Escort Incall vs Outcall: The 8 Main Differences & Advantages

Okay, the girl of your dreams is offering her company for a fee online. But she’s asked you if you want an incall or, for an extra fee, outcall.

If you’re new to the world of escorts, hookers, and ladies of the night, there’s probably a lot of sex industry vocabulary you’re unfamiliar with. One of which will be the incall vs outcall dilemma!

Naturally, many newbies assume that an outcall is some kind of upgrade because it comes at a higher price. But this is far from the case.

“Cleaning up the cum, squirt, and baby oil after an intense outcall escort session isn’t ideal when you’re hungover.”

To define an incall vs outcall: An outcall is when an escort visits you at your place. An incall is when you visit the escort at their home or place of business.

I’ve certainly had my fair share of incalls vs outcalls. Almost all of them have been fantastic, but some have been memories I’d like to forget.

However, I’m not going to forget! Instead, I’m going to draw upon my experiences to give you advice on the difference between incall and outcall to help you decide which is best for you!

8The difference between incall and outcall

The difference between incall and outcall
Are you in or are you out?

To start off, let’s get you educated on the difference between incall and outcall in more detail. Because overall, they’re two very different experiences!

  • Incall – This is when an escort has an apartment, home, or hotel room she uses to provide sexual services to clients. You visit the address, pay her the fee, and the resultant fun takes place at her place.
  • Outcall – This is the opposite of the former. This is when an escort comes to your address whether it’s your home, hotel, or otherwise. You often have to pay an extra cost or at least cover her taxi/transport fee on top of the escort price.

The incall takes place at hers, the outcall takes place at yours. Simple, right? But there are some other differences, advantages, and disadvantages for each. Such as the facilities!

7Incalls usually have better facilities

A BDSM escort's dungeon
Many incall escorts have dedicated sex facilities. Take this BDSM dungeon, for example.

Provided you’re booking the more organized and medium to higher-end escorts, you can expect some fine facilities on offer at their place.

I mean, this is what these girls do for a living. And making the client feel cared for whilst satisfying their needs is the name of the game.

In the past, I’ve visited incall escorts with fully equipped BDSM dungeons, wardrobes full of tantalizing erotic outfits, and more sex playthings than Toys R Us!

I feel I speak for a lot of guys when I say that we just can’t match such an array of sex tools at our place.

So when it comes to facilities, incalls often beat outcalls. Of course, Escorts can bring some stuff to your place. But a girl can only carry so much!

6Incalls involve travel

British escort riding a gearstick on the way to an outcall meet.
Travelling to an incall meet can be a real pain in the ass.

I often get a severe craving for an escort when I’m hungover and in bed with the horn! In this case, dragging my sorry ass across town to an incall is not ideal.

This is the first advantage of an incall. You’re lying in bed watching TV. All you have to do is contact the girl of your dreams and she’ll deliver herself to your door like a slutty pizza!

When I do this, I often tell her the front door is unlocked. That way, I’m greeted with proverbial breakfast in bed when a stunning escort slut walks through my bedroom door with a smile.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a downside too. Cleaning up the cum, squirt, and baby oil after an intense outcall escort session isn’t ideal when you’re hungover.

5An incall escort does the cleaning

Used condom belt porn
The mess after an intense escort session can be a pain to clean up!

If, like me, you’re a blatant horndog. If you’re a regular ISG reader, I’ll assume you are. Then you might be well-acquainted with leaving a mess after you’re finished fucking.

When fucking an escort, I often go for the pornstar experience. We’re talking throat fucking, hard anal, squirting, and lots of baby oil. Because you only live once, right?

As you can imagine, this can leave quite a mess. With an incall, it’s kind of an unwritten rule that the girl cleans up afterwards. After all, it’s her place.

But at an outcall? She’s not about to get her yellow Marigold gloves on after you’ve blown your load. That’s on you.

So unless you’re the type of guy who actually likes sleeping in the wet patch, then you’d better weigh up the pros and cons of an incall vs outcall.

By the way, hiring a slutty French Maid outcall escort service isn’t a workaround to this either. Believe me, I’ve tried!

4Escorts are generally far more at ease in an incall

MILF escort relaxed at home and spreading her meaty pussy
A relaxed escort is a happy escort. And home is where the heart is!

This applies more to girls you’re meeting for the first time. But generally, I’ve found girls to be far more at ease when they’re hosting you in their own home.

Naturally, this results in better service overall. It’s also completely understandable. Let me explain why.

“The reality is that those working in the commercial sex industry likely remain the most at risk of violent crime.”

– The Conversation.

It’s a dangerous world out there and escorting can be a dangerous line of work. Working in their own space, a girl will likely have a plan of action if things go south with a client.

But when doing an outcall, they’re likely in an unfamiliar area with a guy they don’t know. This can naturally put them on edge and have a negative impact on the service.

Personally, I don’t like fucking jumpy outcall escorts. So I’ll often opt for an incall for a better experience. But only if I’ve never met the girl before.

Of course, if you have a particular escort who is a favourite of yours and whom you’ve met multiple times and have established trust, this is unlikely to make a difference.

3Outcalls usually cost more

Escort selling her panties
The best hangover cure: Best served hot and wet.

Overall, escorts will often charge more for outcalls. I’m no penny pincher. But for the benefits associated with an outcall, I find it hard to justify paying the extra cost sometimes.

This extra charge can vary dramatically. But sometimes it can be pretty high. This is most often due to the risk factor associated with outcalls whether it be a no-show client or otherwise.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t talking about transport or taxi fares requested for outcalls. After all, you’d probably be paying that for an incall anyway. So there’s little difference.

2Incalls are far more discreet

Incall vs outcall: which is more discreet?
“Hey, I’m outside! Your neighbours are so nice!”

The majority of escorts I’ve met have made discretion paramount. But I remember one particular incident, which was far from it.

I was temporarily living in a fairly small town in the UK. I’d spent Sunday in bed recovering from the night before and decided to try out a new MILF escort I hadn’t been with before.

When I heard the knock on the door. I opened it to see her dressed as a stereotypical hooker from a Hollywood movie.

I’m talking fishnets, latex thigh-high boots, and even a burning cigarette for good measure. Sounds great, Karl. What are you moaning about? I hear you ask.

Well, directly over the street? My well-to-do neighbours were saying goodbye to their elderly parents. All of them were staring in shock at the middle-aged whore in latex boots, and me.

Of course, I hurriedly invited her in and it was some downright phenomenal sex. She was an extreme squirter, which temporarily took my mind off the embarrassment outside.

The next day, I told my neighbours she was at mine for a fancy dress party. And no, they didn’t buy it.

But with an incall, you can generally rest assured that the girl is going to be discreet. After all, she likely doesn’t want her neighbours knowing her profession.

1Less chance of a no show with incall girls

A reliable escort sucking cock during an incall appointment
There’s nothing worse than getting ready for this deepthroat service only for the girl to not show up.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s waiting around for an outcall and trying not to touch my eager cock. Only for the escort not to even show up!

It’s happened more times than once and I’ve heard every excuse under the sun. But with an incall, I’ve found the exact opposite.

Once an incall escort has given you a time, date, and her address, you’re pretty much guaranteed that there’s a high chance the meet will happen.

Of course, an incall can still cancel at the last minute. But in my experience, I’ve found it far less likely.

In summary, which is better: Incall vs outcall?

In conclusion, a punter’s choice for an incall or outcall rests on their preferences. Some will prefer the no-nonsense vibe of an incall, whereas others like the idea of a girl coming to them.

I prefer an incall. Particularly for girls whom I haven’t met before. I find visiting a new place exciting and I often enjoy the wider range of facilities and toys that incall escorts offer.

But chilling in bed and ordering a sexy escort to your bedroom in the same way you’d order a Pizza Hut has its appeal. And not just because escort pussy tastes far better than the latter.

So to round off, we’ve answered the incall or outcall question in detail along with the various benefits and downsides attached.

But when it comes to which one to choose? Well, the choice is yours, friend! Whichever you decide, have fun!

Disclaimer: This article does not endorse or promote prostitution. It simply aims to answer the difference between incall vs outcall in sex industry terminology as well as shed light on the escort industry and the various aspects surrounding it.