prague!

Next up is a type of Gloryhole for our gay and bisexual readers. If you’re looking for a straight Gloryhole, then skip to the next post.

But if you’re open-minded, keep reading to find out how there are gay gloryholes everywhere in Prague.

As well as gay cruising clubs dotted around the Czech capital, there are also many gay saunas.

These leisure centres exist for men to relax, detox, and engage in uninhibited sex with other gays in various adult play areas.

These play areas can range from mini porn theatres and sex dungeons to Gloryhole cabins and group sex rooms.

They’re a fantastic, judgement-free place to relax, unwind, and make sleazy memories to remember!

Although women are almost certainly barred from entry, many permit sissies, transsexuals, and shemales to enter.

This often results in a buffet of open sexual attitudes and, of course, a lot of fun!

If you’ve never visited a gay sauna before, it’s worth researching online to find one with a good reputation and where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Any self-respecting gay bathhouse will often have Gloryholes everywhere, too. Don’t forget to use our handy guide to finding a gay sauna near you.

2Your private Czech fantasy Gloryhole can be at the push of a button

The genre of Gloryhole porn is growing rapidly in popularity, and the Czechs played a huge role in this boom.

It stems back to the innovative Czech fantasy Gloryhole porn discussed at the beginning of the article.

Whilst said fantasy Gloryhole is just that, fantasy doesn’t stop people from recreating it in their homes.

Introducing the realm of homemade private Gloryholes that exist across Prague.

From horny shemales to kinky couples, I’ve managed to secure a few visits to these anonymous glory holes set up in private apartments.

They were extremely discreet and an extremely horny experience.

The way it works is simple. Locals will advertise their private homemade gloryholes on popular adult hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder.

They’ll assign a day and time that the Gloryhole will be open. You send them a message, and they’ll drop you the address and any further instructions.

Personally, I feel that this is a great way for a beginner to get introduced to the realm of Gloryhole sex.

It’s one of the most discreet, relaxed, and cheapest ways to experience Gloryhole sex on this list.

1Join the original Gloryhole party yourself!

And last but by no means least is the option of joining the original Gloryhole party yourself! That’s right; I’m talking about joining a group of guys on a Czech porn set.

As the capital of European porn, countless shoots often take place at one time. Naturally, most of them take place in the Czech capital of Prague. They’re not hard to sign up for.

The type of producers who make the Czech Fantasy Gloryhole porn isn’t seeking stereotypical pornstars with the body of an Adonis.

They’re aiming for a porn scene that’s as realistic as possible. As a result, they’re seeking regular, everyday guys to get their cock buried in the mouth, pussy, or ass of a Gloryhole slut.

To sign up, you just need to supply a form of ID to prove you’re over 18 and a recent negative STD test.

Personally, if you’re not Czech or from the EU, I’d suggest waiving the salary for taking part in a shoot.

Not only is it small for guys, but the process of getting paid by a local company isn’t worth the amount at all.

After all, you’re here to get your dick wet in the divine pleasure of a Gloryhole. That’s payment enough, right?

In summary? There’s real Czech glory hole fun all over Prague!

To wrap things up, the Czech Fantasy Gloryhole series may sadly be just a figment of porn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience your own glory hole sex in the Czech capital.

From swingers clubs and gay saunas to porn cinemas and homemade gloryholes, this article has explored the various ways you can do it. All of which are easy for the everyday person to find and enjoy.

In addition, if you have any of your own Czech glory hole tips you’d like to share, drop a comment below.

Similarly, if you use this article and have a mind-blowing glory hole experience, we’d love to hear how it went!

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