The Top 10 Enchanting Escort Review Sites (Free!)

Look, we get it – sometimes, a mere porn website (whether cam sites, gaming, or just good-old-fashioned PornHub) isn’t getting it done. Although we’ve got you covered on that!

Sometimes, you crave physical contact, whether woman, man, non-binary or fully-shaved Indonesian orangutan. 

Fortunately, though modern society and conventional morality still haven’t caught up with the world’s oldest profession of paid sex, the internet has and doesn’t care who knows it.

But how can you know which sites are trustworthy and safe? You don’t want to turn up at some purported hooker’s house to find three strapping fellows with tire irons and bicycle chains waiting for you, after all.

“In the mood for Latina? Perhaps you fancy being on your knees at the latex-clad hands of a formidable woman specialing in Dominatrix escort services?”

It’s essential to be cautious, particularly when indulging in pleasures that some places in the world frown upon. This is where escort review sites come in.

You can’t exactly call the cops if a pretend hooker you found for sex on a dodgy escort ads website rolls you for 500 dollars, after all. 

A good escorts review website will do the legwork for you and ensure that busty Brazilian bombshell Fernanda is not bulky Brazilian bruiser Fernando.

When you gain a working knowledge of the best escort sites that feature reviewed classified ads, you can rest easy and reach for the lube.

Today, we will reveal the ten best escort websites and backpage alternatives worldwide. The list will be accentuated with photos of my favourite escort conquests!

So join us without further ado as we list the greatest and most trusted escort review sites out there!

10Listcrawler/Escort Alligator Is One of The Oldest Escort Websites

Listcrawler and Escort Alligator

Listcrawler/Escort Alligator is a ‘classifieds aggregator’. This means that they collate all of the escorts working in your area from various sources and display the results for you.

This platform is an excellent example of an escort directory. This makes it convenient for clients worldwide to quickly find an escort in their area.

Although be warned – not all the information you might need is displayed on their page (price per half-hour/hour/night, GFE service, for instance).

This can mean many back-and-forths in determining if the girl is available and in your price range. 

Do be aware, also, that Listcrawler reviews of sex workers are locked until you, yourself, have left a review of the escort services that you’ve, hopefully, enjoyed.

This means making an account which, for those of you who jealously guard their privacy on escort websites (and who doesn’t over such things?), might be a deal-breaker. 

Listcrawler’s Best Features 

Listcrawler allows you to filter out the source websites it aggregates, tailoring your search more to your personal preferences – a bit like a really sexy Uber Eats.

In the mood for Latina? Perhaps you fancy being on your knees at the latex-clad hands of a formidable woman specialing in Dominatrix escort services?

Whatever you’re seeking, Listcrawler can quickly filter through to such specialized listings as Ay Papi and Trans X (we’re sure you can figure out for yourself what tastes they cater to). 

9I Sometimes Use Adultlook To Find Escort Services Near Me

Adultlook is a great escort site

Sporting a minimalist, all-business website in which the escorts are displayed in a functional gallery format, it’s pretty easy and fast to browse through Adultlook.

You can choose your location and what type of women you’re interested in (female or TS), and away you go! 

Unfortunately, the verified girls’ profiles are a little bare-bones on Adultlook. You’ll find plenty of profiles actually have no photos at all, and those that do have relatively sparse galleries. 

Each bio is otherwise quite nicely fleshed-out, with several verified vital statistics (height, hair color, breast implants) laid out and the prices set by sex workers are clearly stated.

Like any of the best escort websites, there is also a personal statement from each of the erotic service providers detailing what she offers and her own requirements.

Remember, guys! Escorts do not want to sleep with someone who can’t be bothered showering. So prepare yourself before you go for an escort service and get laid.

Unfortunately, in order to read the reviews of the independent escort girls, you must first create an account – no anonymous browsing before signing up.

Perhaps because of this, girls that actually have reviews on this escort website are, at the time of writing, pretty sparse. 

Best Features of Adultlook 

This escort directory is undoubtedly a clean, minimalist website that makes navigation and searching simple, straightforward and easy.

It’s also nice to see a personal statement from each of the erotic service providers, which gives you a taste of her personality before you initiate contact through this escort site.

8Erotic Monkey Is a Great Escort Review Site

Big tit MILF hooker on Erotic Monkey

First things first – Erotic Monkey is very much a US-centric escort website. They don’t even have listings for other countries around the world, so if you’re not US-based, find another site. 

If you are in the US, you’re in luck. Not only does Erotic Monkey have comprehensive escort listings for pretty much any state in the Union, but it also typically features multiple reviews per girl – something of an oasis in the desert of bona fide escort reviews! 

As is standard, however, you’ll need to sign up and register for this escort directory site before you can find escorts, strip clubs, an erotic massage etc. and see any reviews—caveat emptor. 

Each escort listing has the standard battery of statistics: age, ethnicity, height, trans/cis status, hair color, body type, breast size, type of ass etc. etc. 

Not all top escort girls will write a bio, and not all have their prices listed. You can also only look at a certain number of girls before you’re required to register. 

Erotic Monkey’s Best Features Make It One of The Few Backpage Alternatives

Undoubtedly, the best feature of Erotic Monkey is its many, many reviews for each of the escorts advertising on the site.

It’s far easier to find escorts and get a good idea of what you’re getting into using this website as opposed to many others, where it can often be a crap shoot. 

7AdultWork is a Classic Escort Site With Lots of Free Escort Reviews

Busty escort on Adultwork

An absolutely superb escort site, AdultWork’s slightly fiddly, busy interface may seem a little off-putting at first. Still, once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be browsing through the vast number of classifieds on this British-based escort directory in no time. 

Each listing on AdultWork is generally pretty comprehensive as the girl details everything she’s willing to do/not do, her price per 15/30/60 minutes or overnight, her likes and dislikes, breast size, height, hair color, etc.

You name it, AdultWork has it listed in their escort ads. Plus each girl generally has a free gallery of photos to enjoy as well as their contact information. Free porn, anyone?

AdultWork also has a leg up over other escort review websites in that reviews are fully accessible even if you haven’t signed up and it’s free to use but does have a premium version too.

This makes it an extremely attractive choice over sites that insist that you register first. Plus, there’s a huge range of escort ads from sleazy to high class in a wide range of global locations.

AdultWork’s Best Features

Where to begin? From finding the top escorts around to locating strip clubs and a quick erotic massage, Adultwork has been a firm favourite of working girls and punters looking to get laid for many years.

From the refreshing forthrightness of each entry, the ease of contacting escorts with no registration necessary and the fact that you can easily access reviews without any red tape just means that AdultWork is easily one of the most attractive choices on the market.

Do bear in mind, however, that this free escort directory is quite Europe-centric (UK, Brexit notwithstanding, included), so it is of limited use to American users looking to find escorts.

6Tryst Is a Simple Escort Search Directory

MILF prostitute covered in cum after meeting a client on Tryst

Sporting an attractive and easily navigable website that gets you straight into the action, it’s not hard to see why Tryst is one of the first sites named when talking about escort sites.  

Tryst’s top escort profiles are straightforward: each profile features a bio (written by the girl herself), a photo gallery, availability, and contact information.

Contact details are screened out until you complete a simple Captcha to ensure you’re not a bot who will spam the girl’s email/cell number. 

Unfortunately, the Tryst website currently does not offer any review functionality. But you can find everything from a classic erotic massage to hardcore BDSM sex services here.

Tryst’s Best Features

Undoubtedly it’s a smooth, accessible website, that makes browsing their selection of girls quick and easy. It’s also free to use with some premium features available.

Tryst also does not require you to sign up, making it easy to retain your anonymity when seeking out a top escort through the site. 

5Slixa Is a Useful Escort Search Alternative. If You Live in a City in The USA

Hooker in fishnets on Slixa

An up-and-coming escort site, Slixa is heavily USA-based and, although offering several locations in the UK, has not yet come into its own in Britain.

The site is growing daily; however, watch this space for more and more girls and escort agencies signing up! 

Slixa is something of a high-end escort website, and this is reflected in the prices a lot of the women on here charge for their sex-centred services.

Expect to pay $400 or more for a good deal of the local independent adult escorts, although you can find cheaper if you spend a while browsing through the classified ads on the directory platform.

Slixa profiles generally feature a brief bio from the local girl, her expectations and fees for services (though this will sometimes only be available upon request) and a method of contact, whether a phone number or an email.

There is also a brief sidebar with porn-style photos and text detailing the girl’s looks/height, although this is not really as detailed as you might find on other sites for escorts ads.

Slixa’s Best Features 

Undoubtedly it’s very detailed expectations from the girls; there will be no protracted back-and-forth on what is required of both parties, as it is very clearly laid out for all to see. 

4Bedpage is a Basic Website For Users Looking to Fuck

Cheap escort in pink stockings rides cock

An escort with a rather utilitarian user interface, Bedpage is a bit like Craigslist for verified escorts.

From the USA to Eastern Europe and beyond, you can pick your country/city and then peruse the categories of girls on offer around the world who will fuck you if you pay them. 

Bedpage is a little bare-bones compared to some of the slicker escort sites on the scene, and you’ll often find that there is not so much information to hand (e.g. age/height/demands etc.).

A phone number is usually listed, so it’s quick to call the independent escorts and arrange to meet. This also helps to weed out the few fake users on the adult platform.

Users can also leave reviews on the escorts quite easily, meaning that it’s easy to quickly check out what others have reviewed and make a rapid call on whether this adult escort is the one for you. 

Bedpage’s Best Features 

A minimalist interface and easy access to phone numbers mean you can contact independent women and start the dating process in a matter of minutes, without being bogged down by using a middle-man. 

3TS Escorts is Perfect For Those Who Love Transsexual Hookers

Blonde transsexual escort near me

You can’t go wrong with TS Escorts for those looking for something different. It’s a Backpage alternative for girls with a little extra between their soft thighs.

One of the few escort sites dedicated solely to transsexual escorts, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a guaranteed gun in that holster rather than relying upon the often hit-and-miss nature of other escort sites. 

TS Escorts features a clean, functional site with an accessible UI and a sprawling array of filters to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Each profile is packed with relevant details, including the pre-/post-op status of the escort, whether she’s a top/bottom, a photo gallery and quite often a video or two. 

Unfortunately, TS Escorts doesn’t seem to offer any kind of user review service on their ads at present.

TS Escorts’ Best Feature 

Its staggering array of filters: ethnicity, hair/eye color, nationality, role, the endowment of the transsexual escorts featured, languages spoken, videos on profile.

It’s straightforward to narrow down your options quickly depending on the type of local TS escorts you’re looking for.

A MILF escort spreads her legs on

A high-end escort site that sports a slick UI and an easy-to-navigate website, Eros is the choice for many a discerning gentleman seeking escort and massage sex providers, and it’s not hard to see why.

The independent escorts and escort agencies on the Eros website are not only easy to search for but they’re also top-notch and their profiles are detailed and well-laid-out. 

However, the quality experience of this escort site comes with a higher price tag. Don’t expect to pay any less than $400 for the top escort girls on Eros.

Although you are, of course, going to get plenty of bang for your buck, Eros escorts command these prices for a reason, after all! 

Eros does not at present offer user reviews of the girls, but it does have a “verified” system in which the escorts need to prove their identity with a valid piece of photo ID.

This means that you can rest assured that you’re getting what you pay for and don’t have to worry about fake ads and dodgy sex providers on the website.

Eros’ Best Features 

Their highly detailed escort details include height, age, measurements, hair color, eye color, groups available to (men/women/groups/trans etc.) and contact details.

There are no vague, inaccurate details or nebulousness to Eros profiles – each is full and standardized. It’s straightforward to search for and find local escort services through this directory.

1YesBackpage Is One of The Main Backpage Alternatives

Sexy hooker on YesBackpage, one of the Backpage alternatives.

Successor to the legendary Backpage, YesBackPage is one of the main Backpage alternatives and provides a minimalist experience where escorts post their own details on their ads.

This is usually comprised of a sales pitch with basic details such as height and age – and a phone number where you can contact them. And, of course, some erotic photos!

It’s not some deluxe experience like Eros, but if you’re looking to get down and dirty with local escorts as quickly as possible, you can’t go wrong with YesBackPage. 

YesBackPage’s Best Features 

Undoubtedly the breadth of services offered by this platform. You can find standard escorts, rub-n-tug erotic massage, TS escorts, and much more on this escorts website.

If you’re courageous, it’s also pretty easy to get an escort with alternative services willing to do bareback. The risk is all yours. Once again – caveat emptor! 

The Best Escort Review Sites Can Save You a Lot of Stress

And there we have it – a veritable cornucopia of escort sites for all your incall/outcall sex needs from New York to Los Angeles and the North of England to Eastern Europe.

A good escort experience can be an investment in a world of sexual pleasure. So it’s worth doing it right. These primarily free escort website options will help you to do so.

Did we miss any of your favorite escort sites? Contact us and give us a stern telling-off – it’ll save us a buck on paying Mistress Dominique to do it for us! 

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Disclaimer: This article on the best escort sites is for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously. We do not promote prostitution in any form, nor are we linked to any of the escort websites featured in this list. We simply shed light on various sex scenes around the world.