The Top 5 Sites For USA Adult Classifieds That Work in 2022

Are you seeking out local sluts looking for a short but sweet dicking down? Perhaps you’re trying to find a self-starved MILF who is on the hunt for a young cock.

Traditionally, sexual opportunities of all kinds could be found in bars across the USA. But since 2020, a lot of sexual hookups and casual liaisons have moved to USA adult classifieds online.

When Backpage went down and Craigslist removed adult personals, the world of USA adult classifieds looked bleak. But it isn’t, provided you know where to look!

I see many folks make the biggest mistake of using conventional, mainstream dating apps to find casual sex.

Statistics show that only 14% of women and 36% of men on dating sites look for casual sex, so your chances are slim.

“To make up for it, she took anal with enthusiastic ease and sucked my cock like a champion until I spunked all over her fake silicone tits.”

So if you’re seeking no strings attached sluts and studs to fuck near you or when you’re on the road, you need to opt for adult classifieds over mainstream apps.

The world of adult classified ads has seen a revival in the USA. But as with anything, some are far better than others.

This article will show you five of the best places to find USA adult classifieds that work! Plus, I’ll be including stuff like:

  • Cutting edge tips on the best ways to use them.
  • How to avoid potential scams,
  • My filthiest sexual escapades sourced through said sites during my reviews.

And as always, much more! Now, let’s begin!

Ashley Madison has been voted number one for extramarital affairs

Her husband hates dancing. Luckily, he wasn’t there on her first Ashley Madison date.

Do you have a decent sense of humour, the ability to make a woman cum, and the ability to listen? Statistics show that a lack of these are some of the main reasons women cheat.

So if you have these qualities, there is a whole realm of married women looking for a new dick to ride. There’s even a dedicated USA classifieds site for it called Ashley Madison!

I’m a decent guy. I don’t condone cheating or encourage it. But when a sexually frustrated married woman spreads her legs and invites me into her underappreciated pussy, I’m down!

Plus, I have to admit, the forbidden nature of fucking married women is a big turn on for me. When I discovered Ashley Madison in 2015, its tens of millions of members were fun to explore.

Known as ‘the world’s most controversial dating site’, Ashley Madison was set up with the sole purpose of connecting cheating spouses through adult classified ad profiles.

I only ever used this app when out of town to avoid any comeback from angry husbands. This rule stemmed from the second meet I had via the site in a city near where I live.

It was with a sexually frustrated cheating housewife. After her fourth orgasm, she grunted into my ear: “Ruin my pussy! Please send me home a sloppy mess! My husband doesn’t deserve me!”

So unless you want to explain why you gaped open the pussy of a man’s life partner, do it out of town!

These days, Ashley Madison has a nice blend of cheating wives seeking discreet sex to active Hotwives fucking around with their husband’s knowledge and permission.

It’s a very easy to use adult classifieds site. With tens of millions of members, you’ll likely be able to find some whore wives near you!

BlackCrush is perfect for finding ebony sex

Since I spent a long summer balls deep in Africa, I developed quite a taste for ebony sluts. When I was in the US, I sought a way to quench my thirst for black girls.

When somebody suggested BlackCrush, I thought all of my dreams had come true. It was a literal sex buffet of chocolate brown nipples and rose pink pussies!

BlackCrush is one of the only adult classified ads sites dedicated to black sluts and their admirers. From New York to LA, it features some of America’s best ebony goddesses!

“Always Black, Always Bad, and Always Beautiful!”

– The motto of Black Crush.

From sophisticated ebony MILFs to heavily tattooed hoodrats looking to ride some casual dick, there’s something for every taste.

In fact, I met an amateur pornstar through this site in Houston. I recognized her from a scene in Ghetto Gaggers and dropped her a message saying how much I loved the scene.

The message paid off. She was delighted to hear from a foreign fan in town who was impressed by her somewhat underrated scene.

We agreed to meet up for some drinks. By the end of the night, I had a real-life Ghetto Gaggers scene taking place in my Airbnb. Since then, I’ve been hooked on BlackCrush.

If you manage not to get distracted by the array of smut posted by black sluts near you, there’s a wealth of potential sexual opportunities on offer here.

Victoria Milan is the higher end version of sites like doublelist

“I had a long meeting today. It’s tough working away from home. Want to join me for a drink in the hotel bar?”

Before lockdown, I would often utilize sites like VM when on business trips. As I don’t like to fuck married women where I live full-time. Shitting on your own doorstep, and all that.

In particular, I found them extremely busy in higher-end hotels like the Hilton and Raddison. The results were often incredible.

I mean, it was just so convenient to fuck cheating women on the road through Victoria Milan because of the following benefits:

  • Staying in the same hotel is a good conversation starter plus discreet accomodation for sex.
  • Often an easy access bar downstairs to meet for a social drink.

I found some serious gems on the road, from marketing executives looking to spice up their work trip to horny married women on a layover.

Overall, this is a higher-end site for USA adult classifieds. Expect young professionals, college graduates, and sophisticated MILFs and matures.

If you’re looking for more cheap and trashy sexual hookups, especially with the MILF variety, then the following site will be better suited to your desires.

ContactCougar is full of sexually-active MILFs

One of the best things about casual dates with MILFs? They’re not afraid to show their intentions from the start!

If you’re a man who appreciates the sexual experience that often accompanies the adult company of an older woman, then you’re one close to my own heart.

Those who haven’t experienced the thrill of sex with MILFs often can’t relate to how it feels to witness their decades of sexual experience in action.

For those of you unaware, a Cougar is an older woman who actively seeks out younger (18+) men to fuck and corrupt. The latter is known as Cubs.

Yep, it’s not just a porn fantasy, especially in 2022! These days, it’s never been easier to find local moms, MILFs and matures looking for younger men for casual sex.

There’s even a dedicated USA adult classified ads site for MILFs and their admirers. It’s called Contact Cougar, and it certainly does what it says on the tin!

There is a wide range of yummy mommies on here looking for some casual dick depending on where you are. I tried out the site for a week for a review and was pleasantly surprised.

I found one curvy mom who invited me to her place after a couple of drinks at a bar. She was a repeat squirter, and a soft finger bang of her loose pussy had her squirting all over her couch.

I met a trashy mid-40s MILF a few days later with cheap breast implants. She came on her period in a stroke of bad timing when we arranged to meet.

But to make up for it, she took anal with enthusiastic ease and sucked my cock like a champion until I spunked all over her fake silicone tits.

Overall, ContactCougar is a straightforward site to hook up with. The quality of MILFs are not like those on Victoria Milan, but it’s perfect for those who like more rough and ready women seeking a cheap fuck.

Adult Friend Finder is the sexual hub for USA adult classifieds

“Oh my god! I can’t believe I forgot to wear a bra on the first date!”

And last but by no means least is what I consider an unrivalled sex hub for adult classified ads. It’s Adult Friend Finder! Ideal for horny men and lusty women seeking sex near them.

This site is a well-known name in the swinging, fetish, and kink communities worldwide. It has gathered millions of members in its two-decade-long existence.

Whilst some of the sites on this list cater for specific niches of women, whether it’s cheating MILFs or ebony sluts, AFF offers something for every kink.

From 18-year-old girls seeking their first foray into the world of casual sex to sexual veteran fetishists and swingers, there are many exciting rabbit holes to explore with your cock!

Provided that you create your profile with some tried-and-tested methods (which I’ve detailed in this article), AFF can give the path to an insane amount of sexual opportunities.

Conclusion: The world of adult classifieds in the USA is alive and well!

“Fuck the date, let’s just go back to your place!”

Mainstream dating apps might be the ones dominating the news headlines and people’s conversations when it comes to hookups, but the statistics show a different reality.

Real casual sex aficionados opt for dedicated USA adult classifieds to find their slice of sin in a kink-friendly and sexually open-minded environment.

Whether it’s extramarital affairs, ebony cumsluts, or local MILFS seeking a sexual release on a younger man’s cock, the hookup sites here will likely lead you to immense sexual discoveries.

Almost all of the featured adult classifieds sites have a free version, but you’ll have a way better experience with a premium subscription, and it’ll be a lot easier to arrange hookups.

Further reading

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission when you purchase the services or products listed. All products have been personally reviewed, tested for safety and quality, and cleared to be listed in this article.


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