Your Guide to Artificial Cum Lube: How It’s Used & Where to Get It

As a globe-trotting sex tourist, I can safely say that I’ve lost count of how many women I’ve drenched in spunk to mark my territory. I’ve also eaten my fair share of creampies in a cleanup session, too.

The love and craving for this divine, white nectar known as cum has been taking one of the prime spots in porn and our sex lives overall. 

After all, cum is the fuel of life, and none of us would be here without its existence. When you look at it from this perspective, it deserves all the attention and worshipping it gets. 

However, that’s not precisely why it’s so admired. Its purpose and its connection to unprotected sex is giving it this risqué nature that attracts us like flies on honey.

If a guy comes and says he’s turned off by seeing his cum leaking out from the wet pussy of the girl he just fucked, it would be a big, fat lie. 

”you can squeeze out a solid dose of cum lube in your partner’s mouth and watch them play with it if that turns you on. Just make sure you opt for edible cum lube!”

Guys get off by seeing their partner swallow and play with cum, while those who swallow get so addicted to its taste, texture, and the arousal it brings that they can’t stay away from it.

Whether we’re talking about straight or gay lovers, the admiration and addictiveness are resting at the same level. Cum means pleasure, and pleasure means satisfaction.

Realistically, not everyone can be on birth control or risk getting pregnant just to enjoy an occasional creampie here and there. While the latter happens, it’s pretty inconsiderate. 

Here’s where the adult industry once again comes to save your ass by creating a realistic-looking cum lube for you to satisfy your thirst without taking risks. 

If the topic of cum is of interest to you, keep on reading this article to find out the wild ways that artificial cum lube can be used and where to get it if you resonate with the written ideas. 

See Your Girl’s Pussy Creampied With a Solid Dose of Cum

Creampies are among the top fetishes that the average porn viewer has. There’s something magical about this dick juice leaking down from the wet cunt gaped from a fresh fuck.

Sloppy seconds creampied pussy after a hardcore bareback orgy

Sadly for you, things don’t work out as well as they do in porn. You either risk getting pregnant or getting a STI if the person you’re fucking is not your partner. Both kill the vibe.

There’s another problem as well. You may be an absolute stud and produce large quantities of cum, but in reality, that’s not common among the average males. 

This means that the chance of having enough cum to create the visual satisfaction of a creampie is not as high as you think.

However, if you use a cum lube, you not only minimize the risks that come with real cum, but you can also apply as much product as needed to make a real-life porn-fueled creampie!

Make Your Partner Drown in Spunk With Edible Cum Lube!

Does she swallow? This is probably one of the most generic sex questions you can ask a guy about the new chick he is fucking. 

It has the same effect as whether a guy is willing to go down on a girl and lick up all her pussy juices oozing out from between her thighs.

Back to the topic of cum in the mouth, men love it, women, transsexual sluts love it. One problem though, what if you don’t have the luck of someone cumming in your mouth?

The easiest option would be to get yourself a bottle of artificial cum lube. You can have it at your disposal at any moment when the slut in your starts craving cum.

Or you can squeeze out a solid dose of cum lube in your partner’s mouth and watch them play with it if that turns you on. Just make sure you opt for edible cum lube!

Create Your Own Bukkake Porn Scene

Bukkake is a porn genre enjoyed by a vast number of smut lovers out there. We adore seeing a slut’s face, mouth, and hair getting sprayed with jizz. It’s just so fuckin’ hot!

Cumming on tits after a happy ending massage in Hamburg

Similar to the previous cum scenarios, Bukkake is not an easy scene to recreate with real cum, as recruiting enough cum bulls for the job can be a logistical nightmare!

While some may think that Bukkake is a degrading experience for a woman, it’s rather perceived by many slutty women as a very sexually empowering experience. 

Using artificial cum lube can be a pretty good way of seeing it in action without the need for 5+ studs and the risk of getting pink eye in the process. Sounds downright convenient, doesn’t it?

Lick Cum Off Your Girl’s Tits

We’re born in this world by sucking on tits, and we keep it going until we die unless we’re into different meaty attributes to suck on. 

Rachel Starr covered in cum in a big cock facial

It can be a very sexually arousing experience to cum all over your partner’s tits, watch her play with the salty nectar while rubbing it all over her, and finish by licking it from her boobs.

However, while it’s arousing, there aren’t that many guys open to tasting their own cum for one reason or another. That’s why using an artificial one can be a good solution.

There’s no awkwardness and, hopefully, no aftertaste. That’s why dousing your girl’s milkers in edible cum lube and licking it off can be a filthy thing to do during sex!

Make Your Anal Creampie Adventure Risk Free 

Okay, we talked enough about straight couples. Now, let’s focus on another sex fantasy – anal creampies for gay guys. Feels good, looks good but hides risks like any creampie

Like straight folks, a lot of gay men are put off unprotected anal sex as a result of the numerous STIs lurking around the corner.  

Nevertheless, if anal creampie eating is what turns you on so badly, you can do it totally risk-free with the use of an artificial cum lube and still protect yourself and your partner. 

If you don’t have a partner and you still want to try an anal creampie, you can use an ejaculating dildo and fill it with cum lube. You won’t be able to tell the difference. 

The Top Artificial Cum Lubes on the Market 

Just like regular lubes, cum lubes also have an enormous diversity of products offered on the market. They’re all suited for different purposes, and some may not fit your needs.

There’re a few main features to look out for when buying an artificial cum lube, regardless of how you’re going to use it.

It has to be 100% safe to use, should have a high-quality formula that enhances sex while remaining compatible with sex toys and condom use, and have good longevity.

The rest are preferences, which we will review when reviewing the following products we picked out for you.

Master Series Jizz 

As per the various reviews online, this artificial cum lube appears to be a very loved and high-rated one due to its authenticity and realistic comparison to actual semen. 

It has a texture, scent, and taste that are as close as they get to real jizz. It’s proven to last long, is water-based, and safe aside from its containing paraben and glycerine. 

The biggest pro about it is the fact that it’s edible, so you can make your blowjob stimulation experience very satisfactory. Most cum lubes on the market are inedible.

However, just a little advice: let the bottle rest in warm water before each use, as the warmth brings out the realistic smell and taste. Otherwise, you’ll get a scent of chemicals.

Sliquid Silk

As a next proposition, we have the well-known lube brand Sliquid. The white egg-shell color and texture of this lube make it visibly very close to real cum. 

It’s water- and silicone-based, but compared to the previous one, it contains no parabens or glycerine, which makes it 100% body-safe overall. The downside is that it isn’t edible. 

However, if your goal is to use it with ejaculating dildos and you intend to use it for a more extended period, then it’s a pretty good bet. 

Bust It Nut Butter

Doc Johnson’s product is also praised by many as being pretty close to the real thing texture-wise. Just like Sliquid Silk, its formula contains zero harmful ingredients.

So, if you want a realistic product while remaining confident about its safety, you won’t be mistaken if you go for this one. It’s even promoted to be fertility-friendly. 

The downside of this product is that it’s again inedible, so it won’t work for your oral fantasies, and some users have reported that it doesn’t last as long as they would like.


This Spunk lube is an award-winning product considered to be one of the best options for artificial cum available on the market. 

It’s safe, and its hybrid formula makes it extremely long-lasting. This, in return, makes it very compatible with anal sex, where generally you might need longer play time and lubrication.

However, it’s once again inedible, it contains paraben, and some users have reported having a slightly chemical smell, so if you’re after the scent, it might not be the best fit for you.

Lovehoney’s Delight Silk

This product is the most affordable water-based lube out there, with a smooth and silky consistency that minimizes the discomfort of sticky lubes. 

Due to its water-based formula, it’s super easy to clean, and it’s compatible with latex condoms and sex toys. 

The downside is that it contains ingredients that might irritate women who have more sensitive and prone to infections vaginas. So it’s better fitted for anal or other body use.

In addition, it’s also reported that after application, it might have a warm and tingling sensation, which some might love, while for others, it might be a big turn-off. 

Would You Consider Using Artificial Cum Lube?

I hope this article has been educational enough for you and has given you some ideas on how you can enhance your sex life while minimizing well-known risks. 

Artificial cum lubes aren’t perfect, but as technology is improving, so are they. It used to be unthinkable that you would have a cum lube available for you to purchase in the first place.

It also makes you think how much of the porn you’re watching is also taking advantage of its use. So, don’t be so harsh on yourself if you can’t produce tons of cum. 

Make use of what the market is offering you and embrace your jizz-ridden sexual fantasies. Just make sure you pick out the most suitable cum lube among the available ones.

Everyone has different needs, so it’s a case of what fits your case best! Don’t be stingy on it, and enjoy the cum ride.


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