The Merciless Mistress Baton Interview: A South African Dominatrix

South Africa. Known for its breath-taking nature, tantalizing wines, and cultural diversity, but is less renowned for a BDSM scene that's as merciless as...

The Jaw-dropping Interview With A Teen Gangbang Girl (Wild!)

Becoming a teen gangbang phenomenon wasn't 19-year-old Jasmine's original plan in life, but after experiencing a cum drenched Welsh orgy for the first time,...

A Wild Insight Into Female Sex Tourism With Nomad Nympho!

A few years back, whilst drinking at a beach bar in the Gambia, I bumped into a chilled-out, confident woman who oozed powerful sexual energy. Her name was Nicole.

Catherine Duffy of Whoreuro Exposed! (Exclusive Interview)

Amongst kinkster circles and various adult communities around the world, there's a well-respected word that is gaining increased notoriety: Whoreuro. But even more intriguing, is the taboo seductress behind Whoreuro: Catherine Duffy. This proud whore has spent the last decade with her legs spread in the seediest corners of Europe.

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