The International Thailand Sex Vacation Guide For 2024!

As a sex tourism destination, Thailand needs little introduction and has attracted swatches of sex tourists keen to pay for the tantalizing delights of Thailand sex vacation for decades.

The Land of Smiles is so (in)famous for its sex tourism industry that it is almost certainly the first place most people think of, along with the Philippines, when they think of places you to pay for sex. 

The Thailand sex vacation reputation is certainly unearned. Thailand has many legitimate tourism destinations besides its seedier locations like Bangkok and Pattaya.

“Blowjob bars are a thing in Thailand, and exactly what they sound like. You walk in, grab a beer, get your cock sucked by one of many women with exceptional oral skills, and then leave.”

Still, there are also many seedy locations that you, the international jet-setting whoremonger, will no doubt enjoy visiting a great deal, whether you’re looking for free sex or to pay for it. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at all that the sex tourism industry in Thailand has to offer as we kick off our free international Asian sex vacation guide!

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Why Is Thailand A Great Sex Tourism Destination? 

From the Go-Go bar-strewn streets of Bangkok to the sex tourism paradise of Pattaya, there is a reason why Thailand is renowned for its sex tourism.

Thailand is cheap, it’s a beautiful country, and it has a lot of stunning women working in the thriving local sex industry.

It’s hard to visit Thailand and not have a great time as a sex tourist (provided you’re careful – but more on that later). 

There are almost one million sex workers active in Thailand. With a population of around 70 million, that’s about 1.4% of the population.

Simply put: if you have some Baht, you’re not going to have a hard time finding someone to go home with you in Thailand, whether to your actual hotel or a short-stay one. 

That fact, coupled with the fact that Thailand has some of the most in-your-face red-light districts around, means that it’s one of the world’s premier destinations for sex tourism. 

Before We Begin With This International Sex Guide To Thailand, What Are Sexy Thai Women Like? 

Many Asian women end up getting lumped in with the common (and frankly racist) assumption that many westerners have of East Asian women (such as the Japanese): they’re meek, demure, subservient, and always defer to the men. 

That’s not true of most East or Southeast Asian women, and it’s not true of the women in Thailand.

Anyone who disputes this should try getting into a confrontation with Thai sex workers and see what happens! (Note: you should absolutely not do this.) 

Thai lasses tend to be petite, are quite dark-skinned, and generally have broad faces and large ears.

They are physically quite similar to Cambodian and Vietnamese women, as there’s a lot of overlap between the people of these three countries.

They tend to be curvier than East Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) women, with bigger butts and fuller breasts. 

They’re also much more sexually expressive than East Asian women, who value sexual naïveté (whether feigned or genuine) and shyness in bed.

Thai women are not like this at all – they know exactly what they want and will happily take charge when having sex. They know exactly what they’re doing and are not afraid to show it. 

To recap: Thai women are curvy, busty, hot, petite, and will rock your world in bed. Why is it again you’re not on a plane there right now? 

Where To Hook Up With Local Girls Online On a Thai Sex Vacation?

A cheating Thai MILF I met through Ashley Madison calling her husband after I’d just rearranged her ass. I don’t judge!

The sleazy prostitution in Thailand’s sex tourist areas like Soi Cowboy can be overwhelming for newcomers.

But there are plenty of ways to dip your toe in the water of prostitution in Thailand at your own pace through various online dating and hookup apps. Here’s some to check out:

  • Adult Friend FinderA one size fits all adult hookup app with millions of members worldwide, you don’t have to look far on Adult Friend Finder to find horny men, women, and ladyboys frothing between the legs for a hard sex session with an exotic foreigner like you.
  • Tinder – Not keen on paying for a premium hookup website? Then fire up Tinder and test your luck. Just beware that many Thai girls on here are looking for long-term relationships with foreigners and not casual, uninhibited sex, as you’d find on Adult Friend Finder.
  • Thai Friendly A smooth dating app that is really popular in Thailand. Again, you have to sift through the folks seeking serious fun to find casual sex, but it’s worth a try and has a nice free version to play, but the premium version and related bonuses are, as always, worth paying for.
  • Ashley Madison It’s no secret that men in Thailand aren’t exactly packing downstairs. So the dedicated hookup app for cheating wives looking to ride foreigners’ dicks is quite a hit here. It’s not as active as it is in the West, but I’ve bagged a handful of filthy meets with horny Thai MILFs through this app.

As with anywhere, a successful online hookup quest means using more than one website and mixing things up a little with different apps for different needs.

The Thai Prostitution Menu – 5 Types Of Thai Hookers You Can Expect To Meet 

As one of the world’s sex tourism capitals, Thailand has no shortage of various kinds of hookers working in prostitution. Here’s our pick for the five best. 

Sex With Horny Thai Girls in Go-Go Bars

A staple of SE Asian nightlife, go-go bars are essentially strip joints where the girls will go home with you for sex if you ask them nicely (and pay for their time).

In Go Go Bars, the girls usually dance on a central island with a number pinned to their bikini bottoms whilst horny sex tourists watch with a beer in hand.

If you like the look of any of the sex workers in Go Go Bars, offer to buy them a beer or tell the staff which number girl you’re interested in. She’ll be over to share a drink and chat with you.

If things are copacetic, you can look at paying a bar fine (basically a fee to compensate the Go Go bars for the time she’ll be gone with you) and go back to your hotel with her. 

Thai Bar Girl Sex Prices 

The bar fine will cost you around $15; a ‘short time’ will cost you $40-45, and a ‘long time’ around $45-80 in Go Go Bars.

Thai Blowjob Bars Are a True Asian Sex Tourism Experience

I always get my money’s worth in the BJ Bars!

Blowjob bars are a thing in Thailand, and exactly what they sound like. You walk in, grab a beer, get your cock sucked by one of many women with exceptional oral skills, and then leave.

Naturally, they’re a popular place on the sex tourism trail for people exploring Thailand’s sex industry.

The interior is basically a standard bar, but plenty of female and trans sex workers dotted around will approach anyone they think looks like they need a blowjob (this means you). 

Depending on how shy both you and the girl are (take it from us that these sex workers are not shy), she may take you to a private booth elsewhere in the bar, or she may just blow you right there at the table.

There may even be private rooms upstairs where you can potentially have sex with the girl after she’s given your meat the sucking it deserves.

Take it from me; sipping a Thai beer whilst a horny Thai prostitute or two gobbles down your dick under the table is an experience any sex tourism aficionado should experience at least once.

Thai Blowjob Girl Prices Are Less Baht Than You Might Think!

A blowjob will cost you around $20. If you’re in the market for full penetrative sex, that will cost roughly $35. Again, these sex tourism prices are exceptionally low!

Thai Massage Girls Are a Staple Of Any Red Light District

‘Massage’ parlors where the girls aren’t exactly formally trained masseuses are a staple of the prostitution industry and pretty much any sex tourism industry worldwide, and prostitution in Thailand is no different. 

Erotic massages usually come in two flavors in Thailand: a traditional Thai massage (with or without oil) and a ‘soapy’ massage performed by sex workers.

The former may or may not include happy endings – this is obvious from how thegirls are dressed and how they solicit your business. 

The latter includes sex in the price and is the more sensual of the two. The girl will soap up her body and massage your body with her own; you will then get down to business.

Needless to say, it’s probably this one you want if you’re looking for the best time possible in Thailand. 

Thai Massage Girl Prices  

The traditional Thai massage parlors may also offer happy endings from a sexually open-minded Thai girl eager to earn some quick cash on the side; these will run you around $15.

If you go to a soapy massage joint in Thailand, it will cost anywhere from $40 up to a whopping $300.

The price depends on how sexy the Thai girl is and how ‘prized’ she is within Thailand’s sex tourism industry (this means fair-skinned and slender in Thai terms). 

Thai Freelancer Escorts

A freelance Thai girl can be found in many sites, such as bars and clubs across Thailand and can usually be identified by the fact that they’re made up, dressed sexily, and by themselves.

These sex workers in Thailand will generally be pretty bold and approach you to make their erotic intentions to service your cock in exchange for Baht known.

Streetwalking prostitutes in Thailand are also very common, and while they’re as bold as the girls you’ll meet in clubs, they will not be as hot.

However, these street hookers often make up for this by being much cheaper than the conventional freelancers in Thailand’s sex tourism industry.

If you’re into the rough and ready kind of hookers who will ride your dick with a cigarette in their mouth, then streetwalkers might be just up your alley.

Thai Freelancer Prices 

As mentioned, bar/club girls are on the pricier side, at around $25-50 for a short time. You could have her spend the night if you wanted; this could run you around $80

Streetwalkers are obviously much cheaper, costing $15-30 for a short time. Again, they’re not quite as attractive, and you have to watch your back sometimes, but you get what you pay for. 

Ladyboys & Trans Girls Offer Unforgettable Sex In Thailand 

Many guys swear up and down that they’re not interested in ladyboys. They would be disgusted if they ‘accidentally’ took one back.

But let’s face it – ladyboy hookers ain’t hurting for business, and they ain’t getting kicked out of bed when their customers ‘realize’ they’re packing a little extra. 

Ladyboys are a normal sight ubiquitous in Thailand. Every variety of hookers we’ve already covered will inevitably have some in the mix, whether they’re streetwalkers, go-go dancers or masseuses.

Some are pre-op, and some are post-op; there’s no real way of knowing unless you outright ask them.

“Ping-pong shows are famous worldwide and are an emblematic act of Thailand’s sex industry and involve women with talented pussies firing ping-pong balls out of themselves.”

Whether or not they find this question offensive really varies from ladyboy to ladyboy, but if they’re in the sex industry, they’re not likely to. 

Personally, fucking a ladyboy is a normal and quintessential experience in The Land of Smiles and will certainly leave you with a grin on your face.

If the act of trans sex is taboo in your country, who cares? You only live once and what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand. If no one knows, there’s no one to comment.

Thai Ladyboy Prices 

Ladyboys tend to be a little more expensive than regular female hookers, but not so much that it will break the bank; as a rule of thumb, look at the prices above and add $10 to the total cost if she’s a ladyboy.

5 Thailand Sex Tourism Locations You Won’t Want To Miss 

For a reason, Thailand is one of the world’s foremost sex tourism destinations – if not the foremost.

There’s no end of amazing (or, in some cases, just plain weird) sex experiences to have there – here are five of the best! 

Spend Time In Pattaya With An Army of XXX Hookers

Pattaya almost needs no introduction – it might be the most infamous sex tourism location in the whole of Thailand – but let’s introduce it anyway.

This small east coast city attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually and is renowned for its crazy nightlife scene, including the frenetic Pattaya Walking Street. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that there are thousands of hookers working in Pattaya in the evening, from streetwalkers to bar girls and everything in between.

It’s functionally impossible to visit Pattaya as a man and not get laid. 

Bangkok Girls & The Thai Capital’s Red Light Districts 

Thailand’s capital has no fewer than three red-light districts you can visit to find ladies of the night and indulge your dirty, dirty fantasies.

Whether visiting Soi Cowboy, Patong or the renowned Nana Plaza (home to a 3-story sex complex and no small number of ladyboys), you’re guaranteed a good time in Bangkok. 

If you want a tip for prowling the red-light districts of Thailand, pace yourself. Don’t think with your dick and run off with the first sex-crazed Thai slut you see. Look around first.

Ping-Pong Shows Are a Vital Stop On Any Thailand Sex Tour

Ping-pong shows are famous worldwide and are an emblematic act of Thailand’s sex industry and involve women with talented pussies firing ping-pong balls out of themselves.

You can try to catch the balls in your mouth if you’re brave and proactive. Note that this bizarre but legal entertainment act is not limited to ping-pongs being shoved up vaginas.

It also includes women firing darts at balloons and raunchy magic shows where young women put ribbons in one orifice and pull them out of another. 

Ping-pong shows can be readily found wherever you might find other types of sex clubs. Plus, if you catch the sticky ping pong ball, it’s a kick-ass souvenir!

Phuket Is a Popular Tourist Destination Packed With Thai Sex Workers

Like rival Chiang Mai, this popular island sees millions of tourists annually, and in Thailand, where there are tourists, there’s Baht. And where there’s Baht; there’s talent.

Phuket’s red light district shares a name with one of Bangkok’s – Patong – and is filled to the gills with go-go bar places, massage parlors, brothels, blowjob bars and freelancers.

Again, you’d have a hard job not to get laid here – if you trip over, your dick will end up in someone here. 

Koh Samui Is a Varied Destination For All Types of Horny Thai Girls

Another tourism destination that’s just as much a sex tourism one is Koh Samui. It’s also one of Thailand’s most beautiful spots that are well worth checking out for its natural beauty.

But regarding the sexual beauty on offer, Koh Samui has two areas that are good for finding all types of sex tourism opportunities through Thai prostitution.

Lamai, in the southeast, offers sex with more mature ladies, while those looking for younger (18+) girls would do well to check out Soi Green Mango in Chaweng, where the bar girls are often unbelievably cute and always down for some wild sex for some Baht.

Top Tips To Stay Safe In Thailand

Thailand is a generally safe country for savvy sex tourists to explore the prostitution scene with common sense in mind. But there are some crucial tips to be aware of to ensure you stay as safe as possible.

Avoid Confrontations With Thai People

Whether you’re in Bangkok or rural areas, do not get into public confrontations with Thai guys, girls or ladyboys over money, prostitution disagreements, or otherwise. It will always end badly for you!

From Indian men throwing a punch over the price of a drinks bill in a karaoke club on Soi Cowboy to drunk Brits getting physical with prostitutes, I’ve seen my fair share of scraps in the country.

Kickboxing was born here. It goes without saying that Thai folks can fight. They’ll back each other up against foreign tourists, and so will the police. Disengage and walk away.

Look After Your Valuables (Especially With Ladyboys!)

When bringing back prostitutes to your room at night, always lock up your money and valuables. Bar girls are your safest option, as you always know where to find them to get your stuff back.

But streetwalkers and ladyboys can have some very sticky fingers, not just because they’re coated in your cum.

Stay alert, keep your money and valuables locked away, and don’t let them pout you any drinks.

It’s not uncommon for tourists to have their drinks spiked by prostitutes found on the street at night and wake up with all their money stolen.

The police in Thailand are not the most helpful in such cases, especially if it stems from prostitution, so avoid such incidents on your trip if possible.

Don’t Flash Money Around On Your Trip

As with anywhere, Thailand has a minority population of people who will happily help tourists to spend their cash or alleviate them of it entirely.

So don’t flash it around and show off. Be discreet when you pay for things. Especially around prostitutes or on the street at night. Or you might find your trip to the country is ruined before it even begins.

Drink Responsibly

Alcohol is abundant in Thailand, and it’s cheap. But that doesn’t mean you should go out and chug fishbowls of vodka in the dark streets of Bangkok like I did.

The first time I visited Thailand as a young, fresh-faced 19-year-old, I got hammered on my first night in Bangkok and stumbled home drunk, only to be robbed at knifepoint when I took a dark alleyway as a shortcut.

As with anywhere, there are people keen to take advantage of drunk tourists and don’t expect much help from the police when things go sour.

Have fun, but be sharp and always try to have a buddy to watch your back if you plan on getting smashed.

Don’t do Drugs In Thailand Unless You Want a Long Prison Sentence

I’m not here to judge, but I’ll try my best to keep you safe. Don’t do drugs in Thailand, my friends. Stick to beer!

It’s not uncommon to be offered drugs on the street across the country, especially at night in places like Bangkok and Pattaya. But trust me, keep walking!

Drugs are strictly illegal. If tourists are caught by police, even for a tiny amount, they can face up to two decades behind bars in a hellhole Thai prison, a big fine, or even death.

Whether drugs, fighting or otherwise, Thailand isn’t the place to do any illegal shit. It will end badly for you, so act sensible and behave.

Thailand Sex Guide FAQ

As we near the end of this Thailand sex vacation, let’s round off by answering some frequently asked questions about sex tourism in this notorious South East Asian nation.

Where is Thailand Located?

Thailand is located in the centre of South East Asia, and its capital city, Bangkok, is easily reached from most international airports.

Thailand is situated between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It borders Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia, making it a great base to explore the rest of SE Asia!

What Is Thailand Known For?

Aside from a thriving prostitution scene, Thailand is known for its tantalizing food, incredible history, fascinating wildlife, and stunning scenery.

There’s a lot to enjoy in this country if you manage to pull your dick out of the welcoming holes of its varied prostitutes. Get stuck in, and don’t be afraid to sample the local culture!

Is Thailand Safe?

Thailand is as safe as anywhere in the world, provided you use common sense, treat local people, customs, and cultures respectfully, and don’t do anything illegal to foul the police.

Petty crimes, thefts, and assaults do occur, but they are rare. Keep a level head on your shoulders, don’t get hammered without a buddy, and don’t think with your cock!

Is Thailand Expensive?

Whilst nowhere near as cheap as it used to be, Thailand is a relatively inexpensive destination compared to Western countries or other countries in Asia, like Singapore and Australia.

Big cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket are naturally more expensive than rural areas and smaller towns.

You won’t pay 100 Baht for pussy these days, but from food and hotels to sex and kinky prostitution, you don’t have to part with much Baht to pay for things that would usually cost you a fortune back home.

Is English Widely Spoken In Thailand?

Unlike the neighbouring Philippines, English isn’t widely spoken in Thailand. However, you can get by with sign language, Google Translate, and basic English.

Luckily for Mongers like us, a basic level of English is widely spoken by the country’s prostitutes so that they can better communicate their services with their clients.

In Conclusion, A Thailand Sex Vacation Is An Unforgettable Experience

As we can see, Thailand’s sordid reputation as one of the world’s foremost sex tourism destinations is well-earned indeed.

From Bangkok to Pattaya, from blowjob bars and ladyboy lovemaking to Go Go Bar sex and streetwalkers, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the Thai prostitution scene.

If you need further confirmation, the prostitution on offer in Thailand should be on the bucket list of anyone determined to pay for wild sex and mess their way around the world.

Pack your suitcase and get on that plane for the trip of a lifetime! 

Also, if you want to discover some seriously useful Thai words and phrases that every sex tourist should know, we have an article for that!

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Disclaimer: The article on the world of prostitution in Thailand is merely for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously. Embedded in this article may be affiliate links to tried and tested products, toys, and services from which we can earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if a purchase is made.



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