The Surprising List of 10 Most Popular Fetishes in the UK

The UK is an incredibly diverse country. Home to 14 indigenous languages and an abundance of culture, it never fails to surprise. Especially when it comes to its most popular fetishes.

This island nation once had a stereotype of being prudish. But oh my, how things have changed! The 21st Century Brits are an inherently kinky bunch, let me tell you!

It should come as no surprise. After all, this is the land that invented Dogging and the place where the popular BDSM activity of Birching was an official state punishment until 1976.

“The good folk of Liverpool are not just well-known for their humour and good taste in fashion, they also have damn good taste in porn, too!”

Today, we’re going to virtually travel from John O’Groats to Land’s End as we explore what keeps English cocks throbbing, Welsh pussies leaking, and Scottish sluts sucking.

That’s right, we’re going to explore what are the top 10 fetishes according to each region of the UK. So if you want to discover mind-blowing fetish facts like:

  • Why people in Liverpool like it wet and messy.
  • What keeps the sexual ecosystem of London throbbing.
  • How Welsh people like to escape from day to day life in the bedroom.

And much more, then keep reading! This is the ultimate guide to the most popular fetishes across the United Kingdom. Believe me, the results may surprise you!

10Watersports is One of The Most Common Fetishes in Glasgow

That’s right, we’re starting far in the North of the UK and we’ll gradually head South. We begin in Glasgow. Officially known as one of the friendliest cities in the UK, it’s surprisingly one of its kinkiest!

Aside from deep-fried Mars Bars and football fistfights, the internet search history of Scotland’s largest city boasts another quirky aspect: A love of Urolagnia!

Urolagnia is a sexual lust for watersports. But we’re not talking about naked waterskiing on Loch Lomond. Quite the opposite!

It is cold in Scotland, so it’s only understandable that some locals lust for the warm kiss of pee on their naked bodies.

The pee-like colour of the national drink of Irn Bru might have something to do with it, too!

9Femdom is The Most Popular Fetish in Yorkshire

Now we pass Hadrian’s Wall into the former badlands at the heart of the War of the Roses: Yorkshire! A kinky hotspot we recently wrote a sex guide to.

In 2022, Yorkshire folk have maintained some of their Medieval heritage: Whips, chains and leather!

In Yorkshire’s third-biggest city of Sheffield, Dominatrix porn is the most widely search porn term by locals.

The down-to-earth people of Yorkshire are known for their friendliness, but also renowned for their stubbornness and argumentative attitude.

To counteract these personality traits, it seems that there’s only one type of person that Yorkshire folk look towards, Professional Dominatrixes!

8Squirting is One of The Most Popular Fetishes in Liverpool

In Liverpool, the homeland of The Beatles, you might hear the phrase “we’re not English, we’re Scouse!”

And based on the internet search history of this incredible city, you might also hear “It’s not pee, it’s squirt!”

That’s right, Squirting porn is the most heavily searched term in the homeland of Scousers. They just love to see wet and messy sluts in action!

The good folk of Liverpool are not just well-known for their humour and good taste in fashion, they also have damn good taste in porn, too.

7Feet Are One of the More Popular Kinks in Birmingham

Next, we head to the Midlands and the home of Black Sabbath: Birmingham! A notoriously sleazy city, it’s home to two out of three of Britain’s last surviving porn cinemas.

But what are the Brummies watching most? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have anything to do with biting the head off a bat. Quite the opposite, actually!

The most heavily searched porn term in Birmingham is that of feet. The Brummies just love footjobs, being walked all over, and sucking some cute toes. And why not?

A foot fetish can also incorporate love of stockings and high heels, too. So it’s no surprise that Birmingham is also home to one of the UK’s most notorious Red Light Districts!

6The Favourite Sex Fetish of Milton Keynes Goes Deep!

Next, we head to Milton Keynes. This town is located 50 miles from London. Not the most exciting of destinations, but one we had to mention on this list for a couple of reasons.

According to the search history of locals, the most popular kink in this town is fisting. A lot of folks here just love going wrist deep into a sloppy pussy or ass!

If you research what Milton Keynes is most famous for, you’ll probably see that it’s some generic concrete cow sculpture. Boring!

Any true connoisseur of British sleaze knows the best-kept secret of Milton Keynes. It’s the homeland of Nicole DuPappillion!

Nicole is a pornstar escort and the proud owner of Britain’s biggest labia and the meatiest pussy you’ve ever seen. Coincidentally, she’s no stranger to fisting!

5It’s All About Role Play in Wales

Next, we’re stepping into the world of miners, sheep, and pornstars like Sophie Dee. That’s right! We’re heading into the wonderful country of Wales!

Pipe down in the back! If I hear any sheep jokes you’ll be asked to leave!

Internet search history in the largest Welsh city of Cardiff reveals that the people of Wales love nothing more than hardcore roleplay porn.

“That’s right, the sweet old lady called Margaret who sells homemade jam at the village fair every summer probably rubs her wrinkled up pussy senseless to triple penetration gangbangs.”

Whether it’s slutty driving instructors fucking their students or horny cops sitting on the faces of suspects during interrogation, sexual roleplay is a great way for the Welsh to take a break from day-to-day life.

That probably explains the influx of horny Welsh sluts on role-play porn channels like Fake Taxi, doesn’t it?

4The Swindon Lot Love Outdoor Sex

If you’re a fan of The Office, you may remember the infamous ‘Swindon lot!’. Apart from that, there isn’t much going on in this town. On the surface, at least!

The Swindon lot are very much into the very traditional British sexual pastime of Dogging. This sees singles and couples meet up in secluded spots for casual sex and swinging.

“Big day today, Swindon mob are arriving. I’ve laid on a little do for them. it’s gonna be very much just a ‘chill out, let’s get to know each other’ type of vibe.”

– David Brent, The Office.

This Wiltshire town is also surrounded by some of England’s best countryside that makes some excellent Dogging hotspots. Coincidence? I think not!

According to our recent guide on how to find Dogging locations across the UK, there are ten different Dogging sites around Swindon.

The Swindon lot aren’t ‘a bunch of slugs’, as David Brent put it. They’re actually a bunch of Dogging porn lovers who really do like to take their kink offline. Good for them!

3What’s The Top Fetish in a Traditional English Village Like Burnham?

English villages might look sweet and innocent. But if you’ve ever seen Midsomer Murders, or been to a private sex party in the English countryside, you’d know that it’s quite the opposite.

Just take the revealing internet search history of Burnham. In this quaint little Buckinghamshire village, the locals are absorbing as much group sex porn as they can!

That’s right, the sweet old lady called Margaret who sells homemade jam at the village fair every summer probably rubs her wrinkled up pussy senseless to triple penetration gangbangs.

I don’t blame you, Margaret. That’s my kind of jam, too!

2The Diverse Fetish List Loved by Londoners

And now, we reach the British capital of London. In the words of Alan Patridge, you’re guaranteed to either be mugged or unappreciated here. But is it true?

Well, if the search history of Londoners is anything to go by, it’s either very possible or it’ll be quite the opposite from the looks of things. The most popular search terms in the capital are:

  • Cuckolding – London is home to over 270 different nationalities and 300 languages. Life’s too short for women to confine themselves to one cock. So why not try them all and make your city worker husband watch?
  • Sploshing – If you’re going to pay extortionate prices for mediocre food, why not get your money’s worth and make yourself cum with it?
  • Exhibitionism – Because after all those long, miserable hours staring at the ground on the tube, a lot of Londoners are craving some attention.
  • Wax play – If the sharp sting of hot wax doesn’t take your mind of extortinoate rent and skyrcoketing crime, what will?

As you can see, I’m not the biggest fan of living in the British capital. But it’s all in good fun. Stay kinky, Londoners!

1Fetish Sex by The Sea in Margate

And last, but by no means least, we finish in the seaside town of Margate on the South coast of England. The homeland of the iconic Jolly Boys Outing from Only Fools and Horses!

Margate may be home to the UK’s largest swing dancing festival, but that’s not the only type of swinging that goes on here. Margate locals search for swinging porn more than any other type.

So it should come as no surprise that Margate and the surrounding Kent area is full of swingers clubs, regular sex parties, and many other wife-swapping shenanigans.

Just like Blackpool is home to swinging hotels, RLDs, and sex clubs, I wonder what is it about British seaside towns that makes people want to see other people fuck their husbands and wives?

Final Thoughts? Stay Kinky, Britain!

To sum up, the United Kingdom is one of Europe’s most underrated kinky destinations. The search history of different towns and regions reveals a sexual lust as diverse as the UK itself.

This guide has traversed England, Scotland, and Wales to reveal the most popular fetishes across the British mainland.

From squirt-loving Scousers and cuckolded Londoners to piss-addicted Scots and wife-swappers in Margate, we left no stone unturned to reveal what keeps the British turned on.

As a final note, I’d like to point out that this article is just for entertainment purposes and is based on search history results from each of the towns and regions mentioned according to SlotsUp. It is in no way representative of the people of said locations. It’s just a bit of fun!