The Raunchy Rebecca More Escort Review (2024)

She shot to adult fame as one of the infamous “The Cock Destroyers”, and in this raunchy Rebecca More Escort Review, I find out if her sex skills are for real.

It wasn’t cheap, my friends. In fact, it was over 30x my monthly fee for Adult Friend Finder and, of course, Ashley Madison. Both of which let me fuck multiple Rebecca More lookalikes a month!

But, as you all know, I prioritize my horny readers over my wallet (well, more like my dick), so I forked over the fee for the Rebecca More Escort experience.

Was it worth it? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out. In this pornstar escort review, I cover everything you need to know about the experience of fucking Rebecca More.

“She directs much of her exploits from a flat which she refers to as ‘The Slut Hut’, near Heathrow, which Rebecca says is great because “we get ‘em fresh off the plane.”

– QX Meets Rebecca More.

From just who Rebecca More is and the sex session itself to how much she costs to hire and if she still escorts these days, I leave no stone unturned.

Now, let’s begin. Let me introduce you to Rebecca, one of Great Britain’s greatest blonde MILFs!

Who is Rebecca More?

If blonde British MILFs with giant fake tits make your cock hard, Rebecca More is your dream. If you like meek and mild women who are quiet in bed, run away now!

More is a Queen when it comes to dirty talk, and her porn appearances are unforgettable as a result.

Rebecca More was born in Heathrow in 1980 and graduated with a law degree from the University of West London. But the world of law wasn’t to be for this debauched harlot.

“Rebecca is one of those girls. You don’t fuck her; she fucks you! She shifts between a dominant MILF nympho using you like a sex toy to a submissive slut begging for cock.”

More pumped her tits up to 34GG tits and ended up stripping before entering the world of porn in 2010. Since then, she’s become an industry icon, a porn ambassador for the UK!

Double penetration gangbangs, blowbangs, you name it, she’s done it. Her ability to slip into any erotic role is incredible.

A true nympho, she rides cock like a maniac and reels off enough verbal filth to make your ears bleed cum. Don’t believe me? Then see for yourself in her best scene.

Speaking of which…

What Is Rebecca More’s Best Porn Scene?

Rebecca More has starred in over 150 porn flicks, but her most iconic scene was Office 4-Play VIII: UK Edition from Brazzers. It’s basically a who’s who of British porn MILFs!

This notorious porn flick stars Rebecca More alongside Jasmine Jae, Leigh Darby, and the infamous Scouse slut Tia Layne. All of them are working at a fictional dildo factory.

After a horny salesman (Keiran Lee) brings the MILFs an instant-orgasm dildo to try out, they decide to compare it to his cock. Cue one of the most debauched British orgies ever!

It’s a mass of beautiful tits, meaty MILF pussies, and intense orgy sex. All of it is lubricated with copious amounts of squirting MILF juices. You can watch the entire thing here.

But porn is porn. What is Rebecca More actually like in bed? I was lucky enough to book her for a private 1-hour escort session. Here’s how it went down!

My Pornstar Sex With Rebecca More!

My Rebecca More pornstar experience began in the large lobby of a classy Central London hotel. No key card was needed, so there were no awkward interactions with reception.

The hotel room door opened. It felt like I was dreaming. Rebecca fuckin’ More was standing in front of me. She looks incredible on screen, but she’s stunning in person!

Rebecca is walking, breathing embodiment of sex and commands the bedroom like a military general.

And yes, her personality is just as outgoing and friendly as it is in her porn flicks. We did the paperwork (more on that later), and Rebecca slipped into an outfit I’d requested.

She wore a classic pornstar PVC outfit with her giant tits bursting out of it. Hey, when in Rome? As soon as I’d paid and showered, she shifted into true sexual cougar mode.

As she handed me a glass of champagne and led me by the hand to the hotel room’s giant bed, she glanced back with a filthy look that made my dick tremble.

On a huge TV on the wall was one of her best porn flicks that showed her getting double fucked in her ass. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!

Then, I was given one of her iconic blowjobs, which is the same treatment the lucky men who fuck her on-screen get. Honestly? One of the best dick-sucking sessions I’ve ever had.

Every inch of my cock and balls was ravaged by her soft, wet MILF mouth. Alternating between my shaft and my balls throughout with intense energy and solid eye contact.

Spit everywhere, deepthroating for days, and gagging so loud I’m sure the entire floor of the hotel heard. When she hung her head back over the bed, I skull-fucked her.

Gripping my ass cheeks with both hands, she positioned me over her so I could fuck her giant MILF tits; as I did, she hungrily sucked my balls into her mouth. Fucking intense!

Her face was a mess of thick, sloppy, deepthroat drool. Rebecca casually scooped it all up and smeared it on her tits and pussy, giving that glazed look straight from her porn films!

Of course, I buried my tongue in her spit-soaked pussy and got the chance to experience a pussy that had drained the balls of some of the world’s most iconic pornstars.

The dirty talk out of her was enough to make me cum there and then. It was even more extreme than her films. Taboo, hardcore, and extremely erotic. What more could you want?

“Ohhh, fuck yeah! I love the taste of my ass!” She growled, “put it back in and give me another taste!”

After she came into my mouth, her pussy leaked, and my cock ached to fuck. When it came to actually fucking this infamous pornstar, Rebecca wasn’t lacking.

No holes were barred, and I fucked her beautiful pussy and asshole in positions ranging from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl to missionary and doggy.

She just has to be seen to be believed. When she yanked my lube-coated dick out of her ass and plunged it deep into her throat, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Ohhh, fuck yeah! I love the taste of my own ass!” She growled, “put it back in and give me another taste!”

Rebecca is one of those girls. You don’t fuck her; she fucks you! She shifts between a dominant MILF nympho using you like a sex toy to a submissive slut begging for cock.

In our pre-sex chat, I told Rebecca about some of my favourite kinks and fantasies, and she seemed to revel in making them a reality.

From fist-fucking to playing with my ass, she is a master at pushing the boundaries of sex, and her sexual energy is a wonder to behold.

As she slid my dick back in her ass and rode me in cowgirl, the sight of her enormous MILF tits bounding around, combined with her slick pussy sliding up and down my pubes, was incredible.

The idea of cumming deep inside her ass was tempting, but it was Rebecca More; I was spunking all over her iconic tits if it killed me.

“Go on, give it to me! I want those balls emptied all over these fucking balloons!” She growled like a bona fide nympho.

Rope after rope of my hot jizz joined the mess of spit and sweat, coating her divine MILF boobs. As I wailed in the ecstasy of the orgasm, Rebecca’s dirty talk went on.

Afterwards, she gave me a slow sensual massage with her wet pussy sliding on my back. I got to fuck her again. This time it was slower and more sensual, but I came just as hard.

As my time with Rebecca neared its end, there was no rushing or clock-watching. She gave me a relaxing cleanup, and we showered together before a post-sex chat.

The Pornstar Sex Highlights

  • Attention to detail – Rebecca asks about the specifics of your meeting. From outfits to sexual experiences, whatever your kinks, taboos, and preferences are, she strives to make it happen.
  • Uniforms – I do love a whore in uniform. In our post-sex chat, Rebecca showed me some of the uniforms she had on hand. From seductive schoolteachers to leather-clad Dommes, there is no theme she doesn’t cater for.
  • Roleplay – Whether you want her to be the dirty-talking porn MILF we know and love or the submissive slut eager to please, Rebecca’s role-playing skills are incredible. After all, she is an actress!
  • The ass to mouth – Few things sum up a slut who loves her job more than the impromptu act of sucking her own ass juices off a man’s dick. Rebecca did this more than once when I met her. She’s pure filth.
  • The tits. Those divine fuckin’ tits! – Look, her tits are 34GG. Need I say more? Ok, if there ever was an iconic pair of porn tits, Rebecca More has them. I’ve seen them spunked on, squirted on, and spat on, and I sucked the fucking life out of them. Fuck they are pure dream fuel!

How Much Did The Rebecca More Escort Experience Cost?

Ok, now you’re probably rock-hard and ready to book Rebecca More for yourself. But let me break it to you, it wasn’t cheap.

An hour with the goddess of British porn cost me £1,000 or around $1,200.

Does Rebecca More Still Escort in 2022?

Yes, she does! According to her AdultWork profile, Rebecca More has been escorting for over fifteen years and has racked up quite a formidable portfolio of positive reviews.

And after that experience, I hope she continues working as an escort for many more years to come. Although my wallet certainly doesn’t!

But this begs the most important and penultimate question, was it worth it?

Was It Worth It?

It wasn’t cheap, but this is no ordinary escort or service. Rebecca More is a notorious pornstar of global fame; don’t forget, this is also London.

As many others have attested, this is a sexual experience few people get to live out: The genuine pornstar experience (PSE).

If you have a porn-inspired fantasy you want to live out, then this debauched British MILF of global adult fame will give you memories to cherish in your balls for a lifetime.

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It wasn't cheap, my friends, but I prioritize my horny readers over my wallet (well, more like my dick), so I forked over the fee for the Rebecca More Escort experience. Was it worth it? Well, you'll have to read on to find out. In this pornstar escort review, I cover everything you need to know about the experience of fucking Rebecca MoreThe Raunchy Rebecca More Escort Review (2024)