The Weird World Of The Chinese Brothel (And How To Visit Them)  

The chances are that, when thinking about a Chinese brothel, your mind immediately wanders to demure women clad in kimonos and powdered faces, grasping delicate parasols and crooning to you in languages you can’t understand.

If that’s the case, then we’re afraid that you’re a goddamn racist because that’s geishas, and they’re found in Japan.  

In point of fact, it’s possible that you may believe there is not much in the way of prostitution or Chinese brothels at all, given the ostensibly puritanical bent of the Chinese government.

“And the party room? Expect Thai-style shenanigans with ping-pong balls, beer bottles opened with nothing more than the power of the vagina, and inexplicably avoided yeast infections for both hooker and patron.”

After all, this country immediately sends even the most mildly titillating movie scene to the cutting room floor.  

And yet, the oldest profession is not so easily suppressed, especially when you consider that there is likely more than one Chinese official who discreetly indulges in the pleasures of purchased company.

Behind the doors of karaoke bars, nightclubs and hair salons, ladies of negotiable virtue ply their trade as successfully as any Bangkok go-go girl.  

How to Visit a Chinese Brothel Like a Local

How to visit a Chinese brothel like a local

Before visiting any Middle Kingdom house of sin, of course, it’s worth bearing a few things in  mind:  

1. Always Be Safe  

China is typically a very safe country to visit. Although petty theft and pickpocketing are issues, it’s almost unheard of to be the victim of a street robbery or any other violent crime.  

That said, the places you’re visiting are technically illegal. Keep your wits about you and walk away if it doesn’t feel right.  

2. Pay in Cash  

This is not strictly necessary and depends on the level of secrecy, but remember that this is  China, and you need to assume that your comings and goings can and will be checked. If you’re paying for a brothel with WeChat Pay, the authorities can quickly uncover it.  

3. You May Be Refused Entry/Service  

We live in a post-Covid world, and unfortunately, China can fall prey to the spectre of ethno chauvinism. Simply put: sometimes foreigners are not welcome. Sometimes girls will not feel comfortable servicing foreign men. If this happens, it’s essential to remember… 

4. Do Not Lose Your Temper or Become Confrontational  

Getting into angry confrontations in China, as a foreigner, is an exercise in futility. You will gain nothing from it except maybe getting the police called (and you do not want the police escorting you out of a brothel in China). If you are refused entry, or there is some problem,  remain polite and non-confrontational.  

5. Learn Your Basic Lingo 

In Mandarin, prostitutes are referred to as xiaojie (literally ‘miss’) or jinv (literally “chicken girl”). You will often be euphemistically offered anmo (massage). Also on the menu might be koujiao (blowjobs) or shouhuo (handjob). If you want the full Monty, you’re looking for quantao (the full package, aka sex) or, more bluntly, zuoai (make love). Finally, those looking to take the dirt road should ask for gangjiao (anal sex).  

6. Figure Out How To Find Chinese brothels  

This one can be tricky; Chinese brothels are, by necessity, hiding in the shadows. Your best bet is getting on an app such as WeChat (the ubiquitous Chinese messaging/payment app) and using their “people nearby” function.

Look for women with copious amounts of red lips next to their user name; if the picture is a scantily clad woman, chances are you might have a hooker account on your hands.  

Tantan (Chinese Tinder, essentially) is also a good source; potential hookers will quickly move the chat to WeChat.  

You can also find QR codes on brothel calling cards, usually scattered on the pavement of any major city or else pasted into e-bike baskets. 

A Guide To Eight Weird And Wonderful Chinese Brothels!

Now that you’re equipped with our handy tips and tricks, let’s take a look at the various flavours of Chinese brothels.  

All prices are given in USD. At the time of writing, 1 CNY = 0.1494 USD. 

KTV Brothels  

Any good bordello in a disapproving society needs a good front, and China is no exception. One of the more popular fronts is a good old-fashioned karaoke bar, known locally as a “KTV”.  

While legitimate KTVs exist to cater to the Chinese people’s voracious acoustic appetites, there is also a slew of less salubrious KTVs that cater to somewhat baser palates.  

Similarly to Asian “hostess bars”, patrons of such special KTVs will – for a fee – be accompanied by a young lady of their choice. Said young lady will share drinks with her client and, at her discretion, may be inclined to share a little more.  

Fair warning (and this will, post-Covid, go in general): services may not extend to the “complete set” (a Chinese euphemism for the whole shebang) and may be limited to handjobs or blowjobs.  

Price range: $30 (for company) – $150 (depending on the level of extra service required) 

Pink Shops 

A common sight across Chinese cities in the noughties and early 2010s, the once-ubiquitous “pink shops” are, unfortunately, a thing of the past. However, they can still be found in smaller towns and on the outskirts of bigger cities.  

But what, exactly, is a “pink shop”?  

Ostensibly, a pink shop is a hair salon. Typically fitted with fully transparent glass sliding doors, the front room is taken up with barber’s chairs and mirrors and the eponymous pink lights that give the establishments their nom de guerre.

These front rooms are generally manned (womanned?) by a mama-san and two or three girls awaiting clients. Getting serviced is as easy as approaching; the girls will only be too eager to accommodate any clients, and you’ll swiftly be in the back rooms taking care of business.  

Pink shops are on the low end of the spectrum as far as Chinese brothels go. These are not your fancy spas or Disneyland-Esque brothels; the girls are a bit rougher and readier, and the ambience is not exactly classical music and candlelight.

The beds, such as they are, are generally narrow and not especially comfortable, and they’re likely to be separated from any neighbours by nothing more than a curtain.  

Pink shops typically offer only hand/blowjobs, but you’ll find the odd girl willing to do full sex for a bit more. You can also pay a premium to have two girls; if this is the case, they’ll play with each other in front of you whilst jerking/sucking you off.  

Price range: $15 – $45 


The Rolls Royces of the Chinese brothel experience, spas and bathhouses are typically the best bang for your buck – both in terms of the quality of the girls and the experience. This,  naturally, is accompanied by a commensurate price tag.  

Bathhouses are typically business in front (the bath/spa experience) and business in the back  (private hotel-style rooms and the good stuff).

At the reception, you would have no idea what actually goes on inside, and indeed you could simply go for a bath and leave none the wiser.

The trick here, of course, is ensuring that you’re in a bathhouse of the illicit variety,  and it’s worth discreetly checking that you’re not wasting your time before you disrobe.  

You must deposit your belongings in a locker before entering, at which point you’ll be given a disposable outfit of shorts and a shirt.

After showering/bathing (I’d recommend the former unless you enjoy hanging out with overly curious Chinese dudes checking out your junk), you’ll be led to the rooms, wherein you’ll be introduced to a parade of ladies. Pick your poison, and off you go.  

Full sex is generally included in whatever you paid at the front desk and is usually precluded by a massage (occasionally traditional; quite often, the girl will oil up and massage you with her body) and blowjob.

There may even be the option for anal, though Chinese women (yes,  even hookers) can be surprisingly conservative so this is by no means guaranteed. 

Given that these places are set up to be precisely like higher-end hotel rooms, the cost of a night’s stay is often included, meaning you can cheerfully drift off to sleep after you’ve finished without worrying about it.

You can even ask the girl to spend the night with you, although this will get extremely expensive (4k-plus).  

Price range: $60 – $225 

Hotel Hookers  

You won’t get this in 5-star hotels, and Covid/anti-hooker measures have generally made this much less prevalent than before.

Still, it’s often possible to get a prostitute delivered to your door in many mid-range hotels. Advertised as “massage services”, and possibly even on speed-dial, it’s simply a matter of calling downstairs and asking a girl to come up.  

The experience is not dissimilar to the bathhouse treatment detailed above, except for the fact that you’re in an actual hotel. Blowjobs and full sex are typical.  

Price range: $45 – $150 

Door Dash Hookers  

What is the best Chinese brothel you can possibly go to? Is it a pink shop or a bathhouse? Is it a fancy hotel where the girl comes to your door?  

How about your very own apartment?  

You will pay a premium for this option, but it is entirely possible to contact a WeChat brothel and have a girl come to you.

“Be warned that the girl can, at her discretion, walk away, so don’t be a creep or a weirdo.”

It’s as simple as finding the right person, getting an idea of the costs of their services (they need to be discreet about the exact services they’re offering – Big Brother is watching) and having the girl come to you.  

This is the ultimate option for the discerning gentleman who’d rather maintain complete control over his privacy. It is also comparatively rare; it’s much harder to guarantee the girls’ safety when they’re doing house calls, after all.  

Pretty much any option is on the table as long as the girl agrees. You may pay her directly or her pimp, and you must pay upfront. Also, be warned that the girl can, at her discretion, walk away, so don’t be a creep or a weirdo.  

Price range: $75– $300 


Very occasionally, you’ll come across a girl who is flying solo. She will either request that you get a hotel room, or she’ll have her own – as with direct-to-door girls, safety is paramount,  and this should be respected.  

Since a freelancer is an individual girl who sets her own policies, the only way to know what’s available is to ask.

Freelancing girls are quite often on the younger side (19-24) and, since youth is so highly prized in China, will charge quite high prices. Whether or not you believe it’s worth it is, of course, up to you. 

Price range: $150 – $750 

Sex Doll Brothels  

The new kid on the block, sex doll brothels, are, well, exactly what they sound like. The latest top-of-the-line models are available in these places, with apparently the correct “depth of orifices”, realistic moaning, and even two sex dolls at the same time if that floats your boat.

No word on who has to get up in there and clean these babies out once you’ve finished.  

Price range: $30 – $90 

Theme Brothels  

Bored of your standard, run-of-the-mill Chinese brothel experience? Fancy something a little bit more out of the box? Then fear not, for there is such a thing as a theme brothel.  

Ostensibly a bathhouse/spa, the theme brothel is not immediately distinguishable from its more vanilla counterparts until you get upstairs to the rooms.

Once there, you can choose a  standard package (bed, shower, sex) or opt for something a bit… different.  

Experiences will vary, but Chinese theme brothel rooms run the gamut from mock classrooms to office rooms and gaudy party rooms.

In a mock classroom, your girl will assume the role of a sexy teacher, pretending to teach you before getting her kit off and taking care of you.

The girl (dressed as a sexy secretary – noticing a theme here?) will roleplay, giving in to her boss’s advances in the office.

And the party room? Expect Thai-style shenanigans with ping-pong balls, beer bottles opened with nothing more than the power of the vagina, and inexplicably avoided yeast infections for both hooker and patron.

It gets pretty fucking weird. That’s all we’re saying.  

Price range: $120 – $300 

And there we have it – the definitive guide to the Chinese brothel experience! Did we miss any out that has left an indelible mark on your China Experience? Drop us a line and let us know!

Further Reading

Disclaimer: This article does not attempt to promote or condone prostitution. It merely sheds light on the world of sex, both paid and unpaid, in various countries around the globe.